The Green Room

Jacked into the television's systems, Terra and Carbide appeared on a portal. Their surroundings surprised them; expectations had them anticipating a circuit-filled metallic world. Instead, green landscapes filled their views. "Huh, it looks like a pretty close analog of a Yumland network sector," observed Luke, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. "Well, whatever. It's just a few viruses messing with the core. Don't think that's much of a problem for you guys, right?"

"Yeah!" said Carbide excitedly, as she ran off, while Terra trailed behind.

[Battle 1 - Ready!]
Terra.EXE: 170 HP
Carbide.SP: 40 HP
Terra and Carbide wandered off in search of viruses when the former tripped over a log and fell flat on her face.

She heard cackling from somewhere and looked up to see a Shrubby laughing, but it quickly noticed that Terra had locked onto him.

Fortunately for it, and maybe unfortunately from Terra, two Spideys stood between it and the navi.

Well, not that it mattered, right?

SpidyA: 80 HP
SpidyB: 80 HP
Shrubby: 50 HP (Behind SpidyA)

100% Grass

Terra.EXE: 170 HP
Carbide.SP: 40 HP

Walking through a forested area, Terra and Carbide wandered about through the trees. "... Doesn't look like a television network," commented Terra, as she touched a nearby tree, making her way through the tall grass. As the tree cover was fairly sparse, the grass on the ground had a chance to grow wildly, making it rather difficult for anyone to see through.

Of course, being attuned to the ground itself and the life that coursed through it, Terra and Carbide didn't have much trouble traversing the thick grass and avoiding many of the obstacles. "Hahaha, maybe it's a green television," quipped Carbide, making use of a rare case of wit. Terra chuckled, running her hand through the little one's hair like a child's.

However, just as she did that, an unexpected obstacle sent her tripping over, landing facefirst on the ground. Amusingly, her landing was softened somewhat by her chest, which Carbide made sure to take note of. A viral cackle was heard from in front of her, and Carbide spotted the Shrubby in question. "Hey!" she called out, pointing towards the virus. Terra looked up to see the Shrubby scurrying away. Looking down, she saw a log at her feet, which she made sure to dispose of.

"Lemme at 'em!" said Carbide, almost running off to catch the Shrubby. Terra managed to snag the back of Carbide's slacks before she ran off, resulting in her going nowhere. "Hey, hey! Come on, let's go!" she said, which led to Terra pointing upwards. Suddenly, a pair of Spidey viruses dropped in on the show, and Carbide recoiled in surprise, putting up her shield in the process as a reflex.

"Need any chips, Terra?" said Luke, to which Terra shook her head. With her acquisition of a new terrain-generation program, she wanted to try it out. Raising her hand, she jammed her fingers into the soft earth beneath the grass. Fueling her energy into the ground, she did something differently than usual. Instead of a calm wave through the ground like she usually did, violent waves rocked the earth, calling up a powerful surge of heat.

Immediately, the ground beneath the viruses started to liquefy and turn red, signaling its transformation into a boiling pool of lava spewing forth from the earth. The grass beneath her granted her the usual protection, encasing her in a familiar light green sphere of light. She wasn't done yet, though, as she funneled yet more violent energy into the ground.

Locking onto the viruses, she took a moment to lock an optimal position for the attack. Shortly after, the pool beneath the viruses erupted in a shockwave, engulfing whatever was unlucky enough to be above it in a torrent of raging magma. Luke made an interested "Hm" at the scene, putting a hand to his chin. Carbide simply sat back and gawked at the pretty boiling rocks.

--- Terra.EXE --- Carbide.SP ---
[*] Terraskill: Reflex Guard 1 @ Carbide [Reinforced 2-Hit Shield]
[1] Terraform: Violent Magma @ Viruses [Large Lava Terrain]
[*] Terraskill: Earthen Barrier 1 @ Terra [20 HP Planar Barrier: Grass/Wood]
[2] Take Aim
[*] Geomancer: Shock Pulse 1 [Lava: Imbue Fire]
[3] Terraforce: Heat Pulse 1 @ SpidyA/B + ShrubbyA [Fire 45 + Blast2 + Ground] [+100% Wood] {A}
[*] Turn Splice [Terra 3/4; Carbide 0/1]
After setting up some adequate defenses, the viral group was done in by the terrain swallowing them up and incinerating them into wisps of soot. Fortunately, the zenny wasn't susceptible to the lava otherwise this battle would have been pointless. Also, what's that? Battlechip data? Excellent.

Shrubby: DELETED

50% Grass, 50% Lava

Terra.EXE: 170 HP [20 HP wood barrier]
Carbide.SP: 40 HP [2-hit shield]

[Battle 1 - Victory!]

Terra get: 400z + Whiteweb1 Battlechip + 14 Bugfrags
"Hm, I can see why Planeswalkers are regarded as high-tier," muttered Luke to himself as the WhiteWeb1 imprinted itself and popped out of the PET. Leaning back on the chair he was sitting on, he observed the Navi and SP pair inside the television's systems. Pulling out the battlechip from the output slot, he twirled it around his hand, and placed it on the desk.

"Awesome..." said Carbide, crouching near the pool of lava, which bubbled and rumbled as she looked at it. Shortly after, however, it dried up, courtesy of Terra's systems, replacing it with the grassy soil that was there before. "Awww, couldn't you have left it here?" said Carbide. Terra stood up, and dusted off the dirt that had gotten on her from the fall. "... No," she replied simply, poking at Carbide's forehead lightly, and walking about.

"A-Ah, a-are those viruses gone?" a voice called out. Terra turned around towards the sudden interruption to see a few Mr. Progs peeking out from behind a tree. The Mr. Progs seemed to be tree-themed, and looked rather scared. "Yeah, we busted 'em!" exclaimed Carbide, though she barely did anything at all, and Terra didn't bother to correct her on that.

"Oh, thank heavens! We were stuck in here with those three. We don't know who put them in here, blast them. We'll get to restoring function right away," the Mr. Prog said. Luke's face screwed up slightly, thinking that it was a rather poor decision on whoever made the standard Mr. Prog model that they had absolutely zero means of self-defense. Oh well, at least I can see what's on, he thought, as he picked up the remote.

Five seconds of channel-flipping later: "There's nothing good on, screw it. Terra, Carbide, you guys wanna get out?" he said, frustrated as he turned the screen off. Terra nodded before Carbide could cut in, and Luke pulled the plug.

[Jack out]