Icebound Busting

A hop, skip, and a jump through the Netsquare connection later, Beatnik was in Sharo. The digitized cold hit her like a full-body block of ice.

She was still kind of freaked out over this whole thing. Toni had just sent her off to entertain herself. How rare was that? Usually, Beatnik would have to whine and cajole and beg and complain before she could eve get Toni to pay attention to her.

Well, whatever. That chick was nuts. Beatnik nodded to herself, set her eyes on a side path chosen at random, and skated off into the freezing dark of the Sharo network.
And of course, what better way to be greeted in Sharo than by a little group of penguins! A trail of ice which went through the network on which Beatnik happened to skate on was also apparently the sliding area of a few adventurous Pengi, which of course went into full aggro mode as they saw the Navigator.

Pengi A: 80 HP [Snow]
Pengi B: 80 HP [Ice, IceBody]
Pengi C: 80 HP [Snow]

Beatnik.EXE: 100 HP [Ice]

25% Ice (Running through middle)
75% Snow (Everywhere else)

Beatnik came to a slithering halt on the icy road. Well, this sucked. It was a crappy place to get jumped by some over-ambitious penguins. They thought they could take her, even on their home turf? She grinned and ran her foot in a circle to warm it up, almost losing her balance on the ice in the process.

"Yo, Toni," she called up. The Operator switched on her PET screen and was greeted by the sight of Beatnik bent almost double with her arms flung out to either side.

"What's the matter?"

"Nothin'. Gimme some chips here."

"What do you want?" Toni asked, reaching across her desk for her chip case.

"Surprise me."

Toni contemplated surprising her by sending nothing at all, but thought of the verbal tirade she would receive for that, and thought better of it. She picked a few - a hammer, a gun, and a sonic wave - and slotted them into the side of her PET.

As Beatnik checked out the selections, a rudimentary plan formed in her mind. "Hey, you mooks think you can get me down by freezin' crap up?" she yelled at the Pengi from across the icy, snowy expanse. "Well-"

The orbital blue plates assembled into the shape of a massive hammer. Beatnik grabbed it and swung it high above her head.

"-let's get level!"

She slammed the hammer down, and the world exploded.

Ice shattered, and the fragments were bounced into the air by the earthquake. The snow flew up in great clouds of diamond dust.

The force of the impact annihilated the hammer. It fell apart into its component plates. Beatnik brought one of these around and locked it into the air in front of her. Plasma crackled across its outer face, coalescing into a white-hot ball at the centre.

She brought her hand rushing forward and slammed her palm into the back side of the plate. The strike unleashed the ball of plasma, sending it screaming toward the Pengi on the far left.

Another plate flew around and clamped itself onto the side of the first. Beatnik cupped her hands around her mouth and roared. The azure plates amplified the sound of it until the sound waves were strong enough to make visible ripples in the air, blasting toward the Pengi on the right.

That left the one in the middle.

All of the plates gathered up and locked into an arrowhead formation. They hummed menacingly as they dragged the electricity from the dry, wintry air. Beatnik gave one nasal bark of a laugh and kicked off, pelting at top speed toward the final Pengi, the electrificed cowcatcher leading the way.

[1. Gaia1 @ PengiA, PengiB, PengiC (100 NORMAL damage + Ground attack + To-All + Terrain Crack, C acc) - trying to crack all panels
2. TankCannon1 @ PengiA (80 NORMAL damage, A acc)
3. Pulsar1 @ PengiC (70 NORMAL damage + 15 Flamenco Overdrive passive = 85 NORMAL damage, A acc)
4. Techno Waltz @ PengiB (100 ELEC damage, A acc)]
[Gaia1 doesn't have PanelCrack, I think.]

Whacking down her Gaia-born hammer, Beatnik sent a rippling shockwave that rocked the battlefield. One of the Pengi received the shockwave head-on, and deflected its damage with its hard icy casing! Another was deleted, the other leapt over the damaging wave before it hit. An ensuing TankCannon later, however, and the lucky leaper met deletion. That left one Pengi, which sent a slow-running snowflake towards Beatnik. The flake passed by her, missing by quite a bit as she continued her assault. However, all of her attacks were ineffective against the seemingly invincible icy casing!

Pengi B: 80 HP [Ice, IceBody]

Beatnik.EXE: 100 HP [Ice]

25% Ice (Running through middle)
75% Snow (Everywhere else)