Anyis n' MeleeMan Team Busting

((Jacked in, moved from Scilab Net ---> Netsquare ---> Netfrica Net))

Arriving onto the net in a burst of smoke and flames, MeleeMan moved along with his wrapped SP into the blazing heat of Netfrica Net. "Mmm, one of my favorite nets. Ample grass to burn and the right sun to do it in make this one of the greatest places to be," MeleeMan laughed, crossing his arms over his chest. "What do you think, my new SP?"

"It's a little warm for my tastes," Damascus answered, unhappy with her wrapping but pleased at least that the shade she wore over her head blocked some of the sunlight.

"This is a real man's world. A place with burning heat to match his own soul. If you're my SP, you need to learn to handle heat like this," he explained, dropping his arms down to his side as he scoped out the area.

"I'm several decades older than you, I remind you. I am very familiar with this terrain," the SP responded, although she wished to speak her mind further. "At any rate, we should avoid confrontation until your friend arrives."

((Waiting on Bomber))
"Jeez, another hot area...? I swear he's picking these places on purpose." sighed Anyis as she, like last time in Hades Net, created an aura of cool air around her to mitigate the humid Netfrican environment. As an afterthought, she said, "Oh, Magna, do you need some AC too?"

"The offer is appreciated, Mother Unit, but no need. My metal body conducts heat well enough to not produce the discomfort common among humanoid models." declined Magna politely.

"..." Anyis muttered something intelligible under her breath as she covered her face with her palm. Maybe if she didn't address him directly, he wouldn't find a chance to use that goddamned name... Gah, whatever. She could see MeleeMan and a woman she assumed was his SP.

"Hey, MeleeMan!" shouted Anyis as she walked over, with Magna thumping along behind her. "I really didn't expect you of all people to get a female SP. Feeling a little lonely, maybe?" she teased. "In case you can't actually see anything through that helmet of yours, the big purple thing behind me is my SP."

"I am Magna.SP, a metal golem model, whose primary function is to serve M-" explained Magna before getting kicked by the back of Anyis's heel to shut him up before he said the taboo.
MeleeMan met up with Anyis, looking up in confusion at her huge purple SP. "What the hell, your SP looks like a giant dildo," he exclaimed without thinking. "That thing is enormous!" Digressing, he listened to what the two had to say. He shook his head with annoyance at the notion that Damascus could do anything to alleviate loneliness. "You'd have a better chance uprooting your loneliness with a retarded goldfish. She's not a big conversationalist unless you like to talk about 'drinking the blood of your foes,'" he explained, giving his SP's favorite words a bit of a mock-ghost voice to emphasize how silly he found it.

"My name is Damascus, in case you were wondering," the SP offered, bowing politely. "I shall look forward to the blood that the four of us shall gorge ourselves upon momentarily."

"Psh... Gorge my ass," he groaned, slapping one gloved palm over his face. The motion looked like it must have hurt, as his huge metal gauntlets made a large thud upon connection. "I mean, she's supposed to turn into weapons, right? She can't do it yet, so that means she's pretty much dead weight. I hope your SP sucks less than she does."

Damascus turned to Magna, looking up at him with and tilting back her shade so she could see his face. Her menacing red eyes looked him up and down thoroughly, before she finally spoke up. "Greetings, Support Program Magna. Let me ask you, are you satisfied with your master?" she asked, keeping her entire body still beneath her sheath-like wrap. "Do you sometimes feel that you might be better suited as the master and she as the servant?"

((Ready for a battle whenever btw))
Magna stared at Damascus as she spoke, with Magna's unmoving face giving little hint on how he would respond to her words. "I was previously a Navi, Unit Damascus," explained Magna as he looked down to her, "specifically, the Navi that served Operator."

"He means Mill, the guy holding our PET." interjected Anyis, translating her SP's strange titles.

"Yes, Operator, as I said." Apparently they were one and the same to Magna. "However, I was deleted while protecting Mother Unit." Anyis shamefully covered her face again here. "I resigned myself to destruction, yet she rescued my core data, and I was eventually reborn as her SP. That is why I will serve Mother Unit and protect her with all my power."

Mill listened to the conversation, and eventually chimed in to explain this to Damascus in the simplest way. "This is just how Magna is. Back when he was my Navi, he actually threw himself in danger to save viruses on more than one occasion. I still remember how mad I was..." groaned Mill as he recollected Magna's inexplicable relation with viruses. "... Anyway, he just uses his big body to defend things. That's it. Things like superiority and servitude really don't even cross his mind."

"I do not defend all viruses, Operator. Only those that merit defending." corrected Magna, looking up to Mill's visual screen.

"... What, exactly, qualifies a virus as worth defending?" asked Anyis, who really couldn't think of any intelligent answer to that question.

"That... data is still being examined. I will report when I have reached a conclusion." decided Magna, proving that he could in fact dodge questions entirely.

"... Nevermind, forget I asked... Come on MeleeMan, let's go find something to crush." grumbled Anyis as she walked off into the Netfrican wild.

(Also ready)
The motley group of Navis and SPs began their trek across Netfrica Net after a short conversation. They witnessed several lone viruses as they walked, but none were too eager to approach alone. Finally, Anyis spied a sizable party of viruses situated near a small pool of water. They noticed the Navis as they got closer and turned towards them, evidently hostile.

MettfireA: 100HP
MettfireB: 100HP
SpikeyA: 90HP
SpikeyB: 90HP
SpikeyC: 90HP
MushyA: 80HP
MushyB: 80HP

Terrain: 75% Grass, 15% Sand, 10% Sea

MeleeMan.EXE: 320
Damascus.SP: 40HP

Anyis.EXE: 140HP
Magna.SP: 40HP

Battle 1 Start!
"I'm a little bit like you myself, Magna, but perhaps I will have to share the story some other time. It is not nearly so noble, I'm afraid," Damascus replied, turning to the viruses that had shown themselves. A hot shiver ran through her spine as she looked across them, feeling a strong thirst for their blood. That mood was quickly extinguished, however, when she realized that she had no weapon transformations still usable while she reconfigured. Sighing, she reserved herself to take on her steel-bodied form and wait it out.

