Radio's Beach Sabotage

SharpMan's coordinates led to what was formerly a stretch of beach, now terraformed so much to the point that it looked like some strange hedge garden, somehow grown healthy and green near salt water. While the ocean was still to his right, the entire stretch of beach was now covered in well-trimmed greenery, arranged artistically like a hedge-maze. He got a bonerific sight of several barely clad ladies (and less bonerifically, some men too) as they desperately escaped from the maze.

"My reporter's still in the area. If you can find her and rescue her, she can probably help you. I don't know who's behind all of this, but your primary objective is shutting them down. The Live Report segment is the end of my show, so as long as you can clear that navi out of here, we'll still have time to get this area back in shape before showtime,"[font=Bodoni MT][/font] VoiceMan had explained over the radio before SharpMan arrived. Looking at the maze, however, it was hard to imagine how he was going to locate the navi.

Outside the maze, a blond-haired woman in a black trenchcoat leaned against the hedges, as if waiting on someone. She wore black shades and had a pretty face like a Netopian movie-star. Her hands were also covered in black leather gloves, matching her shoes in color and shine. She was so out of place that SharpMan could only assume she was involved with the situation in some fashion, but he could not assume to know how.

"Have a minute?" she called out, waving one hand to signal SharpMan over towards her as soon as he arrived.
...What the? SharpMan looked on at the masses of hedges, wondering why they currently existed on the beach. THE BEACH. Hopefully he wouldn't have to do any trimming. People also seemed to be escaping from it, which probably implied that this whole mess happened pretty recently. ...Yeah, exactly how was he supposed to resolve this with no more info? Sure, he could cut down the bushes, but that'd take a while, to say the least...

Wha? There was someone over there...and while she didn't look bad at all, her calmness struck him as odd. Oh well, maybe she could help him out a bit. "I guess I have A minute. Who are you, and what's going on here?" Of course, he knew better than to fully trust someone that looked suspicious. But he could work on figuring that out as she spoke.
"My name's Agent. I work under contract for people such as yourself. When you arrived here and didn't immediately head for a nice, sandy, ordinary stretch of beach, I assumed you must have come here to handle the crisis that's scaring everyone off," the woman replied; she did not courteously remove her shades, nor did she take off her hat, so she maintained her suspicious appearance. "Opportunism is the game I play, and I'm seeing a big opportunity right now."

"For starters, I'll throw you some information as a freebie. Inside that hedge maze is a Wood navi named Bonsai. She's been using trickery to attack everyone trapped inside of her maze. I think there's a reporter she's holding in the very center of the maze as a hostage. And that's all you get for free," she finished, smiling curtly. "But I'm willing to cut you a deal. For 75% of whatever you were getting for this job, I'll make this problem so easy to resolve, it'll be like taking candy from a baby. Of course, if you don't think that sounds appealing, I'll also be willing to sell you some more cheap information. Or you can try it on your own, if you like getting your pointy ass handed to you."

The woman seemed very cocky, but it was impossible at the moment to tell if she was justified in her boasting. On the other hand, SharpMan recalled that he'd be getting an initial payment right after resolving this crisis effectively, so he could probably fool her by offering to split that reward with her as if it was a final payment. That is, if her apparently abundant knowledge had its limits.
...She worked for people such as himself? So, she worked for people that worked for other people? That made no sense. Still, the fact she was so openly in it for the profit was oddly refreshing, and made it a little easier to believe what she said. Of course, no one, but NO one, ate into his profit margin if it could be helped. And thus far, there was nothing that screamed 'you can't do this yourself'. Besides, if she knew about his ultimate reward, exactly how would he split a CustomSword? He wouldn't, that's how.

"I'm sure you'd be a true delight to work with, but I'll pass. And for your information, the only one allowed to place a hand on my 'pointy' ass here is you! In fact, I'd give you 100% of the reward for this if you, well, ya know." With a grin, SharpMan winked at the mysterious female Navi, various...oh, let's call them thoughts...going through his mind. "But you'll give some variation of 'no' to that, of course. But hey, just throwing it out there! Oh, and feel free to stay there, chica. Maybe I'll change my mind!" To be fair, he was serious about that. He'd rather do it alone, but if something required assistance, some backup couldn't hurt.

"...Smooth as ever."

