Well, since someone neglected to tell me RE:RN was 7 years after RE:CN, I suppose I need more then a one year older Zeo. I may not get all this done as I'm leaving in 5 minutes, so bear with me.

Damn, reading that discussion on Dethis Harbin's Homepage, I really missed a lot.


Age: 20

Appearance: Zeo's hair has grown considerably longer, having only spent money on food and his appartment lately and not bothering to get it cut. He has the Mettaur picture from his old shirt from a while ago, since it was his favorite shirt and marked the early days of his Netbattling career. The patch is currently sewn on the middle of his black t-shirt. He wears a grey centered, red sleeved jacket unzipped so that the Mettaur patch shows. He has normal blue jeans and white shoes with blue stripes on them. The jacket has a PET holster on his right sleeve near his shoulder.

Is that okay? I'm not all that great at wowing descriptions.

Just in case people don't check this.
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