MeleeMan shook his head at Magna's story, taking in very little of it. "I really can't follow a word of what you're saying. It sounded like you said you were protecting viruses and Anyis is your mother or something... Anyways, no time to worry about your weird SP right now, Anyis, we've got to skulls to crack," he laughed, beating his gauntlets together and releasing bursts of smoke from the back of each of them. "You're about to see why other navis would beg to be my SP."

Damascus nodded, standing perfectly still with her steel skin activated. "Goodie," she muttered.

Rania, although highly distracted, slotted in MeleeMan some chips to use against the viruses. "Okay, uh, you probably don't need my help much on this, so I'm not going to bother watching. Here's two of your new chips, go crazy," she told him hurriedly, slotting in a heatbreath and a coldpunch.

"Psh. Whatever's wrong with her, I hope it's cleared up by the time we start encountering the big guys. I'll let her have her fun for now, though. Later on I can bust back out the schedule-deletion threat, hehe," he snickered, giving a grin in Anyis' direction. "You should try stuff like that some time, Anyis. Your operator probably has no idea what all you're capable of if he's as dumb as mine." Preparing his new chips, MeleeMan tried to decide which to use first. Deciding on the heatbreath, he looked around for suitable targets. "Mushrooms... on grass... That seems pretty good," he thought to himself, turning his head in that direction. Quickly, he headed in that direction, unsure of how he was actually supposed to utilize the chip.

As he approached the viruses, he felt a tremendous heat welling up inside of him. This didn't bother him; the feeling was nice and he was very familiar with intense heat, but he felt the need to release it. As he closed distance on the mushroom viruses, he let back his visor and his fiery eyes became visible. He was trying to get out a good taunt like always, but he felt a powerful inclination to do something like belch or throw up and thus clenched his teeth, bracing himself against doing either. Eventually, the urge became too powerful, and opening his mouth quickly he began to shoot flames out of both his eyes and mouth, which threatened to engulf his opponents. When it finally stopped, he drew back, going on the defensive and rubbing his eyes groggily. "Man. No way that chip is supposed to work that way," he groaned, moving his arms down to cradle his gut.

His SP sweated, feeling as though her lips were chapping as she watched her master destroy viruses. She could hardly stand to sit back and let him take all of them while she did nothing, but she had to make herself.

Moving on in his assault and overcoming his feeling of sickness, MeleeMan took on the Mettfires, areagrabbing with a pounce toward their location. With a quick motion, he equipped a coldfist over his regular gauntlet. A sputtering noise rang out as the smoke pouring from his gauntlets gradually converted to steam, the two elements combating each other until eventually the coldfist won out. "Feels weird," he grumbled, not used to the cool sensation. It wasn't bad... he'd been in enough frozen locales to know what a truly uncomfortable cold felt like. Pulling back and forth his new fist, he released two punches on his foes.

1) Heatbreath to MushyA and MushyB [105 fire damage]
2) Dodge
3) Areagrab to Mettfires
4) Coldpunch MettfireA [70 aqua damage]
5) Coldpunch MettfireB [70 aqua damage]

1) Steel Skin [Ironbody]
"I will make note of and look forward to your story, Unit Damascus." replied Magna before taking note of the emerging viruses. Unlike Damascus, he felt no shiver of excitement... nor a pang of fear, nor even a mild itch of curiosity. They came looking for viruses, and viruses came. It was now their obligation to defeat those viruses, simple as that. The next mental step after that did make Magna think, though. "Operator, I lack many of my previous functions. Recommended course of action?"

"Hm?" voiced Mill as he was pulled away from his conversation. "Oh. Yeah, the SP base's limitations kept me from reconstructing most of your special techniques. I did manage to give you a basic shield system, so just assist Anyis with that for now." After explaining, Mill started to turn back to Rania.

"Mill! Chips!" shouted Anyis impatiently.

"Oh, right. Here you go, have fun." responded Mill absentmindedly as he grabbed three random chips out of his folder and slotted them in.

"... Eh, I guess I'll make do. I could probably stand to slow my pace down a little from what it's been lately with all these tournaments." sighed Anyis as she took inventory of her armaments. "Alright, might as well get started. Don't embarrass yourself, MeleeMan." chuckled Anyis as she casually stretched her arms up over her head. Once her warm-up was done... "Boogeyman!"

The decaying poltergeist popped into existance at Anyis's command, staring blankly forward with its one eye. Magna, having never seen this before and totally unaware of Boogeyman's lack of sentience, felt a sense of camaraderie from this stoic phantom. "See those Spikeys over there?" asked Anyis rhetorically, expecting no answer as she pointed over to the dog-like viruses. "Go herd them up for me." Upon the order, Boogeyman jerked forward, flying towards the viruses with the awkward motions of a lifeless body. As soon as he reached the forward-most Spikey, Boogeyman shoved towards the virus's chest area, attempting to push it back into its allies. Per the norm, as quickly as Boogeyman assaulted the Spikeys, he disappeared into thin air.

As Boogeyman disappeared, the Spikeys might have taken note of Anyis, who had already spawned a rifle with a water tank attached to the side. MeleeMan could very well balk at her using a gun, but Anyis wasn't so blinded of other options to not adapt to different situations. And Mill happened to give her this Bubbler, so she was using it. She locked in her shot and pulled the trigger, sending a blast of high-PSI water towards one of the Spikeys, and hopefully catching another within the blast radius.

