PC busting!

Nikko jacked in to the net through a blue beam of light, looking around Jay's PC, it was, indeed, filled to the brim with viruses.

"Oh.....well shit, this won't be good."
"Here, i'll send for a little help, just keep on busting until it arives, good thing this is still on the MAIN net, or you wouldn't be able to get help."
"Hopfuly.....it DOES arive soon."

Nikko then brought out her claws as the viruses started to attack the kitty, guess they want to play kick the kitty.

(Battle one)

WeatherA: 80 HP
WeatherB: 80 HP
WeatherC: 80 HP
PengiA: 80 HP
PengiB: 80 HP

Terrain: Ice

Nikko.exe: 160 HP

"What ARE those things?" Nikko asked as she looked at the viruses in front of her.
"The three cloud-like viruses are called Wheather's and the other two are called pengis, both types have 80HP as the PET says. might want to go after the pengis first." Said Timmy as he was looking over the data on his PET screen.
"Well then, i guess it's time to kick some ass. Send me some battle chips."
"Here you go. Pheonixshot1, Bubbler, Magbomb1, Cannon, guard1, battle chips in and download."

As Timmy slotted in the chips, a large red blaster with fire courseing with heat appeared on Nikko's right paw while a smaller buster, colored aqua blue with a cool water pulseing through it appeared on her left. Nikkotook aim at PengiA with the bubbler and as soon as she tought she had it in her sights she fired off a cold blast of water at the Pengi, with the field being ice and all, it's likely to freeze as Nikko hoped it would hit another one of the viruses behind it, preferably the other Pengi on the battle field. She then raised her pheonixshot hgh up into the air and pulled the trigger a large fireball shot out of the barrel and just floated in the air above Nikko, but it exploded, where the fireball once was a large bird flapped it's wings and looked at the Pengi's and WheatherA, it then flew above them, high above the air and then it dive bombed them all and crashed into the icy ground, createing a large explosion that would try to fry the viruses into a crisp, maybe deleting them all in it's hell fire. Nikko's paws returned to normal but in her left one came a metalic bomb that crackled and fizzled with electric power while her other paw turned into a large green cannon without a scope on top of it. Nikko then took aim at WheatherC with the large cannon and fired off a blast of white hot energy, attempting to hit it hard and take half of it's HP away with the single attack. Nikko then calculated her aim as carefuly as she could with the magnet bomb in her hand and threw it at WheatherB like a baseball, hopfuly she could hit the bastard and posibly stun it with the power in the bomb. Nikko then jumped back and raised up a large yellow shield in front of her body, ready to reflect an attack back at the attacker.

Bubbler----->PengiA, splash at pengiB (50+splash, water, chance to freeze on ice pannels.)
Pheonix shot1----->PengiA&B, WheatherA (70, fire, can hit multiple enemies)
Cannon---->WheatherC (40)
Magbomb1----->WheatherB (30X2 on ice pannels, chance to stun, elec)
Guard1 (can reflect 1 attack, deals damage = to attack power up to 60 damage)
(i call bump UNO on this!)
(Spell. The. Viruses. Names. Right. They're right there for you, for crying out loud!)

A pengi is frozen by the bubbler, but the other manages to dodge. Both are then torched, but the weather goes up in the air to dodge. A different weather is hit by a cannon, and a third is stunned by a bomb. The Pengi then attacks, only to be killed by its own reflected ice.

WeatherA: 80 HP
WeatherB: 40 HP
WeatherC: 20 HP <STUN>

Terrain: Ice

Nikko.exe: 160 HP
"Heh, this is not as hard as i thought......" Nikko said as she smiled at her enemies, unable to hit her and do some damage.
"Don't drop your guard Nikko. Ringlog1, shotgun, heatshot, hatshot, battle chips in and download."

As the chip data came into Nikko's system, a large brown log appeared in front of her and a small buster appeared on her left paw. She took aim at WeatherA with her shotgun and fired off a thin blast of energy that could pierce through into another enemy. She then picked up the log that was in front of her and chucked it at WeatherB, attempting to take out WeatherC in the same blow, seeing how it couldn't move after being stunned from her magbomb last turn. As the log disapeared a large metalic gun with holes in the sides appeared on her right paw. Nikko then took aim at WeatherA once more and fired off a blast of fire twords it, attempting to delete it in the blast of fire, and maybe another one of the undeleted weathers. She sent another blast of fire twords WeatherA, hopfuly, this would delete it. Nikko then waited to see if the viruses were deleted.

