NS Mission: Special Armor Tests

The tall grass of Netfrica swayed in the wind, surrounding a small clearing. Several objects, hanging on a large metal rack, gleamed in the orange sunlight. These items were bits of armor, collected from a navi of the same name and donated to the NeoShogun Army. Three of the army's generals had set up a small camp here, intending to test out the armor in a series of trials. The area was little more than the armor rack, a log for the generals to sit on, and a large burned, flat soil clearing.

Yasu, Lee, and Arch, each dressed in their usual uniforms, were lounging around and obstensibly doing nothing. Arch pressed her hands together awkwardly while Yasu and Dee avoided talking to each other, sitting as far from each other as possible. The two had been on bad terms ever since Dee had seemingly walked off earlier. "You, our own Yasu, bringing a man into the army! I never thought I'd see that happen," Dee laughed, making a mocking face.

"I recall him being quite a nice person back when we met him at the summit. Very honest and dependable seeming," Arch mentioned, hoping to increase the feeling of goodwill.

Yasu laughed briefly, then waved one hand coldly in the air. "Hotheaded and foolish, more like it. Every time I've seen him, that guy's been trying to get into trouble. I guess it won't hurt to depend on him for this, though," she sighed, stretching out across the grass on her side and leaning on one arm.

Dee and Yasu wondered why they'd bothered to make a clearing of soil if she was willing to lie down in the grass. "I like that type of person! I wonder how he'll handle this situation, ho ho ho..." Dee chuckled, fanning herself to ward off the scorching heat of Netfrica Net.
A hazy figure appeared on the horizon and grew larger as it trudged through the dry Netfrica landscape toward the campsite. The light of the sun scattered about the gleaming metal that comprised almost the entirety of his body, clad in heavy plate armor. Eventually though, DragonierMan was gracing the outskirts of the camp. His white cloak tarnished and fluttered by desert winds. He pressed a fist to his heart in greeting as he came to attention in front of them, causing a dull thud to resonate off the armored plates.

"Reporting in." He said stoically, slightly muffled by his helmet. His voice seemed a tad tired from his recent recovery and tedious march through Netfrica, but also possessed a low growl to it. Something feral, that was heard by Yasu during her last encounter not more than a few days ago, but unheard by the other two. His gauntlets also visibly sported metallic claws. Both symptoms of the DragonierMan metamorphosis.
"Very good. You got here quickly!" Yasu replied, not smiling but seeming enthusiastic at least. It sort of seemed like she was trying to regard him fondly, to show that she had some faith in her own judgment, having decided to refer him. "Ladies, this is DragonierMan. He'll be helping us in our tests."

The two looked at him curiously, then whispered to each other. Dee smiled, then held her fan cryptically in front of that expression and raised her eyebrows. "I don't remember that being your name when last we met. Has something happened?"

Yasu seemed to notice that this was true and lowered her eyebrows, trying to spot the differences. She noticed now that his armor and speech were different as well. "Now that you mention it, that's correct. DragonierMan, do you care to explain this before we continue?" she asked, lowering her good eye skeptically. She didn't seem genuinely interested in the answer, but she figured it would be safest to ask before they continued.
DragonierMan reached up with his clawed hands and undid the clasps securing his winged helmet. The design of two folded dragon's wing-horns had not changed. Lifting his helmet off, his raven black hair flowed out to his neck, slightly matted with exertion. It still managed to flutter a bit in the breeze as he shook it out.

He was still the relatively handsome navi they had known; Caucasian with the slightest tan, and a slight stubble across his cheeks and around his pale lips. His obsidian eyes, once soft and kind, had a new raptor sharpness to them. His teeth also had a hint of sharpness to them, slightly more pointed than a normal human's.

"I was once called SINN-," he began, cradling the helmet in the crux of his right arm. His eyes were slightly unnerving, as they didn't seem to move much when he spoke, but it felt like he was sizing them up as a predator decides between threat or prey. "But even the most stalwart among us eventually succumbs to a thousand cuts. Eventually you become something akin to what you fight against." He said in his slightly growly accent. However, his voice was relatively flat overall, as if he was giving a history lesson.

"I still retain some of my previous self," he reiterated to dispel any lingering fears. "I am not some mindless beast." He lifted a clawed finger to his temple and tapped his forehead.
Yasu made a smirk, as if to ask, "is it possible for a man to avoid acting like a mindless beast?" Still, she nodded and accepted the explanation. "We have no reason to doubt your word, so we will not. I know what it means to be cut deeply by one's battles. Still, in the future, when speaking to a senior officer in the NeoShogun's army, do not be so vague in your report. We want concise, deliberate wording!" It sounded sort of like...

"Are you barking just for the hell of it now?" Dee groaned, leaning on Arch's shoulder with a weary frown. "Or are you stalling because you don't want to continue with the mission?"

"Those are brazen words that you've chosen to direct at the Shogun's first general!" Yasu retaliated angrily.

"Hey! Let's try to focus, alright? This is going to be awkward enough without all of us fighting," Arch cried out, wringing her hands together. Dee folded her fan back over the lower half of her face and turned her head to the side. Yasu sighed and returned her gaze to DragonierMan.

"Good idea, Arch. Yes, er, concerning the nature of the armor..." she muttered, placing one gloved hand to her chin contemplatively. With a cursory glance, DragonierMan saw that the armor looked to consist of things like metal aprons, possibly tassets, circlets; it looked like they were intended as accessories. They all shared the same golden color and didn't seem like they could cohesively form one whole suit. "It's somewhat complicated..."

