Mission: Experimental Chips!

Voulge zapped into the middle of a solitary jungle, with little to no sign of civilization on sight. The only thing audible was the navi's own breathing and the feint, roar of an unknown virus. "Alright, I deactivated all the process upgrades, so you cannot rely on your own attacks, only the chips provided for us." Marius began listing off the main objective of the mission they took in. "We don't even know what assortment of chips are going to be in it, so we can only hope for the best." The navi nodded and fearlessly walked into the jungle, cutting a path for him to walk. "Your will be done"
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After traveling for a good distance across the jungle, Voulge momentarily stopped and looked around for a sign of viruses nearby. Seeing that it was clear for the moment, he signed Marius for a go. "Alright, I'll be installing the tracker right now along with the folder. It might take a minute or so, but it will be alright as long as your area is clear."

The operator punched in buttons on the PET, causing Voulge to be covered in pillar of light. There wasn't any sign of physical change, but the navi certainly felt something within him, and he didn't like it. "So, they're watching all of my moves...this is going to be very pleasant."

((BOMBER SEZ you get to have Ignis out and collect bugfrags while ye bust. However, if Ignis does anything beside dodge (I won't attack him anyways), you will be smacked for it))

It wasn't long before Voulge found his first batch of enemies. A pair of Volgears obstructed his path while a Spidey crawled towards Voulge's rear. He was being flanked. The terrain was mostly normal with a few sparse patches of grass and some sand spread here and there.

VolgearA: 80 HP
VolgearB: 80 HP [on sand]
Spidey: 80 HP

Terrain: 70% Normal, 20% Sand, 10% grass

Voulge: 200 HP
Ignis.SP: 70 HP

[Battle 1 - Begin!]
((You might have to excuse me...I haven't played enough Pokemon to know some of these attacks in full detail.))

Voulge saw the Volgears along with the Spidey creeping up behind him, but that didn't flinch him one bit. After scanning through the area for a quick second and planning his battle, the navi decided to move and immediately start attacking...until someone came along. In the mission statement from the GNA, it was obviously stated that Voulge couldn't bring anything of his own; from his process upgrade, folder, or his Support Program. Despite that...


Ignis decided to come along.

The navi was indeed surprised, but that wasn't going to let him stop his attack from continuing. Even before Ignis could take the time to explain him self, Voulge grabbed the SP and began to run away from the viruses. "You better have a good reason why you came to this. Because of you, the mission may be a flop!". Marius snapped as he stared down at his PET. "No worries! I'm pretty sure the tracker majiggy that you have on can't detect me?" As soon as Ignis said that, his crystal body suddenly became clear as a water and started to follow Voulge on his own. "I'll just stay like this~"

Both Marius and Voulge sighed, as they knew they couldn't do anything about the SP at all. However, they knew they just needed to ignore this and focus on the battle. The navi brandished the Avaria-Lancea onto his right arm as the operator flipped through the chips in the experimental folders to see what may prove to be useful.

After gaining a good distance away from the three viruses; not so far for a melee and not too close for a range attack, Voulge tried to wait until he was given something to attack with. Marius was having some trouble picking out which chips he should use, so he simply decided to use elemental weaknesses, just to be safe. Taking three chips into hands, all of them with pictures of viruses he never seen before, and slotted them into the PET one by one.

"Voulge, I've sent the chips in these orders. First a ranged aqua chip, then a wide fire attack, and then...possibly, a landslide attack? I'm not too sure, but try to make the best of it."

The Spearman nodded and flipped his spear over his head, causing it to wrap in a pillar of fire and transform into an oddly shaped gunlance. The overall shape was as usual, but the barrel resembled a gigantic hose end that slowly dripped black liquid to the ground. Though perplexed by this transformation, Voulge simply aimed the gun towards the Volgear on the sand, seeing that the attack will have a better chance of hitting, and pulled the trigger. The oozing of the black liquid stopped for a second and fired a gigantic ball of ink, that createad a trail of black as it traveled towards the virus.

Voulge shortly followed the attack with the Ember Battlechip, which summoned a fierce fire to appear on the palm of his left hand. He withdrew the hands towards his chest and flung the flame like sands, scattering it in little bits and spreading all over the Spidey virus' area. If it was to catch wind on some of the viruses standing on the grass panels, it would surely be devastating.

If the following attacks were to be successful, only one virus should be standing, two at best. It would obviously be desperate enough for an all out attack, and Voulge didn't want that since he didn't have anything to treat his wounds with his process data locked along with his original folder. The navi took that into his mind and waited a bit longer before attacking once again, having a cautious eye for any sudden movements.

