A red beam crashed into the ground. The air started to vibrate creating a cyclone which caught fire. In a few seconds the cyclone disappeared and there was Enchanter.

-It's strange what are these viriis doing here?

-I don't care just delete them quickly. I can't take this heat for too long.

-Don't worry. Now I will show you that I'm much cooler than a lemonade.

((Ready for my battle))
Virus Attack!

GeninA: 60 HP
GeninB: 60 HP
GeninC: 60 HP

Terrain: 100% Grass

Enchanter.exe: 140 HP

-What are genins doing here? This system should have a firewall.
-I don't know, but these grass panels are perfect for us, they can catch fire easily. We've got only one fire chip, so you need to aim carefully and try to delete two virii with one shot.
-Leave it to me. I will...

Just when Enchanter said that, the fan started to work again. However, instead of cooling the air in the room it only circulated the heat. Tim almost fumbled the PET in his surprise.

-Now it's really bad, and I can't turn it off. It just like I'm in a reflector oven.
-I'm trying my best to finish this as quickly as possible.

Two genin were close to each other. With a few quick steps Enchanter moved so the viriis will be in one line.

-Now, the chip.

The symbols on his glove started to glow with red light. He concentrated the air in his palm and compressed it until it vibrated as though it was on fire.

-Now, I'm fired up!

Enchanter suddenly released the flaming air ball and shot it. When it reached the enemy it blown up and the grass just made it even more powerful.

-Don't relax. There is still one left.
-Don't worry I'm going to take him down too. Just give me a weapon.
-Okay, I'm sending you one of your favorites.

The air started to cycle at Enchanter hand. Slowly it formed a glowing sword. As soon as the chip materialized he started to run towards the genin.

-Are you an idiot or what? Don't just attack him head on. He's better in close combat...
-I know what I'm doing.

As he said he made a gesture with his hand. He created a strong wind blow behind the genin to knock him off-balance. And then he slashed down with his sword.


1. Move/dodge in position for Heatshot
2. Heatshot GeninA&GeninB (45*2)
+Wind to knock GeninC off-guard
3. Sword(80) GeninC
Blarg, they die.


Terrain: 98% Grass, 2% Normal

Enchanter.exe: 140 HP

Get: 300z

((Put links to your navi and operator profiles in your signature. Good, you're not godmoding, and remember to always include a turn summary. You'll get modded infinitely faster.))
((I' couldn't find the genins in the virus database, if I remember correctly they are the small ninja like things, right?))

-Did you see that? I was so cool.
-Yeah, yeah. Your the best, just hurry up, there must be still more.
-There is a red light. I don't know what it is, but it's coming from the direction of the control panel.
-It must be what control the fan. (Tim wiped his sweat)
-I'll go and investigate it.
-Be careful, it might be a trap.

((next battle please and thanks for the tips : ))
Another step and some more battle routines go up.

MagtectA: 90 HP (Grass)
MagtectB: 90 HP (Grass)
MagtectC: 90 HP (Grass)
HauntedCandle: 100 HP (normal)
Mettfire: 100 HP (behind HC) (normal)

Terrain: 30% Normal, 60% Grass, 10% Sand (Scattered)

Enchanter.exe: 140 HP

-I trained very hard in the past few days. Now I will show you how much stronger I've become.
-Yeah, yeah. First we need to analyze the situation. They look powerful and there are a lot of them. The elec viriis standing on grass panels, but the other two are more powerful so we need to take care of them first.
-They're behind each other so we can use fireshot.
-Don't be stupid they're fire viriis so we will use your specialty and combine it
with a shotgun chip.
-Yeah, you're right I almost forget that I can do these kind of things.
-I doubt that you learned anything at all.

Enchanter moved so he could clearly shoot his two enemies. He reached out with his left hand
and started to suck out the water from the air. It slowly formed a sphere of water
with an ice orb in the middle. He raised his right hand and closed his eyes to
concentrate. Then suddenly he punched the orb which broke to million tiny pieces.
The pieces flew towards the two virii to tear them apart.

-The other three are trying to do something. You need to dodge their attacks or we will be in serious trouble.
-I don't have time for that, but I have an idea.

Enchanter closed his eyes again, but now he didn't do this just to concentrate, he tried to avoid to attack himself too. He created a strong wind blow and mixed it with sand from the sand panels. The wind started to move faster and faster, in a few seconds it became a sand storm which reduced the sight range to almost zero.

-With this I can avoid their attacks.
-Hmm. Not bad. Fine I admit, you really developed a lot.

1. Move/dodge in position for Shotgun
2. Enchanted weapon-shotgun
3. Shotgun (50+water) HauntedCandle and Mettfire
+Wind to create sand storm
Enchanter takes some time, and then owns the two fire viruses with his enchanted Shotgun. He tries to whip up a sandstorm, but only manages to send a pile of sand into one Magtect's eyes, rendering it blind.
The other two Magtects attack Enchanter in revenge for their ally.