Dee smiled mischievously, folding up her fan and laying it across her other palm. "The armor is part of a set that draws power from a strong, male leader. This is why we have not been able to make use of it. Clearly the Shogun cannot place himself in risk by wearing it and we don't have any other particularly powerful male personnel," she explained, keeping her eyes locked on him in a provocative way. "The host wears a leather-banded codpiece, which powers those wearing the other pieces. I'm not sure if it matters that you wear it as a codpiece. Perhaps that's a little much for you? You could try strapping it around your forehead if you like?"

Arch looked down, red-faced, while Yasu grunted and continued. "The armor is said to synchronize vigor and adrenaline produced by battle across all involved dependent upon the host's condition. The host wears the codpiece while the others wear... the other devices..." she muttered, looking briefly to the ground, then clearing her throat. "We'll measure your synchronization in a series of tests. On that note..."

She nodded to the side and two Neo-Shogun soldiers beamed down, dressed in their traditional garbs and armed with spears. "This will also give you a chance to work on your skills with group combat. We'll be starting you out with two soldiers, then working up from that. We'll also be starting with just one of us synchronized; there could be a danger of overloading the host, which we want to avoid, of course." Stepping to the rack briefly, she grabbed up the gold codpiece and presented it to DragonierMan, purposely keeping her eye closed in a contemplative expression as she did so, so as not to have to make eye-contact. The codpiece was bright gold, strapping around to the back with leather bands and buckles. The design looked something like a demon's face and contained ample room to hold one's genitalia, although it was hard to imagine doing so.

She then grabbed up another item from the rack and moved over to the other girls, crossing her arms and looking serious. "We'll allow you to select who you'd be most comfortable attempting to synchronize with. We just felt that... er... that is, with the delicate nature of this operation, we felt that-"

"Yasu thinks it's not fair if she has to do it just because she got Armor to send us the stuff," Dee explained, to Yasu's chagrin. "I'll be happy to start, if you want."

"Just say what you'd like to do and then feel free to take as much time as you need... preparing... the armor for testing," the first general coughed, hoping that if he chose to wear the codpiece as it was intended he'd find a decent place to change into it. "Of course, now understanding the nature of this mission, you're free to decline. I understand that it's somewhat unusual."

The other men seemed suddenly excited that they'd been called here and were now eagerly whispering back and forth to each other. Indeed, as Yasu had worried, there weren't a lot of good places to change around the camp site. He'd either have to come up with an inventive way to wear it, ask them all to turn around, or... something if he wanted to remain decent.
DragonierMan took the golden codpiece from Yasu, adorned with a demon's head, and studied it closely. It caught the light of the sun and twinkled. Yes, it would hold his ample genitalia, but this was not the time for such vulgarity.

Looking at Yasu, and listening to Dee's comments, an idea came to him. He lowered himself to one knee and placed his helmet down on the sandy floor of the campground. Standing up, he brought the artifact up to his face... and strapped it to his head like an eye-patch. Covering the left eye, same as Yasu's.

The golden demon eye leered at the group as DragonierMan stood there for a moment, trying to adjust his perception to a single eye. He brought his hands up in front of his face and adjusted his clawed gauntlets, cracking his knuckles. Then he began to trace designs in the air with his claws. His uncovered eye tracked the movements of the tips.

A few minutes later he seemed satisfied that he could operate without depth perception. "So be it," he said, in reference to Dee's volunteering to be the first to partner with him. "Prepare yourself."
All of the navis watched with interest as DragonierMan accepted the codpiece. Dee raised her eyebrows and hid a goofy smile behind her fan, waiting to see what he'd do with the artifact. None of them were quite prepared for how he chose to wear it: around his head, mimicking Yasu's own patch. Yasu's own face went blank, as if she was considering the appropriate reaction.

Arch was holding two hands over her mouth, hiding her own reaction. Dee, on the other hand, fell over on her log and kicked her high heeled boots in the air, guffawing ridiculously. "Haaahahahahahahahahahaaaaaahahahahahahoooooooooooooohohoho!" she bawled, fanning herself as she lied on the ground so that she wouldn't burn up and die laughing.

Yasu's own face became bright red, but she barked at the others to silence themselves. "F-F-Fools! Don't you understand the meaning of this gesture!? DragonierMan wishes to show the depths of his allegiance to our army through this display of copying my own impediment. And look how fearsome he has made himself look! Truly, is this not more befitting a great warrior of the Shogunate than some silly codpiece?" she asked, managing a confident smile. In truth, the codpiece didn't look that bad worn as an eye-patch, although a little bulky.

"Sure, hoho, sure! But er, I hope that thing was clean before he put it on, haaahahaheeehee~" the blue-clothed general continued, grabbing at her sides to stop her laughter. She managed to stop her laughter as DragonierMan chose her, using his most serious tone. "It'll be my pleasure, big guy! Perhaps I should wear this as goggles and a kerchief?" she giggled, hiding a silly smile behind her fan.

"Do not waste time, Dee," Yasu grunted, gulping at the uncomfortable situation.

Dee nodded, then moved off into the brush. "Just a minute. No peeking~" she cooed, then vanished. The Neo-Shogun soldiers to the side stood on their toes, obviously trying to see into the bushes, but they couldn't manage. Just moments later, Dee's gradient white-and-black hair reemerged.