After that few moments, Voulge immediately continued his attack. Stabbing the spear straight into the ground, it caused a similar phenomenon as the navi's signature attack, "Vulcan Sarissa." The grounds cracked and started to spew what looked like snow and fragments of ice from underground. The cracks got even bigger and even started to swell up, creating a miniature hill just behind the navi. The snows and ices piled up in a blink of an eye and the cracked hill now became a pure, clear white hill. "This really doesn't fit my style...I despise the cold." The spear was plucked from the snow covered ground, causing a small tremor that was heading towards the hill. With a loud *CRACK*, the hill exploded upwards, almost like a volcano, and the piled snows came flooding down at the entire field!! Of course, despite Voulge being in front of the devastating Avalanche, he simply crossed his arms and started to emit his natural heat all over the place, creating an aura that protected him and Ignis from the disaster.

[Thick Skin: 10% Defense]
Ignis: Dodge (x2)
1. Move away from the virus
2. Octozooka [65 (x2) / Blindness / Gun] @ VolgearB
3. Ember [(35 + [color=red]15[/color]) (x2) / Wide] @ Spidey [Primary] / Volgear A/B
4. Dodge
5. Avalanche [60 (x2) + ??] @ VolgearA
The first Volgear fell to the inky splash without being able to dodge in time. The ember wave wiped out the Spidey before it could crawl away as well as all the grass but missed the other Volgear. It countered with a flameline but Voulge dodged and summoned a mountain of snow that crashed down over the last virus offering it no escape. The snow melted to reveal some zenny and leftover bugfrags.


Terrain: 80% Normal, 20% Sand

Voulge: 200 HP
Ignis.SP: 70 HP

[Battle 1 - Victory!]

Get: 500z + 12 bugfrags
Shaking off the waters off the rewards, Voulge withdrew it into the PET and began walking further into the net. He turned towards Ignis and began to talk about what is needed, "Listen, you have to promise not to do anything, or else you will compromise this whole mission. Got it?". The crystal ball quickly nodded and followed the navi. "Fiiinnee. But don't cry to me when you're gonna die!"

"Also, don't talk."

"...Screw you."

Off in the distance, Voulge spotted a large virus oscillating back and forth. As he approached it, the terrain became more rocky and rugged with fewer normal panels. By the time he could properly identify his target as a Heavy virus, he found that he had walked into the middle of several large boulders. On top of that, he could feel the presence of more viruses than he could see. He was surrounded.

RockcubeA: 100 HP
GeninA: 60 HP
RockcubeB: 100 HP
GeninB: 60 HP [sand]
RockcubeC: 100 HP
GeninC: 60 HP [cracked]
RockcubeD: 100 HP
GeninD: 60 HP [grass]
HeavyEX: 100 HP

Terrain: 50% Normal, 25% Grass, 25% Sand

Voulge: 200 HP
Ignis.SP: 70 HP

[Battle 2 - Begin!]
The navi's eye shifted back and forth, not letting the virus take advantage of the situation Voulge was in. After looking around the area once more, he saw that he was surrounded by four rockcubes along the Heavy virus that moved back and forth restlessly. Voulge knew the best action to take right now was to move away from the area and gain an optimal spot, but the Genins were hiding behind each and every rockcubes, making any move Voulge make a dangerous one.

While Voulge was trying to stay his ground, Marius sorted through the experimental folder, hoping to find something of that may be perfect in this situation. So far, he came up with couple of chips: Sing, Supersonic, and Splash. Unfortunately, Splash looked out of question, since, Marius couldn't even imagine seeing Voulge spazing out on the ground like a fish out of water. Second, Supersonic was actually a melee, despite the image of the chip having a Pulsebat-like virus emitting a Pulsar from its mouth. The final choice was the Sing.

"Bear with me, Voulge."

Marius took the chip and shoved it into the PET, loading it into the cyberspace and into Voulge. The navi's throat was covered in a red aura for a brief moment before it was whisked away by a gentle breeze. The spearman gave a quick stare at his own Operator, most likely noting something about the chip but keeping it to himself. "...I'm not that great at singing." Voulge said in an almost monotone voice. "Just this once, and I'll never use the chip. Make sure everyone hears it loud and clear."

Voulge turned his head away and, from the look of it, stabbed the spear to the ground in anger as it literally shook the entire net for a brief moment when it came down. Inhaling a small pocket of air into his lung through his nose, the navi began to hum in a pitch of the basic C. Out of nowhere, the familiar pitch of a piano string echoed through the jungle, correcting and adjusting the navi to the right tone. It wasn't too long before a whole band of incognito orchestra accompanied Voulge. The sound of strings vibrating up and down as the tension changes, crackling of the preparing percussion, the gentle but bold hum of the horns, and the soul-transpiring pluck of the harp; all of the sounds echoed throughout the thick jungle.