Shotgun----->WeatherA (50+splash)
Ringlog1----->WeatherB&C (50, wood)
Heatshot----->WeatherA (40+splash, fire)
Heatshot----->WeatherA (40+splash, fire)
preped dodge/battle overview
(almost 23 hour bump)
Junior entered the area and immediately started searching for Nikko. He wasn't sure how urgent her situation was, so he couldn't wait around. He looked at what he held in his hand: A PCode that Wes had sent to him. With this, it would be easy to track her down. Quickly finding the area, he pressed the data into the cube blocking his destination. He entered the little page, though he didn't go far. Close to the enterance, he saw his ally duking it out with a group of enemies. He checked their remaining power to see how desparate the situation was. Three weak enemies and the navi was near full health, if not at full, "I'm waiting. Its not very polite to interrupt right before the end of a battle."

"Good plan. No use getting yelled at for kill stealing." Wes agreed, "I'll stand by for when you need support. Call when you need me."

"All right." Junior stood and watched. He also thought about what had happened earlier in the day. One question still echoed through his mind: Did she have back-up data? He wouldn't be able to concentrate until he at least tried to come up with an answer.
After an impressive, if a bit....superfluous performance, Nikko once again finds herself alone in the net...UNTIL JUNIOR APPEARS! OMGWTF?!


GET: 750z
Nikko quickly picked up and transfered the zenny that the viruses had droped and turned to Junior.
"Hey, Junior, i'm gonna need a little help here, to eliminate all these viruses."
"Ya, we are over run by viruses at the moment, so ya."

Nikko then turned back to the viruses that had invaded the computer, knowing that this wasn't gonna be an easy battle.
Junior finished up his post as Nikko approached him. He sighed. Was that really a good idea? This whole situation was annoying. He waved to the girl as she addresed him, "Hey, Nikko-san. I'll follow right behind. I need to get the hang of these new upgrades." Junior then followed behind the neko.

((Battle 1))
Suddenly, two small groups appear: a pair of walruses and a trio of blowfish. Enjoy.

Battle 1!

WallaA = 100
WallaB = 100
PuffyA = 80
PuffyB = 80
PuffyC = 80

Nikko = 160
Junior = 120

Battle Start!!
"Right then let's......GAH!" Nikko's body froze up as she felt somthing happening to her. "What's going on timmy?
"CRAP! your process upgrades are COMPLETELY out of wack. i can shut them down until we can get to the navishop. you Ok with that Nikko?"
"As long as i can still use battlechips."
"Ok, done, i'll have to salvage this and maybe i can make a new one out of what we have for now."

Nikko nodded as she and junior were attacked by viruses, in Nikko's case.....more viruses.

(battle 1, BEGIN!)
"80 HP fish, huh? I see a good area for exploitation. I have something for one of the fatties as well. Sending Zapring1, Zapring1, Thunder1, EnergyBomb." Wes said, sening all four chips. This would light things up real nice.

"Got it. Might as well hit them where it hurts." He stuck his index in the air and a halo of electricty appeared around it. He began to gently spin his hand, twirling the ring as he lazily eyed the competition. This would be easy. Of course, there was no doubt things would get harder as time progressed. He might as well enjoy it now. He noticed his partner twitching beside him. He better ditch this thing, then check it out. He flung the disk forward, whizzing through the air before turning his gaze to face her, "You guys didn't hear about the old PUs going defunct? Of course, it was Wes who alerted me, so I can understand your confusion. Don't worry, its an easy fix. I can take care of most of these by myself, so don't push yourself, okay? If you just want to put up a guard and sit this one out, I'll understand. Don't push yourself, Nikko-san." He then produced another donut, which he held tightly between his two fingers. He then whipped at another balloon-like virus, throwing it just like a shuriken, and then jumped back. This next one would require a bit of concentration.