"Watch it!" Now, if what she said was true, he should head for the center of the maze. Of course, he wasn't about to actually go through a maze with a hostile Navi in there, so...time to figure out where the middle was. Now, was there a nice, tall, climbable structure nearby? Because if there was, it'd make figuring this out a whole lot easier.
"100% if I slap your ass? No thanks, but thanks for the free information," the woman laughed in response, still barely changing her leaning pose. "Anyways, I handle rejection easy. Another part of my profiteering is to stand here, powder my nose, and wait for you to realize you need my help. Come find me if that criminal takes your edge off and I'll give you the grindstone you need to get back in action."

With that, the navi called Agent went back to lounging against one side of the hedges idly, as if she hadn't a care in the world, despite the unnatural leafy construct behind her, which still radiated with the screams of panicking beach-goers.

The beach wasn't the greatest place for SharpMan to find tall, climbable objects. The best he could manage to come upon was a life-guard's tower, which gave him a basic scope of the maze. Getting up into it, he could see the sprawl of the maze, but it was difficult to make out individual walls. He could also see several figures, dressed in brown suits and covered in green foliage, standing around the maze like trees. He could only assume one of them was the aggressor.

From there, he couldn't make out any of the center area except that there was a grayish-colored umbrella set up there. It seemed likely to him that he could use that as a marker for the maze's center, even after entering. In fact, assuming that the hedges weren't made of some super resistant alloy that looks just like leaves and branches, he ought to be able to just cut right through the maze.

"Lifeguard on duty! I can't imagine you'd do anything but poke a hole straight through a life preserver, though," the female navi called up to him, still waiting passively.
"Ha, you wish it were that easy!" With that as his sole response to Agent's first round, SharpMan climbed up the lifeguard tower, and did as much scouting as he could. The umbrella stuck out to him; that should serve well as his next destination. Also, there were several suspicious looking Navis in there. Once he was in, he needed to be ready to fight...but when wasn't he?

The bladed Navi hopped down, rolling his eyes with a smirk as the other Navi added some dry commentary. He had to admit, he liked her style. He was half-tempted to accept her offer, if only to keep her around...but he knew to keep his decisions on a purely professional basis. Now, after this mission was over, that was another story. "Guess I'm headed in. All set, Hector?"

"Always am. Never know when you'll need some operation, after all."

"Copy that!" He proceeded to walk over to the entrance, apparently oblivious to the screams...but stopped for a moment to look over at the nearby lady Navi, and gave her a small wave. "Don't miss me too much, chica!" And with that, he proceeded into the apparent leafy nightmare, ready to prove that mazes were easy, especially when you didn't mind removing a few of their walls.
"I'll be waiting," she responded, smiling, but failing to even return his simple wave. She did seem very impersonal. "The important part is to make sure you come back in one piece, not just for your own sake. It's too late for me to offer service, the way you're thinking or otherwise, if you're cracked in two." SharpMan left her on that note, entering into the hedge maze.

The maze looked bigger up close than it had from far away. Huge hedge walls, easily as tall as two of himself, met SharpMan as he approached. From here, he could tell that the walls weren't mostly leaves, either. A thick base of stems and branches were twisted behind that green facade, which might be a blessing as well as a curse. On the downside, they wouldn't be nearly as easy to cut through as the average hedge garden. On the plus side, he might be able to climb over them with some work.

The first path split into left and right immediately after entering. Of course, SharpMan was probably thinking that straight through was another option, thanks to his blades. Quickly, however, he was forced to remember the other danger lying in wait within the maze. Two nearly anorexic looking female figures, wearing brown and garbed in green, leafy accessories, made their way towards him very slowly. They looked so identical they might be twins. The right spoke up first:

"A dangerous man
Entering my maze, cocky
Is yet bound to fail"

Then the left:

"All of his clothing
Torn quickly from his body
Leave no shred nor shame"

It was apparent that the two meant to rip off all of his clothes just like they had the other beach-goers. At this point, he'd have to decide whether he was comfortable engaging them or wanted to look for an alternate path.

SharpMan: 150 HP

BonsaiA: ??? HP (3 movements to left)
BonsaiB: ??? HP (3 movements to right)

Terrain: 100% Sand (grass while on bushes)

A wall lies before SharpMan. It will take two actions to cut through. He can also climb it for three actions.
...Hmm. They didn't skimp on the bushes in here, did they? And in some ways, they were more like trees than bushes...even he'd have some problems cutting through it. Deep down, however, they were still bushes. It wouldn't take overly long.