MagtectA: 90 HP (Grass)
MagtectB: 90 HP (Grass) (Blind!)
MagtectC: 90 HP (Grass)
HauntedCandle: DELETED
Mettfire: DELETED

Terrain: 30% Normal, 60% Grass, 9% Sand (Scattered)

Enchanter.exe: 80 HP (Stun! -1 Action!)
Enchanter grit his teeth as he felt the pain coming from the shock.

-Shit, I was careless. I thought that I can blind all of them.
-It's not your fault, but from now on you need to pay more attention. Now there's only three virii left and one of them can barely see. They're standing on grass so we can take them down with a heatshot.
-You're right.

Enchanter moved so he can attack the two virii which weren't blind. He didn't want to gamble. He wanted to show Tim how much he learned, but he just made fun of himself, so now he didn't want to make a single mistake. He made a gust of wind to push the Magtect closer to the other one. The symbols on Enchanter's gloves started to glow with red color and the air started to form a ball in his palm.

-Now, the chip.
-I know.

As Tim slotted in the heatshot the air in Enchanter's palm lit. In the lights of the fire the yellow eyes looked somewhat fearful, but only for an instant, because he threw the flaming ball at the enemy as fast as he could.

-Are you okay?
-Yeah.. (If I tell him that I can't take this heat for too long, then he will become reckless)

2. Move/dodge in position for Heatshot
+Wind to make the heatshot more accurate
3. Heatshot MagtectA&MagtectC (45*2)
The two Magtects were roasted by Enchanter's well-planned out Heatshot, reduced to little more than ashes. The Wind also goes on to spray the sand around a little more, getting rid of some of it.

The last Magtect zooms around blindly, trying to attack Enchanter but sadly failing.

MagtectB: 90 HP (Grass) (Blind!)
MagtectC: FLAME-ON!
HauntedCandle: DELETED
Mettfire: DELETED

Terrain: 30% Normal, 60% Grass, 8% Sand (Scattered)

Enchanter.exe: 80 HP
-There is one left and I still want to try out two more chip.
-It's not a playground.
-I swear I will finish him of with this.
-Fine. Do as you wish. (Tim breathed heavily, but his navi didn't noticed this)

Enchanter wanted to simply shot the Magtect with a cannon, but when he noticed the grass under the virus he got an idea. He enchanted the chip with fire element. The air around him started to vibrate. In a few moments the air itself caught fire and started to burn. The flames begun to form an orb at enchanter's right hand. Behind the orb there was concentrated air. When all of the flames became part of the orb the air shot out the ball of fire. It looked like a red beam. When it clashed, the grass started to burn and generate thick smoke.

-Now the last chip, please.

Tim slotted the chip silently. The shape of the wind around Enchanter's hand changed into claws. There was only one problem, the smoke. Enchanter used the wind to blow it away. And as soon as he found the enemy he tried to grab him and smash him into the ground with the new claws.

1.Enchanted weapon-fire
2. Cannon MagtectB (40 fire)
+Wind to blow away the smoke
3. Rageclaw MagtectB (40)

((If I change a 1-hit chip into fire element then it receive bonuses for using Battlechips that are the same element as the navi?))
Yeah, it dies, whatever.

MagtectC: FLAME-ON!
HauntedCandle: DELETED
Mettfire: DELETED

Terrain: 30% Normal, 60% Grass, 8% Sand (Scattered)

Enchanter.exe: 80 HP

Get: 500z
-As soon as you finish gathering the data continue towards the control room.
-Okay. How is it out there? How much longer can you take the heat?
-I don't know, but... I can barely see. I'M SWEATING FROM MY EEEEEYEEEEEEES!
-Get a hold of yourself. I'm almost at the control panel and it's only a few seconds to change the configurations. After that everything will change back to normal.
-Yeah, you're right. When it's over I will take a shower and we will go to the beach.
- Can't wait to meet some beachees.
-... What?
-Like... denizens of the beach.
-Oh... right.

As Enchanter ran towards something moved in the shadow.
(next encounter please)
There's Sand Everywhere!
Oh, and viruses too.

FlameyA: 60 HP
FlameyB: 60 HP
SpidyA: 80 HP
SpidyB: 80 HP
Heavy: 75 HP
Skarab: 120 HP

Terrain: 100% Sand

Enchanter.exe: 80 HP

-Now I feel like I'm in a desert. But it's not deserted at all.
-We should fix that.
-Should I run away?
-No. I thought...argh never mind.
-Then what should I do?
- Isn't it obvious? Just delete them. In this sand it's almost impossible to avoid the attacks. But the enemy also can't dodge, so we need to do as much damage as we can, before they attack.
-So if I take them down enough fast I won't get injured?
-I don't think that you will be fast enough, but at least you won't get fatal injuries. First we need to delete those who can move freely.
-The two spiders looks really slippy. So I will delete them first.
-I'm sending the heatshot. Try to attack both of them with it.