While loading the next chip, Anyis heard MeleeMan talking about his Operator. "That's a sorry situation you're in, MeleeMan. Mill's fully aware I'm more than he'll ever be able to handle, so I get to just do things my way. Maybe you should try it sometime." she laughed. She also lied through her teeth, because while Mill would agree that she can be more than he can handle sometimes (for all the wrong reasons), there was no way in hell Mill was just going to let her charge in recklessly every single battle. But, whatever, Anyis was still in control by her logic. She went ahead and activated the Twinfang, the second chip Mill sent. Having had few chances lately to work, Anyis's icy energy completely engulfed the non-elemental chip and froze it solid. Being used to the transformation, Anyis didn't even blink before tossing the two ice spikes into the air and punching each with a quick jab as they fell back down. Upon impact, the spikes tore through the air like gunshots towards their targets, the third Spiky and one of the Mettfires.

Magna, meanwhile, was trying to figure out how to activate his new shield. His old Terrascaper seemed to be invalidated, since he couldn't even manage to force a spire out of the ground. He tried simply just ripping a panel out of the ground, but all that earned was a clump of dirt and some blades of grass. Maybe the new shield wasn't earth-based... Lost in confusion, Magna absentmindedly stuck his hand out and stretched his fingers... causing a mass of purple alloy erupt from his palm. An additional surge of power from his subtype specialization caused the purple golem's arms to twitch in surprise, but he relaxed as he realized the clump of metal was unfolding into a rather large tower shield. "Large" was relative, though, as Magna picked the shield up easily with one hand. "Mother Unit, I have decoded my shield system. It is now my obligation to protect you from harm." reported Magna proudly.

Anyis shrugged, showing no real concern for her safety. "Meh... If you want to, I'm not going to stop you." she said as the third and final chip formed in her hand. "Boomerang? Haven't seen this one in a little while..." noted Anyis in a sense of mild surprise. Figuring that there was no harm in shaking the rust off, Anyis traced an arc in her mind before throwing the weapon, sending it spinning across the battlefield and, with any luck, through more than a few viruses. "Alright, I'm done. Raise your shield, Magna." ordered Anyis, feeling a bit empty without another Battlechip to wield.

"Understood." answered Magna simply, taking a defensive stance as Anyis walked by and propped her back up against her giant SP.

Anyis's Actions:
--Boogeyman (Knockback) @ SpikeyA, push it back into SpikeyB/C
1. Bubbler (60 Aqua damage, Spread 1) @ SpikeyA/B
2. Take Aim (Accuracy+ to next action):
--Ice Bleeding (Imbue Aqua to next action):
3. IcicleFang1 (70 Aqua damage, Accuracy+, 2 targets) @ SpikeyC, MettfireB
4. Boomerang1 (60 Wood damage) @ MushyA/B, MettfireA/B
5. Take cover behind Magna (Movement/Defense)

Magna's Actions:
--Reinforced Golem's Buckler (2 Hit Shield)
1. Protect Self and Mother Unit (Defense)
Starting off with a bang, the Mushy started to warp up to MeleeMan, as they figured his girth and manly ways were prone to being broken with a little hallucinogen spray. Unfortunately, they were unprepared for Meleeman's brand spanking new HeatBreath attack, which charred them into a delicious, fine, golden brown crisp. The Boogeyman Anyis summoned managed to shove one of the Spikey closer to its friends, but that didn't make it especially happy. It opened its maw for a breath of heat, but was stopped quickly by Anyis' Bubbler attack, deleting it. The other two were not happy about this latest development, and released their fireballs Anyis-ward. Fortunately, Magna's powerful shield prevented Mother Unit from getting a scratch. Afterwards, imbuing some ice into a TwinFang, Anyis picked off another Spikey, but the spike directed to the Mettfire missed, as the hooded meteorologists were too busy flipping the fuck out at why there was no cover in their immediate vicinity. Her Boomerang did nothing much either, for the Mushy were already dead, and the Mettfires still flipping out. Same for the ColdPunches Meleeman threw, they simply jumped out of his way.

MettfireA: 100HP
MettfireB: 100HP
SpikeyB: 90HP
SpikeyC: 90HP

Terrain: 65% Grass, 10% Soil, 15% Sand, 10% Sea

MeleeMan.EXE: 320HP [ColdPunch4]
Damascus.SP: 40HP

Anyis.EXE: 140HP
Magna.SP: 40HP [GolemBuckler0]
MeleeMan groaned as his first fist swung harmlessly past the Mettfire viruses. "Son of a bitch!" he growled, swinging again. Another miss. "SON OF A BITCH!" he fumed, feeling his fingers grind down harder into the metal of his gauntlets. "Every time you guys dodge one of these hits, my anger grows. When my anger grows, my fists punch harder! Make this easy on yourselves!" he ranted, chasing the viruses around and flinging his fists.

His operator would have been pretty upset to see him acting that way, but she was pretty busy with her own affairs. So busy, in fact, that she failed to consider slotting him in any further chip data.

Clenching his teeth, MeleeMan rested on one fist briefly then headed right back in to chase down the viruses. "Sit still you bastards!" he roared, swinging his arm club-like once vertically, then again horizontally, spewing misty vapors around the path of his arm. Unable to see through all of the hanging moisture, he prepared his boots for a rocket-jump towards the remaining Spikies. MeleeMan's form, spewing flames from the boots while shooting mist out of its gauntlets, was a rather confusing spectacle to behold. "Time to let sleeping dogs lie!" he spoke, fudging another commonly-used phrase. Angrily, he rolled to stop his descent, then went into another flurry of punches to try to finish off the dogs.

Damascus decided that meditation might be the best way to avoid feeling discomfort and bloodlust while she still lacked power. She closed her eyes, thinking hard about how she might recover her former power.

"Hey dumbass! Your skin's not steeled any more. You'd better open your eyes and watch out!" Meleeman called out to her in a booming voice.