...Ah yes, there were idiots in this maze. Eerily similar looking idiots, at that. Despite the poetry, it was pretty clear what their intents were...why they wanted to do that had yet to be seen, but that info wasn't required for what he had to do. With a shake of his head, he looked at the wall before him, deciding that, for now, he should focus on rescuing VoiceMan's reporter, especially since he mentioned that she could probably assist him somehow. But he didn't need to rehash past info in his head; he had some trimming to do. "Hmph! I don't have time for these freaks! I say we fire up a new path!"

"Probably wise...and I suppose using your words literally couldn't hurt, either!" They weren't exactly known for arson, but...first time for everything, he supposed. "BattleChip, FireKnife! Slot in!"

SharpMan's right side blade glowed red, which he quickly extended. He did a quick 360 degree twirl, using it to boost momentum as he slashed at the plant in front of him. Normally, a single cut had no chance of wrecking something that thick, even one from him, but those flames could possibly do a number on them...who knew what'd happen when it interacted with the brush?

[Order of Turn:
1-FireKnife chip attack on bush (60, Fire, Slashing)
SharpMan quickly used his fireknife to work through the bushes, mazes and puzzles be damned. Like many outcomes SharpMan was experiencing that day, the slash of his knife was double edged. On the plus side, fire began spreading through the bushes; surely that would make the girls uncomfortable and also work away at the root system. The downside was that the fire wasn't working on it very fast, and for now, the bushes would need another cut to let him through. As an additional unfortunate consequence, he wouldn't be able to climb over the bushes any more.

"Word from the lady
This navi wants to stop us
But he'll have no luck"

"These netbattling skills
Don't underestimate us
We'll tear you apart"

The girls continued their menacing, but slow, dance/walk towards him, adopting poses like trees each leg of their movement. Luckily, SharpMan may still have time to cut through the offending bush, over which flames now spread horizontally; the fire reached out to other bushes, slowly threatening to engulf the row. Luckily, the sand itself didn't seem like it was going to catch fire. For that reason, SharpMan probably ought to be glad for the weird terrain, rather than the ordinary grass or soil path of a garden maze.

SharpMan: 150 HP (Fireknife: 5 uses)

BonsaiA: ??? HP (2 movements to left)
BonsaiB: ??? HP (2 movements to right)

Terrain: 100% Sand (grass while on bushes, 20 damage per action while on bushes)

A wall lies before SharpMan. It will take one action to cut through. He can also climb it for three actions.
Hmm. Well, it could be a lot worse, he imagined. Though one thing was irritating him a bit... "Speaking in haikus...really? If you're trying to come across as clever, you're failing miserably!" He had no time to waste on them, especially now that the bushes were being set on fire. Now he just needed to deliver another trim to that bush...

"Hold it a sec, SharpMan. Being able to set things on fire should come in handy, so we should conserve our ability to do so." Now, for a stronger, but less fiery, alternative. "BattleChip, Sword! Slot in!"

Much as his right side blade was a fiery red, SharpMan's left side blade became white from the sudden gleam it acquired. Extending it fully, he ripped at the weakened bush with it, to give himself his needed avenue of escape. But despite needing to be quick, he also needed to be cautious...he didn't want to run into a third freak because he wasn't paying attention.

2-Sword chip attack on bush wall (80, Slashing)
"This navi's knowledge
Greater than I'd have expected
Not speaking of taste"

"The garden's green walls
They're now lit ablaze, and yet
He's still surrounded"

SharpMan kept moving, haikus be damned. No amount of poetry could stop his sword from cutting through the bushes; finally, he made a path through to the next stretch. Unfortunately, no amount of care would change the fact that two more tree women were standing in the next walkway, positioned almost just like the first ones were. He noticed that a dead end sat in wait to his right. They each turned to look at him slowly, then smiled eerily.

"The rules of our maze
Breached by this crass intruder
Let's punish him now"

"Our turn to attack
Came sooner than expected
Prepare your defense"

Imitating the movements of the others, the two started their way towards SharpMan. He had to wonder just how many of them were in this maze... The fire continued to spread, engulfing more of the wall he'd past and starting to spring onto connected bends. Someone further into the maze seemed to take notice and started shouting.