The straps of her golden armor piece were evident beneath her dress, moving up from her bust to her neck. She'd elected to wear her dress over it for the moment. She approached DragonierMan, then wrapped one arm around his shoulder and whispered into his ear. "Let me know if you'd be more comfortable without the dress, I'm not sure which way works best for you. We'll be better off if you build up more heat, so just tell me if there's any way I can help," she offered, then winked and stood off to the side. "Alright, stooges! Let's start the training."

The two men nodded, then took up position with their spears. "This is an important battle for us too, so don't hold back! We're... we're really jealous!" one of the men admitted, then straightened his headband with a resolute expression.

Neo-Shogun Soldier A: 100 HP (soil)
Neo-Shogun Soldier B: 100 HP (soil)

DragonierMan: 150 HP (soil)

Terrain: 75% Soil, 25% Grass (surrounding clearing)

Dee: 2%

DragonierMan arched an eyebrow as Dee wrapped an arm around his broad shoulder. He had remained relatively impassive since donning the 'eye-patch', regardless of the reactions of the group. For he was still unsure as to how exactly Armor's system worked. But it was supposed to react to strong male leadership and vigor. DragonierMan was always ready to show why he should be respected, and feared.

"I'll take the one on the left. Don't hold back." He said to Dee without looking at her. "Show me your strength." For he did not know the capabilities of the Shogunate generals. Battle was the best way to assess how to lead them. And to learn if they were respectable enough to be HIS leaders.

He kept a level gaze on the two soldiers as the air began to waver around him. Adding to the desert heat. "This is no time for jealousy-" Tiny motes of grayish light began to appear soon after, dancing about the navi. They quickly flared a luminescent white, enshrouding DragonierMan in a fiery mantle. The sandy ground shifted beneath his boots, his hands flexing at his sides like a tiger ready to pounce. "FIGHT!"

He charged, energy burning across his body. Every crevice of his armor looked to be sprouting flames. Bright white eyes illuminated from the demon's head, his mouth aflame. It seemed ready to breath a searing gout of fire itself. "FIGHT ME AS IF YOUR LIFE DEPENDED ON IT!"

DragonierMan flew at one of the soldiers, attempting to run him down with a flying tackle. The soil churning about his feet as he rushed across the flat terrain. His tread unheeded by the soft ground.

Spinning on his heels as he passed, he dug a heavy fist into the ground, slowing to a stop. Then he pitched to the left. A bolt of white energy erupted from his mouth a second later, searing the air as it leapt at his foe. He attempted to slip around the soldier's side while he was distracted to find an opening. A burning aura and gray scales his first line of defense against the soldier's spear. Had those been breached, it was only a matter of time for his physiology to heal any spillover.

When he felt an opening, he stepped forward and brought a heavy fist up to the soldier's gut. The clawed talons curved inward, giving his knuckles a crack at the stomach of his opponent. Then he was gone. And another bolt of light cracked the air close to the soldier.

Slipping around the soldier again on his second breath, he came up to another chance opening. Once more he stepped forward and thrusted his arm at the soldier's gut. Attempting to knock the wind out of him and send him sprawling.

Any fatigue he was feeling by being so aggressive in heavy armor, was quickly melting away.

1: DashAttack [Battlechip]: Acc: C; 100/90 (90+10 Strengthen; 90 all other targets) Null Damage + Impact + LineAttack(5) to Neo-Shogun Soldier A.
* Bestial Bulwark [Signature]: One instance of 25 HP Barrier.
* Dragon Scales [Signature]: One instance of 25 HP Casing.
* Empowering Flourish [Signature]: One instance of Strengthen 25.
2: Dodge.
* Inner Might 1 [Signature]: One instance of Heal 10.
* Sudden Breath 1 [Signature]: Acc: A [Shot Type Attribute]; 10 Null Damage to Neo-Shogun Soldier A.
3: GutPunch [Battlechip]: Acc: A; 70 Null Damage + Impact + Knockback to Neo-Shogun Soldier A (5/6 uses remaining).
4: Dodge
* Sudden Breath 2 [Signature]: Acc: A [Shot Type Attribute]; 10 Null Damage to Neo-Shogun Soldier A.
5: GutPunch [Battlechip]: Acc: A; 70 Null Damage + Impact + Knockback to Neo-Shogun Soldier A (4/6 uses remaining).
* Inner Might 2 [Signature]: One instance of Heal 10.

Other Effects:
1: FloatShoes [NaviCust]: Ignores effects from panels except broken/missing.
2: ShadowShoes [NaviCust]: Allows the Navi to move across fragile panels, such as Cracked and Glass, without breaking them.
3: Empowering Flourish [Signature]: Strengthen 15 remaining.
4: GutPunch [Battlechip]: 4 uses remaining.
"You're asking me to get involved too? Perhaps we can arrange that, but let's take one thing at a time, Newbie. Finish one task before moving to another," she giggled, flapping her fan just in front of her face. "Let's see you get through Tweedledee and Tweedledum first."

The two navis paid no attention to their commander's insults and charged forward, thrusting their spears with fervor despite obvious fear at their opponent's demeanor. Unfortunately for the one at the front of the charge, there was more to fear than just DragonierMan's voice and appearance. The soldier jumped out of the way of the dragon knight navi's fierce charge, but was beaten down by a combination of energy bolts and intense pummeling.