The always trustworthy chip materialized at Enchanter's hand, but now it wasn't used right away. First Enchanter pushed the two spiders closer to each other with his wind powers. After that he aimed and shot the flaming ball at the two enemy. Tim didn't wait for the result, he gave out the next order.

-Okay, now attack the two flamey, they don't look too nimble. I'm sending you a shotgun. Don't forget to change the element into Aqua.
-You think I'd forget?(I won't make a fool of myself again)

Enchanter focused the air in his left hand and started to freeze it. Slowly, it became an orb of ice with a bubble in it. Enchanter aimed a little and then punched the bubble. It was filled with concentrated air, which when hit, blew the rest of the orb into pieces, sending the scores of little ice shards flying towards the two fire virii.

0.Wind to push the two spidy closer to each other.
1.Heatshot SpidyA & SpidyB (45 fire)
2.Enchanted weapon-Aqua
3.Shotgun FlameyA & FlameyB(50 water)
Enchanter takes out the Spidys with relative ease. He then fires at the Flameys. One jumps high into the air, while the other gets owned. FlameyB drops, right down on Enchanter, and goes through the floor, and then comes up again. There are two holes on impact.
The Skarab throws a bone that homes in on Enchanter, hitting him straight in the noggin. Ugh, his head must be KILLING him.

FlameyB: 60 HP
Heavy: 75 HP
Skarab: 120 HP

Terrain: 98% Sand, 2% Broken

Enchanter.exe: 40 HP (Confused! All attacks are very likely to fail)
-It hurts like hell! Now you're going to..

As he said that he started to walk towards the skarab, only to slip on a sand panel.

-What are you doing?
-I..I don't know. I feel should I say? It's strange.
-It must be the effect of the attacks. I'm going to fix it, but you need to not get hit, or it will happen again.
-Don't scared for me I'm going to jump their damages?!

Enchanter punched the panel which he was standing on. The wind blew the sand from the panel to the sky making a dust cloud. He heard something so he jumped to the right. As he landed on the left he looked a bit confused.

-Try not to get boned by the skarab again!
-He He much humor....
-Why are you talking funny?
-What did you talked for, I'm telling normally. Now pass me a saber.
-You mean... sword? Right away.

The wind around Enchanter's hand shaped a glowing sword.

-Get yourself accomplished, virii!!

He tried to jump forward to attack a virus, but in the virtual-reality he just jumped backwards.

-Nice dodge. I'm almost done with the repairs...

1. move to a sand panel
+wind to make a dust cloud
2-3. Dodge.. or something similar
Enchanter moves onto some sand cause, let's face it, it really aint too hard when the vast majority of them are sand. He then stirs up some sand, which gets in his eyes. Unpleasent~ He then stumbles backwards, getting him out of the way just enough that the Heavy doesn't hit him, though it cracks the floor up a bit.

FlameyB: 60 HP
Heavy: 75 HP
Skarab: 120 HP

Terrain: 95% Sand, 5% Broken

Enchanter.exe: 40 HP (Blind)
-HaHa! I finished the repairs. Now we can finish them off.

Enchanter twinkled a few times but he almost couldn't see anything because some sand went into his eyes. He was angry, even he didn't know why, but he wanted to tear these virii apart. He slowly closed his eyes and outspread his arms. The air started to tousle his air, it looked like the breeze was playing. Grains of sand were falling behind him, they were shining as the light reflected on them. The image was marvelous.

-It's irritating! They think they can stop me with such a cheap tricks. ME!!! Who controls space itself. I just started to control the elements, but in the future I will control everything! Now, I will show you something interesting.

The wind started to dance around Enchanter when the gloves begun to glow with crimson red color. His ragged robe was blazing aimlessly in this mini-typhoon.

-Even if I can't see you I can still feel you! Can you hear this? This is the SONG OF THE WIND! It's telling me everything: there are still three virii, one of them a Flamey, a hot wind blow coming from there. One is really close to me it has a big body it must be the Heavy. And there is one a little far away, there are holes in his body so he must be the Skarab.
-Ermm that's cool and everything, but if you can't see for one reaon or another, I still can, and tell you where they are. I think it's a little bit faster. First, you could take down the Heavy on your left.
-See? I was right, it was right ... I mean left next to me, just as I said.

Enchanter quickly turned to his left and slashed down with his sword. After that he jumped back so even if he missed he can still dodge the enemy's attacks.

-I think you should move always, so the Flamey can't drop on you so easily. And it makes harder to the Skarab to hit you too. The situation is bad, but it's at least as bad out here.

0.Use wind to "feel"
1.Sword Heavy (80)