Her eyes quickly darted open and she was forced to admit that truth to herself, as her skin didn't seem to stay nearly as iron-hard as she was used to. "This soft flesh form is terribly displeasing... For my sake, MeleeMan, I sure hope you can get me back up to fighting strength quickly," she thought, scanning the battlefield with her red eyes. She locked eyes with one of the Spikeys, glaring it down so fiercely that it would want to think twice before attacking her.

1) Coldpunch to MettfireA [70 aqua damage]
2) Coldpunch to MettfireB [70 aqua damage]
3) Soul Fist: Berserk Blitz to SpikeyB [190 fire damage + microburst to self]
4) Coldpunch to SpikeyB [70 aqua damage]
5) Coldpunch to SpikeyC [70 aqua damage]

1) Dodge
*) Debuff to SpikeyC [attack damage -10]
Anyis habitually tapped her heel against the ground repeatedly to vent annoyance, hearing from behind Magna's back MeleeMan's vulgar roaring. She wasn't particularly offended, not exactly being a pure and innocent soul herself, but rather was just ticked off poorly that attack went. Anyis was actually so focused on managing her irritation that she didn't even notice Magna's shield melting away against the fire breath of the Spikeys.

"Shield system has failed, Mother Unit. I will need a short amount of time to generate a new one." announced Magna to the Navi behind him.

"How many times do I need to tell you to stop calling me that..." grumbled Anyis as she stepped out from behind Magna's shadow. "Mill! More chips!" she shouted frustratedly, up through her PET's speakers.

"Sounds like another one of your reckless charges failed miserably." chided Mill as he grabbed another pair of Battlechips from his folder.

"Just shut up and give them to me." barked Anyis angrily.

"That's a yes, alright." laughed Mill lightly as he slotted the new weaponry in before returning to his conversation with Rania.

As she felt the new chip energy surge through her body, Anyis looked over to the pair of Spikeys that evaded her before. She raised her right hand to one of the viruses, and materialized the first chip, a MagBolt, in the palm. "Magna, go pin down that other dog. I'll be there in a second." commanded Anyis firmly as the electrical weapon in her hand sparked to life.

"Understood, Mother Unit." replied Magna, who regenerated a new tower shield before leaping away. The electrical power from Anyis's MagBolt coursed through the air towards the first Spikey, creating enough electromagnetic force to actually pull at the virus in an effort to drag it to a high-voltage doom. Magna jumped over all this, landing near the second Spikey and not far from the water pond. He had his shield ready just in case the virus quickly retaliated, but the SP's focus was to use his massive free arm to try and shove the canine virus down to the ground and hold it until Anyis came to finish it off.

Before she did that, Anyis pointed a finger on her left hand over towards MeleeMan's side of the fight and one of the hyper-active Mettfires. "Boogeyman! Go trip that virus up!" she shouted, causing the ghostly apparition to appear just behind the targetted Mettfire. In as little time as it took him to appear, Boogeyman pushed at the virus, trying to make it stumble towards MeleeMan's wild, swinging punches. And, once again, Boogeyman's data disintegrated into nothing in way of a wispy trail.

With one chip already expended, Anyis activated the other, creating a short-handled jagged icicle in her hand as she armed herself with an AquaKnife. Having counted on Magna to tie it down, Anyis rushed towards the other Spikey, turning the blade upside-down in her palm. While her SP wrestled with the virus, Anyis lept in, thrusting her AquaKnife forward in an attempt to stab the dog-like virus to a quick deletion. She then hopped back and away in case the Spikey managed to break free and retaliate.

After withdrawing her knife from the previous strike, Anyis looked over to the other side of the battlefield to search out the Mettfires, if they somehow survived MeleeMan's fury. She went ahead and ran over there, readying her AquaKnife again should she need to attack one of those crazy, sugar-rushing viruses.

Anyis's Actions:
1. MagBolt (90 Elec Damage, Magnetic Pull, Stun, Accuracy+) @ SpikeyB
--Boogeyman (Knockback) @ MettfireB, Push it towards MeleeMan
2. Rush SpikeyC (Movement)
3. AquaKnife (75 Aqua damage, Slashing) @ SpikeyC
4. Dodge
5. Chase down MettfireA if needed, AquaKnife (75 Aqua damage, Slashing) @ MettfireA

Magna's Actions:
--Reinforced Golem's Buckler (2 Hit Shield)
1. Restrain SpikeyC, keep it down for Mother Unit's attack
MeleeMan's rage at missing his punches gave him enough motivation to rush up and land his next attack, crushing the robed Mettfire. Just before this, Anyis used a powerful MagBolt to attract and electrocute one of the Spikeys into oblivion. Magna reached the Spikey he had been sent at and managed to block the Spikey's flaming reaction with his shield. He proceeded to grab the virus and keep it from moving, which it wasn't happy about. Magna's real success came when he clamped down on the virus' throat, causing it to practically eat its own attack.

Meanwhile, Boogeyman sent the second Mettfire stumbling into MeleeMan's fist. Suffice to say, it wasn't a place the virus wanted to be. Fortunately for the Mettfire, soon it was in pieces rather than in front of the enraged Navi.

...well, maybe not so fortunate.

Damascus glared at the incapacitated Spikey, making it even less of a threat than it was before. This was followed by Anyis and MeleeMan looking and finding only one virus left that couldn't even move. Both Navis made a break for the Spikey which could only whimper silently as Anyis subtly plunged her aquatic blade into it. MeleeMan's attempted flying tackle was a bit off, sending him careening past Anyis and the now unoccupied Magna. He managed to land properly a few yards away, having hit nothing.

MettfireA: DELETED
MettfireB: DELETED

Terrain: 65% Grass, 10% Soil, 15% Sand, 10% Sea

Battle 1 Complete!

