For the Service of the Machine

A heavy beam of white light Struck the netways of Dentech, along with a loud clanking sound. M-Angel.213.EXE landed in the area with a mechanical thud. Steam started to billow out from her sings as she straightened her posture, adjusting the metal blade at her side. Her blank eyes scanned from left to right over the schools network, a few of the other navi's were in the area, belonging mostly to students, were in the area; ether battling or running errands for their operators.

"Lets find a few of the viruses in this area. We need to clear some of this network," Frederic said.

213 nodded her metal head in agreement. Pistons began to pump, steam and smoke flowed from the sings, elbows and feet of the navi. She floated in the air, held up by the power of her steam and the power of her wings, as she floated through the nets. Her metal wings turning and the cogs making noise, which filled the area very loudly. Her silver halo stood out above her form, as she searched for her first enemies.

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Moving into the Dentech networks, 213 found her first batch of fresh viral prey; a trio of Metools wandered into her presence, and sought out a fight! They whirled about their pickaxes in a most threatening way, making rather intimidatingly cute noises all the while.

Metool A: 40 HP
Metool B: 40 HP
Metool C: 40 HP

213.EXE: 150 HP

100% Normal

213 stopped in her tracks when the metools showed up before her. She took one look at them through her hallow black eyes, and said, "These beings defy me by acting aggressively. They must be enemies of the machine to show their weapons so quickly. They won't be permitted to exist." 213 said in a robotic and monotone voice. She lowered herself to the ground, her wings flapping and exhaling steam as a control was to a safe landing. With a heavy thud, she landed.

"Lets handle these enemies quickly," Freederic said. "I will send you one of this chips to you. I think we decided to call this power based miracles of the machine. You have a limit based on the threat. Be precise." Frederi slotted in the shotgun chip, and leaned back to take notes on his subject.

213 nodded in understanding. "Understood. I shall process this task." 213 started off her attack by setting up some defense. Not as if one would blame her, those are always a great thing to have. She placed her hand over the center cog on her chest piece, and inserted tiny keys into a lock on it. When she did this, her armor began to shift and change, and power jolts and skipped from her as a protective layer of casting merged and formed with the right areas of her body. The angel was now armored, more so than before, and as such drew her sword. Once the metal made contact with her, it shot and arced some noticeable and powerful bolts.

213 locked eyes on one of the three metools. Electric blade in hand, ready to attack, she pushed herself forwards. Her large metal wings propelled her with steam pouring from the wings. She arrived at the first metool, and send the powerful electric blade deep into her foe, attempting to slash it in half. 213 turned to the remaining Metools, which she was now far closer to, and held up her large metal hand. Electricity sparked and formed in her palm, with steam rising from the hand itself. A bolt of electricity flew from her hand, the energy acting random and chaotic as it flew towards the last two metools.

1) Machine's Shield (20 HP Casting)
2) Might of the Machine to Metool A (60 + Elec + Slashing + Self slow)
3) Shotgun to Metool B, Spread C (50 + Spread1)
Shielding herself with a layer of armor, 213 drew her sword, and sent a sword towards the Metool, which received the blow quite readily, deleted at a moment's notice. Then, pointing her hand towards one of the other Metools, she fired a bolt of electrical power towards it, deleting that as well. The last surviving Metool whacked its pickaxe towards the ground, sending a shockwave towards 213, but her thicker armor weathered the wave easily.

Metool C: 40 HP

213.EXE: 150 HP (10HP Casing)

100% Normal
213 held her sword in her right hand as she lowered it to her side, the sounds of cogs and gears filling the area in the process. Steam poured more slowly from the wings of 213, as the sword attack she had just used required too much power. Slowly her right hand lowered and she backed away from the final metool. Her wings flapping quickly to push herself away.

"M-Angel.213 you will need to learn to be more controlled. The machine only has a certain number of blessings to distribute to you," Frederic said as he spoke about the chips. Frederic was trying to drill the concept of the machine being a detached entity, something which helps but doesn't protect those who can't work without their own power.

"I understand. I know the machine can't be helping only me. It has others to worry about. The machine doesn't help those who don't help themselves." 213 raised her sword and moved back into slashing range of the metool, calling upon the power of her enhanced armor to protect her. She felt the power of a machine blessing entering her system, Professor Kales had inserted the rageclaw battle chip.