"Hey, is there somebody else out there? Gee, I hope this doesn't rub you the wrong way, but I could really use some help. I know you've got your own troubles but if you can spare me just a minute of your time, I'd appreciate it. Hope you're doing alright out there,"[font=Bodoni MT][/font] a very polite female voice came from further on in the maze, probably from the captive. She sounded remarkably patient and calm for someone being menaced by a bunch of bizarre criminal garden plant women.

SharpMan: 150 HP (Fireknife: 5 uses) (Sword: 5 uses)

BonsaiA: ??? HP (2 movements behind and to left)
BonsaiB: ??? HP (2 movements behind and to right)
BonsaiC: ??? HP (3 movements to left)
BonsaiD: ??? HP (2 movements to right)

Terrain: 100% Sand (grass while on bushes, 20 damage per action while on bushes)

A wall lies before SharpMan. It will take two actions to cut through. He can also climb it for three actions.
Well, seemed like he was a real freak magnet in here. And now there was a fifth chick on the other side of the next bush. She seemed different from the others, however...she actually talked normal. "...Hector! I got an idea on how to get through this wall nice and easy!"

"Let's hear it."

"Nope, since there's nothing you can do with it! Hey, whoever you are behind there! Make sure you're not in a straight line with my voice! Got it?!" Well, he was assuming whoever it was wasn't an enemy...or at the very least, an enemy that could be reasoned with. Retracting all of his blades, SharpMan performed a throwing motion, which almost seemed to serve no purpose...

...Unless one was paying attention, as his lower blade detached from his arm, spinning rapidly as it approached the bush, in an attempt to down the living wall in one fell swoop. ...Well, it was more like several fell swoops occurring nearly simultaneously, but terminology wasn't important. Results were.

3-Tornado Blade sig attack on bush wall (20, Slashing, hits 3 times)
The fire continued to spread behind SharpMan as he used his spinning blade-a-rang to cut apart the bush in front of him and proceed onward.

He continues forward but
It's all just a waste"

SharpMan was probably annoyed to see yet another Bonsai waiting for him, turning as if activated when she noticed him come through. She was slightly far off to his left, standing at another dead end; he noticed that the path to his right was open. Yet another bush wall stood before him, but he could hear the voice of the captive growing closely now. He estimated she must be on the other side.

"I hope this doesn't rub you the wrong way, but I'm sorry to report that I'm actually tied up! I can't move at all, unfortunately. I hope you're doing better than I am,"[font=Bodoni MT][/font] the girl informed him as he continued his approach.

SharpMan: 150 HP (Fireknife: 5 uses) (Sword: 5 uses)

BonsaiA: ??? HP (1 movement behind)
BonsaiB: ??? HP (1 movement behind)
BonsaiC: ??? HP (2 movement behind and to left)
BonsaiD: ??? HP (1 movement behind)
BonsaiE: ??? HP (2 movements to left)

Terrain: 100% Sand (grass while on bushes)

A wall lies before SharpMan. It will take two actions to cut through. He can also climb it for three actions.
"...Ugh!" They just. Kept. Coming. Like some sort of zombie apocalypse, only without the zombies. Or the apocalypse. Still needed to make sure he stayed away, though. "This is gonna be one of those missions that gives me a headache, I can tell..." Well, no sense whining about it. He was THE SharpMan, of course. But he needed some way to slow those things down...and he just thought of a possible way. But first, he had a nice, large bush to climb. He was a better trimmer than a climber, but...desperate times called for desperate measures. Not that he was particularly desperate at the moment, but whatever. Let's see...he could put his foot there, and grab that limb to start off...

4-Start climbing next bush wall]
"Critical error
The fool's decision undoes
All of his effort"

The creatures continued to taunt SharpMan as he climbed onto the bushes, struggling to gain a foothold. Three of the creatures had now caught up to him, placing them in range to grab him.

Perhaps we should strip him bare
I'd like to see it"

The other creatures nodded in agreement, showing lust on their thin, eerie, grinning faces as they continued to move in.

