Now arriving at the Beach Net, DoNotResucitate.EXE grinned as he took in the sights, taking in another cup of Cardiac Arrest. "Ahhhh... here's the rules Polonius. I'll be yelling out various diseases pertaining to different areas of the body. I'd like you to try and call out the body parts affected and slot in the chip that will best represent a symptom from said disease..."

Polonius blinked twice from these rules, replying with "... How does this in any way help with tra--"

The med student was talking, but DNR cut him off with his louder voice. "Ahh yes, the crux of why were here yes... I'm expecting viruses here... they can't obviously resist prime navi meat... so to preserve my own life, you'll be doing this as fast as possible... or else I'll be taking damage... you know very well that surgery has a preference with time and trying to counter balance your focus... exceed my expectations and I'll see to get a lovely new friend to deal with our losing streak..."

"Mmmhhh... sounds fair...Okay!" Polonius replied with some energy, waiting for some viruses to get the drill going.

[Waiting for Battle Uno!]
Jacking into the network, DNR found himself in the middle of a beach, spotted here and there with some sparse grass patches. The patches were occupied by some Mushroom viruses, and they didn't seem very happy to find some Navi waltzing into their space.

MushyA: 80HP [Grass]
MushyB: 80HP [Grass]
MushyC: 80HP [Grass]
MushyD: 80HP [Grass]

Terrain: 70% Sand, 30% Grass (patches around)


DNR let his feet sink somewhat into the sand, crossing his arms as he looked out towards the small patch of grass that the mushroom menace glared at him. "Right... looks like our little excursion has finally born lovely fruits... or protists... regardless drill time... we'll start with one organ and migrate their as time goes on... Polonius?" DNR asked "... CHD." He said, raising an index finger as he drew out his Asplecius symbol, trying to energize his speed to counteract the sluggish sand.

Polonius himself was thinking, sipping a quick sip of the coffee "Let's see... let's s--"

"Tick tock there little Polonius~ we don't want this doctor to undergo rigor mortis while you waaait~" came from the peanut gallery... or in this case the nut. Polonius then snapped his fingers, figuring out the acronym. "Congenial Heart Defect! Hits the heart and the vessels of a new born!"

"aaaand...?" came from DNR, wagging his fingers.

"aaand.... Right! It builds up blood and fluid in the lungs!" Polonius looked on with a smile. "Very good Polonius... if it wasn't for the fact this isn't a drill... you'd sound so... demonic with your words..." These words rather made the med student panicking, looking around the café with a gulp. "I-I-I err... I....ugh..." Polonius said, just slotting in the Firebomb2 chip as well as a Heatshot to be on the safe side.

DNR elicited a smile as he raised his hand, the data stream zipped down and crafting a pill on his hand. "A pill... always the most important arsenal of a medical affliction... then again... we're surgeons!" DNR said in a haughty voice, flinging the bomb in a nonchalant manner towards the Mushy viruses. He added a shrug of his own shoulders, shaking his head.

"Let's trrrryyy..." DNR said as his right hand turns into a gun, using his other hand to prepare the fireball, pointing towards the mushroom viruses. He then gave a small laugh, shooting at an arc towards them, side stepping to avoid any of the attacks that may happen towards this medical professional. Polonius was looking on, wondering the outcome of this fight. It has been sometime as the duo has battled viruses, who knows if their game has rusted from this time?

1. Asplecius Hands (Haste + 2 take Aims)
2. Firebomb2 (100 +burn damage X 2) to MushyA
3. Heatshot (40 X2 Fire damage + spread 1) to group.
4. Dodge
From somewhere above, DNR hears the phrase "YOU CANTANKEROUS FIEND!" shouted loudly, then spots something falling from above...

A lanky navi in a set of blue-green medical scrubs, with heavily bandaged arms drops down onto the network from above. "I knew I would find you prowling the networks eventually if I waited long enough!" he yells, thrusting a finger-- or is that a medical syringe?-- in DNR's direction. "I, Jector, will finally settle this accursed match right here and now!"

Jector cocks an arm back, getting ready to spring forward into an attack on DNR-- and then stops, noticing the viruses across the way. "Hmph! But first we shall see who is more apt at curing this infection in front of us!" he says, the syringes on his right hand filling with a gray fluid.

Jector points the filled syringes at one of the Mushy viruses in the distance, and something cocks in his arm. The syringe-fingers launch themselves from his hand, propelled forward by what appears to be small thrusters on their backsides, and hurtle towards two of the Mushy viruses, trailing smoke all the way. The syringes explode midway through their trip, sending shards of glass and metal flying towards their targets.

Jector's hand, meanwhile, re-'grows' its' syringe-fingers (Although it would be safe to simply say they slid outward from a hidden compartment inside his hand), all of which immediately fill with different colored liquids. Jector grabs one filled with a bluish-white liquid with his free hand. It detaches effortlessly in his grip, and he hurls it at one of the Mushy viruses-- it explodes as it nears the thing in the signature blue blast of an Energybomb.

Jector falls idle, grinning.

{1: Drop in from above! (RP)
{2: Shotgun @ Mushy D (50 damage + spread1 to Mushy C)
{3: Shotgun @ Mushy C (50 damage + spread1 to Mushy D)
{4: Energybomb @ Mushy D (40x3 damage, Blast 1)
{5: Dodge

As DNR prepared his Asplecius hands, suddenly, a rival drops from above! The Mushy immediately became confused as to which to attack, and simply picked targets at random. Two of the Mushy chose DNR, and the other two Jector. Teleporting up to their enemies of choice, they all got a faceful of offense. DNR with explosives, and Jector with syringe-missiles. Everyone's happy- or not?

MushyA: DELETED [d]
MushyB: DELETED [d]
MushyC: DELETED [j]
MushyD: DELETED [j]

Terrain: 70% Sand, 30% Grass (patches around)


Jector.EXE: 440HP


DNR: 280z
Jector: [Spice1] Battlechip, 130z

Quote ()

From somewhere above, DNR hears the phrase "YOU CANTANKEROUS FIEND!" shouted loudly, then spots something falling from above...

A lanky navi in a set of blue-green medical scrubs, with heavily bandaged arms drops down onto the network from above. "I knew I would find you prowling the networks eventually if I waited long enough!" he yells, thrusting a finger-- or is that a medical syringe?-- in DNR's direction. "I, Jector, will finally settle this accursed match right here and now!"

"Oh no not you... anybody but you!" DNR quipped as Jector dropped in, the navi's face looking particularly agitated from his arrival. His frustration with all of this amplified as the newly arrived navi fought all of the viruses. How rude! How inconsiderate it must have felt towards him to see this happening. Polonius himself had to look on with somewhat confusion as the fight ends, his own navi dusting off.

"Where in all of ABADDON DO YOU GET OFF!!?" DNR yelled as he walked towards his idle "friend" (There were obviously anything but by this point...) pointing with his cup of Cardiac Arrest on his hand. "We were having a medical drill! What kind of jerk would go out of his own way and impede another's process! GUH!" the navi said, so full of anger at this point... that he casted his lovely concoction towards Jector, perhaps in some attempt to deride what may be yet another "Medical Debate" between the two.
"Why I've never seen such crass behavior in all my days-" Jector starts, being interrupted by having to dodge the cup of net coffee-- which he doesn't, instead stopping the substance short. He catches the cup, as well, pours all the liquid back into it, then takes a swig.

"-I challenged you to a DUEL! A CONTEST BETWEEN MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS! A battle between FELLOW PRACTITIONERS,-- which I still do not believe you are-- and you don't even have the decency to leave me a way to contact you!" Jector throws the cup back at DNR's face, coffee and all. "How else did you expect me to find you, you uncannily lackadaisical nitwit, besides tracking you down after you jacked in?!"
"Fellow? You derided me for no reason than to inflate your own egotistical mind I---" he was going to finish but hot scalding coffee stood in the way... "hold on..." he then nonchalantly replied as he shook his head from side to side, licking his lips to taste more of the sweet dark liquid. "Mmmhh... those net cafe people can sure brew a batch... HOLD IT!... " he said with a derisive point towards Jector, saying "You could have seen any other Bulletin Board post! Or were you so lethargic to actually sift through those?" with a grin, shrugging his shoulders and shaking his head yet again. "What are the terms of this so called 'contest'? An actual battle? I wonder if your own precious protege would even go for it..."
"I had thought at first about challenging you to a medical contest, but no." Jector shakes his head, smirking. "That would be too easy for me to win! Since we both know you'd never stand up in the field of a REAL medical practitioner, I thought we'd battle first then on your so-called 'home turf', the place where you perform your so-called 'surgery'-- a mockery of the real thing is what it is, but I digress-- and see who is the better practitioner on YOUR turf!"

"The challenge is simple enough for even your inferior mind to grasp. Whoever 'cures' more of this 'infection' upon our networks wins this." Jector says, walking forward. "Unless you're too intimidated by the sight of a real doctor and wish to give up?"
DNR gave a bit of a hearty laugh "Your ego must have a rather high sense of gravity... Tsk tsk..." he said as he wagged his finger. "It's quite pathetic of you to even hold to such ideals... but I'll bite in a metaphorical sense..." he said with a bow. "I'll entreat you then. Let's do this non consequential curing challenge... for nothing else to satisfy the winner's ego and to excise viral tumors..." he said, calmly sending his hand over for a respectful handshake. "Deal?"
"Oh, certainly." Jector shakes DNR's hand... his syringe-fingers dig in a bit, breaking the skin in a place or two. "I'll be more than happy to crush you utterly!" Jector lets go of DNR's hand, then dashes off. "Do try to keep up!"
"So intent in crushing me are you? Heheh... "DNR said with a shrug of his shoulders, dashing off in Jector's direction. "You fit much more as a surgeon~" As he ran off he had to address his protege as well. "Seems like there's a change of plans for now... I'll believe you pass this little test for now Polonius." Polonius simply nodded in a dumbfounded manner, looking on for the next group.

(Battle 2 for Faux FXP go time!)
As DNR and Jector rush off, their footsteps on the sandy beach carries them towards the edge of a beach, with nary a patch of grass in sight. In front of them was a selection of Aqua-based viruses. A couple of Shrimpy stood at the ready on the beach, flanking a Lark. Out on the waves, a trio of incredibly obvious periscopes peep out at the duo, along with two Larks hovering above the periscope groupings.

LarkA: 100HP [Sea]
LarkB: 100HP [Sand]
LarkC: 100HP [Sea]
MarinaA: 120HP [Submerge Sea]
MarinaB: 120HP [Submerge Sea]
MarinaC: 120HP [Submerge Sea]
ShrimpyA: 100HP [Sand]
ShrimpyB: 100HP [Sand]

Terrain: 30% Sand, 70% Sea

DNR.EXE: 240HP [Sand]
Jector.EXE: 440HP [Sand]

Kill Count: DNR 0 - Jector 0

Reaching on over towards the edge of the beach first, DNR smirked as he rubbed his hands together, giving a bit of a laugh "Hahahhh! Made it here first... a fabulous start! Polonius... you're on! Let's see your reflexes in action!" the doctor said with a snap of his right hand's fingers, giving an indication for him to start developing a plan.

"Wah... Okay okay!" said Mr. Carbonium, sifting through his chips as he starts looking at, obviously, the electrical chips that he owns but as well as his signature programs too. Reaching an idea, Polonius finally starts to speak. "Right... let's start dividing out some of those viruses, shall we sir?"

"Heheh... an admirable strategy... but first we gotta gain some speed...." DNR said, pointing down to his feet. Polonius nods in accordance, inputting first the code for the Asplecius hands, then slotting in a Magnetzone chip and a Magbolt2.

The datastream came in towards DNR, entering right inside his head with a smirk. "Ahhh... those chips... I see what your going to try... could work...heheh." The navi said with a chuckle, running off towards the Marina group of viruses. He gave a few flips around just to make sure that the viruses don't knock him out of his trajectory, the sand becoming quite the obstacle to this as his hands sank in. He tried compensating for this by speeding up his movements, trying alternate between placing his hands down on the sand and his feet as well.

Eventually, he finally reaches the Sea area of the field, being as close towards the Marina group of viruses as he possibly can. As he stood there on top of the water, DNR then started to send in the Magnetzone all around him, an attempt to flush them out of the water and trying to make it that much harder for Jector to get him.

His right hand then glows as the Magbolt chip data starts appearing, DNR reaching over towards one of the Lark viruses and trying to pull it in. If he succeeded, it'll be a controlling punch to take a lead over the situation, perhaps even showing the egotistical Jector a thing or two about the power of a Surgeon navi.

1. Asplecius' Hands (Haste + 2 Take Aims at the ready)
2. Dodge
3. Magnetzone to flush out the Marina group of viruses.
4. MagBolt2 towards LarkA (110+ stun X4)

"First my data, you unscrupulous rapscallion!" Jector yells, running into the fray just a few paces behind DNR. "You broke suddenly into a sprint with no prior warning! Had we both started at the same time, I surely would have beaten you here!" He grumbles discontentedly as DNR charges into the fray ahead of him, then follows suit-- although his targets are quite different.

"Mark!" He yells, snapping his disproportionately lengthy arms out to his sides. The motion seems to trigger a change in each; on the right, the needles of his syringes lengthen considerably, beginning to leak a blue substance with a consistency that seems... unhealthy, to say the least. As for his left arm, Jector casts it straight forward-- several of the bandages lazily wrapped around it strike outward with the motion, flying through the air towards the Shrimpies...

The bandages seem to take on a life of their own as they near the Shrimpy viruses, wriggling through the air and trying to wrap, grab, or otherwise grip onto both of the Shrimpy viruses at once.

Jector yanks hard on the bandages, attempting to pull both of the Shrimpies through the air towards him; he then brings around his right arm, dripping syringes and all, and claws straight through the air in front of him. The dripping liquid adds a bit of flair to this, trailing behind the slash in an arc that draws out exactly where the needles passed through.

Jector disappears immediately afterward, leaving the lingering scent of a hospital behind him in the wind, and reappears behind the Lark on the edge of the sea. He immediately tosses what looks like an IV bag at it, filled to the brim with a glowing white liquid, and then takes a step back. The IV explodes as it nears the Lark, shedding liquid all over the sand-- which seems to react with it, causing it explode again in at least three different places.

Jector glances towards DNR, looking smug.

{1: Rageclaw @ Shrimpy A: Grab and yank back towards Jector. 20 Damage.]
{2: Rageclaw @ Shrimby B: Grab and yank back towards Jector. 20 damage.]
{3: Aquasword @ Shrimpy A & B. 80 Aqua damage.]
{4: Areagrab a short distance behind Lark B.
{5: Energybomb @ Lark B. 40 damage, 3 hits. Blast radius 1.]
Running off into the seas, DNR started off the battle by causing the Marinas to become flushed out by the power of magnetic terrain! Of course, they were all pissed about this for sure, and drew out their awesome bubblethingers, of which both missed like what is this I don't even- anyway, only one had the good sense to get off the Sea terrain and sink itself in. Meanwhile, Jector was having some good fun with the Shrimpy, lashing out at them with his bandages and taking them out with one-shot-Aquasword. The Lark didn't looks so very pleased with this, and blasted their WideShots! Oh, but that didn't work, since Jector had areagrabbed behind one of the Lark and made it explode. DNR did get one kill in, though, when he dealt out MAXIMUM PAIN to one unlucky Lark.

LarkC: 100HP [Sea]
MarinaA: 70HP [Magnet]
MarinaB: 70HP [Sea Submerge]
MarinaC: 70HP [Magnet]
ShrimpyA: DELETED [J]
ShrimpyB: DELETED [J]

Terrain: 30% Sand, 50% Magnetic, 20% Sea

DNR.EXE: 240HP [Magnetic] [Take Aim 2]
Jector.EXE: 440HP [Sand] [AquaSword 2/3] [RageClaw1 4/6]

Kill Count: DNR 1 - Jector 3
*Tap Tap Tap*

DNR's boots tapped the metallic ground as he inspected the area, giving the good look towards everybody. The Lark he punched squarely with this Magbolt2 did the trick, eradicating the virus but the classy navi Jector seems to have detained two more than him. "Just ignore him, just ignore whatever comes in his mouth... a bit of focus won't hurt... but damn if I don't want to smack him..." were the words in DNR's mind, adding a mental sigh as he waited for Polonius' input.

Back in the real world, Polonius's tanned head shifted between the chips in his hands, biting his lip to figure out what to try. "Ahhh... well... let's just try swords..."

"Right..." DNR said crossing his arms "an oldie but suitable to my strengths, plus it'll help me block out you know who...." He said in a lower voice, whistling an innocent little tune. Polonius himself had felt skeptical at this point, raising an eyebrow. Of course talking back to his mentor would be suicidal for his own sake, so no reply was said, instead there was the sound of him slotting in the chip.

Absorbing the chip data like an amoeba's Osmosis with water, DNR starts his first attack by materializing his scalpel sword. Before readying his slash, the surgeon had to look and inspect something on the sword. "... There's a bloody spot on my sword!.. Ugh..." he said, tapping his foot yet again. "Polonius, antibiotic gel. Now!" he demanded, the med student quickly complying. Another stream of data, and a few obsessive scrubs of his Myocardium later and the navi was raring to go. "Hehehhhh.... Now then, let's finish this..." DNR said, raring to give a few slashes towards each viruses around him: he attempts to try an upwards slice towards the right most virii, as well as a sideways one towards the one in the northern section of the zone. He added in a quick twirl after the attempt, in the case anything else tried to harm his albino face.

Regardless of the attempts' outcome, DNR ran towards the fringes of the Metalzone area, looking off towards the two remaining viruses. He quickly crouched over towards the sea water and prodded it with a fingertip, licking it in a bit of a taste. "Hmmmmm.. judging by the taste... it's about 3.8 salinity... I think it'll work... Polonius!" DNR commanded "Bring up to me that Treebomb." As soon as that chip was slotted in, the navi's left hand receiving a hand sized seed, DNR threw it over towards the remaining Marina virus, with the added incentive of a possibility to catch the Lark virus.

Yet one had to be sure of a winning streak with these contests. It is with that mindset that DNR summoned out his Reflex Hammer, running over as fast as he could to beat up the Lark with an electrified smack.

1. Sword (80 + slashing) to Marina A
2. Sword (80 + slashing) to Marina C
Swordplay: dodge
3. TreeBomb1 to Marina B and Lark (If posible) (60 + Group Attack + Aqua Boost 30) [Take Aim used]
4. Reflex Hammer to Lark (110 + stun) [Take Aim Used]
Asplecius Hands Turn Countdown: 1 left
Wielding his Myocardium mightily, DNR made Swiss cheese out of the Marina viruses, while dodging a sudden strike from the Lark virus. Then, throwing a TreeBomb into the water, the cardiac surgeon Navi caused a powerful burst of sharp tree trunks to emerge and skewer the submerged Marina before it could attack as well! Now, by then, the Lark saw that it was outnumbered, and attempted escape, but was foiled, when a sharp reflex hammer found itself lodged in its head, deleting it.

Poor Jector couldn't get a hit in before his rival did.

MarinaA: DELETED [D]
MarinaB: DELETED [D]
MarinaC: DELETED [D]
ShrimpyA: DELETED [J]
ShrimpyB: DELETED [J]

Terrain: 30% Sand, 50% Magnetic, 20% Sea

DNR.EXE: 240HP [Magnetic] [Take Aim 1]
Jector.EXE: 440HP [Sand] [AquaSword 2/3] [RageClaw1 4/6]

Kill Count: DNR 5 - Jector 3


DNR: [WideShot1] Battlechip, 520z
Jector: 450z
"Tsk Tsk Tsk..." DNR said, shaking his head from side to side. "So much ego... so much disdain towards the surgeon profession... there's really nothing else for me to say... sooo this will suffice..." The doctor looked quite... serious with his red eyes, rising up his clenched fist. It then opened up... revealing a sharp metallic scalpel rising up from his middle finger, apparently giving him the bird. "I've seen so many a good doc go so so... so inefficient thanks to their overconfident... and you just proved my point..." His face soon changes, giving a rather quirky smile right back, getting rid of the scalpel and bowing towards his rival. "If you wish to teach my protege on what NOT to do... you'll have my thanks... really!"

A quick signal of a snap towards Polonius and DNR was off, picking up the spoils and leaving that rambunctious Jector. The nerve of some people!

[Jacking out]