MeleeMan.EXE: 320HP
Damascus.SP: 40HP

Anyis.EXE: 140HP
Magna.SP: 40HP

MeleeMan: 800z, 33 BugFrags, 4FXP (+1 for push combo)
Anyis: 750z, 33 BugFrags, 4FXP (+1 for push combo)
"Har har har!" MeleeMan guffawed, despite having come up empty on his tackle. He was fairly pleased by the results of his battle, seeing that he and Anyis had mopped the viruses up with relative ease. He took that as an attestation to the growing strength of the two of them. "Dumb dogs. The beast should know his master! I thought they were supposed to have better instincts or something," he laughed, walking back over to Anyis. "Good job, I'd say you're getting even closer to the standard of perfection that I set," he commended her, patting her much too hard on the back with his gauntlet as he often had congratulated Rass and Seraphim in the past.

Damascus hungrily took in the bugfrags that were left behind by the viruses MeleeMan and Anyis had destroyed, but found that she was nowhere near sated. The taste left her wanting blood more than ever and she was thus compelled to approach her master. "MeleeMan, I thank you for your efforts, but I require further nourishment if you're going to enjoy those new knuckles you were wanting. As such, I'd rather we not waste time in revelry," she suggested, staring him dead in the eyes.

MeleeMan's frown showed that he noticed her tone, but he still waved it off dismissively. "Psh. You're asking me to fight more? Stick around a little while longer and you'll learn that I didn't get to be the strongest navi on the net by taking it easy." He looked over at Anyis again, grinning smugly. "C'mon, mom, let's get going," he chortled, walking along in a merry mood.

His SP's smoldering red eyes stared up briefly at Magna, transmitting a silent message. The message said, "Putting up with this master is going to be harder than any battle," but it really just looked like a menacing glare due to her lack of expression. Quietly, she followed alongside MeleeMan.
"Ooof!" grunted Anyis as MeleeMan's hand struck her back with attack-worthy force. If she wasn't just a data construct, she was pretty sure that would've dislodged a lung or something. "Yeah... *cough*" Okay, so maybe it did dislodge whatever Navis used in place of lungs. "... Hopefully your 'standard of perfection' doesn't get any more violent than that." sighed Anyis as her breath got back to normal. She also punctuated that thought by punching MeleeMan in the arm.

Magna, meanwhile, was watching Damascus partake in some of the Bugfrags the viruses had left behind. He clutched his share in his giant hand, and just stared at them blankly. "I... lack data on this. Does standard protocol require me to ingest these?" queried the golem confusedly.

"Looks like it. I don't know if you've ever eaten anything before, though." answered Anyis vaguely.

"In this form, I have not. This will be a new experience for me..." noted Magna as he picked one of the Bugfrags out of his hand at stuffed it in his mouth. Rather, he just slid the tiny piece of data in and let it go down, what with him lacking a jaw or any means to actually chew on it. "Hmm..." muttered Magna in thought, prior to the orange glow illuminating his face suddenly flaring up madly for just a second, casting bright orange light over everything front of him. "... I theorize that I have just experienced something similar to what humans call 'heartburn'. It was unpleasant. However, the Bugfrag data is digested and processed." reported Magna.

Anyis just looked at her SP for a while, pondering the implications of what just happened. "So... you double as a garbage incinerator? That's kind of handy." she thought aloud.

"I would... prefer that you not consider me as such, Mother Unit." answered Magna, quickly understanding the dangers of what she just said.

"Fine, fine, we can deal with it later." shrugged Anyis. Her eyes quickly perked when she heard MeleeMan speak... in particular, when he called her 'mom'. "... Oh, that tears it. Come here, you burning meat head!" yelled Anyis, who immediately equipped her gauntlets and started to chase after MeleeMan. For reference, she only punched him with her gloved hand before. Now, she had entered MAXIMUM VIOLENCE mode.

Magna picked up on Damascus's message as he watched his host run off without him. "... Perhaps. Currently I am more worried for the safety of my digestive system, though." replied Magna, admitting that he had something more pressing on his mind.

(Battle 2 Ready)
The next trial of Anyis and MeleeMan came soon after mom had a little chat with her busting partner. MeleeMan spotted the force while walking off the pain from the potential bruise on the back of his head. The viruses actually seemed poised for an attack, with a row of dark soil inhabited by some nasty looking plants. Before them a pair of skeletal viruses stood brandishing large bone clubs. Above the whole group, two more viruses flew in toting glowing red auras.

Just as the Navis and SPs began to head towards the new targets, the two Skullavias moved forward to engage them.

SkullaviaA: 120HP
SkullaviaB: 120HP
Megalian-FA: 130HP (Aura: 10HP)
Megalian-FB: 130HP (Aura: 10HP)
KillPlantA: 100HP (On soil)
KillPlantB: 100HP (On soil)
KillPlantC: 100HP (On soil)

Terrain: 80% Grass, 20% Soil (far side)

MeleeMan.EXE: 320HP
Damascus.SP: 40HP

Anyis.EXE: 140HP
Magna.SP: 40HP

Battle 2 Start!
MeleeMan laughed, lifting his helmet up at the back to rub his head gingerly. "Well, if we keep this up, we're going to delete each other before the viruses get the chance," he snickered, seeming almost as if he was amused by what seemed like a very painful blow. With the viruses in front of him, however, he turned his full focus on the enemy. Damascus had no need to turn her attention to them, having spotted them a good ways away. She'd locked eyes with one of the Megalians, giving it the death glare that unfortunately was currently lacking a lot of the power that she wanted waiting and ready behind it.

Rania was still very much distracted, but she managed to muster up a few chips regardless. She was seeming a little unoriginal, giving him the same Heatbreath again. She also gave him two firehits, which he pondered how to use most effectively. Pondering wasn't really his strong-suit, however, and he quickly resigned himself to just run in and kill things instead. "Hey boneheads! You're up first!" he called out, pointing his finger in their direction and then quickly shifting his hand into a downward thumb with a dynamic motion.