He held his hands close together and began to channel a large amount of power between them. A crackling ball of electricty soon took shape, which he then hunched down and rolled it forward, steadily moving towards a third Puffy. Now for a much more simplistic technique. He reached up into the air and a tiny ball dropped into his palm. Three hatches were spread out along its surface. He had it in his pocession, so now he would get to see how well fatty walruses could move. He chucked it forward, trying to make a perfect parabola to make the sphere land directly on the virus's noggin. As it landed, the hatches opened, spweing out flashing energy all around it. As the light died down, Junior then began to make his fingers glow instead. One enemy he had neglected. Now he would assure that it didn't feel too special. He held both hand closely together in front of him and in an instant, fired all the energy he had gathered in one massive laser beam. Junior stood still in that pose for a moment, trying to discern how well he did. He nervously backed off and looked around for a place to run if things got bad. He really hoped Nikko did the same. With this crowd, she needn't do too much so he earnestly hoped she didn't try to do something rash or risky.

((1.) Zapring1, 40 Elec+Stun, PuffyA
2.) Zapring1, 40 Elec+Stun, PuffyB
3.) Thunder1, 40 Elec+homing, PuffyC
4.) EnergyBomb, 40x3, WallaA
5.) Soul Finger Shot, 120, WallaB
6.) Dodge))
"Heh, Junior, i am very much capable with or without being bugged from my own upgrades."
"Ya, we can handle most anything. Magbomb1, Shotgun, Markcannon1, Ringlog1, battle chips in and download."

As Timmy slotted in the chips a small matalic bomb appeared in Nikko's right paw while a large brown log appeared in front of her while a large green cannon with a small scope appeared on Nikko's left paw. Nikko then calculated the Magbomb's range and arc of it's throw as she tossed it at PuffyA, hopfuly Nikko could be of SOME help as junior was already attacking the viruses. She then raised up the large green cannon and took aim at WallaA, she then fired off a large blast of energy twords the walrus that could not move, so the shot just went forwords, not even trying to turn. Nikko picked up the large log that was in front of her and then she threw it with all her might, screwed up or not, the log hit the ground hard and it rolled at PuffyA and PuffyB, looking to pick up a spare. Her left paw shifted to a small yellow buster and she looked to the enemies, she wanted to get rid of these viruses as quickly as posible. Nikko took aim at WallaA and fired off a blast of energy that could pierce even metal, splashing another enemy in white hot energy. She then watched on at the attacks that would likely delete all the viruses and alow the pair to move on.

Magbomb1----->PuffyA (30X2, chance to stun)
Markcannon1----->WallaA (70+lockon)
Ringlog1----->PuffyA and PuffyB (50, wood)
Shotgun------>WallaA, splash at another enemy (50+splash)
preped dodge/battle overview
The viruses are deleted with swiftness and ease.


Nikko = 160
Junior = 120

Nikko Get: TwinFang1
Junior Get: Aquaneedle1

FXP: 2
"Phew! Well that was easy." Junior said, "I'm ready to go whenever, but I think you better have Timmy-kun fix your systems, Nikko-san. I'll wait until you're ready to head out. I don't mind."
Nikko picked up the chip data and turned to Junior, with a smile on her face. "Heh, i can handle this, Timmy's kinda hopless when it comes to singature programs."
"HEY! Some of those saved your furry little behind more than once."
"Flukes." Nikko said as she twirled her paw with a snobbish look on her face.
"Would you LIKE to have some battle chips next battle? because i know your claws are duller than a pen."
"Bite me. ANYWAYS, junior, lets clean out these viruses so timmy can get our refunds over at the navishop."
"Hmph." Timmy scowled as he was getting the chip into his folder.

(battle 2 when majin is ready)
((Ready, but has nothing else to say RP-wise.))
More viruses ahead.
Looks like more of a hockey ring now than anything.

DharmaA: 90 HP
DharmaB: 90 HP
DharmaC: 90 HP
DharmaD: 90 HP
DharmaE: 90 HP
DharmaF: 90 HP
DharmaG: 90 HP

Terrain: Ice

Nikko.exe: 160 HP
Junior.exe: 120 HP