Yumland Research (EVENT!)

The area is overgrown with grasses, weeds, and trees. The vegitation is choking proccessing speeds. Evidence of strong viral activity are apparent, chucks of wood litter the area.
A portel appears, and Edgar falls out of it and slams into the ground face first. It dissappears, and Edgar lays on the ground for a bit. He rolls over and quietly says "That was a bit rude." He then lays there looking at the sky.
Gungnir stepped out of the portal fully clad in his Volsung.GMO. Heavy armor clinking and shaking as he saw the other navi sitting on his butt in the area. Behind the mask, one of his eyebrows lifted in a quizzical fashion and he turned around. Seeing no other people there as of yet, he walked over and sat down on a large rock, one hand at his knee and the other holding the small sword as he waited for whatever he was here for to show up.
Gunner fell from nowhere roughly seven feet in the air, landing nimbly in a crouch. It looked like they were still waiting for one or two people... Ah, yes, two. Neither of them looked much like a Nikko, and one was quite clearly Count Edgar, but the other one... Naviman was quite abviously an alias, and Gungnir was vague, so he couldn't be sure... But he would find out soon enough.

"Hey, I'm Gunner." He greeted the two navis, noting the odd similairties between his name and Gungnir's.
Gungnir saw the new navi enter the are, but he did not stand up. He sat on the rock, still holding his stance and saying to him,

'Hello, I am Gungnir, I believe thats probably Naviman or Count Edgar sitting on his ass over there, but he's been rather quiet since my time arriving here' As he spoke, he moved a littl, armor creaking and clanking as he did. He turned to the navi, scanning it over and reading it's output,

'You seem rather strong, a good addition to the team,' he said.
"You as well." Gunner couldn't scan like a navi could, but he could tell just from this fighter's demeanor that he had some serious power. He gestured to the rpone Navi. "As for that guy... He looks more like a Count Edgar than a Naviman. Of course, Naviman is probably an alias anyway. And Nikko... Well, with a name like that, she's probably one out of of the hordes of catgirl navis on the net." He sat down on a squat stone carved to resemble a fox. "Only time will tell, I guess, though I wish they'd hurry up."
Edgar was to intreged by the sky, he barly paid attection I his converstation with his new netop. But after seeing some navi appear about 7 feet in the air, he kept his eye on this navi as he fell, after the navi's landing, he also sees Gungir. After there converstation, Edgat gets up, and bows. "I am Edgar, not this Naviman you two are talking about." He says this during his bow, and contenuls after it "I will be the support navi for this group. I will based my fighting styel for the mission based on your responce to this question. Do you have a phobia of blood, and if you were in a group battle, would you be in the front line, or the rear of the group?"
Gunner gave a slight shrug as he addressed the regal-looking man before him. "Blood is all too necessary during battle. If I were afraid of it, I would not make a very good gunslinger. As for your other question... If I was in a group battle, I would be where the situation dictated. I'm not going to enter a battle with any predisposition of where I should be. Each fight is different, and you can't use the same strategy for each one... You're a fool if you form a strategy before you even know what you're up against."

"Or that there'll be a fight at all." Swift muttered to himself.
Gungnir nodded at Gunner sentiments, placing his other arm into his lap and saying,

'In battle, nothing phases me, especially not the sight of blood. It is all too common a thing to allow oneself to be shaken by it,' He was amazed by the question, why would he ask of blood before going into a fight?

'What harkens you to ask such a question? We are about to go to battle, are we not?' he asked, then remembering the navis other question,

'If my appearance did not give way to the answer I shall pronounce it, I fight in the front, and I get right up to viruses to delete them'
"Who said anything about forming a strategy right now? All I wanted to fiqure out from that guestion is where my Allies will probly end up when battle starts." He chuckles some, "The reasoning behind my first question is so I know if I won't hinder you when I do something like..." Edgar Then points his arm in some direction, and the buttem of his sleave starts to turn red, and a few seconds later, a few gallons of blood starts to flow out of his sleave. Edgar then does a quick hand movement, and the blood on the ground starts to float off the ground, and forms itself into a long sword.