MeleeMan ran up to the viruses to start his combo, spewing smoke as he brought one fist around in a wide sweep to catch one skeleton. As that arm finished coming around, he weaved sideways and jabbed straight with his right, attempting to smash the other Skullavia while pumping power into his gauntlet and causing it to glow red with heat.

Finally, in anticipation of any further attack, he opened up his visor. Flames began to quickly build within his throat, causes his eyes to become redder and heat to pour from the crevices between his teeth, until finally the blaze exploded from his face in fully glory. He hoped that it would engulf the viruses and burn the grass, leaving a beautifully scorched and empty terrain in its wake.

The belching was still a little painful though. Shaking his head groggily, he tried to turn to see what Anyis was doing. Damascus simply kept her eyes locked with the viruses, she was a little worried of what the viruses might decide to do, however, and figured she might be better off dodging than attempting to harden her body. Therefore, she unwrapped the sheath from her body, loosening it enough to give a slight glimpse at her impressive form and prevent the wrap from restraining her.

1) Close in on Skullavias
2) Firehit1 to SkullaviaA [85 fire]
3) Dodge
*) Red Rage to next attack [strengthen 30]
4) Firehit1 to SkullaviaB [115 fire]
5) Heatbreath to SkullaviaA and B [105 fire]

*) Debuff to Megalian-FB [debuff 10]
1) Dodge
Anyis dug her boots' heels into the ground to come to a halt without crashing into MeleeMan, who had stopped to observe a new pack of viruses. "Goddamnit!" yelled Anyis in frustration. She hadn't vented any of the anger MeleeMan had brewed up in her, and at this point it was ready to boil over thanks to this new distraction created by the viruses. "Just... stop... wasting my time!" she screamed. Screamed at the viruses, screamed at MeleeMan, screamed at Magna, screamed at Mill (who wasn't paying attention), screamed at herself, screamed at everyone. Argh, Anyis was mad.

Mill slotted some chips in absentmindedly, still being quite neglectful as an Operator as he and Rania talked. If he had paid attention, Mill would've noticed that what he was doing was comparable to arming an enraged bull with lethal weaponry. Too late for regrets, though. In fact, there wasn't really even much time to blink as Anyis had already picked her first target and had started attacking indiscriminately.

Her first target was Megalian-FA, who had the poor luck to be designated as "looking at me funny" by Anyis. Without much care about what she had been given, Anyis materialized her first chip, an IceWave1 in the form of an ice crystal. She gripped the crystal tightly in her gauntlet, and then pulled her arm back as far as it would go before slingshoting it forward, releasing the IceWave1 so that it raced forward like a bullet.

While most would be at least mildly curious enough to see the results of their attack, Anyis was far too absorbed with the idea of crushing something into tiny little pieces, and had already moved on to attack the other Megalian-F. Water vapor began gathering and condensing around her left hand, and kept growing bigger and bigger until there was a giant hand of misty fog surrounding her own. Then, with little warning, Anyis thrusted her arm forward, stretching the MistConv hand far out in front of her before pulling the long arm across the battlefield in a sweeping motion to strike her target.

"... No good... This is still no good!" shouted Anyis as she dropped to her knees and pounded her fist against the ground. "Why am I still so mad?!" Her anger wasn't venting, and this had never happened to her before. It was strange. She looked over to her ally, who was happily punching away at those bags of bones like there wasn't anything to worry about. "That stupid meathead...! He's just single-mindedly attacking! Doesn't he have any frustration built up?! Why am I the only one having these problems? Damnit!" Anyis punched the ground again, then looked at the impact that had been left on the grass. It was... blurry? What? Wait, why was her vision blurry? What else could... Before she could finish that thought, everything turned from blurry to red. Yes, red. Anyis was seeing red. The grass was red, the sky was red, her hand was... bandaged? She couldn't even tell if her hand was there, as her entire forearm was bandaged, and her hand was just one big ball of tape. Yet... she could feel her hand. No, not in the bandage. It was... Anyis looked to her side, and there was her gauntlet. The gauntlet was red too. And it was floating in the air... being wielded by a ghost. The hell? "Hey! Give me back my gauntlet!" shouted Anyis angrily at the ghost. No response. "Damnit, this one's just like Boogeyman..." she sighed, rubbing her bandaged hand against her head...

...? She just saw a glimpse of green. Do that again. Anyis pushed against the side of her head, and everything returned to its normal color, and the ghost disappeared, as a red visor fell off her face. This gave her a more complete look of things: both her gauntlets were free-floating, although she couldn't see the ghosts possessing them. Her visionary abilities must've been transferred to that red visor. Her white robe was replaced by a black jacket, her boots turned grey, and her bodysuit had turned red. These colors... Oh god. She became MeleeMan. Must be a Cross... Anyis hadn't really expected this to happen, at least not this quickly. She sighed, and opted to just put that visor back on while her mind grappled to process all this new information.

That thought prompted one of her possessed gauntlets to pick up her visor and place it back on her face. Uhh... Anyis thought about clenching her right hand. The right gauntlet did it. Okay, maybe the whole bandaged hands thing wasn't bad after all. "This... could work... This could work!" said Anyis in surprise. Ever since the change, something felt different. There was this... burning feeling inside her. Might've just been MeleeMan's Fire element, but whatever it was, it was telling her to punch something. She was still mad, don't forget. Got confused for a moment, but still definitely mad. But now she felt like all her anger and frustration was collecting in her gauntlets, and she could unleash all its fury on whatever she wanted. "Yes... Those weeds! I want to destroy them!" she announced suddenly, designating the KillPlants as the outlet for her irritation.

Now the question was how to destroy them. Anything could delete them, really, but it wasn't the same as destroying them. Something... something was telling her to grab onto one of her gauntlets. It would just work out... maybe. This was her best bet to satisfy this burning feeling, though. Anyis looped her bandaged arms around the gauntlet, and willed it to take her along the path to total destruction. It complied.