SharpMan: 150 HP (Fireknife: 5 uses) (Sword: 5 uses) (grass)

BonsaiA: ??? HP
BonsaiB: ??? HP
BonsaiC: ??? HP (1 movement behind)
BonsaiD: ??? HP
BonsaiE: ??? HP (1 movement to left)

Terrain: 100% Sand (grass while on bushes)

SharpMan is climbing a wall. It will take two actions to cut through. He can also climb it for two actions.
...Grr, this was taking longer than he thought. He was already pretty dedicated to the plan, however, so he might as well keep at it. No matter how much of a headache those haikus...wait, did they just do what he thought he did with that last one? "Ha! Now you can't even get your syllables right! You should ditch this gig and go back to your old job of chasing away cybercrows! At least then you won't have to worry about hard stuff, like basic counting!" The verbal jab seemed to invigorate SharpMan a bit, as both his pace and spirits increased slightly. Though the former, not by much, since he could only grab branches and footing so quickly.

But he WAS making it to the top, though. And then...he'd finally be able to cut them down to size. The very thought brought a smile to his face, and a laugh in his belly. "Heh heh heh...heh heh heh! HA HA HA HA HA!!!" Sure, the chick on the other side probably thought he was nuts, but he didn't care. Hey, maybe he was. But he didn't care.

[Order of Turn:
1-Climb for dear life
2-Climb for dear life
-----TURN SPLICE-----
"My apologies
But when I am excited
I can't control my speech very well at all"

"It's hard to form a haiku when you're so ready"
"All of you grab him"
"Out of my way"
"Tear off his pants"
"I'll wrap my branches around his"
"No, leave that part to me"

The navis were now a rustling forest of violators, each gunning for a piece of SharpMan. He could feel the foliage covering their gloves brushing against his legs; one of them actually did grab onto his ass. As he finally rounded the bushes, he found that he did so without much lower body coverage. If the girl on the other side didn't think he was weird already, she sure would in a moment.

Speaking of which, SharpMan finally got a look at who he was rescuing. The girl in question possessed vibrant orange hair, held in an up-do ponytail, which hung to the base of her neck; it looked frazzled, showing how much she must have already struggled. Whatever else she'd been wearing had already, for better or worse, been almost completely torn off, leaving her wearing only a tattered chocolate-colored bra-and-panties ensemble with distinctive, lighter brown bows. Her body was perhaps dynamite enough to offset that of the creatures chasing him; the skin was very light in hue, indicating that she must not have been here very long (she'd certainly be sunburned if she had). Her cute, hazel eyes watched him pleadingly as he cleared the bush.

Another important note was that her legs and waist were both tied to a large central umbrella, with her hands bound behind that. "I'm really thankful you came all the way through that maze for me! I hope this doesn't put any friction between us, but I really need to get free of this. I-If you help me out, I can help you with those bonsai creatures!"[font=Bodoni MT][/font] she assured him. "I also know a good trick that'll help you out with those Bonsai. Only-!"[font=Bodoni MT][/font]

The vines encircling her body grew tighter, pressing into her body and causing her to cry out in pain. The creatures continued to climb over into the center of the maze, and nearby rustling made it sound like there must be even more of the bonsais. SharpMan stayed perched upon the bushes for whatever reason, but there really wasn't much time to wait around if he didn't like gratuitous plant rape.

SharpMan: 130 HP (Fireknife: 5 uses) (Sword: 5 uses) (grass)
Hostage: 150 HP (legs bound) (hands bound) (waist bound)

Umbrella: 100 HP (heavy)

BonsaiA: ??? HP (on bush)
BonsaiB: ??? HP (on bush)
BonsaiC: ??? HP (behind bush, 1 movement to top)
BonsaiD: ??? HP (on bush)
BonsaiE: ??? HP (behind bush, 1 movement to top)

Terrain: 100% Sand (grass while on bushes)

SharpMan is on the bushes. The area ahead is surrounded on all sides by walls, with an opening to his left. Any will take two actions to cut through. He can also climb any for three actions.
Well, he was at the top. Unfortunately, he couldn't say the same about the lower part of his suit. "Tch...Hector! How about a little suit restoration here?"

"...I was on it before you even said anything, but, it's weird. For some reason, I keep getting a transfer. Seems you're stuck like that for a while longer."

"...Whatever. At least they'll burn for it!" His right lower blade became wrapped in the flames of chip data, and was immediately used to tear into the bush, right between him and the Bonsai assortment. "So you can create friction...but let's see how you handle the burn! Bwahahahahaha!!!" With a handy backflip, SharpMan rolled down, though somehow he managed a perfect three-point landing. It was fairly clear that it wasn't the first time he pulled that trick off. "Ha, sorry to keep you waiting!...Hector, I need something that can fix all these vines, and now!"