Following the EJO of the first soldier, the other soldier who still remained jabbed at DragonierMan with his spear, but came up embarrassingly short. "Dammit! It's guys like this that make me feel like it's not worth trying," the soldier gulped, glancing around the air until he managed to spot his opponent again.

"Hold it, hold it! This is a frightfully boring match up, isn't it? What do you say, DragonierMan; maybe we ought to go directly on to the next test? Or do you still wish to finish this one?" Dee asked. Whatever the synchronization thing was supposed to be, neither DragonierMan nor she seemed to be feeling it very strongly currently.

The soldier still had his spear raised warily in a thrusting position.

Neo-Shogun Soldier A: EJO
Neo-Shogun Soldier B: 100 HP (soil)

DragonierMan: 150 HP (soil) (25 casing) (25 barrier) (25 strengthen)

Terrain: 75% Soil, 25% Grass (surrounding clearing)

Dee: 3%
At Dee's question, DragonierMan backed up a few steps and stopped, raising his hands to call a halt. The fire in his eyes died along with the flames that licked across his body. The gray scales on his face also receded. It was as if the battle hadn't even started, minus one opponent. "I do not fight opponents who have lost the will to fight." He said, referring to the soldier's cowardly comment. He spit in disgust.

He turned to Dee, his cloak wrapping across one shoulder and down the side of his chest. "I do not understand... several things." He said as he brushed the cloak off him. "First, is how I had so much trouble with the RoT Inquisitors, but have had no trouble with your soldiers?" He glanced over his shoulder at the soldier. "Perhaps it was their numbers."

He waved it away. "Regardless, the second question is the more important one: Exactly how do these items work?" He said pointing a clawed finger at his codpiece eye-patch. "Am I supposed to be the only one fighting? Do I have to fight in a particular way? What?" A hint of irritation was most prevalent in his voice.
"Don't be too hard on our soldiers. They're standard navis I managed to bring into our forces to provide us some grunts for the low-skill labor. They're not the brightest or the strongest and they're a little ill-equipped. There's a good chance the guys you fought were made to a higher specification," Dee explained, fanning herself and growing irritated as well. The muggy heat didn't seem to agree with her at all.

"Patience, recruit. Do not raise your voice to your senior officers!" Yasu scolded DragonierMan, frowning deeply. She closed her eyes while keeping her arms crossed, trying to come up with some sort of solution for DragonierMan. "Representatives of our Lord Neo-Shogun, huddle! We must discuss this in detail."

The three girls huddled into a small, awkward circle. In the mean time, the remaining soldier lowered his spear and regarded DragonierMan distastefully, glaring from beneath his droopy headband.

After a long period of standing in uncomfortable silence with the nameless soldier, DragonierMan finally saw the huddle-up break. The girls seemed divided. "Armor's exact words were 'this armor responds to heat and vigor.' She was very vague. We each seem to have different ideas as to how the armor can best be made to synchronize the host and recipients," Yasu admitted, crossing her hands behind her back with a serious demeanor.

Arch was made to speak up first, although she seemed somewhat hesitant to do so. "My thinking is this: if this armor was designed for combat use, it must be referring to the heat of the body during intense physical exertion, right? That would indicate that a host fighting harder would generate a greater rate of synchronization," she explained.

The green-armored first general spoke next, shaking her head. "I would be pleased if that were the case, but I imagine it is not. These items are all rather barbaric in nature, aren't they? All of them are adorned with the faces of malevolent creatures. I imagine the "heat and vigor" Armor mentioned must refer back to the rage and malice of the host. The host would create a sort of 'demon army' by transferring his own hostility into his followers."

Dee chuckled and shook her head sadly. Yasu and Arch both turned their heads to her with irritable expressions, waiting to see what she had to say. "You guys can beat around the bush all you like, but think about it. The armor is all codpieces and fetish gear! It's pretty obvious what kind of 'heat' Armor was talking about to me. Let's stop being children and get down to it, okay?" she sighed.

It seemed there was really no clear consencus on how to simulate "heat and vigor." Yasu turned to their new recruit with an impatient glare. "What would you recommend, recruit? You're the only one among us with the qualifications to wear that armor, so it seems fit that you should act as leader for the time being. What can we do to help you test the abilities of that armor?" she asked, raising her eyebrows. It seemed like they were going to rely on DragonierMan to settle the dispute.
"As you say." DragonierMan conceded in response to Dee and Yasu's explanation of the state of their soldiers and his attitude. Before bowing to show humility. A few drops of perspiration dripped from his forehead to sizzle on the desert floor.

He seemed to ignore the Shogunate soldier as the three generals huddled together. DragonierMan watched them discuss amongst themselves. Receiving quite a good view. Bestial thoughts taking root in his mind.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, they broke formation. Then they took turns trying to explain each general's theories on how to use Armor's armor. One thought that the pride of battle and extended exertion was required. One thought that anger and wrath would decide the outcome. The last thought lust between leader and subordinates would drive the armor to its full potential. DragonierMan scratched his cheek at the end. They had turned to him for the final decision.

The wind had stopped a while ago, and the heat was becoming unbearable even to him. His whole body had began to itch. It was hard to think...

"First things first." He said as he reached up and began to unfasten the clasps that held his cape to his shoulders. He then pulled it from his back and draped it over the nearest log. His hands then drifted to the straps that held his breastplate. Soon, the chest-plate was stripped off his torso and clattered to the ground. Leaving him only clad from the waist down in his scaled plate.