"I can control my own blood, and if you or your netops don't enjoy the sight of blood, I don't want to hinder you by using my full power." Edgar then goes and picks up the sword, and gives it a few pratice swings. "Now, sould we wait a while longer for the other two, or sould we start the research?" he asks the two.
((Metagaming, Planey? There's no way of knowing there'll be a battle.))
"That's not what you said before..." Gunner gave Edgar a dark look. He didn't like him. "You said you would base your fighting style around where we would be in the fray. That's very unwise." Gunner held his gaze in a baleful glare while Swift spoke.

"Blood is not as frightening as you think it might be, especially since navis seem to have a limitless amount. In the net, blood is nothing more than a trifle, a cosmetic thing, no more important than Gunner's hair. I can assure you, I will not go running in fright from a little red."
Gungnir leaned back a little and stood up, walking over to the pair as he clanked metallically,

'Well, thats great. I like to see a man unafraid to use his full power though. I'm not entirely sure we will have a fight, it's only anomalies. But you never know when we will need to quell one of them...' he said, arcing his back some and stretching as his armor creaked.
After hearing Gunner's responces, and his stare, Edgar just sits down and responces in a light voice after some thinking "I guess your right about that." Then, in a wisper that only Edgar could hear, he goes "Sorry if I angred you". He turns his eyes to where Gungir was, and sees him walking towards them, after hearing what he said, Edgar in a sad tone say "They claimed that there were strong viruses in the area, so I was just getting ready incase we end up fighting them. I have something on my mind right now, and I'm quite rusty in battle, so I'm just getting my mind ready just in case. But I really hope we don't have to fight anything, and I'm sorry if I annoyed any of you."
"Hmm... No use holding a grudge. If we do run into anything, we'll need to be a team." At first, he had thought this Count Edgar was a bit haughty... But maybe he had been wrong. "How long do we have to wait for the others...? It's almost time."
Gungnir nodded and said, "Not a worry, I bear no ill will. Should we have a battle, we will indeed have to fight together, it is better to be prepared for such an occurence" he said, nodding and crossing his arms.
In the midst of pause brewed a breeze that bore the hint of death's cold temperature. It's cruelty was quelled by a damning dust that cast itself astray by the vicissitudes of the gale.

In the aftermath of its appearance was a scarce warmth, and in the silence that Old Man Death wrought too often, a poncho and hat without owner graced the net flooring.

The garments bore a silent serenity, and in a moment, gave rise to Triggerman's form.

The slinger lowered his hat habitually, surveying the scene into which Marlowe had inserted him. "Remind me, old man..." he challenged hoarsely, through gritted teeth. "...what am I doing here?"

"I've been snooping. I fancy there's some interest happening around here, and I want you playing Dick Tracy."

"...that's your job." And with the passing dismissal, their communication ended like a cold shower's faded memory of the bloody deed.

There were fellows already present, and half of them looked greener then the proverbial grass on the other side. But there was no damn fence to hide behind. They were green.

Lady Luck had lain her bleeding intentions bare and there'd be a disagreement afoot.
Her train had departed, and it was a hell of a collaboration; the Mephisto and Dame Fortune sharing the same bed. The whore.

There was a cocytus ahead, and Triggerman wasn't entering this argument without a loaded gun.
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"Hey." Gunner greeted the newcomer with a nod and a raised hand. He looked to be a fellow gunslinger... In fact, he looked pretty cool. Like someone from an old Clint Eastwood flick. Didn't seem very happy either, but Gunner doubted this newcomer would turn violent. He was probably one of those navis they were waiting for, but he didn't look it. "I'm Gunner... You here for the investigation? You don't look much like a Nikko or a Naviman."
Edgar's eyes catches the arivel of this new navi, whom apperance seems to have been based on westren culture. After hearing Gunner inroducting himself to the navi, he raises the hand closes to the navi, and waves it. "Agree, he looks more orginal to be called something like 'Naviman' and I'm pretty sure Nikko is a cat. Comments aside, names Edgar" Edgar said, in a sad, but cheerful voice.
A nearby shrub comes to life, then a larger one, and a larger one. Finally, an entire grove of bamboo is bearing down on the Navis...

Weather Cluster A: 150
Weather Cluster B: 250
Weather Cluster D: 200