[I'd like to get to battle 5 solo.]

A flurry of streams of data, like a whirlpool of light, flowed into one point and raged in a tornado of information, finally subsiding to reveal the boyish form of Memoriam, still bearing his perpetual grin.

Never one to wait patiently for much of anything, Memoriam charged off into the Net, jogging merrily along pathways and virtual streets, knowing that he was headed for dangerous parts, and enjoying it. The Navi's feet cut effortlessly through the nearly knee-deep snow, kicking up a small cloud of white particles everywhere he went.

"I always forget how much I love the snow here," he said happily, before snapping his fingers and forming his weapon.
BAM! look at the viruses

PengiA: 80
PengiB: 80
PengiC: 80

Terrain: all ice

Memoriam: 210

Battle one
Memoriam suddenly skidded across a long distance to a near, but not total halt. For about four seconds, he danced wildly across the ice, trying a dozen different techniques of finding his balance. The moment he found his center, he leapt off his feet. "Kazu, I hope you're watching this!" He shouted, as he sprang off his hands and into a high-flying somersault. With a twist of his legs, he rotated his body so that he was facing his enemies.

From his vantage points on the other side of the laptop monitor, Kazu had woken up too recently to respond with his usual vigor, but no force on Earth could slow Kazu's mental procecces to the point where he was unable to send chips at his normal rate; since the days when he had operated Miyamoto 404, this action had become about as complicated as breathing to him.

Memoriam smirked as he extended his open palm and, in the half second before his position would be sub-optimal for hitting the unsuspecting viruses, gathered energy from the chip Kazu had sent, and released it as a rapidly moving disc of yellow energy. Cold air whistled in his ears as he whipped his head back and pulled his knees to his chest, forcing his body into another rotation before he landed effortlessly on his feet, without so much as putting down a hand to catch his landing.

"Have I ever told you what a brilliant programer you are, Kazu?" Shouted Memoriam, not really expecting an answer from his half-conscious operator. "I can feel every kilobit of data powering my systems. I can manipulate every single pathway!"

His feet shifted slowly on the Net's surface, tracing a delicate pattern in the thin layer of snow covering the sheer ice below. Even in his current state of awareness, Kazu could see that Memoriam had mastered the ice in a matter of seconds. He didn't pause to admire Memoriam's programming for too long before inserting the chip that would end the battle.

Memoriam charged before he even knew what chip was being sent his way. His shoes were as precise and powerful as ice skates as he pushed against the ice with delicate pressure, building speed until his hair stood on end, pulled back from his forehead. A moment before he would collide with a Pengi, his sword flashed a brilliant yellow with the power of Kazu's rarest chip.

The weapon blurred in the air, leaving a bright yellow wake, as Memoriam lowered his body and used his momentum to draw a single, lateral slash aimed to pass through every Pengi. As soon as he was a few feet away, on the other side, he shifted his weight and planted his sword in the ground to throw himself into a forceful U-turn, along with an illusory double of himself that performed the exact same action in mirror image. Their weapons formed a shimmering X in the air as the two Memoriams circled around and plunged back into the enemies.

[1-hit barrier]
[Regen 20]
[Passive Tactical Movement]

1: Somersault with a half-twist
2: Inverted shot Zapring1, 40 elec+stun PengiA
3\: Sliding slash ElecSword 80 elec PengiA,B,C
4: Illusory double-slash 80 elec PengiA,B,C
((I see no Regen. D: ))
Memoriam scraps the viruses.


Terrain: all ice

Memoriam: 210

Get: 450z
[It was newly registered.]

The copy faded into nothingness as Memoriam let his inertia wear itself out, then circled back around to pick up the spoils of battle with a deft sweeping motion. Ever searching for more excitement, he skated forward, gaining steadily more confidence, until finally he leapt off the ice with an attempt at a triple toe loop that ended in him falling facefirst into the deep snow when he landed on a surface that was not, in fact, zero-friction.

Operator and Navi both laughed hysterically as Memoriam spent the several attempts it would take for him to regain his footing in the snow.
More viruses.

WeatherA: 80 HP
WeatherB: 80 HP
DharmaA: 90 HP
DharmaB: 90 HP
Walla: 100 HP

Terrain: 100% Ice

Memoriam.exe: 210 HP

-BATTLE 2! Go!-
"Watch out," said Kazu haltingly, forcing himself out of a fit of laughter.
"There, on the ice, more of them." Even before finishing the last few words, Kazu slipped what he thought was an appropriate chip into one of his PET's several slots.

