SharpMan, the Captive

Utopia and SharpMan appeared on SharoNet's snowy tundra; the captive navi couldn't recognize any familiar landmarks or structures, so it certainly seemed as though they'd been sent to perfectly random coordinates. No one in their right mind would want to be so far out in the snowstorm regardless, if they could help it. Utopia released SharpMan, then blasted him with another dose of scanning beams. He didn't feel any paralyzing shock this time, however.

"I have placed a lock on your jackout mechanism. I must not lose you, in order for my directive to be realized. I must also never return to that set. Previous conflicting directives abandoned. Awaiting new directive!"[color=purple][/color] Utopia sang, standing over SharpMan and posing with some skewed sense of style, as she often did.

SharpMan could see viruses lurking in the distance.

"URGHHHHHH!!!" The sudden turn of events did NOT sit well with SharpMan. It took everything he had just to not tear at the Navi in front of him, and only due to suspecting that a rusty version of him would have a very hard time fighting her. "You IDIOT! If you don't-"

"Don't lose your cool completely. But don't calm down too much, you'll get cold, and we'll have to put up with your constant whining about it being cold."

...So, Hector still had contact with him. Good. His comments, not so much. "We're from one of the hottest countries on Earth! It's natural to, uh, not be cold-resistant!" What he wouldn't give for some nice heat right now...oh great, he could see things in the distance. And they didn't sound friendly. He had to think of something, and soon. And the only chance he had of escaping...was the metal Navi in front of him. "...Listen, you! Remove the...jack..." ...Wow, if he could do what he just thought he could do, this was almost too easy. "Okay, scratch that. For the next hour, stay in this spot! I'll be back! Hector, grab some coordinate data for here real quick!" And with that, he sought to leave...that particular area of the Net. Just heading to another area wasn't jacking out, after all...

"NEW DIRECTIVE: Listen. Directive ongoing. NEW DIRECTIVE: Scratch [that]! Subject [that] identified as previous speech. Abandoning previously established directive. NEW DIRECTIVE: For the next hour, stay in this spot. WARNING: If new directive is accepted, previous directives will conflict and may need to be abandoned. If this is unsatisfactory, voice your concerns or-"[color=purple][/color]

Before Utopia could finish, SharpMan left SharoNet, taking with him a copy of the coordinates. The silver and purple navi sat still, oblivious to the cold around her. "... Searching... Searching... No host found!"[color=purple][/color] she called out, striking another pose despite the fact that nobody was around to see it. "Abandoning directives. Searching for most recent list of hosts... 2 hosts found: 1) Radio, 2) SharpMan. SharpMan's location is unknown. Returning to Radio for further instructions!"[color=purple][/color]

The silver navi disappeared shortly after SharpMan.

*GET: Coordinates2.dat*