"Absolutely..." And that basically meant one chip...their strongest one, no less. But if they were emphasizing speed, it was the only choice. "BattleChip, WideBlade! Slot in!"

The auras of sharpness and fire were both completely shifted to the left arm, and a new, golden light surrounded the lower right edge. "All right, you. Whatever you do in the next couple of seconds, do NOT move!" He headed for the hostage's legs, and in one smooth motion, proceeded to cut at her various plant-based bindings.

-----TURN SPLICE-----
3-FireKnife chip attack on top of bush (60, Fire, Slashing)
4-WideBlade chip attack on Hostage's leg/waist/hand bindings (110, Slashing, Wide Attack]
"After him"
"Trip him with your branches"
"Just a little closer"
"Out of my way"

The chorus of plant girls continued, wriggling ever closer to his woefully exposed ass. The woman he was risking life, limb, and sexual integrity to save smiled thankfully and sprang to her feet with a generous bounce. Of course, it wasn't really possible to sever her hand bindings in the same swipe as the other two, but SharpMan did manage to cut the umbrella in two, which would allow her to move as long as she could carry the pole behind her. Which she could, thankfully.

"Thank you! The secret is that not all of these Bonsai are real,"[font=Bodoni MT][/font] the girl continued, watching the exits to the room, as though she suspected more of the creatures to show up at any moment. "Bonsai uses decoys to trick the people who enter her maze!"[font=Bodoni MT][/font]

SharpMan had a little trick of his own; before he'd jumped down from the bush, he'd set fire to it, ensuring intense, burning pain for anyone climbing over after him. The two bonsai women who'd just managed to mount it shrieked in horror, then poofed into brush and leaves.

"Also, I hope this doesn't rub you the wrong way, but I'd like to introduce myself since you took the time to rescue me. My name is Kindle. As you might suspect from my name, I can create fire. Ordinarily, I use my Match Box to do it, but they took it from me earlier... Really, though, anything rigid with enough surface area will do. I just have to rub my body against it,"[font=Bodoni MT][/font] his hostage rambled on nervously, unsure of how they were going to escape. Compounding her fears, another creature appeared in the one open exit of the room.

The three bonsai that had managed to stay on SharpMan's tail leered menacingly, then slapped at his bare bottom with their spindly, switch-like arms. Kindle gasped and blushed as she realized that her partner's butt was showing. Politely, she averted her eyes so that he wouldn't think she was staring.

From somewhere in the maze, a treebomb seed flew out, planting itself into the sand! Of course, sand wasn't ordinarily great for growing trees, but it still wouldn't be wise to just sit there and stare at it. "I-I guess there's more of them after all!"[font=Bodoni MT][/font] the former hostage shuddered.

SharpMan: 110 HP (Fireknife: 4 uses) (WideBlade: 1 use) (sand)
Kindle: 150 HP (hands bound)

BonsaiA: ??? HP
BonsaiB: ??? HP
BonsaiC: ??? HP (somewhere in maze)
BonsaiD: ??? HP
BonsaiE: ??? HP (somewhere in maze)
BonsaiF: ??? HP (standing in exit, 1 movement away)
Treebomb Seed: 1 HP

Terrain: 100% Sand (grass while on bushes)

The area ahead is surrounded on all sides by walls (now on fire), with an opening to his left. Any will take two actions to cut through. He can also climb any for three actions.
Ugh...the fact not all of them were real was slightly comforting, but only slightly. Having an ally helped, as well, but this was more a situation where fleeing to live another day was more appealing. And there weren't any easy escape routes...

...Or were there? "...Hector!"

"The idea just came to me, too. I'll see if it's possible."

"Hah, and if it does, we can just use the coordinates to get back here in an instant!" He turned to Kindle, getting a momentary eyeful as he continued. "My operator's trying to find out if we can do a quick jack out from here. But even if we do, I've got the coordinates to this area. I'll give you a copy of them so you can return as well, if it's possible." His gaze shifted back to the plant people, causing him to scowl at the prospect of that idea not working...

Of course, there was a nice, easy way to deal with exactly three possible beings in front of him. The left side blade quickly acquired a golden sheen, and was used for speedily horizontally tearing at the foes in front of him...

[Order of Turn:
1-WideBlade chip attack on BonsaiA/BonsaiB/BonsaiD (110, Slashing, Wide Attack)
-----TURN SPLICE-----