Buster change

I'd like to get rid of Stryder's buster (an SMG) to a normal arm, and add a 6-string guitar on her back. Chips will be used by playing music, which shoot semi-transparent sound waves.
What about close-range chips? Would she beat them with the guitar?
Hmm...Oh yeah, yeah. She'll beat them with it. It'll glow for close range attacks. Beat 'em and set it aflame. Jimmy Hendrix, FTW!!! lol
Hmm. Your 1st Siggy has her pulling out another SMG. How would this work now?
I started to post my sig attack change when I first posted here. I figured I should get my buster approved first thats all. I'll post my sig change soon. Approved?

[EDIT] Buster description:

Custom buster: a 6-stringed electric guitar (named 'Zeighart', or Zeig for short)

Further Description:'Zeighart' is not your standard electrical guitar. It features built-in distortion (Stryders favorite), and a multitude of effects for use with chips. The majority of the body and neck of the guitar has a giant magnet inside, that resonates with the ground for a extra 'boost' when needed.

Zeighart is a custom built 6-string guitar that Stryder made herself, with advice and help from a very close friend of hers. As for the name, Zeighart was the name of a friend she once had in the real world. Zieghart had a natural talent for playing guitar, and Stryder herself loved all kinds of music that had a guitar in it. One night, Zeighart was killed for unknown reasons, but the motive is thought to be jealousy of a local band named, "Xepher". They tried recruiting Zeighart time after time, only to fail.
Cool. Approval.