As soon as Voulge stopped his hum, everything went silent. No sound of the rustling leafs, the waltzing wind, nor the noise from the virus. The perfect silence. The navi closed his eyes and tilted his head up to the sky, and his mouth opened to let out the first note.

Song (Orchestral)

The song Voulge was singing was in full Brightlandian, very thick in accent but pleasant to listen to. Obviously, the song was a lullaby, aimed to make his enemies fall asleep and more vulnerable. However, the way Voulge was singing it looked like he was somewhat enjoying it rather than being forced into it. As he sang, the orchestra followed him and him alone, creating a one and only atmosphere to match the soothing lullaby. Marius also closed his eye tried to enjoy the music as well. It was bit of a shock for him to see Voulge singing well, he actually expected the complete opposite.

Soon, everything died down as the last note flew out from Voulge and silence was upon them once more. Even before the navi tried to make his move towards the virus, he couldn't help but to feel little awkward after singing a full-fledged song and going straight to killing. "Bravo, bravo." Marius clapped his hands. " 'not that great at singing' my ass, that was fantastic. I hope to hear more of it when we get the time?" He chuckled since that was suppose to be a joke, but Voulge didn't even twitch a smile. "...Proceeding with the attack."

Voulge grabbed the Lancea off the ground and silently ran towards the Rockcube behind him. Jumping over the Rockcube, he should've been facing the Genin's back and possibly the Heavy's. The navi stuck his left hand out and a batch of fire slowly rose from the palm, not making and sudden movements for the sake of the viruses that could be sleeping. Voulge clasped the flame on his left and scattered tiny bits of fire all over the Genins and the grass. It wasn't much, but with the help of the grass, it should burn anything with ease.

Moving onto the next target, the navi circled around the group of viruses until he reached one that was standing on a normal panel. Almost like last time, Voulge intended to keep all the viruses who fell asleep, stay asleep. He took out a miniature mourning-star from within his ever-trusty brigandine and slowly flung the chained end in a circle. The spikes started to emit small sparks and created an illusionary halo as it spun. When Voulge thought the weapon got enough momentum, he gave one last swing above him and crashed it against the Genin!

[Thick Skin: 10% Defense]
Ignis: Dodge (x2)
1. Sing [To all: Sleep]
2. Move behind Genin D / Dodge
3. Ember [(35 + 15) (x2) / Wide] @ GeninD / HeavyEX
4. Move towards Genin A / Dodge
5. Spark [65 / Stun / Melee] @ Genin A
Voulge's song was interrupted intermittently by the sound of the collapsing bodies of the Genins. Even the face on the Heavy virus soon yawned and landed on the ground hard, falling into a deep slumber. When the lullaby was over, the sound of snoring permeated from behind the rocks and Voulge quickly took advantage of the situation. Moving behind one of the Rockcubes, he spotted a sleeping Genin and sprayed it with a wave of flames that seared away the grass and spread to the Heavy virus as well. The Genin was deleted instantly but the Heavy was made of sturdier stuff, and also wasn't sleeping on a grass panel. It awoke in a rage and tried to ram into Voulge. Voulge evaded and snuck up on another sleeping Genin and bashed it over the head with an electrified morning star.

RockcubeA: 100 HP
RockcubeB: 100 HP
GeninB: 60 HP [sand] [sleep]
RockcubeC: 100 HP
GeninC: 60 HP [sleep]
RockcubeD: 100 HP
HeavyEX: 50 HP

Terrain: 60% Normal, 15% Grass, 25% Sand

Voulge: 200 HP
Ignis.SP: 70 HP
Voulge was surprised to see how effective his song was when it brought the entire virus into a deep slumber. The plan would've been perfect if the Heavy virus wasn't awake, but the chance the navi was given was nearly god-sent. Without a second to lose, the navi quickly moved towards the nearest target.

He would need to move as fast as he could, or else the Heavy might catch the navi in an surprise attack and deal some hefty damage. Voulge ran towards the two sleeping Genins, both "hiding" behind the two Rockcube, and stopped right between the virus. His hands sparked again with the familiar fire, but didn't attack instantaneously. "I need some help. I won't be able to finish them off before they could retaliate. These virus are infamous for their counter attacks." Marius, being a trustworthy operator, searched through the folder once more. "This one should do it." The operator smiled as he saw a picture of a purple frog virus, letting out the same exact (sinister) smile of the operator, and shoved it into the PET.

