Picking a fight

<(Continued from Scilabs)>

Gungnir and Freija appeared almost side by side in the net one after the other. The chilly surroundings were biting at the pair as Gungnirs scarf flapped in the wind. He reached out his hand and grasped the vulge as it formed before him, saying to Freija,

'He's really a nice guy when he's calmer, he can just get really angry at the drop of a hat. I'm normally a mediator to him, but I couldn't really get there quick enough this time I guess,' he swung the blade a bit, testing it, as it were. Freija nodded and smiled,

'So basically we're supposed to keep him calmer too? Thats a lot of work you have there,' Gungnir drew another exasperated look,

'...It's no small feat...'

<(Waiting for DNR)>
The good doctor laughs as maniacally as before as he steps out of the portal. Folding his arms, and staring at the two with meneacig eyes, he says "Hey guys! Wanna go to the candy shop? There's freeeee piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeee~" His net operator looks semi-shocked at the screen as he sees the facade that was his charade. . . It was an act!? the med student thought as he looked on.
It seems like all is on ice at the moment.

PengiA: 80
PengiB: 80
PengiC: 80
PuffyA: 80
PuffyB: 80
PuffyC: 80

DNR: 160

Gungnir: 140
Terrain: All Ice
Gungnir looked at the brash navi as it stepped out of the portal. He was ready to fight, but hoping that they could talk the whole mess over. Freija took a serious look as he stared at them angrily, meeting their gaze with one icier than the field they stood in, and listened to him say one of the dumbest things they had ever heard.

'...What?' they asked in unison, both of their faces having gone from angry to confused as hell. They looked at each other, back at him, and up at Sieg. Sieg himself looked like he had had a 20 ton weight dropped on his face. He wasn't sure at all how to respond to this. As they all just stood there for a moment, their attention was drawn elsewhere. Gungnir was the first of their side to notice, he saw the wall of virii moving towards them on the field. As he turned to face them, he said,

'Sieg, can this wait? We've got viri-ri-ri-ri-iiii!' he began yelling, his feet slipping all over the place on the newly-laid ice. He slid around trying to get his balance,

'Woah, watch ou-!' Freija said as he slid into her, knocking her down and landing face first in her chest. For a moment, there was stunned silence, followed by Gungnir quickly drawing back, blushing so red that he was starting to melt the ice he sat on. He sputtered for a minute there, not sure exactly what to say, but he managed to cool off, still blushing, as he carefully stood up, helping Freija back up and saying,

'HM, erhm, so-sorry,' half making eye contact. Freija just laughed and stood back up. He picked up his Vulge and looked at the viruses, his face once again getting more serious. He turned up to Sieg and said,

'I think trying to stay in one place while on the ice would be...um...' he looked back to Freija for a moment, 'To our benifit, I suggest maybe things that we needn't even move for? Makes for a better show...' he tried to say tantalizingly. Sieg, who had just blushed himself from the incident, now grinned widely at the prospect of being able to show off to the guys he was just about to beat to squzz.

"Yeah, good plan Gun! Take these then and let them have it! DblCube, Markcannon battlechips in, download!" he yelled loudly, turning to the guy who had almost flattened him and smiling broadly as he did. Gungnir could feel the data influx in him, and also felt a strong connection with Freija now, like he could see through her eyes. He turned to her as his right arm began glowing a bright yellow and said,

'For now, try and stay out of the enemies path. With the things I'm going to be using, I think I can survive their attacks, and maybe even kill a good deal of them this time around, she nodded, her face now more serious to match his own as the bracelet formed around his arm. He also could sense the presence of the enormous cube forming above his head. Freija gasped as she saw the gigantic cube materialize over him and fall down, but he lifted up his glowing arm, and with a throw, tossed it forwards and let it land on the ground with a thud. The cube slowly levitated, and began glowing in various colors. Freija looked at it confusedly as he lifted up his hand.

'You're so serious when you fight, is everything calculated?' she asked, and he only nodded as he flicked his wrist and sent the reticle bracelet flying towards the middle pengi, locking it in as it slid around stupidly. As his palm began glowing more brightly with the yellow sheen, the cube began spinning slightly, the red and blue panels starting to alternate erratically. Freija looked on in confusion at the suspense that was building, but she was alert, trying if nothing else to learn from Gungnir. He smirked slightly, the blast in his hand focusing for the spit second before it flew from his hand with a blast, blowing back his hair and scarf as it streaked down on the virus. With a powerful explosion the blast collided, with enemy or terrain had yet to be seen however.