The ghost possessing her gauntlet, a generally formless thing aside from the arms reaching into the gauntlet, began to degenerate into data. Degenerate... and get hot. Very hot. It didn't really bother her now that she was Fire elemental, but it was definitely hot. At this heat it might... yep, ignite. The ghost spontaneously combusted, turning itself into raw propulsion for the gauntlet. With its owner hanging on for dear life, the gauntlet blasted forward like a rocket, leaving behind it a wake of bubbling lava. The rocket gauntlet opened up its hand as it got close to the KillPlant, signaling that it was intent on strangling the virus right at its stalk. Just as it reached the plant, though, it tilted down to aim better, which bucked Anyis right off and flung her up into the air. As she flew skyward, she watched as a final wave of heat from the gauntlet melted the soil underneath the KillPlants.

Her position, the lava, and this last chip... Yes, this was complete and utter destruction. She could finally vent this anger, and do it all in one fatal stroke! Her right gauntlet was still wrestling with one of the KillPlants, and... Oh, the left gauntlet just caught up with her. Great. Since gravity wasn't going to wait on her, Anyis channeled the power of her last chip into the gauntlet before she started falling. Rocks materialized and clumped themselves together over the gauntlet, creating a big stone fist to function as her GolemHit2. This was a new chip she hadn't used before, but... it felt right. This chip hit things. Hit them hard. It was good.

... Good, maybe, but also violent, as Anyis would soon learn. To her surprise, her Ice Bleeding still functioned even in MeleeCross, and it tried to force itself on the element-less GolemHit. Injecting extreme cold into extreme heat... The rocks around her gauntlet began shifting as scalding steam poured out, showing that Anyis's ice and MeleeMan's fire had created something very volatile. And if she hit the lava with this... steam bomb... Well, rather than worry about it, Anyis was keen on seeing it. "This fist is about to explode, and so is my patience! This is it! All my anger into this one punch! Goooo!" she shouted, sending the chaotic stone fist down towards the boiling lava and viruses.

Magna, who had been very reserved this entire time, was just observing his master as she acted very distraught and confused. He hadn't seen her like this before and was trying to figure out why, until she entered into MeleeCross. Magna actually hadn't seen a Cross before, but he could figure that this was what causing her frustration... and that the way she decided to vent that frustration could very well blow up the entire battlefield. That fact made his conclusion instantaneous. Magna assembled a new shield, and immediately gave chase after the Mother Unit. She had launched herself pretty high into the air, but Magna was never going to be beaten in jumping height. Being careful to avoid the lava flow she had left behind, Magna leaped and bounded all the way over the battlefield before striking his piston against the ground one last time to make a huge vertical jump to reach his master. "Mother Unit, I must remove you from here." reported Magna, not leaving much room for opinion as he grabbed Mother Unit with his free hand and pulled her against his body and behind the shield.

"What the...?! Magna! Let me go!" Anyis shouted, albeit in futility. Both her gauntlets were still engaged in her attacks, leaving her only able to pound feebly against Magna's metal arm with her useless bandaged hands. Needless to say, that didn't have much effect.

"I cannot comply with that order, Mother Unit. I ask that you brace yourself, as there is a 92% chance that you have created a very large volcanic reaction." defied Magna, explaning his actions as he put his shield in front of both himself and Mother Unit. All that was left to do was watch the volatile gauntlet descend into the lava...

Anyis's Actions:
1. IceWave1 (95 Aqua damage, Fire Aura Bypass) @ Megalian-FA
2. MistConv (115 Aqua damage, Fire Aura Bypass) @ Megalian-FB
3. Activate MeleeCross (Fire/Melee, +10 Fire chip damage)
4. Red Hot Phantom (Gravity, Large Area Lava terrain) - Pull self towards KillPlantA
--Ice Bleeding (Imbue Aqua to next action):
5. Volcanic GolemHit2 (190 Aqua damage, +100% Terrain damage bonus, Break, Panel Break) @ KillPlantA/B/C

Magna's Actions:
--Reinforced Golem's Buckler (2 Hit Shield)
1. Rescue and protect Mother Unit from impending carnage (Movement/Defense)
MeleeMan charged forward with a burning fist, knocking one of the Skullavias for a loop. He followed it up by dodging to the side and nailing the other virus in the jawbone with a souped up FireHit. Both viruses were in sorry condition as MeleeMan concluded that portion of the battle with a searing HeatBreath, leaving only ash behind. Damascus stared down the Megalian-Fs threateningly.

Then MeleeMan turned to see how Anyis was getting along. Oh yes, he did. When he did, he thanked the gods that all he'd received from his jibes at the aquatic Navi was a bruise on the back of his head.

Sure, it had started off normally enough. Anyis shot an IceWave at one of the fiery Megalian-Fs that slipped through its aura and cooled it right down. Taking a page out of MeleeMan's book, she then smacked the other Megalian-F upside the head with the MistConv fist. It never knew what hit it.

Then, Anyis kicked things up a notch. She didn't just take a page out of MeleeMan's book. She grabbed his book, ripped out all the pages and threw the cover back. The result of this was displayed in her transformation into MeleeCross. Now then, what viruses remained? Ah yes, the KillPlants. Well, fire usually isn't a good thing for plants, but in this case...

Suffice to say, in this case fire was not a good thing for anything.

Anyis' relocated gauntlet glowed red hot as she grabbed on and it combusted shortly after, sending her flying straight at the KillPlants. If the viruses had had eyes, they would be just about popping from their sockets. The trail of lava Anyis left in her wake left the battlefield in total disarray as she fell towards the helpless immobile plant viruses. Her last move came in the form of a rocky fist that based itself around her gauntlet. It began to fall, steam and smoke and plenty of other fun things emanating from it. Magna intervened at this point and spirited her away from the potential disaster zone. He almost managed to make it all the way out with her. Almost. Good thing he had that shield ready.