The flame on Voulge's hand slowly turned purple and whipped back and forth, fiercer than it was ever before! The navi gazed into the fire with curiosity and surprise, but quickly snapped back and focused on the enemy. Voulge clasped his hand into a fist once more and threw it towards the two sleeping enemy along with the Heavy. The purple flame scattered into tiny flames, but rather than falling straight down, it was slowly gliding down like what a real world ember. When the first of the gliding flames touched the ground, it exploded right on contact and charred the ground black! Voulge just stood and saw the rest of the fire coming down on the unsuspecting enemies.

Right after the attack was finished, the navi suspected that the Heavy virus might still be alive, or at least one of the virus was still standing. He gripped tightly onto his spear and ran straight towards where the Heavy virus should be standing. Though he was running in high speed, Voulge opened his eyes and senses to see any sudden movement of the virus. Just a few feet away from the enemy, Voulge jumped up into the air flipped the blade tip of the spear downwards. The weapon was instantly sealed in a pillar of flame and dissipated to reveal a gigantic rock-replica of the Avaria-Lancea. It was at least 5 times bigger than the original, but Voulge handled the weapon without any effort as he crashed it straight down on the virus!

[Thick Skin: 10% Defense]
Ignis: Dodge (x2)
1. Move between Genin B/C / Dodge
2. Nasty Plot [50% Increase in next Elemental attack]
3. Ember [35 + [color=red]15[/color] + 17 (Nasty Plot) / Wide] @ Genin B/C [Primary] / HeavyEX
4. Move towards HeavyEX / Dodge (?)
5. Rock Tomb [50 / Decrease dodge chance of target] @ Heavy EX or Surviving Genin.
Advancing to the other set of Genins, Voulge activated his Nasty Plot chip to boost the power of his Ember. He was able to muster up just enough strength to wipe out the pair of ninja viruses. His wide wave of violet flames cleared out the rest of the grass and even went so far as to make glass out of some sand. But the Heavy was relentless in its pursuit and smashed through a Rockcube like it was nothing. Voulge evaded the second attack and countered with his Rock Tomb. He stabbed a large rocky spear down and crashed into the ground but missed his target. However, the true ability of the chip kicked in and summoned a ring of jutting rocks that shot out of the ground, surrounding and deleting the virus with a raw, earthen fury.

Voulge finished another battle without breaking a sweat and began to wonder what was so experimental about these chips. In many respects, they seemed to work better than his usual folder. He scanned the area and picked up zenny and bugfrags from his conquest and noticed a pleasant surprise: Battlechip data.

Too bad he couldn't use it yet.

RockcubeA: 100 HP
RockcubeB: 100 HP
RockcubeC: 100 HP
RockcubeD: DELETED

Terrain: 75% Normal, 20% Sand, 5% Glass

Voulge: 200 HP
Ignis.SP: 70 HP

[Battle 2 - Victory!]

Get: 500z + 17 bugfrags + Kunai1
((I love you for giving me that chip...but also hate you for the obvious foreshadowing of the chips blowing off in my face next battle D: ))

Voulge did wonder in what aspect were these chips "experimental." Up until now, there was no error nor a bug that caused him any sort of trouble. However, he couldn't just ignore such luck on his side when he knew that the folder was better than he expected, as well as recieving a new battlechip. After a few minute of rest, the navi continued into the deep jungle.

Stepping into a sandy clearing within the forest, Voulge stumbled upon a grisly sight: The apparent corpse of a navi being feasted upon by a pair of strange fox-like viruses. Circling around the scene were swarms of Skeeters looking for a place to feed or breed; possibly both. The navi was a lost cause, its chest was split open and half hollowed-out by the viruses. One of the fox viruses raised its head for a quick lookout and spotted Voulge. It howled once, instantly alerting the other viruses to his presence.

NinetailsEXA: 140 HP
NinetailsEXB: 140 HP
SkeeterA: 30 HP
SkeeterB: 30 HP
SkeeterC: 30 HP
SkeeterD: 30 HP
SkeeterE: 30 HP

Terrain: 30% Normal, 50% Sand, 20% Grass (mostly encompassing the area)

Voulge: 200 HP
Ignis.SP: 70 HP

[Battle 3 - Begin!]
Ignis backed away immediately upon seeing the corpse of the ravaged navi, trying to hold his tongue from letting out a slightest of sound. This type of death is extremely rare, since this means that the navi was completely disconnected from the PET and left alone to die. Even Marius was shocked by the horrible sight, but Voulge was at his usual: Completely unmoved. The navi set the Lancea onto the ground, placed his left hand over his pauldron, and gave the unfortunate stranger a moment of silence. "Be patient for a moment, I'll prepare a burial for you..."