As the cube built up power, it began rotating faster, picking up speed and eraticy in the color swaps. Gungnir lifted his sword and drove it into the ground ever so slightly. As he did, he dragged it through the ice and snow, watching the shards he cut up begin latching onto his blade and forming a large casing, he slowly spoke,

'Let this snow and ice form on my blade, imbueing it with the power of the wolfson. Let their sanctuary give rise to their destruction! Fenrir! Bite!' he shouted, slamming the frozen sword into the ice and watching more icicles shoot up from the ground. A small trail of icicles shot up from the ground on the path to the viruses, and then split as they went out of view. For a moment, only the winds of the snow could be heard, but then two enormous spires of ice shot up from beneath the viruses locations, scraping for the sky and biting at the clouds.

'Wow, I dunno if I can do anything quite so impressive, Gun,' she said as she watched the sight. But Gungir knew it was not over, he watched as the cube spun out of control, the red and blue glows switching madly before a swath of red and blue beams cut across the entire field. The beams passed through all that they hit seamlessly, but Freija still gave a slight startle as they shot out. As the laser show died down, she asked,

'And what exactly was that meant to acomplish?'

'Maybe the job, maybe nothing'


1.Block <Take one attack, half damage>


1. Summon Freija

2. Markcannon1, PengiB 70dmg <Lockon>

3. Fenrir, PengiA/C 60dmg <Lockon>

4. Dblcube, 40 to enemies, 30 heal to us
"Vi-ri-ri-ri-ri-ri-ri-ri-ri!? Duhoh Dolonius! Duhare we dunna do?"(Sic) The good doctor questioned, putting on a nice, dumbfounded look on his face as this fence of fortified viriis came rolling down the ice, like a hockey team ready to bash in a goalie during the first quarter of a game. "Okay coach! Rhats the Rlan?" (Sic) the white haired navi asked his mentor as he folded his arms on his behind, standing there as the student thought to himself.

"Hmm..... heh. This is just simple chemistry! Regular Water or H2O as the "Masters of the Universes" would say ... has a high electrical conductivity. DNR can easily power up any electrical attacks through the mineral salts and carbon dioxides, totally defeating the viruses" he then looked towards the screen and discussed his plans with his navi. "DNR, I'm going to—"

"Send in the Thunder1 and Zapring chips in an effort for me to use DNR's electrical powers, in conjunction with the Salts and Carbon dioxides, to totally electrify the viruses." They both said... in almost complete sync. The net operator was quite... shocked by how easily and quick DNR repeated the plan. "H-how did you figured it out so f-f-f-fast!?" "Uhhhhhh..... textbook navi! Duuuuuuuuuhhhhhh!" The navi said, pointing his digitized fingers to his face, mocking his owner.

Giving a small snicker, Polonius took out his chips, right after sitting on the bench of course. Looking at the electrical chips he has there, he decides to take the Thunder, Zapring and Maruball chips and slots in each one, saying the words "Th-th-th-th-thunder, Z-z-z-z-zapring a-and C-c-c-cannon chips, Slotin! V-v-v-vaccinate!"

DNR snickered as the electrically charged static ball appeared on his hand, from his fingertips. Clasping them with his very delicate, surgical-flexible hands, the navi pitches the ball towards the Puffy viruses, more towards he leftmost one. The orb moving as slow as molasses, the good doctor decided to check out the probable salt content level the best way he was programmed to do... he bent down towards the icy floor and licked it, "Hmphlh..." he thought as the ball itches more and more to its destination "...Lhets slee... good shlodium ... at least... maybe .... 40 percent Carbon dioxide-fused metals...yess.... This chlould mlake an interesting mixture when that ball mlakes clonthackt" (Sic)

As the ball reaches halfway between DNR and the Puffies, the doctor's left hand simply turns into an electrical laser/gun, quickly shooting off the zapring towards the middle Puffy. Shooting his cannon, yelling "Catch" of course towards the rightmost Puffy, he tries his best towards the rigorous art of Ice Skating, trying a triple sow cow... or was it mouse house? Trying his best not to fall down or make any slipshod mistakes. Oh and he also chunks a log for a comical reason

1. Thunder1 to PuffyA (40x2x2+ 10)
2. Zapring to PuffyB (40x2x2+10)
3. Cannon to PuffyC (40)
4. Ringlog to PuffyC (50)
((The golden crusader swoops in, brandishing his sword as he goes for the kill...))