213 sent the power of the chip down to her sword, in doing so the electricity jumped from it once again. 213 brought the blade down on the metool, slashing one straight down. A large metal foot was brought up, to kick the poor metool either on its side of back. She switched her grip on the blade, placed her other hand on the hilt, and brought it in a downwards stabbing motion into the metool.

She backed away after the attack, and flapped her wings steam surrounding her, her halo taking on arcs of electricity as she waited to see what happened.

Frederic was quickly recording the vents into his notebook. How quickly 213 fell into the idea of having to help herself, and how quickly she accepted that the machine was detached was an interesting development.

1) Downwards Rageclaw enhanced Sword to Metool C (40 + Slashing)
2) Kick the metool on its side or back for next strike (1)
3) Rageclaw Sword to Metool C (40 + Slashing)
The sword brought down upon the Metool cleaved it in half, deleting it with ease.


213.EXE: 150 HP (10HP Casing)

100% Normal

-- BATTLE 01, VICTORY!! --


[ShockWave] Battlechip, 240z
The blade collided with the had surface of the panels below the metool, and she held her pose for a moment, while her body expelled excess steam which rose around her like a mist from her wings. She straightened her body and placed the sword, tip down, on the tiles and bowed her head to the machine and muttered a prayer.

Frederic was slightly off put by this motion. He had designed 213 to be a logical creation. Something that wouldn't need to show or play on the ideas of classical icons to gods. The mere idea that the logical machine god she was created for would require these gestures is odd in its self. They do nothing for the machine in their execution. Where did she learn them?

213 rose up as her wings folded behind her, gears turning and grinding as she did so. her hollow eyes looked out at the remaining junk data. She placed her hand over the zenny and battlechip, and picked them up to place them in a compartment in her chest, which sent them to Frederic. "I'm ready to keep looking for enemies of the machine."

She started down the path again, heavy metal steps and grinding gears a constant noise around 213, along with the flow of excess steam and heat. She placed her sword on her side and kept walking.

"Good. Keep looking M-Angel.213" Frederic answered half heartily as he wrote.

{Battle 2!}
213 continued her way through the net, noticing what looked like several botany project setups scattered about. The items inside the giant planters, however, looked sort of strange... In fact, upon closer inspection, they were viruses! 213 was forced to stop as she realized going any further would leave her surrounded by wood viruses.

Mushy: 80 HP (atop Flower Pots A )
BombCornA: 70 HP (atop Flower Pots B )
BombCornB: 70 HP (atop Flower Pots B )
BombCornC: 70 HP (atop Flower Pots C )

213: 150 HP

Flower Pots A: 40 HP
Flower Pots B: 40 HP
Flower Pots C: 40 HP
Flower Pots D: 40 HP
Terrain: 100% Normal ((Grass terrain while on top of Flower Pots))

213 lowered her head, and if she had actual eyes they would be narrowed, at the organic nature of the viruses before her. Her wings came up around her, almost like a hood, the sounds of pumping pistons and flowing steam radiated from the Navi as her sword hand flicked out to the side, holding the blade parallel to the ground. Her hands gripped tighter on the steel handle, excess electricity jumping from her palm and from her blade.

Frederic wasn't as shocked by these actions and he was by the prayers, the machine was a metallic creation. A natural opposition to organic and natural like items is to be expected. To 213, these were most likely viewed as demons to the mechanical realm. The more Frederic thought about it, the more the parallel between the two seemed to make sense to him and connect with his own thinking. Over time, due to constant exposure from the natural elements, a machine will break down and change and be corrupted in a way from the "way of the machine".

Frederic was getting lost in his own train of thought while 213 observed the strange surroundings and the flower pots on which the viruses were perched. "Their fowl nests no doubt. The area from which those creatures...grow." The very thought of the word made 213 want to spit in disgust. Too bad she didn't have a mouth. Still, she shook her head in anger and turned her head back as though she was spitting, the gesture being enough to show her clear hatred.