What was revealed above his waist though was a suit of chain mail. He was going the whole nine-yards when it came to wearing plate. The mail coat came next, making a sound not unlike falling rain. Tinkling with a metallic ring.

Below the chain mail was a striped/scaled wool cloth vest of white and gray, seemingly stronger than leather, but lighter and more comfortable. The material breathed well. The desert fatigue DragonierMan had been feeling was now much easier to bear. His gauntlets were also shucked, leaving him with shining bracers, and rippling arms.

He unbuttoned the vest and let it fall open, revealing more of his athletic body. His muscles toned and well defined. He stretched, leaning backwards slightly, showing off his chest and cracking his muscles. Then shook himself loose. "Ah. Much better." [Warrior.GMO activated.]

"Now. What to do?" DragonierMan asked himself as he tapped a clawed finger on the same cheek as before, the one under the demonic eye-patch.

Incoming Data Packet

Before he could blink though, his uncovered, dark eye glazed over, turning the entire socket fully black. Tiny lines of white code streamed across his eye, as if someone was writing on a chalkboard. Anyone close enough, and not distracted, could probably read it off his retina.

But it only lasted a moment. And then it was gone. DragonierMan's eye cleared and returned to normal. He looked inward for a moment in contemplation before turning to the group.

He locked his one eye on Dee. A hungry, predator-like eye. The glinting eye of a man who was interested solely on acquiring the woman in front of him. A mate.

"You're right. We should 'stop being children and get down to it'." He punctuated the last word as he stalked ever closer to Dee. "You like what you see?" He asked with a wide, sharp smile, as he stopped in front of her, before flexing some more muscles. His demon-faced patch leering lecherously.

He reached out a large arm to grasp around the general's waist, to pull her to him for a passionate kiss. An unusually long tongue licked across his lips.
Yasu had, of course, seen this much of DragonierMan earlier when she had treated his wounds. She watched the floor all the same while the others stared with interest, Arch somewhat bashfully and Dee with entertainment. "You're missing a good show, Yasu," Dee told the First General, elbowing her in the ribs and covering her mouth with her fan.

"As if I have any interest. I've already inspected his physique before in an earlier situation. It didn't matter then and means little now," she grumbled.

Arch and Dee both turned with surprised expressions; Dee laughed and waved her fan. "Ooooh? What did you say your relationship with our recruit was again? Strictly professional?" she laughed mockingly, having fun teasing Yasu. Yasu crossed her arms silently and refused to answer.

The three turned their heads and looked back as DragonierMan finished shedding his armor. Some weird process involving discoloration of his eyes finished quickly, then he proceeded to make a move on Dee. The other two stepped back with clear shock. Arch's lower lip trembled and red spread across her face. Yasu made an expression of extreme shock and indignation, baring her teeth but finding herself unable to speak.

Dee's ordinarily confident smile dropped momentarily, showing a hint of girlish surprise as DragonierMan grabbed her narrow waist and drew her in, all while showing an expression of wildness and hunger. None of them seemed to have thought he would have the nature to take her suggestion seriously. "W-wait just a minute, that's sort of ridiculous, isn't it? We don't have to do anything mushy like a kiss," she laughed, staring back at him red faced. From this distance, he could read nuances in her haughty expression that betrayed a surprising lack of experience with romantic encounters; the curve of her hips shifted beneath her dress just slightly, indicating the effort she was putting in to keeping her body still and not backing away.

Suddenly smiling maliciously, Yasu leaned back and then turned the other way. "Maybe this is the right way after all? She seems to be having some sort of response. You should be as thorough in this test as possible," she instructed DragonierMan, clearly driven by her constant sense of agitation towards Dee and amused by the fact that the promiscuous general wasn't able to deliver when it came her turn to be embarrassed.

"I'm not complaining or anything, I just sort of thought, you know, a kiss isn't really a mature or heat-producing thing. That's something lovey-dovey couples do, isn't it? Right, Arch?" Dee asked, looking for backup. Arch sort of babbled uselessly, unable to say anything helpful. "Well... that is... oho..." she chuckled nervously, staring back into DragonierMan's eyes somewhat defiantly and just barely keeping up her cocky smile. It was as good a chance as any for him to take a kiss if he really wanted it.

"Remember, heat and vigor, DragonierMan. Heat and vigor," Yasu advised him, keeping her back turned and looking serious, all except for her hidden face, which was something of a vengeful grin.

Interestingly, the armor seemed to be responding now. DragonierMan could notice that Dee's golden armor had picked up a light glow, somewhat similar to the production of a combat barrier.

The Neo-Shogun soldier nearby crumpled and convulsed, as if having a jealousy induced heart-attack.

Dee: 10% (Barrier 5)
At the encouragement, DragonierMan turned slightly and dipped Dee. He held her steady with a strong arm wrapped around her waist. He then grinned wickedly at her. His muscles had a slight sheen to them. His body hot from the Netfrica heat.

His other hand came up to brush her cheek, warm and inviting. He smiled. Then, without a word, the fingers traced upward and through her hair, gliding through her silky strands. His movement ended when he cupped the back of her head, holding her in his embrace. His face drew closer.

His eye locked on hers. Dee could see in his eye the passion of a man who had only one woman in his sight. Only one woman that he wanted with every fiber of his body. She was that woman. A masculine smell of sweat and spices surrounding her.