DNR: 160
Freija: 40
Gungnir: 140

Terrain: All Ice

OHKO! The enemies phail.

REWARDS: 800z, Icewave1.
Gungnir looked out over the battlefield, and saw that none of the enemies were standing! To his great amazement, the other navi had managed to fry and crush his share of the enemies! He smiled a little at him and said,

'Well, how surprising. I had almost thoguht you were just a big mouth, but you backed it up pretty,' his eyes went tiny as he saw Freija slide over to him and jump on his back,

'Wow, you were really good there, umm, what did you say your name was?' she asked as she held onto him, smooshing her boobs on his back as Gungnir slapped his forehead. He ignored her and turned to Seig who was also shocked by the SP's actions,

'Do you think we could stay here for a little bit? He's certainly strong, and we do need the training here,' he said as he looked at him. Sieg seemed to snap back to reality and scratched his head, looking up and saying,

"Well, yeah, I guess so,"

'Then I think you know what you have to do first,' he said with a stern smile. Seig thought for a minute and then kicking the dirt, turned to Polonius, not looking at him, and saying,

"I-i-i...HMPH! I'm sorry I blew up at you," he stuck out a hand stiffly, "My names Sieg, and if ya wanna keep battling together for awhile, I could be cool with that, Iunno, if ya wanna..." he kinda trailed off.
"Heh, here's a little secret boyo..." He says, not noticing Freija sliding away towards him " I like to make people confused, its alllllllllllll in my stragedy" he said, his eyes fixated on Gungir. "You see.... eeep!" his pupils widening as Freija's boobs were smooshed onto his back "Uhhhhh-h-h-h-h-h-hhhhhh..... the name's DNR It's .... quite nice to meet you too Miss..." He said, trying not to make any eye contact.

As confused as anybody else in the group that didn't have a vaginal cavity, Polonius turned towards the man called Sieg and gave his hand out in friendship, smiling gently towards him "The names Polonius Carbonium. Its nice to meet you Sieg, I hope we can battle alongside for a while as well, This Sharo Net is positively lovely to watch fights in. Also, I hope we can become aquatiences.. maybe friends?"
"Uuh, one step at a time Mister," Sieg said to the older guy before whipping back to his PET,

"Lets see if you can survive the next battle first! Caman Gungnir, lets go on further in!" Gungnir nodded and said to Freija,

'Lets keep going and would you PLEASE let him go!?' as he saw that she was still glommed on. She frowned but said,

'Aww, allright. See you in a minute cutey!,' she said, poking DNR on the nose as She and Gungnir walked deeper into the net.

DNR and Gungnir come upon what appears to be the edge of a small continent made of ice-- they stand upon the ice that makes up the landmass, whilst beneath that ice and further out there's a large ocean...

Terrain: Large area of ice beneath Gungnir and DNR, Sea panels at edge of ice and below ice if broken.

And then viruses ruin the nice view.

StarfishEX: 90
Puffy A: 80
Puffy B: 80
MetoolEX: 70
Weather A: 80
Boomer EX: 100
Weather B: 80
Weather C: 80

DNR: 160
Freija: 40
Gungnir: 140
As Gungnir and the other two walk on, Freija and DNR chatting about nothing in particular, the sound of the crashing ocean reaches his ears as he realizes they've come up on a frozen Ice shelf. Freija looks out and smiles, her eyes gettign a little wider as she says,

'Wow! It's such a beautiful view!' looking out over the undoubtably freezing waters. The ice floe inside the chilling waves crashes against the frozen cliff as the three approach it carefully, not wanting to fall in, especially in Sharo.

"Huh, fancy finding an ocean in the icelands," Sieg says, looking over the scene in a small awe. He knew it was only a comuter simulated world, but he had never been outside of Netopia other than Electopia, so this was the best he could get of other countries for now.