Still holding her pose, with the blade extended, 213 knew she would need some holy protection, from the unholy elements of the natural world. She changed the grip on her sword so that the tip plunged to the panels below her, making a strong hit against the ground, leaving a gash in doing so. She raised her hand before her and mutter a quick blessing, which summoned the protection of the machine. Several large metal plates were rising from the panels below her, peeling up in a animated fashion as they were welded to 213's body, some of them interlocking with the gears on her armor.

Once the armor was in place, she raised her sword back up with a flick of the wrist and flapped her wings back down from the hood like position, and flapped off to the flank of the natural viruses. Her head tracked the location of the pots unfaltering until she was in the correct position to have all of the pots in a line. She took one final jump into the air, wings flapping to slow her fall, before being ready to attack.

By this time Frederic had snapped back out of his side thoughts and was focusing back on the battle. He looked through the chips, unsure which one that M-Angel.213 would like to use. "Angel.213, the machine finds your quick actions and logical thinking to be in good favor. Take this attack and use it well." Frederic blindly slotted in the newest chip from the collection.

213 processed the attack data that was sent from the machine, the shockwave attack. 213 pointed her sword down the line of pots, the pots themselves being her intended targets, and raised the sword up once more before bring it down harshly in a slashing action upon the ground. Her wings spread wide when she did, and a shockwave expanded from her sword tip along the ground, aimed right down the line of pots. "That should separate you from your resources. Next the machine will focus on you, natural scum."

1) Machine's Shield (20 HP casting)
2) Tactical Movement to the flank of pots to put them all in one line.
3) Shockwave chip down the line of pots. (40 + Line Attack + Ground Attack)
Summoning pieces of metal from the "blessing of the machine" to her aid, 213 made sure she was amply protected before attacking the organic viruses, raising her sword to create a shockwave before her that smashed a good deal of the flower pots, but not actually harming any of them. The Mushy was highly distressed by this, and sought better ground, while the BombCorn were relatively unaffected, sending a few corn bombs at her. They were fairly inaccurate, but one did hit her armor. (10) The Mushy teleported to her position, and released a cloud of spores, but failed miserably, and retreated to the last cluster of flower pots on the field.

Mushy: 80 HP (on Flower Pots D)
BombCornA: 70 HP (normal)
BombCornB: 70 HP (normal)
BombCornC: 70 HP (normal)

213: 150 HP (10 HP Casing)

Flower Pots D: 40 HP
Terrain: 100% Normal ((Grass terrain while on top of Flower Pots))
213 lowered her wings in a near emotional response to the barrage of attacks. Her armor held true through the assault, her wings now spread out low, her own form in a crouch. The whirl of her inner components of gears ground as she raised her sword to the virtual heavens. Frederic was content with simply watching the show that the navi was putting on, forgetting his role as a operator briefly, simply interested in seeing the creation at work.

213, however, wasn't as pleased with the lack of support from her archangel figure. "No aid has been received. I must fight without it." She pointed her sword to the frontal lines of the organic enemies, and pushed herself forwards, the longsword drawn back to attack. Electricity jumped and bolted from the metal weapon as the metal angel of death descended. 213's blank face matched her feeling towards the viruses, as she reached the line and drew a strong horizontal slash, tiny bolts of lighting following the path of attack afterwards.

Frederic took more notes on the will and thinking patterns of 213. "Curious," He muttered under his breath, "how she assumes that if aid hasn't been given, that it won't be. Maybe she has accepted a conditional love?" Frederic stopped writing briefly, "Aid!" He slotted in the first chip from the merger collection he could find, along with another. By the time he was done, the duo was down to one final chip to be used. This thought left Frederic both excited and nervous to witness the outcome.

213 looked skywards as the data presence was felt. A tiny nod was all she gave in the direction of, knowing the machine had just aided her. She pulled up the power of the first chip. Reading the information carefully, she sent the attack to her left palm, the area of excess power's primary expulsion. The shotgun chip readily made itself ready, as the power of the chip sparked from her palm. Many tiny blots began to form as she aimed directly at the two viruses behind her initial target. A blast of tiny blots fired from her hand, the attacking spreading out as it traveled.

"Well done. Now finish taking the fight to them," Frederic chimed in. He held his pen tightly in his hand, the every move and action noteworthy that the navi made being instantly jotted down.