He then brought his lips down hard on hers. His arms tightening their embrace, pulling her against him. Holding her. Trying to dominate her. There was probably some tongue as his bare chiseled abs pushed up against her ample chest through her dress.

And it seemed to last for minutes. But finally he broke off. He raised his head an inch, drawing a bead of saliva from the joining. His tongue rolled out of his lips and cut the string. His stare never left her. His arm supported her around her waist and lower back, his hand moving down to cup her rear end. The hand in her hair came down to rub at the back of her neck. "Delicious," he cooed in a manly rumble. The growl traveled over her like a storm of passion, probably causing goosebumps.

And if that wasn't enough, he dipped his head again, slightly lower. His breath was heated as it washed over her neck. He nipped a little at her throat before starting to trail kisses down her neck.
Arch watched through her fingers as Dee was made to make out with a man she barely even knew. Her body protested slightly as he moved his hands around, and she was clearly nervous with the kiss. She was in strong contrast to DragonierMan, who jumped on the chance as if it was perfectly natural. Her lipstick smeared against his lips as she tried to keep up with his pace; keeping up with him was actually less embarrassing than resisting at this point for her, after all the talk she'd done.

DragonierMan's fingers ran through her odd, bushy, white-and-black gradient hair, and even took a feel of the supple curve of her bottom, which was always well accented by her dress. Dee felt her body heating up; anyone ought to know that there's something sort of taboo about physical romance with a stranger, even more so in public. All of this just made her feel naughtier about it, which enhanced her arousal, but even as aroused as she was she couldn't entirely go along with it.

Dee struggled against his grasp, trying to free herself. "Alright, that's enough. The armor's responding. The test's successful, right? We're done here?" she asked, wriggling in his arms.

"Hardly. The armor's coloration has changed, but do we see any effects or know the limits of its power? I should say not," Yasu replied, watching Dee with her eye flashing whimsically. "I want you to bring out the full potential of that armor for us to see."

"Hey, if we're talking about full potential, why aren't you and Archie hooked up in this stuff!?" she asked, feeling bullied. "D-Don't just stand there watching!"

Yasu frowned and crossed her arms, then returned to a smile and lifted her chin. "What say you, DragonierMan? I have to say, it looks to me like he's got his eye on you at the moment."

Dee gulped, clutching her own hands down on DragonierMan's arms as she prepared for him to re-engage. Arch kept her hands over her mouth, watching silently with a red face and shivering with goosebumps. The neck of Dee's armor was glowing slightly brighter now and also radiating warmth. He was really pouring on the stimulation, but even now it was impossible to tell if that was directly causing the response.

Dee: 25% (Barrier 10) (Strengthen 5)
DragonierMan broke off again after a few more moments on Dee's neck, and turned his head to view Yasu and Arch. He leaned Dee back onto her feet, so she was standing again, supporting her own weight. His arms wrapped possessively around her as he brought her in front of him. His hands on her hip and his breath on her neck.

"Yes, why don't you join us?" He asked the two other generals before taking a quick lick of Dee's exposed shoulder. His clawed fingers pulling her to mold her back to his front. "Or are the great Shogunate generals afraid of what might happen?" He asked with a mischievous, lipstick-stained smile before returning his lips to the crux between Dee's neck and shoulders. He kissed and sucked on both sides, his teeth grazing her fair skin just slightly every now and then. His hands stroking up and down from her abdomen to her outer thighs. Holding her to him.


After a few more minutes of heavy petting, and bending Dee's face to the side with a hand so he could steal another kiss from her, he suddenly stopped. "Although..." he stated with a smirk as his head came up from Dee's. "My real talents lend towards battle."

His brow knit a tiny bit in frustration though, and he finally released Dee. He straightened himself as she stumbled forward a few steps, towering over the shorter generals. "Or they would, had I ever known true battle. However, as shown a few days ago, I have much to learn of true battles. Battles not held against baseless viruses."

He got on his knees and prostrated himself before Dee and the other generals, bowing his head to the sand. "I require a teacher." He stated with growling sincerity.

His neck craned up a second later to look at Dee, a sexy smile on his face. "Let's finish later," he suggested with a wink.
Dee moaned lightly as DragonierMan continued to trace the contours of her body. The soft curves of her buttocks cradled his groin and she crossed her arms in front of herself defiantly. She gave haughty protests in short breaths, but offered no other resistance. When DragonierMan finally released his hold on her, causing her to stumble forward, she glared back indignantly, apparently finding it a very offensive gesture. She held her fan in front the lower half of her face and watched him irritatedly. "Having your way one second, then bowing the next? Make up your mind," she sighed. Although DragonierMan punctuated his request with a provocative smile, she coldly turned her head and continued to hide her face with her fan.

The first general nodded as DragonierMan gave his suggestion. "Know that I fear nothing except that our tests will be ineffective. We now see that stimulation such as you've administered is effective. Let's try a mix of the two. Here is my proposal: we'll set you up a difficult series of opponents that you may engage at your leisure. I am willing to coach you as well, if you so desire. We will provide a motivator as well: for each challenge you overcome, you may order Dee to further stimulate you-"

"Hold it! I'm putting my foot down. For each challenge you overcome, order any one of us you want to to stimulate you. It doesn't have to be me necessarily," the blue-clad general groaned.