'It really is quite the sight,' Gungnir says as he looks over the edge a little. But his attention is quickly diverted, and he turns his head to the side just in time to catch a plethora of viruses heading the direction of them. He tapped Freija on the shoulder, making her turn and face the virii as well,

'Hmph, stupid bugs always have to ruin whatever fun we have!' she said huffily, looking at them with a stern smile. But as Gungnir summoned up his blades, and Freija her own, he said,

'It's not that they ruin it, they just change the type of fun we get to have,' and as he said it, Sieg turned to face them as well, realizing what the heck they were talking about and elbowing Polonius in the side,

"Sweet, we got another buncha bugs! Lets show them what we can do, huh?" and as he said it, he scanned the ranks. Most of them were water types, he could live with that, seeing as how this guys navi was an electric type, and obviously not in want of electric chips. He could handle the other ones with his own powers, and pulled out his new icewave as well as a firehit. As he slotted them into the PET, he shouted to Gungnir,

"I think we can let the other guy handle most of the water bugs, take out a couple of those weathers and the starfish, and try and get rid of the boomer as well!" And as Gungnir recieved the data, he was a little confused. He only had two chips and five enemies to kill. But it dawned on him, he had more than enough latency to take out the others. As the data flowed into him, his right hand began glowign a bright red as the blade in his left was slowly encompassed by an aural blue light. The contrasting shells captured their respective parts as he said to Freija,

'Frei, cover me,' and ran at the viruses at the lands end. She pulled up her blades as she nodded, chasing them down alongside him. Her light footsteps provided stark contrasts to his heavy footfalls as they approached on the slick ice. They would not be taken by surpsise again by the terrain, once was more than enough. Gungnir's blades were itching, picking up cold and flecks of snow from the ground as he ran forwards. The ice crystalized the blade as he ran up on the weathers and the boomer, forming a large crucible of winter on the lower blade. His heated hand steamed in the cold as he stopped running, sliding forwards towards the virii. As he reared back his hand, he said,

'You must be cold,' as he threw his fist forwards and let the flaming fist of the firehit blaze towards the Boomer. It exploded on the ice, fire and smoke billowing from what looked like a small pool now as he slid through the other virii. His shot had sent him spinning, but as he neared the shelf, he dug the icy blade of his vulge into the snow, creating a half-circle ehind him of small ice and stalactites. The blade stopped his spin, and the circle of ice that he had made grew suddenly, waves of cold and ice shooting forwards like a frozen wave crashing down on the enemies. Two enormous spears of ice shot forwards through the wall as well, considerably longer and visibly separate from the other attack. Freija dug both swords blades into the ice to stop herself, wondering why Gungnir had just confined himself in a wall of ice.

Gungnir stood back up as he watched the icewave die down, and pulled the blade up from the frozen terrain. As he did, the blades cracked and split, snapping as a white aura enveloped him and the sword. As the slender blade and winged hilt of the Sleipnir broke through the casing of his sword, he lifted it up and walked forwards a step, pushing off and diving through the ice wall as it shattered around him. Like a bullet through a windowpane he came forth, pulling the blade to the side and swiping twice on his way through. The loud slashes cut the air around him as he landed and pushed off, less running than gliding towards the last virus he had set up for him. Freija watched him moving and pushed off, havign a time of keeping up, but trying her best. As he came up on the virus, he pulled his legs forwards in a bracing stance, the swords raised high, and slid forwards at a great speed. The Virus came point blank with him, and he slid straight past, bringing down the sword only once. But as Freija ran past the virus as well, she could hear a million slashes ring out in rapid suggession, as though a woodblock had gone through a chipper. Gungnirs brace stopped his slide, and as Freija slid up, she turned around, landing back to back with him as she said,

'I gotcher back, Gun,'



1. Block for Gungnir


1. Firehit1, BoomerEX 2x60dmg <Weakness>

2. Icewave1, WeatherB 80dmg

3. Fenrir, WeatherA/C 70dmg <Lockon>

4. Sleipnir, WeatherA/C StarfishEX 1x10/1x10/9x10dmg

>Dodge from Sleipnir
"Ahh, what a wonderful view, truly a paradise for the common man whose desires are filled with simplicities, like the simple art of landscaping, or the tricky, exhausting sport of Icefishing. . . " The white-haired doctor smiled as he saw the wonderful view. It was like the majestic view in what was once the old state, Alaska. It would have been a wonderful site to enjoy with his new companions, Gungir and Freija, if it was not of course for the viruses eager to attack the trio of travelers.

Quote ()

'It's not that they ruin it, they just change the type of fun we get to have,' and as he said it, Sieg turned to face them as well, realizing what the heck they were talking about and elbowing Polonius in the side,

"Sweet, we got another buncha bugs! Lets show them what we can do, huh?" and as he said it, he scanned the ranks. Most of them were water types, he could live with that, seeing as how this guys navi was an electric type, and obviously not in want of electric chips. He could handle the other ones with his own powers, and pulled out his new icewave as well as a firehit.