213 uploaded the rageclaw data, the final information sent to her. Her longsword of electric power changed shape to a vicious one edge blade with a long dangerous hook at the end. She cast her gaze down upon the first target of the assault. The sword longed for another shot, and the machine demanded the life of an organic. She swooped the hook, in an overhead fashion, towards the virus, trying to impale and scoop it up. Spinning around, her wings spread wide expelling a cloud of steam, she gained momentum behind her throw and drove the target towards one of its allies. If 213 had a mouth, shed be smirking viciously, enjoying the thrill of throwing around foul demons.

1) Might of the Machine to Bombcorn A (60 + Elec + Slashing + Self Slow (+ 20)
2) Shotgun to Bombcorn B and C (50 + Spread)
3) Rageclaw to Bombcorn A Thrown into Bombcorn C (20 + Impact to Both)

150 HP
10 HP casting
Self Slow
An electrified blade came crashing down soon after 213 received nothing, crashing down on one of the BombCorn, nearly deleting it. The BombCorn attempted retaliation by firing at her, along with some others. It was a successful attack, with one attack breaking her armor, and another hitting her own self. (10) 213 managed to fire on one of the retaliating viruses, and followed that up with a RageClaw, deleting one of the weaker viruses. After that, however, the Mushy that was sitting on the flowerpot decided it wanted some action as well, and leapt into the foray, releasing a cloud of spores everywhere. (20) It didn't help that the spores contained a disruptive compound, either. (Confused!)

Mushy: 80 HP (on Flower Pots D)
BombCornB: 20 HP (normal)
BombCornC: 50 HP (normal)

213: 120 HP (Confused!) (Self-Slowed!)

Flower Pots D: 40 HP
Terrain: 100% Normal ((Grass terrain while on top of Flower Pots))
213 held her head tightly as the chemical compounds causing the disruption made her wings and legs twitch and short circuit slightly, her movements now being slightly random as she attempted to clear her head. The flower pot was the foremost object in her vision, the size and color or it changing with each time she managed to refocus her eyes on it. One of her wings was twitching slightly as she cast her eyes up towards the heavens. 213 was unable to figure out what was happening to her. The attack was nothing like anything she had encountered or heard about.

"These organics caused this damage!" 213 cried out. She lowered her head, into a praying position as she began to summon the aid of the machine. Her wings began to spread out as best as possible while under the effects, and around her metal was peeling up from the digital walkways to form a strong armor, with pieces welding to her form.

Fredrick was curious how 213 would interrupt these next few attacks from the viruses. He had no way to heal and help the angel, and at the same time she had no way to heal herself of the system damaging effects. She would still be misguided by the confusion during her attacks. '213 suffered a run in with a confusion inducing attack from an 'organic' Fredrick wrote down. 'Her faith meter remains strong, but will it do so afterwards? It comes down to how successful her attacks are.' Fredrick slotted in the final chip the two had, the cannon chip. "Stay focused and trust your processing," Fredrick instructed while slotting the attack in.

213 Was still greatly overwhelmed by the confusion, her body twitching irregularly from the effects. With the presence of another blessing from the machine, along with the strong armor, she was ready to push through. Her body was slow to react as she raised her hand, palm open, towards the mushy. That damned flower pot still held her vision, the ever shifting colors and shapes bothering her eyesight to no end. It was all she could focus on. As the cannon chip charged she tried to hold her hand and body steady, waiting for the proper moment to unleash the cannon, during a momentary cease fire of the twitching of her form and the myriad of colors before her. The moment came, and 213 wasted no time in taking what she believed to be the best shot opportunity that she had. the cannon shot quickly from her hand, rolling towards the mushy.

213 Gripped her trusty sword in her hand, the hooked end still standing strong from the rage claw. She ran towards the mushy, with the righteous longsword held high. "For the machine!" She cried in a crackling voice, as she preformed and overhead slice, trying to hook the mushy virus in the end. She rolled her body around, wings following in a dramatic arc with steam trailing each tip. Her eyes attempted to lock unto the weakened bombcorn, and she tossed the mushy towards it, trying to hurt both in the attack.

213 pulled her wings in around her as she tried to shake the effects of the confusion from her system, with random twitching still over taking her form. Fredrick held his pen at the ready ready to record the following events.