It all seemed to happen in slow motion. The viruses watched, and one could almost hear them gasp as the rocky steamy smoky flaming fist impacted into the lava.


SkullaviaA: DELETED
SkullaviaB: DELETED
Megalian-FA: DELETED
Megalian-FB: DELETED

Terrain: 90% Lava, 10% Grass

Battle 2 Complete Completely F*cking Decimated!

MeleeMan.EXE: 320HP
Damascus.SP: 40HP

Anyis.EXE: 140HP
Magna.SP: 40HP


MeleeMan: Skully1, 700z, 41 BugFrags, 3FXP
Anyis: AuraHead1, 900z, 41 BugFrags, 3FXP
The end of the battle barely registered with MeleeMan; he had far more important things to worry about than the loot he had acquired or the success of his attack. Somehow, MeleeMan's reality had become distorted and a bizarre anomaly had occurred. An event that he could have never seen happening given any infinite span of years had taken place before his very eyes: a woman had tapped into the very spirit of manliness and gained the heart of a warrior. At first he could barely believe it, but once he finally managed to fix up his slack jaw, he had to think about the ramifications of this occurrence.

The first thing that he had to grudgingly admit was that either he was wrong or Anyis was a man. Considering that he'd felt Anyis' breasts through her robe earlier during OdorMan's tournament, he assumed that he could rule out the latter. With the second option rule out, MeleeMan could only admit that there was a fundamental flaw in his lifestyle driven by the code of manliness, maybe in the very naming of that code. The navi's mind was in a state of turmoil as he struggled to make sense of it all. Eventually, he conceded and made a patchwork explanation: Anyis was an exception. Certainly there can be one or two women in the world who are almost as good as men, just like there are some men who futilely attempt to be women through their behavior. It added up fine, he supposed.

The second matter that MeleeMan had to address was that his battle reward wasn't the only bone he'd gotten finishing up that battle with Anyis just then. Neither wanting to admit that nor wanting to face the awkwardness of such a fact being revealed through sight, he crossed his arms across his chest in such a way that his coat fell closer around him. Damascus watched him with one eyebrow raised, noticing his odd stance. "Excuse me, my master, but are you not pleased with this development? As you can see, your ally and you have grown closer with this new cross and she is now likely to be significantly more powerful," the SP asked, watching as Magna restrained Anyis with his large metal arms.

MeleeMan nodded, keeping his stance as tight as he could to avoid allow his coat to part. "You're right, Damascus. I'm a man that doesn't show his pleasure so obviously, you see," MeleeMan admitted, ironically shifting to keep the coat closer around him, "so don't expect any smiles out of me for this. In fact, I'm holding her to a higher bar now. I'll be expecting more out of her in the future." Finishing, he turned his back on all of them and dropped his arms to the side, feeling that his condition was easing up somewhat.

Not caring to inquire any further, Damascus simply accepted the answer and moved on, urging the others to follow with a few quiet words.
Considering that his shield was thoroughly incinerated and his several-hundred-pounds body was propelled a good distance away, Magna felt quite justified in his actions against the Mother Unit. She seemed to have actually blown up the viruses as desired, and Magna was able to quickly note that the both of them were unharmed. Perhaps Mother Unit's mood had taken a hit, as she was still pounding away at his metal arm... Hmm. Magna formed a theory that it might be in everyone's best interest if he let go of her.

As she dropped out of her SP's grasps and to the ground, Anyis came to note a few things: her mood had greatly improved, everything wasn't red anymore, and she finally had unrestrained control of her hands again. Looked like the Cross had burnt out, although no one could really blame it after producing a volcanic reaction. "Mm... That was some good stress relief." sighed Anyis in content as she stretched her arms out in front of her. Whatever happy thoughts were going through her head as the scale of her destruction sunk in, though, were interrupted as a radiance of orange light cast over her back, which made her turn back to her SP, who was again stuffing Bugfrags into his mouth like potato chips. "I thought those things gave you heartburn?" she asked confusedly.

"I am beginning to theorize that, rather than heartburn, this sensation is what humans consider 'spicy'. Further data is required to conclude." answered Magna in between pieces. With the light he was outputting as he ate, Anyis couldn't help but wonder if Magna would make a good strobe light if he refused to be an incinerator.

"... Well, whatever. I'm not interested in what those things taste like." shrugged Anyis, opting to leave her SP's snacking habits to him. She then turned towards her other allies and shouted, "Hey, MeleeMan!" She also noticed his very awkward stance, but thankfully her curiosity on that matter didn't run too deep. "Quit standing there with your chest puffed like a pigeon and let's move! There's bound to be more viruses around." And, that was the end of that. Emergency averted, MeleeMan.

(Battle 3 Ready)
MeleeMan half-waddled alongside Anyis for a few minutes while their SPs trailed just behind, with MeleeMan walking normally after a fraction of the time. They soon came across another grab-bag of viruses at the bottom of a fifteen foot cliff. They went unnoticed for a minute before one of the viruses turned to see them peering down and alerted the others. The same virus tossed a small knife at MeleeMan, but he dodged backward as the knife sailed past. The rest of the viruses were alert and ready for battle at the bottom of the cliff, but them approaching the Navis at the top of the earthly wall seemed unlikely.

The fan at the back of the group, however, appeared perfectly capable of pulling Anyis and MeleeMan right off the cliff.

Genin: 60HP
MagTectA: 90HP
MagTectB: 90HP
MagTectC: 90HP
SpidyA: 80HP
SpidyB: 80HP
VineyA: 80HP
VineyB: 80HP
VacuumFan: 100HP

Terrain: 30% Soil (top of cliff), 70% Grass (bottom of cliff)

MeleeMan.EXE: 320HP (Soil)
Damascus.SP: 40HP (Soil)

Anyis.EXE: 140HP (Soil)
Magna.SP: 40HP (Soil)

Battle 3 Start!