Flabbergasted by Sieg's elbowing his side, Polonius smiles, donning a sweatdrop as Sieg copies the eagerness of the viruses. Looking at the viruses, they seemed to be water types like the last wave. Knowing that he'll probably be requested to take care of them, he quickly reslots in the electric chips, Thunder1 and Zapring in consequence. Smiling, as he's content with his navi doing more damage than before, he decides to try the new chip that was received, the Icewave1 chip. Holding up to the sky and mesmerized by it, he slots it in, yelling his usual word of vaccination.

The Thunder1 chip's power coursing through the navi's fingertips as the last fight, Simply chucks it out like before, shrugging afterwards, quite feeling bored by the repeating action. As the Zapring launching mechanism appears on his right hand, he hears his companion's navi try to use a pun as he attacked.

Quote ()

. As he reared back his hand, he said, 'You must be cold,' as he threw his fist forwards and let the flaming fist of the firehit blaze towards the Boomer

"You must be cold?....You must be cold?" the white-haired man looked on, blinking twice in astonishment, as that navi flung his fist forwards towards the Boomer navi. "Nonononononono, that's definitely not a kickass enough pun to befit somebody of... your skills. You don't even say 'Let me warm things up for you'! Let alone something like 'Allow me to cure you of your hypothermia'! Granted the latter fits me more than you, but c'mon, 'Must be cold'?... Allow me to enlighten you" he said after his small rant, pointing the launching mechanism with a bright smile towards the leftmost Puffy virus "Ohhh dear" he said in a worrying tone. "You must have had a fever, I propose a good... wholesome..." he launches the Zapring, heading towards that virus. He then said "electroshock therapy" and completes his superior pun, smirking, as he seems so sure of himself.

Stomping down hard, releasing a spiky trail of ice right above the Icy field of Sharo, he seems content with the attacks he's dished out so he decides to just casually trip and dance and fall around the defending Support Program. Knowing that she'll think of him lesser, he wryly grins and said "It's the new dance craze aaaaaaaaaaaaall the way from Netfrica!"

1. Thunder1 to PuffyA (40X2+10, Homing)
2. Zapring1 to PuffyB (40X2+10, elec)
3. Icewave to MetoolEXA (80, Aqua)
4. Dance Craze
Gungnir's firey attack managed to hit the Boomer headon before it could even attack. The Icewave, however, missed by inches as the Weather moved up out of the way. Gungnir's more Norse based attacks managed to hit, taking out three more of the viruses. DNR's electrical based attacks managed to do some damage, taking out one of the puffys due to the thunder being shot too far upwards when DNR slipped on the ice trying to fire. His icy attack managed to take out the poor met in one shot. The remaining viruses both released their attacks, which both DNR and Gungnir managed to avoid in time.

StarfishEX: dead
Puffy A: 80
Puffy B: dead
MetoolEX: dead
Weather A: dead
Boomer EX: dead
Weather B: 80
Weather C: dead

DNR: 160
Freija: 40
Gungnir: 140
"Okay, okay here's the plan!" the Good Ol' Doctor rises up with a brilliant idea, standing up from the icy surface. Smiling as bright, and as annoying, as ever towards the remaining duo of viruses he gleams as he sees them. "Peg Leg Pete!" He screamed with ferocity, smashing his fists together "It's time for a nice, well- deserved manicure! These knuckles look mighty worn out, take care of that please" he mentioned, paying more attention to the knuckles than the viruses.

Pressing a few buttons on his PET, Polonius nods his brown-skinned face towards the navi; sure that his button presses has activated the signature program. Like his little remark about a manicure, the doctor's knuckles start to get more metallic characteristics, more luster, kind of heavier, as shown as the navi's hands start to lower with each passing second. As the program finishes, the knuckles, crackling with energetic voltage, the navi takes a fighting stance, running head first towards the Puffy virus.

As his punch flings forth, towards the Puffy virus, Polonius quickly slots in a Sword chip, which promptly grafts onto the navi's right arm. "Oh dear" the navi whimpers out as he heads closer and closer towards the Puffy, "I so wanted to do my nails .... I guess I'll file them over the pointy hat of the Weather virus ... when I'm done here of course, heheheh" he laughed quite confidently.

1. Defribilator Gauntlets (80 DMG) to Puffy
2. Sword (80) to Weather
3. Dodge
4. Dodge
As Gungnir watched the ice settle from about him, he kept his back to Freija, and watched carefully as the remaining virii launched attacks their way. He ducked down and grabbed Freijas hand, pulling her out of the way of the freezing breath of the Weather. She pulled back, helping him back to his feet as the two slid around for a moment, quickly finding their footing and looking back at DNR, who had already begun his attack. As he shouted and spoke during his assaults, both wore embarrased looks that went well with their sweatdrops.


'Do, his...nails?'

Both navis looked at one another confusedly and slowly backed away a little bit.

'Does this guy look or sound like a doctor you would want to work on you...?' Gungnir asked out of earshot as he sat down.

'On ME?' Freija asked, looking up in a pondering mood, 'Well, he could only use one tool' she said with a catty smile as she bent down to look at the sitting Gungnir. His face went pale as he said,

'Frei!' he said in a flabbergasted tone. She just laughed loudly as she said,

'Oh I'm just kidding! Yeesh, you have no sense of humor!' Gungir just wiped his brow and tried to hide his redder face as she sat down next to him and watched DNR tear into the viruses.


Watch and wait
DNR managed to take out the last of the Viruses.

Rewards: 500Zenny to both
DNR: guard2
Gungnir: aquaneedle
Gungnir hefted himself up, Freija walking over and hugging his arm affectionately and making him sigh, slight annoyance in his voice, but mostly defeat ringing through. As the two walked over to DNR, Freija jad taken up to holding onto Gungnirs scarf and getting pulled along on the ice. She had an adorable smile as she slid, and Gungnir wore an exasperated expression,

'What am I now, some kind of huskie?' he said, looking at DNR as he walked up, but Freija only laughed and said,

'Mush! Mush! Onwards you dog!' He looked back at her with the same dilapadated look on his face and said,

'What kind of support unit are you!?' At all this, Sieg was laughing loudly and holding his sides. He wasn't a hundred percent about why Feija acted this way, but it was entertaining as hell.

"Hahahaha! Ok, ok guys," he said, trying to get a hold of himself, "That was a good figh-haha- fight we had there, lets keep on going huh?" he asked them as Gungnir snatched away his scarf and looked at her with a playful anger, her returning a winning smile and saying,

'Sounds great!'
" Well now THIS is a lively little scene we're encounting" the good doctor shrugs with a smile as he watches Gungir and his "Mistress" walk closer to them.

Quote ()

'What am I now, some kind of huskie?' he said, looking at DNR as he walked up, but Freija only laughed and said,

'Mush! Mush! Onwards you dog!' He looked back at her with the same dilapadated look on his face and said,

'What kind of support unit are you!?' At all this, Sieg was laughing loudly and holding his sides. He wasn't a hundred percent about why Feija acted this way, but it was entertaining as hell.

"Well... the obvious answer is... She's the dominating kind" he said, smiling as wryly as he usually is, looking at Freija and then at Gungir. "Ahh" the man said, walking over to Gungir's shoulder and put his hand on it " So tell me mister Warrior, what kinda person are ya? If were fighting thogether and becoming friends, we gotta know each other right?" he asked, looking at Freija as well as Gungir.
Gungnir just looked at him with a shady anger as he related him to a subservient slave, but as he walked to him, he shrugged it off and said,

'Well I'm good at letting things slide, much to your benifit right now,
' and laughed a little at his own joke,

'But really, I try and be relaxed and calm, and of course, in a fight nothing benifits you more than remaining calm,' he added, looking at him, but then his face going red as a loud slap is heard and Freija appears behind him,

'And he's shy as all getout!' she said, laughing as he turned at her and shouted a little.

<(Battle3 whenever, we're probably gonna talk till we get one)>
Also, Albel, unless you activated Freija in Scilabs before you came here, you now have 14 Bugfrags/EXP. If you did activate Freija before, you have more.)

It's a watah brigade, sah!
...Eh? WHAT?! The Walruses aren't water?!

WallaA: 100 HP
WallaB: 100 HP
WallaC: 100 HP
WallaD: 100 HP
MistyA: 200 HP
MistyB: 200 HP

DNR: 160 HP
Freija: 40 HP
Gungnir: 140 HP