It was at that moment, the howl of the Ninetails virus rung through out the net, instantly triggering Voulge's legs to move. The navi tried to be quick about it when he didn't even bother pulling the weapon out from the ground as he ran to the side of the two NineTails. The chain connecting between Voulge and the Lancea shuttered as it was being extended by the distance between. The tension was tightening, and finally the terrain gave in as the pole arm cut through the ground and flung up in the air, heading straight towards its owner.

Voulge, nearing the Ninetails, reached into his back and grabbed the chain, tightly gripping it for a short second. Starting from the base, the chain let out a short vibration that coursed all the way through the chains and onto the weapon, causing it to transform in mid-air! Like usual, the Lancea transformed into something out of this world, as the first-glimpse of the weapon would remind a person of a "Boom box Missile." The body of the spear became a big, metal cylinder and the spear tip resembles the same of a missile tip, but much longer and sharper. One gigantic cone is placed around the tip of the weapon, which looks to be a one gigantic speaker. Still gripping on the chain, Voulge gave a swift snap with it and part of the chain striked against the speaker. The entire weapon started to vibrate in a low hum, but the front cone was getting louder and louder by the minute.

Like what a "Boom Box Missile" should be doing, the weapon was heading straight down to the ground as it picked up speed from the gravity. Voulge continued to head towards the viruses, but immediately stopped when he was only a few feet away from them and looked up at the missile. The vibration from the speaker now started to become stronger to the point of being violent as it created visible sound waves. It started to make the ground tremble and gravels shattered from the pressure as it neared Voulge, but before it got any worse, he simply pulled the chain towards him and grabbed between his arm pit.

Facing the speaker towards the Ninetail viruses, the sound wave reached its limit to the point where no ordinary person could hear it. Though it was inaudible, it was in plain sight that it was in effect as everything in front of the speaker was in a distilled, blurred vision. The sound wave should at least encase the Ninetails in front, most likely the virus just behind it, but there could also be a possibility that the attack could have reached up to a nearby Skeeter. Anyhow, at this level of pitch, it could make anyone or anything completely lose their mind and be less of a harm for Voulge.

But not taking any chances, Voulge transformed the weapon back to its original state and stepped away to gain a distance from the Ninetails. Though that was a lot of work for a single purpose, the navi couldn't stop as the Skeeters was still surrounding him. He would need to kill them all right now or else they might be more of a nuisance than they should be.

Voulge took the chain once more, extended it, and imbued it with the a chip's power. The silver chain slowly turned green and loosened in order to make a straight vine, which the navi used to slap it against the ground for a quick practice. In a blink of an eye, Voulge's arm moved in a blur as he used the whip against the two Skeeter. Though it was faster than the eye could see, there was multiple stripes in between the Skeeter and Voulge created from the powerful whip. Finally, the navi conjured up the powerful flame on his hand and threw it towards the remaining virus.

[Thick Skin: 10% Defense]
Ignis: Dodge (x2)
1. Move to the side of Ninetails A/B
2. Supersonic [Confusion / Cone Attack / Melee] @ Ninetails A/B / Skeeter within the Cone Range
3. Move away from Ninetails / Dodge
4. Vinewhip [35x2] @ Skeeter A/B
5. Ember [35+[color=red]15[/color] / Wide] @ Skeeter C/D/E
Voulge's boombox missile weapon sends sonic vibrations at the Ninetails, but with an almost preternatural ability to sense danger, they both bound away. One of them doesn't quite make it out of range and is caught in the waves along with a swam of skeeters. The Ninetails began to lash out with its razor tipped tails as Voulge leapt backwards and onto a patch of sand. The confused fox virus struck several of its allies, lashing out at individual skeeters and getting a few hits on the other Ninetails as well. The confused Skeeter swarm buzzed around angrily without really moving. Voulge's Vine Whip worked out well, snapping apart two of the Skeeter swarms, but his Ember was not as impressive.

The powerful flame in his hand quickly extinguished itself shortly after leaving his palm. The Skeeters that he had been targetting were quick to retaliate and drove their needle noses into him, sapping his vitality for themselves. He swatted them away with a reflex but felt too drained to do any real damage to them.

NinetailsEXA: 125 HP
NinetailsEXB: 140 HP [confused]
SkeeterC: 25 HP
SkeeterD: 15 HP
SkeeterE: 30 HP

Terrain: 30% Normal, 50% Sand, 20% Grass (mostly encompassing the area)

Voulge: 170 HP [sand]
Ignis.SP: 70 HP