Memoriam didn't have the same amount of trouble putting his game face on as his operator did, and on his next attempt to stand, he mastered the soft snow as he had done the ice. His sword evaporated into a mist of sparks between his fingers, and he leapt forcefully out of the snow. The resulting white mist of powder served as a diversion hiding his true location as Memoriam-- the real Memoriam-- landed on the edge of the ice and prepared to fire a chip, while a false Memoriam sprinted across the ice and then dipped into a balanced stance as it slid, powered by its supposed inertia. The illusion threw its handful of snow into the enemies' faces as soon as it was in striking range, and then the real Memoriam let loose his Aqua chip, firing a salvo of icy projectiles in a high arc towards the enemies.

The projectiles flew through the air at an almost lazy speed, as Memoriam gestured quickly and vigorously with his still full hand of snow, striking deftly with invisible force to knock the enemies into a tightly packed group. This arrangement, Memoriam knew, would serve three purposes. The first would be to keep them from fighting effectively, being grouped together. The second was that he could now strike wildly at the group and hardly help but hit. The third made itself apparent as Kazu suddenly realized Memoriam's strategy and hurriedly sent Memoriam the ElecSword.

By the time the chip data had finished downloading (which was actually a matter of milliseconds), Memoriam had taken to the ice, and was blazing across it with weapon in hand, at twice the speed that his decoy had attained. Memoriam's shifting energy weapon suddenly surged into view between his fingertips, and the weapon's glow surged stronger with the power of Kazu's BattleChip just an instant before it blurred through the air, flickering and changing shape like a living flame. The trail that the weapon traced in the air left a delicate pattern of ovals and hooked arcs as Memoriam skated at breakneck speed through the center of the group, slashing as fast as he could with no regard for precision. Before he got too far away, however, Memoriam lowered his body down towards the ice and gripped the sword of shimmering energy with both hands, then plunged it into the ground. He willed it to stay in place and not cut the ice too much as he whirled around it in a tight half-circle and then let it become flame-like again as he slid towards the enemies for another pass.

[One-hit barrier]
[Tactical Movement]

[Misdirection] Illusory Memoriam charges in, head-on
1) AquaNeedle1 (20 Aqua) DharmaA, DharmaB, Walla
2) Vigor: Microburst Walla, WeatherA, WeatherB into a clump near the hopefully frozen Dharmas
3) Sliding Slash Combo all enemies (80 Elec)
4) U-turn, Sliding Slash Combo (80 Elec)
[Bump. Yeah, it's six hours early.]
Ok they die.


Terrain: 100% Ice

Memoriam.exe: 210 HP

Get: 500z
Kazu gave a low whistle as Memoriam decimated his enemies. The flash of sparks was more than sufficient to wake him up as he watched the lightshow, wide-eyed.

"I don't suppose you had that programmed into you," Kazu asked incredulously. He knew the answer.

"It's not like it took much effort to hit them, clumped like that."

"I see."

Kazu told himself that it was be the last time he would underestimate any Navi.
((You didn't state your battle number? :o))

WallaA: 100 HP
WallaB: 100 HP
BoomerEXA: 100 HP
BoomerEXB: 100 HP
MelodyEXA: 110 HP
MelodyEXB: 110 HP
Misty: 200 HP

Terrain: 100% Ice

Memoriam.exe: 210 HP

Kazu yawned, and in those few seconds during which his Operator was inattentive, Memoriam spotted the virii. "Trouble!" He snapped, quickly rousing Kazu to action. Kazu, being a quick learner much like his Navi, knew without looking that his Navi was charging across the Net, weapon in hand. Hastily, Kazu assessed the enemies he saw, and rammed two high-damage chips simultaneously into his trusty PET. The multiple slot feature, Kazu's long-trained expertise, and Memoriam's quick assessment all paid off. Sparks flew as Memoriam hurled two globs of energy from such a distance that it was more like punching than throwing. He hardly even seemed to notice the fact that he was standing on ice. The volatile bombs exploded on impact, throwing a painful illumination not unlike firelight on Memoriam as he whirled his sword, signalling Kazu to send his favorite chip again, then struck a furious series of cuts as he skated recklessly past and through viruses. The blade's constant stretching and blurring shape became regular again as Memoriam emerged from the other side of the virus group and made a rapid U-turn, continuing the momentum with his arm and hurling the weapon end over end like a boomerang.