Arch shifted uncomfortably, but nodded. "She's right; it's only fair," the subordinate agreed. "At this point, I believe that all three of our earlier suggestions have merit. Anger, fighting spirit, and sexual tension all seem to provide some stimulant for the armor. I think Yasu's suggestion can provide all three, while helping DragonierMan to improve his combat prowess."

"Fair enough. I will coach you, DragonierMan. Arch, Dee, I want you both to wear the secondary armor. Be sure to record any and all effects you measure. You'll move to five soldiers, DragonierMan. If you manage to overcome them, you may ask one of us to stimulate you in whatever fashion you please," she continued. She paused, then crossed her arms and sneered. "Within reason."

Although Arch hadn't expected to have to go along with the armor bit, she nodded and complied. Imitating Dee's actions earlier, she quickly grabbed up a set and went into the bushes to change. In the mean time, Yasu summoned four more spear-wielding soldiers.

When Arch returned, she seemingly hadn't changed at all. Even the minimal coverage of her usual outfit revealed nothing of the armor she'd put on. "G-Good to go..."

Yasu nodded, then held one hand forward. "Now DragonierMan; face them! Your first task is to thin out their numbers. Without underestimating their abilities, I want you to focus on eliminating at least two while taking minimal damage. Defeating even one soldier can reduce the morale of all of them simultaneously. The average man values his own life first, above all else!"

Neo-Shogun Soldier A: 100 HP (soil)
Neo-Shogun Soldier B: 100 HP (soil)
Neo-Shogun Soldier C: 100 HP (soil)
Neo-Shogun Soldier D: 100 HP (soil)
Neo-Shogun Soldier E: 100 HP (soil)

DragonierMan: 150 HP (soil)

Terrain: 75% Soil, 25% Grass (surrounding clearing)

Dee: 40% (Barrier 15) (Strengthen 10)
Arch: 0%

((Chips/cooldowns reset!))
DragonierMan stood up and cracked his knuckles. The relatively loud sound it made was a little disturbing, as his taloned hands flexed. He opened his toothy mouth for a moment to yawn. It was also disturbing.

He then shook his muscular upper body a bit, attempting to get any remaining kinks out of his system. His shining, dark-gray hair splayed wildly about his head. It was a glance of rugged handsomeness to ease the previously two uneasy moments.

He shifted his feet to face the five soldiers arrayed against him. They were equipped in light armor, wore headbands, and wielded spears. It was unclear whether the soldier that was with them a moment ago was still among them, or had earlier died of jealousy. DragonierMan had as of yet to take a blow from one of the spears, so he was unaware of the true danger they presented. But he would try to be cautious.

He puffed himself up as he prepared for battle. Drawing in a great breath of air, his rippling chest expanded. Obsidian scales sprouted from his skin, slowly absorbing every bit of his exposed body. He stood taller and brought his hands out to either side, broadening his stance. The effect was an attempt to amplify his size and bring on a more menacing visage.

Then he thrusted his head and body forward a step and let out a blood-curdling roar, solidifying the air. One eye was covered by a golden demon, the other became as black as night. His face consumed by granite scales. The roar thundered across Netfrica. Shattering the momentary stillness.

DragonierMan then rushed forward to meet the soldiers in battle. His body was lighter from the removal of half his armor. His feet quicker. His boots beat the soil as he ran, kicking up sparks.

As he neared the lead soldier, the dragon turned and slid on his heel. The sparks became flames. He leaned his body to one side as he drifted a few feet, leaving scorch marks, and then kicked off the ground. It was an attempt to slip around the soldier to his blind spot, twisting across the ground like a serpent. Leaving a trail of fire in his wake.

As he slid around the soldier, he brought his arms up from his sides. The flames flared larger as they traveled up his legs and collected in his hands. They growled across his scaled hands, burning brighter as he fueled and shaped the chaotic energies. Focusing them.

And flung his hands across his torso, crossing them in an 'X'. The fire swept outward toward the soldier. Blazing a wide, crackling arc across the desert air.

DragonierMan then moved back a few steps. His body shifting from side to side as the soldiers counterattacked. The leader was most likely leading the attack. DragonierMan let a bolt of white-hot energy go from between his teeth, attempting to peg the soldier in the face as he gave chase. Then the dragon attempted to weave between their strikes. Making them chase him. Bunching them up. His metabolism regenerating his body from the odd wound.

Then the dragon inhaled deeply and let out another breath. This one vomited forth a great gout of fire. A cone of conflagration that burned the air and seared the landscape. Leaving behind bubbling pools of magma in its wake.

Which DragonierMan did not stick around to bask in. As he continued to shift backwards. Earlier scars and bruises faded into blemishes as he bobbed and weaved. A slithering retreat that attempted to peg the leader again. Assuming he hadn't Jacked-Out earlier.

1: Dodge.
* Bestial Bulwark [Signature]: One instance of 25 HP Barrier.
* Dragon Scales [Signature]: One instance of 25 HP Casing.
* Empowering Flourish [Signature]: One instance of Strengthen 25.
2: PhoenixShot2 [Battlechip]: Acc: A; 100/90 (90+10 Strengthen to first target, 90 to all other targets) Fire Damage + Wide Attack to Neo-Shogun Soldier A and friends.
3: Dodge.
* Inner Might 1 [Signature]: One instance of Heal 10.
* Sudden Breath 1 [Signature]: Acc: A [Shot Type Attribute]; 10 Null Damage to Neo-Shogun Soldier A.
4: HeatBreath [Battlechip]: Acc: C; 100/90 (90+10 Strengthen to first target, 90 to all other targets) Fire Damage + Lava Panel Change + Cone Attack to Neo-Shogun Soldier A and friends.
5: Dodge
* Inner Might 2 [Signature]: One instance of Heal 10.
* Sudden Breath 2 [Signature]: Acc: A [Shot Type Attribute]; 10 Null Damage to Neo-Shogun Soldier A.

Other Effects:
1: FloatShoes [NaviCust]: Ignores effects from panels except broken/missing.
2: ShadowShoes [NaviCust]: Allows the Navi to move across fragile panels, such as Cracked and Glass, without breaking them.
3: Empowering Flourish [Signature]: Strengthen 5 remaining.
The Neo-Shogun soldiers charged forward, keeping their spears ahead of them. DragonierMan retaliated by using his fiery breath, frying one of them before the unfortunate soldier could get his attacks in. The others thrust their spears rapidly, jabbing at DragonierMan's chest and head. He kept in motion so as to avoid the attacks; four jabs missed entirely.

The final two got in strikes, rending apart DragonierMan's armor but dealing only light damage to his actual body. [20] Even as the soldiers watched the spear wound bleed data, the skin was already mending itself. Seconds later, the would was entirely healed.

"Not bad, DragonierMan. I'm not sure what was the toll of the viral contamination you spoke of, but it is clear that it's given you unique combat capabilities," Yasu mentioned, nodding and pressing one fist to her chin. Regardless of what she thought about DragonierMan, she was obviously pleased to see that the Neo-Shogun Army was acquiring such assets. "Waste no time in eliminating this fodder."

Arch watched DragonierMan, although she seemed concerned and somewhat distant, as if another issue was pressing on her mind.

In the mean time, Dee was mentally steeling herself for her coming challenge while not focusing too much on the battle. "Come on Dee, your image is on the line here... Don't let that scaly guy make an ass out of you,"" she muttered to herself, clenching her fists.

Neo-Shogun Soldier A: EJO
Neo-Shogun Soldier B: 1 HP (soil)
Neo-Shogun Soldier C: 10 HP (soil)
Neo-Shogun Soldier D: 100 HP (soil)
Neo-Shogun Soldier E: 10 HP (soil)

DragonierMan: 150 HP (soil) (5 strengthen)

Terrain: 75% Soil, 25% Grass (surrounding clearing)

Dee: 43% (Barrier 15) (Strengthen 10)
Arch: 5%
DragonierMan was struck four times. His ample defenses were punctured and his body speared. The wounds were minor by the end, but it was now a fact that a concentration of strikes were powerful enough to hurt him. Just as before, when he was whipped almost to death by RoT Inquisitors. Anger burned inside him from being stabbed. A burning hatred flared in his eye. The demon-faced eye-patch leered menacingly, its mouth and eyes afire.

DragonierMan then overheard the order to finish it as he continued to backpedal out of range of the Neo-Shogunate spears. He weaved and bobbed a few more times, moving from side to side like an angry cobra. The air shimmered with an inner fire, pushing back against his aggressors' strikes; while iron scales covered his skin from head to toe. He continued to snake backwards while this occurred, until he was sure he was far enough away.

He inhaled once more, his chest puffing out like a great beast. Energy welled inside of him. A fire in his belly. When he opened his mouth again, he expelled a great torrent of energy. Two explosive blasts, belched out from between jagged teeth, shot through the air and bloomed among the chasing soldiers. The dangerous levels of Null energy most likely shattered the ground underneath their feet, sending up a cloud of dust in its wake.

Unheeded by being blind to all inside, DragonierMan continued to breath a stream of energy bolts into the cloud. The bolts streamed from his mouth in a great wave. Searing through the air and scattering what remained of the fog of dust. All the while, the gray datum that gushed from his open wounds slowed to a trickle by his power. The scars fading in time.

1: Dodge.
* Bestial Bulwark [Signature]: One instance of 25 HP Barrier.
* Dragon Scales [Signature]: One instance of 25 HP Casing.
2: Dodge.
3: TankCannon2 [Battlechip]: Acc: C; 120 Null Damage + Blast2 to Neo-Shogun Soldier C.
* Empowering Flourish [Signature]: One instance of Strengthen 25.
4: TankCannon2 [Battlechip]: Acc: C; 120 Null Damage + Blast2 to Neo-Shogun Soldier E.
5: MachineGun1 [Battlechip]: Acc: D; (30 Null Damage x 9 Shots) + Spray Fire to Neo-Shogun Soldier B.
* Sudden Breath 1 [Signature]: Acc: A [Shot Type Attribute]; 10 Null Damage to Neo-Shogun Soldier C.
* Sudden Breath 2 [Signature]: Acc: A [Shot Type Attribute]; 10 Null Damage to Neo-Shogun Soldier E.
* Inner Might 1 [Signature]: One instance of Heal 10.
* Inner Might 2 [Signature]: One instance of Heal 10.

Other Effects:
1: FloatShoes [NaviCust]: Ignores effects from panels except broken/missing.
2: ShadowShoes [NaviCust]: Allows the Navi to move across fragile panels, such as Cracked and Glass, without breaking them.
3: Empowering Flourish [Signature]: Strengthen 30 remaining.