1) Machine's Shield 20 HP Casting
2) Cannon to Mushy (40 + Knockback)
3) Rageclaw to Mushy to Throw into Bombcorn B (20 + Impact to both)
213 struggled to fight against the abnormality she was suffering thanks to the Mushy, trying to aim her cannon correctly at her target. The cannon unfortunately missed the Mushy by a long shot, but the rage-claw powered sword had a better effect as it successfully launched the virus against the wounded BombCorn, deleting it instantly.

The last remaining BombCorn moved in for an attack, but it was easily deflected by the casing!

Mushy: 60 HP
BombCornC: 50 HP (normal)

213: 120 HP (Cured!)

Flower Pots D: 40 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal [10 HP Casing] ((Grass terrain while on top of Flower Pots))
213 was extremely grateful to have her vision restored to her, and to not be malfunctioning anymore. She looked at the rageclaw boosted sword in her hand and Knew she was on her own. She was out of blessings to be used. She spared no time in second thoughts, as she knew aid would not be coming. Raising the hooked sword high above her head, she began expelling a lot of excess steam and her wings flapped powerfully. Billows of steam and smoke filled the area as the angel attacked, swinging her sword in a broad sweep at the Bombcorn. A fast overhead strike was the opener to her assault. With a sweep of her arm and a twist of the body she tried to hook and throw the born corn, right into the mushy in the back.

Fredrick watched as 213 took to instant fighting, making sure to comment and remark on how she seemed to know she was out of chips. He approved of how 213 was demonstrating her programming thus far, even in the little time that she had been fighting thus far. His eyes glanced to the faith meter on the PET; still at max. He wrote that information down. He he looked back to the screen silently, as he waited for the battle to resolve.

After the attempted hook and throw, 213 took a striking stance, her wings fully unfolded. Pressing the sword tip into the ground as she gathered extra electricity from her body, pumping the power into her sword. The length of the long sword started to glow as lighting began to spark and fly from it. The strands of energy arched from the blade to herself, creating a rather intimidating scene. She moved in upon the mushy, with her wings pumping steam and smoke as she moved. A horizontal slash was delivered quick and strong, hopefully slicing the foul organic creature in half.

She stepped back, now low on electricity, holding her sword up in a defensive position. Her wings hung slightly lower as her power started to recharge. Fredrick watched in silence, never moving a muscle or making a sound, save for his pen writing on the paper. He was locked in concentration on the events before him.

1) Rageclaw to Bombcorn C (40 + Slashing)
2) Rageclaw to Bombcorn C and Mushy (20 to Both + Impact)
3) Might of the Machine to Mushy (60 + Slashing + Elec + Self Slow)
Freed of her affliction, 213 didn't give the viruses another chance to attack. She dashed forward for a strike and landed a direct hit on the BombCorn before sending it flying toward the Mushy. The impact caused the BombCorn to fragment on impact, but the Mushy was still intact. 213 followed up with an electrified strike to remedy that.


Terrain: 100% Normal ((Grass terrain while on top of Flower Pots))
Flower Pots D: 40 HP


213: 120 HP


213 stood up slowly, her body moving much less fluidly as her power was recharging. She put the tip of her sword down into the ground and spread her wings wide as the last data fragments of the organic virus disappeared into the net ways. Her two eyes narrowed as she watched the remains, feeling disgusted to be near such creatures. She lowered her head and wings in a prayer, feeling empowered by her combat against organic viruses. She felt fulfilled in her duty.

She moved her head over to the only remains which hadn't been dispersed into the net and looked at them. One was a new blessing to be given to the machine. She gathered the zenny and placed that in her chest compartment, then ritualistically did the same with the battle chip.

Fredrick took careful notes of the faith meter, which hadn't dropped or risen any after the fight, and then examined the new chip that he had won. Fredrick, overall new to the virus fighting scene, held a data bank of chips open on his laptop, and wrote down the notes for each one. He had to write anything down these days if he wanted to remember anything at all.

He began to speak, but stopped to think about how to phrase this in "213 talk".

"This current offering you have given is a great one indeed. The blessing you shall receive is going to be very useful in your plight against the organics."

213 nodded in approval as her body started moving, the sounds of pistons and mechanical movement filled the netways, steam billowing from her wings as her systems were restored to full.

{Ready for Battle 3}