[Passive Tactical Movement]
[Passive Barrier]
[Regen 20]
[Passive Decoy]

1. Point-blank Energybomb (40x3) MelodyA
2. Point-blank Energybomb (40x3) MelodyB
3. Sliding slash ElecSword (80 Elec) WallaA, B
4. Throw ElecSword (80 Elec) Misty
Most stuff is wiped out. The Boomers attack, but one passes through a decoy, and one only breaks the barrier.

BoomerEXA: 100 HP
BoomerEXB: 100 HP

Terrain: 100% Ice

Memoriam.exe: 210 HP
An energy field blazed to life around Memoriam, absorbing an attack before striking him with so much as a nudge. Surprised but as fearless as ever, Memoriam sneered at the remaining enemies. The time for strategy was over; this battle was won. He was going to destroy them, completely destroy them, and they had no idea. Yet.

He moved slowly at first, but gained speed until he was moving at the pace of a full run across the ice. Even though his sword was left quivering in the body of one of the virii, Memoriam was in no lack of weapons. He smiled as blue energy thrummed between his fingertips. Kazu had sent him too many chips.

Memoriam hurled three icy shards of power in rapid succession, sending the third flying high into the air. The first two targets flashed past as if they were nothing, and they were.

The instant the last shard struck the icy landscape, it raised a massive cloud of smoke that obscured vision completely-- for everyone except Memoriam. The elusive Navi's wrath was upon the unfortunate Misty who had possession of his weapon. With a deft move, Memoriam grabbed the energy blade by the hilt and tore it out with a twisting motion, grinning with pleasure at the surge of energy he felt as he linked its still active battlechip to his personal aura.

Memoriam would finish this fight in style. Kazu knew it even before he glimpsed the victory on his Navi's face. The relatively young operator suddenly wished his wife could be awake to see the marvel that was his new Navi, and Kitt's soon-to-be partner.

Memoriam was off in a shot, and his finish was to be a spectacular one. The aura around his body lashed out at one of the two remaining enemies, aiming to pound it with a stunning amount of force, and send it flying into the other. With the last measures of the aura's energy, Memoriam propelled himself into a flying dive. The sword blazed to life and leapt out to strike, to pierce, to plunge into the first enemy and out the other.

[20 Regen]
[Passive Barrier]
[Tactical Movement]
[Misdirection: Fog cloud]

1. Rip sword out of Misty [80 Elec]
2. AquaNeedle1 [20] BoomerA, BoomerB
3. Coercion [Microburst x2 BoomerA into BoomerB]
4. Boost-jump lunge skewer the two fools [80 Elec]
((Modlock for next two battles))

The boomers don't stand a chance as they are impaled with ice needles, smacked together, and dive-bombed.


Terrain: 100% Ice

Memoriam.exe: 210 HP

Hey, you win!

GET: Twinfang1, 1000z
"Without a scratch!" Bellowed Memoriam, dismissing his weapon with a victorious sweep of his hand. "Who's next?"

Kazu wasn't sure whether to be amused, or worried at how unpredictable his Navi was turning out to be.
After a few minutes of walking, Memoriam finds himself standing in front ice cavern?

Without warning, a blizzard whips up out of nowhere. No choice but to go inside, right?

((Okay, here's the deal. The goal is to make it through alive, yes? This is, like some of Twi's latest stuff, pure RP here. However, a warning. IC time will be measured. If you move too fast, you're likely to get hurt. If you take too don't want to take too long.))
Memoriam bit his lip, suddenly finding some caution in him.

Something wrong, Memoriam? Kazu's voice had a totally different quality, now that the human was fully awake. The change in volume indicated that he had activated the microphone in his collar, too.

"No, nothing," said Memoriam, as he marched into the mouth of the cave. "Just a feeling."
Almost as soon as Memoriam had entered the cave, he found himself falling on a patch of ice, then sliding down a steep incline. A few seconds later, he collided with the bottom.

That had to hurt. Luckily, Memoriam is undamaged.

On the other hand, he now finds himself with nowhere to go except deeper into the cavern. That vast cavern, extending who knows how deep into the net and probably filled with deathtraps.

But hey, at least it makes for nice scenery.

((IC Time used: very little.))