Grillio Netopia!

When the mission acceptees arrived... hopefully in a timely manner. They would find themselves in a normal Netopian Network atmosphere. The coordinates of the hyperlink would bring the trio of ladies into a busy steet admidst many passerby going to various buildings and businesses. They would drop down right in front of a restaurant called Grillio Netipia! The building was a small one story building that looked to be worn from the weather. It's dark olive pant was faded, and missing in splotches here and there revealing a tan undertone.

Based on appearances, the restaurant wouldn't give off the "Popular" vibe it's owner spoke of in the request. A big bubble lettered neon sign hung above the roof of the building that spelled the name of the restaurant in a loud bright red color. A wide red double door entrance seemed to be the newest thing to the restaurant, perhaps it had recently been replaced.

In front of the doors was a green and yellow Normal-Navi model. A large cloud white chefs hat was almost oversized to the point that it barely rested on the Navi's head. A matching white apron with various colored stains dropped from his shoulders covering most of his chest, waist, and legs. Probably dirty from kitchen work. When they were ready to enter and proceed with the mission, this Navi would most likely be the one they were meant to be greeted by.
A large stack of over-sized poker chips shot down from the sky of the net, producing a rhythmic noise of chips clicking together before the chips dispersed into red and black data, leaving Ante in her wake. Despite the instructions, she'd jacked down a short distance away and still clad in her usual gown. Only a moment later, a shadow split off from her own and stood up to a height slightly above her own, its features gradually solidifying until Fold was plainly visible. "Well, it appears we've beaten Miss Dare here. She's likely to be upset at that," Ante remarked with a small smile, even though that was more on Bruce for not jacking her in faster. Her smile didn't last long; her eyebrows upturned slightly and a nervous frown appeared. "Miss Fold, I really ought to be more careful with my mission requests in the future. I know I said anything, but something like this... serving as a waitress in an establishment like this is..."

"Milady, I know you may rue the lack of a challenge," Fold added, graciously not finishing the sentence with "beneath me" as Ante had likely wanted to say. "But this will be good for you. You're vastly overqualified as a princess and a warrior, that's true, but both of the two can benefit from being out of their element at times. Besides... you and I got to attend a ball last time. I think it's only fair that Miss Dare get something that she wants. A competition for tips is just the sort of thing she'll get into, I wager," the servant chuckled. A dark look took her eyes suddenly; the shadow from her hat seemed to obscure them. "However, if any of those 85% male clientele think they can venture any uninvited attention upon you..."

"Oh, please, Miss Fold," Ante scoffed, looking to one side bashfully. "I hardly think that any men are going to be getting up to any funny business with a woman my age when Miss Dare is also present."

Fold wasn't sure whether she was more concerned that Ante thought of herself that way despite her appearance, which was slightly younger than her own, or that Ante didn't seem concerned that people were going to get handsy. "Well, perhaps this will help: Miss Teruko has prepared .GMOs for us that should help us 'dress to impress' as the request went. Let us take a look," she offered, indicating Teruko should activate them.

*Cat Ear Waitress .GMOs activated for both Ante and Fold*

Ante clasped her hands over her mouth for a moment, then regained her composure, trying not to blush too hard. "Miss Teruko... This can't be appropriate. This is like a costume for children. I'll look the fool," she complained, pouting like the child she didn't want to be seen as. Fold barely looked at her own, instead taking the time while attention was off of her to drink in Ante's unusually cutesy look with thirsty eyes.

"Ha ha ha! This is how waitresses dress in the otaku district of Electown! That's what guys like, you know? A cute girl with kitty ears!" she guffawed. Someone nearby her suggested that bloomers would have made it even better, but she dismissed that thought with a frustrated wave of her hands. She readopted her grin, then crossed her arms proudly. "Trust me, I worked in an outfit like this for a little while when I was just out of high school! Guys loved it. They like a pretty kitty!"

"I-I'm not going to act like a pretty kitty for anyone's amusement," Ante protested, straightening her fluffy skirt.

"But you are going to act like a tip-chasing waitress in a place like this?" Teruko asked, seeming amused.

"Yes! That is what the GNA, and Sir ChefMan asked of me, and that is what I intend to deliver!" the one-time princess huffed, turning her chin up proudly and approaching the Grillio she'd been directed towards. "We shall meet Miss Dare at the front," she encouraged Fold, who was following along eagerly. Her initial impression of how she might not be suited for the work here worsened as she realized that the building could benefit from a fresh coat of paint and the cook from a fresh apron. "A chef... I probably had my hopes up too high thinking he'd be the kind of chef who concerns himself over his appearance," she thought inwardly, trying not to let her judgmental thought carry over to her face. She put on as polite a smile as she could, then made to curtsy, before realizing she'd show off even more of her thighs if she did so and deciding to only provide a small bow instead. "Greetings. I am Ante. I believe you are my employer; I am reporting for my work. I hope I've arrived promptly enough to meet your expectations," she introduced herself. "This is Fold, my attendant. She'll also be working wherever you'd like to assign her tonight. We needn't stick together for the night."

Fold looked like she wanted to protest that point, but she thought the better of it and did curtsy, which, as Ante suspected, did show off more of her thighs than was kosher. "Pleased to meet you," Fold added simply, with a genial smile. She wondered if she ought to warn him that she was not one much for male clientele... but then, what she thought of them was ultimately unimportant. Fold imagined it would matter a lot more what they thought of her.
Dare arrived a bit after Ante, appearing in a plume of flame after Ante and Fold had already moved ahead to meet their client. The motorcycle roar that normally announced hear arrival didn't match her appearance as well this time, however, as her usual outfit had already been replaced by her .GMO for the night:

LVL5: Cat-Hairband Waitress.GMO

From the link he received from Teruko, Bruce dug up a GMO for Dare that he only loosely coordinated with Ante's. The outfit completely replaces Dare's usual, with the exception of her trademark shades and the tailpipes on her shoes. A black hairband with slightly rounded orange-and-black tiger print ears is worn on the head. The band is mostly hidden, while the soft, synthetic-fur ears stand out. Her chest is covered by an ordinary, sleeveless white tank top, showing a bit of cleavage. The shirt is long enough to cover the belly, but not long enough to tuck into the bottom. The bottom consists of a pair of short-legged tiger-striped pattern shorts worn at the hips, including a synthetic fur tail of the same pattern attached just above the tailbone. Overall, the outfit is wrinkle-free without being overly tight. A black leather collar with a silver tag bearing her cursive engraved name circles the neck, and a black front-facing pouch on a Velcro-adhered belt of the same color wraps her waist. White lace-up boots with retractable roller skates cover sporty white socks on her feet.

The Navi's eyes first locked onto the distinct appearance of her selected rival, Ante, and her bodyguard. She glanced down at her own outfit, her expectant grin quickly dropping to a frown. "What the heck, Bruce. I thought you told Teruko you were doing coordinated outfits?!"

"I did, she's the one that screwed up," Bruce defended, rubbing his chin as he looked over each of the Navis that appeared on screen. "She said 'Cat-hairband waitress.' This is cat-hairband waitress!"

"I bet you downloaded it from the Netopia section," his Navi inferred, rolling her eyes and sighing. "Oh well... I thought if we all came dressed the same it would make the competition for tips more even, but I guess we can just treat it as the 'operator factor' that's part of the competition, as well."

"I dunno how I feel about being a 'factor' in your made-up games, but whatever. Go get some tips! Meanwhile, I'm gonna go get a sandwich. A healthy sandwich!" he added to someone off-screen.

Dare took off her shades briefly to get a good look at the outside of the building in the correct colors, rather than the tint of her shades. "This thing could use a new coat of paint... or, uh, a total remodeling. The sign and the door look like they were part of some poor man's attempt to make this a happening destination. I wonder if we're the staff equivalent of a fancy neon sign for this place tonight?" Dare had a hard time imagining ladies as lovely as the three of themselves normally waiting tables inside from the impression she'd formed from the outside. "Well, no problem. We'll give ChefMan a neon sign so good, he'd need it to say 'free drinks' to get any more customers."

Quickly recognizing the skates hidden in her shoes, the Navi activated her wheels so she could roll over to where the group had gathered. While Ante had been worrying about her thighs in her new costume, there wasn't much Dare could do to hide her own. Regardless, she didn't intend to give a curtsy, coming to a practiced brake on her skates and extending her hand for a quick shake. "I'm Dare! You really lucked out tonight, huh? Only thing that would have been better is if my operator had actually coordinated our costumes. Still, looking good-" she admitted, turning to Ante with a friendly smirk that suddenly tightened. "Hold the phone, Bruce really screwed this up!" She held her own silver name tag in one hand and reaching the other out to inspect Ante's gold one. Frowning now, she also reached over to inspect Fold's. She clicked her teeth and shook her head, not bothering to explain the problem she felt should be obvious.

Finally, she turned back to the chef, shaking her head once more before relaxing and crossing her arms behind her head. "We'll catch up later, Ante. So, Master Chef, unless you're running a dog café here, I don't think you're going to find better male-clientele-pleasers than us. Now, why don't you go ahead and set the stage?"
Ante and Fold were the first to show, quickly dawning their .GMOs for the mission. ChefMan8 didn't pay much attention to this at the moment, but answerd them after her curtsy. "Yes I am ChefMan8, the eieth Navi created by the talented chef Ken Zimmy. As for your not so prompt arrival... I will discuss when the other acceptee shows up."

Dare arrived in good time as did Ante and Fold but that didn't keep ChefMan8 from complaining... though there wasn't a customer in sight, and it was still fifteen minutes before open. "About time you arrived, we can't keep our guest waiting." The navi wiped his hands across the already dirty apron. Stopping to give the ladies some acute elavator eyes. Up and down he stalked their bodies and outfits. "Yes yes yes... yall did good. Exactaly the type of ladies I was looking for. Come inside." He opened the door behind him, and directed them into the resturant allowing them to enter first so he could continue his gawking.

Once inside they would see that the interior was a bit more kept up, then the rough looking outside. the walls, floor, and celing were of a dark brown oak hardwood. While there were only six tables, and a bar. The layout was symetrical, with the Bar being centered on the back wall and stretching across much of the room, leaving a small opening on each end for the staff to come and go, with an entrance to the kitchen hidden behind a black curtain. There were four round tables, two on the left, and two on the right. All were big enough to fit atleast four guest, while to the groups left and right in the corner was a bigger round table that had a booth tracing the corner able to seat atleast six, maybe seven depending on their size.

Behind the bar on the wall, were three large tv's. The one on the left was showing a mysterious NetVegas game show, the middle was showing a local Netopian NetBattle tournament, while the third was graced with what looked to be a cyber football game. "Welcome to Grillo Netopia. The best damn restaurant on the Net. Our menu changes day to day, bring unique and tasty cuisine combined with an exciting and beautiful environment. In any moment customers will flood our doors so please decide amongst yourselves. Since there are three of you, I'll need two waitressss and one bartender." From beneath his apron he pulled 6 peices is off white colored paper. One was labeled Today's Menu, the other was labeled Everyday's drinks.

He handed all three of them, one of each paper. "We have about ten minutes left. Familerize yourself with these, and get ready. Is there anything you need to know?"

Grillo's Menu
[th colspan="3"]Today's Menu[/th]
Fried Puffy-F with MetoolFrags. (SPICY!!!)A delicious meal, our chef gently fries a Puffy-F filet, tops it with three well portioned bugfrags attained from a Metool. 150z
Grilled Spikey MignonBy far our most selected meal. A juicy center cut portion of Spikey meat grilled to perfection. Seasoned with special Mushy seasoning. For best results, order Med-Rare.375z
Sparking Dragon Delicacy Not for the tender hearted, or weak pocketed. We managed to hunt the rare and local ThunderDragon and add it to todays menu. Chopped and Sauted' with Totem wood, and Mushy Meat.2500z

Everyday's Drinks
Grillo NetopioOur homecrafted black ale. 25z
Grillo SakeOur homecrafted sweet Sake35z cup/ 250z bottle
CandyLyfe Candy flavored pop with a splash of our Grillo Sake. 50z
DarkNight A brown, smooth liquor with a distinct smokey smoothness.50z
Puffy-A water or Fruit Juices(Non-AlcoholicApple, Orange, Bannana, Pinapple, Kiwi, and Cherry. 10z

While the four were speaking the first Customer would come through the doors, though they still had a few minuites before th restaurant was actually open for the evening. It was a normal Navi of the red with orange trim colorway. He dawned a Black leather biker jacket, but that was the only distinguishable clothing. ChefMan8 interuopled whatwver conversation was happening at the time to say, "I hope you have it all figured out. The two waitresses on the floor will take turns greeting and seating customers in their own sections. That way it is fair. So will the first server happily serve this gentlemen at the door."
"Hm... it sounds like Miss Dare has arrived," Ante observed, noticing the sound of a motorcycle somewhere in the distance. Truth be told, there wasn't a lot of vehicular transportation on the net, so that noise was a dead giveaway. Not that Dare would be the type to make a discrete entrance to begin with. She refocused her attention on the navi in front of her as she waited for Dare to arrive, her associate being tied up with assigning the blame to her operator for the lack of matching outfits. They didn't get much of a warm welcome... Ante frowned and gave a short, apologetic bow, understanding that the need for prompt service was a must for a servant, although it wasn't easy for her to accept criticism as a former princess.

It wasn't easy for Fold to watch her accept criticism either, as her natural impulse was to spoil Ante, but she held her tongue. It was way too early for her to blow this mission with a sudden outburst of protest.

When Dare showed up, Fold gave her a small smile and discrete look over, appreciative of the costuming. She thought to herself that this look suited Dare better than the fancy dress had. Ante, on the other hand, gave a quick, stern frown, which she replaced with a smile as quickly as she could manage. She didn't think it made sense for Dare to show up to a workplace dressed in such skimpy clothing, but she didn't voice those concerns. "Greetings, Miss Dare. It's pleasant to see you again," Ante began.

Fold opened her mouth to offer a similar observation, but ChefMan8 was already letting Dare know what he thought of her trademark speed: not highly. 'At least we passed the visual inspection," she thought to herself, as she followed the man inside, walking behind both Ante and Dare. The inside of the building looked a little antiquated, but not nearly so bad as the outside did, which made Fold wonder if perhaps the place appealed to the locals. They'd appreciate a clean interior without worrying so much about what the outside looked like, she figured. As far as the rest of the staff and the food, well, there was still a slim chance that they together could explain how Grillio Netopia was the crown jewel of the restaurant world, but currently, they were all out of sight. As such, a brief flash of amusement crossed her face when ChefMan8 made the claim, which she quickly replaced with a more serene smile. In hindsight, she reflected that ChefMan8 might be the sole cook in this place.

"Seeing as Miss Dare has a friendly wager going with milady, I think it will be best if I handle bar-tending for the night. I've served a drink or two in my time," Fold chuckled, taking a look at the drink menu. She was no stranger to drinking said drinks either; she hoped she might have the chance to try a few before her shift ended. After all, they wouldn't be the same the next time she came back, if what ChefMan8 said was true. "I suppose I should ask, is there anyone I shouldn't serve liquor to? Of course, there's no way or reason to 'card' a navi normally, but there could be certain customers you don't want getting drunk, I suppose."

"Ah, I could use a quick rundown of the typical flow of the waitressing. I assume I introduce myself, make some light conversation, ask if the customer would like drinks, then I ask if they'd like any drinks. If they request drinks, I leave to put in the order. If not, I can ask if they're ready to order. Provided they are, I leave, put in the order, then work on another table until the order is ready to deliver. On that note, how will I know when the kitchen's order is up for delivery?" she asked, looking over the sparse menu that was provided. She figured it must be pretty good after all... a restaurant couldn't get away with so few food offerings if those offerings weren't all winners. Though... if they were all winners, it was worth noting that one winner was significantly more expensive. "Highly unusual..." she thought to herself, her eyebrows adopting a worried, horizontal set as she scanned the menu. It was hard to believe such a strategy could work... Usually, if one menu item was 10x more expensive than the others, there was a full discount if you managed to eat the whole thing... Ante couldn't help but wonder if she ought to consider fixing the menu to be part of her work here, but another part of her was pretty certain that wouldn't go over particularly well with her boss. "Oh, and are there additional menus if we need to distribute them to the guests?"

Hopefully, they'd get their answers quickly, because the first customer didn't take long coming in. Ante patted her apron down, smoothing it with a gentle and practiced hand as she might straighten out her own skirt, before walking to the front to take the first turn. She only jumped in first because she figured it'd tick Dare off if her rival sat back and meekly waited for her to make the first move... in a way, it was only polite to be a little rude in this case. "Welcome to the Grillio Netopia!" she began, giving a polite bow that was probably a little uncommon for the average waitress here. "My name is Ante; it is my pleasure to be your attendant today, Sir." She lifted her face, a pleasant smile upon her red lips and a bit of color in her otherwise gray cheeks. "Are you dining alone today?" She'd wait a moment to answer, then gesture with one open palm to the empty floor behind her. "Would you prefer to be seated at the bar, or would you like a table?" she asked, assuming he could pick either. She didn't offer the booth, since she supposed seating a single person at a booth designed to seat six was probably not the ideal way to start filling the restaurant.
Dare's eyebrows arched more intensely as she showed her teeth in a challenging grin. "Oh, okay. You show me the man in there that can't wait for the fastest woman on the Net to deliver the hottest service on the Net, and I'll show you a sad-sack you don't want dragging your establishment down anyhow." She didn't show her offense any further, though, recognizing a bad start with their client, if the kitchen staff was as small as she expected, would be a misstep. That said, she was thankful her shades hid her eyes focusing on their chef's hygiene. "Glad we're going to be the ones up front..." she thought to herself.

Instead of voicing those thoughts, she simply followed the chef inside, raising her eyebrows as she got a look at the interior. "Not so bad! Pretty classy. Hope you've got room for all the customers we're going to draw, though." She thought that was an exaggeration... To be honest, she hoped it was, considering looked like only the four staff members, two being inexperienced waitresses and two working on the food and drinks. Still, talking a big game was her default. She kept her mouth shut as ChefMan gave an explanation, realizing she might not have long to memorize the fine details. She quickly scanned the menu with intense focus. "You collect these materials yourself, Sticky Fingers? If so, color me impressed..." She also gave Fold an appreciative nod for helping her challenge come together. She let Ante asking the questions: while she was listening intently for the answers, Dare had confidence (overconfidence?) in her own ability to wing it.

It looked like she wouldn't have much more time to prepare, because shortly after, their first guest arrived. She cracked her knuckles in preparation, only to find Ante using that time to make the first move. "Haha, I shouldn't underestimate my rival... a customer walks in with my name tattooed on his forehead, and she sweeps him right up. Watch the next guy be a stiff in a suit... Whatever. I'll take whoever!" The Navi began tapping her foot with its retracted skates impatiently, looking like she was getting ready to make a dash at whoever walked through the door next. "After all, if I'm not quick, Ante'll scoop up two before I even get one..."
"Ah... new workers, I forgot for a moment. Yes you seem aquatinted with the basic customer interaction. As for your other questions..." ChefMan8 responded, "When the food is ready, you will will hear a bell, but it never hurts to poke your head in the kitchen to find out what's going on. Menus, right... one second" The Navi clapped his hands and said, "Hostess Stand, I need you"

Right in front of him a brown light seemed to beam down from no where, and solidify itself into a brown table like stand. On the back side of the stand was a cubby hole that was filled with lots of silverware paired and rolled in solid white napkins. To their right we're two stacks of the menues ChefMan8 had handed them. The summoning of the table would probably mean he was of summon subtype. He positioned the stand to the left of the door just before the customer had come in.

"We Navi's can look however we are programmed, so age isn't a factor. Serve anybody who has money and wants to order." He continued answering the questions. "As for the materials... I pay netbattlers to hunt for me, but that shouldn't be your concern." Now when you take the order, poke your head through the curtain and let me know what I need to cook. Also keep up with the Zenny till the end of the night. I will collect it when we finish up. If there's anything else, ask now, I'm going to head to the back."

The chef Navi turned to leave just as Ante greeted the first customer and began helping him. "I've never seen you before, are you new?" The Navi in the black jacket spoke. "I have one more coming, but a table should be fine please." Assuming she led him to a table he would follow closely behind, giving her back side more attention then she probably wanted, and it wouldn't be very discreet as her companions were probably looking just to see how the first table would go.

As ChefMan made it to the bar, he yelled across the restaurant, "Fold was it? Come on back here and let me show you were every thing is. If she obliged she would see it was a fairly simple set up behind the bar, it looked like three machines were hidden below, each were the same, on top of the black colored machines was a silver panel that had a button, for some of the things listed on the drink menu. Attached to the right side was a nozzle probably to spit out wash od the drinks, "Right here is where you get your Ale, Pop, Juice, and Water. The two ladies will also need to get their drinks from here, but you will pour any and all alcohol." He pointed at a cooler The was underneath the tv on the left. "Here's where the Liqour and Sake is, and the glasses in there being chilled also. If you need ice, it will be in there as well. Do you need anything else?" Hopeimg she didn't, he was ready to turn and head back to The kitchen and get to work, but he hesitated just in case there were questions.

Dare wouldn't have to wait long for another customer, because the door opened and as she had expected, A red with orange trim Normal Navi wearing a plain Navy suit, white button down, and a red tie stepped in. A black briefcase was gripped tightly in his left hand and held at his side. He stood in fromt of the Hostess Stand and waited to be greeted.
It looked to Ante as though Dare's initial impression of the restaurant was a little better than her own... which made sense, given that Ante's tastes tended towards the unreasonably expensive. Even Fold was willing to admit that particular fault of the princess. "Ah, good," Ante attempted a show of appreciation as a cubby appeared with menus and table settings. She was having a hard time getting past the question of why the proprietor wouldn't have had those already.

Soon enough, the first customer returned her greeting. "Oh yes; you're my first," she responded with a charming smile and a misleading statement. " You're a regular here, I take it? Maybe you can let me know what to expect... A table it is. Please, follow me, good sir," she continued, turning with a slight twirl of her skirt and swish of her costume's cat tail. She remained blissfully unaware of how closely he might be watching said skirt as she led him the short distance to the table.

Fold, however, was paying close attention to both Ante's skirt and the man's attention to it. For now she withheld judgment... customers looking at Ante that way was part of their work, after all, and it wasn't a bad idea for Ante to get some experience dealing with folks like this, while under her watchful eye. She tried to keep her attention on the bar, though, as she'd need to be acquainted with where the various drinks were located before the time came to serve them. ChefMan8 had barked out at her, and thus, she realized he was giving her the grand tour anyway. "No, I ought to be fine here. Thank you, though," she finished with a small bow, thinking that her role sounded simple enough.

If the guest would allow her, Ante would pull out the chair for him. If he gave her further allowance, she'd scoot it into place gently beneath him so that he would be seated optimally with legs beneath the table; he'd have a chance to be in pretty close proximity too, especially if he inappropriately turned his head at this point, which would be about level with her chest. Her perfume was strong but sweet... for her, it was a matter of keeping with her high society, but for others, it could easily seem like either preparations for intimacy or even an invitation.

Recognizing that she ought to fill time with some conversation, given that the customer was going to be waiting on a friend; it would be bad manners to be all business. "Your fashion reminds me a little of my friend's," she noted, gesturing over to Dare. "Not the cat uniform she's wearing now, of course, but she likes tot don a leather jacket herself. The look of a racer, I'd say," she ventured, though the correct answer was probably the look of a 'bad boy.'" Once she got a little more light conversation under her apron-belt, she moved on to the order, handing out a menu and silverware. "If you're waiting for your friend, don't let me rush you, but if you'd like to order a drink while you wait, I'd be happy to bring you one," she suggested.
Dare wasn't surprised to hear their client didn't hunt the meat on his menu personally: he looked like the type more handy with a knife when his target wasn't fighting back. As such, she simply gave a shrug at his response. She was left mostly alone as ChefMan gave Fold a tour of her working area and Ante got to the first customer.

For a while, Dare was free to watch Ante work her charm on their first to-be-satisfied customer. She noted the attention Ante was getting without surprise, wondering if Ante was aware of it and keeping her cool. She flashed back to the previous competition they'd attended where Ante had constantly apologized for her supposedly homely appearance, though, and recognized that probably wasn't the case. Nonetheless, she wasn't too worried about her buddy's chances. She shook her head, then turned back to the door where her first mark of the night had entered.

Not one to keep people waiting, the tiger-clad waitress considered her skates, but decided to keep them off, at least while she was going to be leading him... it probably wouldn't do to outpace him. Instead, she simply applied her usual confident strut as she approached him, holding up one hand in greeting. "Hi! Welcome to Grillio Netopia!" As she got in close, she paused, putting a grin on her face and a hand on her hip. "You getting here to relax off work? If so, you've made an excellent choice. My name's Dare." She'd pause, as if inviting him to introduce himself, which might be a strange touch for a server. "Now, Just one? Table or bar for you? As you can see, you've gotten here early, so you get the early bird service. Tell me where you'd like to be." As she talked, Dare leaned down to snag a menu and silverware, keeping her eyes on the customer as she did. If she got an answer, she'd proceed to lead him where he wanted to go, keeping her same gait as she did so.
"Yes I've ate here on quite an occasions and my friend should be here shortly. Hmm, I'm no racer, I wear this because it's badass, don'tcha think? I like y'alls outfits," Winking first, the black jacket clad Navi responded after taking his seat. He had allowed her to pull it out, but as if he wasn't accustomed to someone pushing it back in, he snatched it from beneath him and scooted in before she could assist. As if on que the door opened, and another Navi stepped in behind the one who was speaking with Dare. "Ah there he is, aye! Glit, I'm over her bro. Come check out the new girl, she's pretty fine." His voice projected towards the door, and was loud enough to be heard by any in the main floor of the restaurant.

The new Navi was of the same red/orange color way. Though. This one didn't wear any clothes, aside from his Navi suit, and plain armor. He moved passed the suit Navi and Dare, to join his buddy at the table. "Yea, she sure is." He took the seat opposite if his friend. " Glit is the name, and I know the game. What's ya name miss?" His eyes dig into her body, like a shovel scooping dirt, then settles on her face. "Go ahead and bring us two Grillo Netopios." Glit added, before catching her response.

Over by the door. It was time for Dare to take care of her Customer, "I am gonna meet a group here... we need the corner... discretion is a must." The words slid from the Navi's mouth hesitantly, and he seemed to clutch the briefcase tighter." Assuming she led him to the corner, he followed her, "Just call me Suit...". He didn't give her quite as much attention as the other two customers were showing their waitress, but the weight of nervousness seemed to drift about him. Was it her? Or something else? He slid into the booth and immediately wanted to order a drink, "Go ahead and bring me two DarkNghts, mixing them in one glass is fine."

Fold would now be tasked with getting the drinks for her two companions, but that wouldn't be all, because the door once again swung open. This time a group of three piled in. They didn't wait for Ante or Dare to come to the stand, instead they walked straight to the bar, and took the seats in the middle. leaving four opens seats on both sides. "Hey, we got a new bartender tonight." The middle Navi spoke, and was the first customer that wasn't just a normal Navi. He wasn't wearing a helmet. So long spiky orange hair dipped to just passed his shoulders, and his gaze emitted from two emerald green eyes. Two orange curved triangle symbols were symmetrically paced about an inch under each eye, and dripped over his cheeks, stopping in a point at the chin. Underneath a plain, cape like white jacket, a suit or blue netopian styled armor covered his body, with orange accents from his Navi suit trimming and popping out within the armors cracks. A long silver sword was strung slanted across his back. The sword was atleast five foot long, with a wide blade, making the Navi somewhere between six and seven feet. His buddies were more basic, each normal Navis of the basic green and yellow color.

The one on the sword Navi's right spoke. "Yea, those waitresses out there are cute as well. Looks like they got a whole new staff."

The other continued, "Man I'm starving, and thirsty let's oeder already"

"Right. Hey miss. We're ready to order whenever you get a moment." The custom Navi waived for her attention, if she hadn't already gotten it.
"Eaten," Ante thought to herself, her smile betraying no hint of her annoying, internal nitpicking. Her smile faltered somewhat as he continued, turning into an apologetic frown. "My humblest apologies. I did not mean to say that your jacket looked bad, nor that it looked like... ass!" she begged forgiveness, somehow unfamiliar with the colloquialism. She attempted to rebound, taking his compliment as a show of grace in the face of insult. "That's very kind of you to say, sir. I have to say, it makes me feel a bit silly," she answered honestly, her gray face pinking a bit. "I feel a tenth my age..." That would probably make the other navi wonder just how old she was...

She tried not to gasp as he pulled the chair away from her, instead raising her hands to allow him free movement. She blinked in surprise for just a moment, before regaining her poise. Ante turned her head to the door, then crossed her hands back at her lap, smiling and giving a brief curtsy. "How do you do? