Mission: Mystery Meeting

Validus warped into the Beach Area. Sparks flying off his body, as usual. He had already gotten fond of such an effect, and it did look cool in a way. "Alrighty, this here's the place where we should meet up with the guy, right?"

"Gritty Sand, Hot Sun, and Cool Breeze? If that's not a huge enough clue then I'll consume 5 battlechips." Tsujsa muttered. Validus raised an eyebrow at him, but then ignored him.

"Alright. Validus.exe. Proceeding to locate Yellow Whiskey sipping Navi in Beach Net" The navi said before he sprinted off in search of his target.
It didn't take long for Validus to find the one he was looking for, since the aforementioned yellow-wearing whiskey sipper was standing right by the entry portal. The Navi was dressed almost completely in yellow, yellow coat, yellow pants, yellow visor, everything yellow. He was holding a small glass in his hand, sipping quite happily by himself. Noticing Validus come in, he opened a visual feed, nodded to himself, and addressed the gunner Navi.

"Yo! You Validus, right?!"
Validus was greeted by the Yellow Alcohol-drinking Navi. The smell of whiskey was affecting the Ultramarine Navi, then it made the operator wonder. Can Navis even drink Whiskey? Pushing all the thoughts aside, Validus replied to the navi.

"Yes, Validus.exe, at your service." Validus said as he made a salute gesture before the yellow navi.
The yellow-dressed Navi nodded and said, ALRIGHT! Now ya look like someone whose operator looks like a good guy, eh? Okay, here's the deal. I'm CollectorMan, and as you mighta guessed, my op's a real whiz when it comes to collectin' stuff. He's been feelin' kinda lazy now, and wants someone, that's you, to go and scrounge up some stuff for 'im. You fine, right?! Alright, here's the stuff you'll need to hunt for, eh? the Navi said as he handed Validus a list.


- Antiquated Navi Customizer Part
- Sample of Lava-Base Soil
- X-Zenny Poker Chip
- Arid Desert Rose
- Hundred-Year-Old Hot Spring-Boiled Egg

And that's about all of it. Tell yer op ta gather one or more of them items, and my op'll getcha some cold hard cash. That clear? the yellow Navi finished.
Validus glanced at the list, and saw some rather strange items that needed to be collected. "Well... this is a weird request, but a job's a job." The navi muttered.

"Most of these things seem to be from the real world... looks like it's my turn to do the jobs." Tsujsa muttered. "Yeah, all I can do is to provide you with information." The navi added.

"Anything else we should know before we begin operations?" Validus asked the yellow-coloured navi.

Nuthin' else. Oh, one thing. Pay's based on the rarity of the item, or items if yer not feelin' lazy. Not my part ta tell ya the rarity of the items, though. Figure that out yerselves, now, all right? the Navi said before returning to his whiskey once more.
"Right... We'll take our leave and return soon." Validus said as he warped out of the net.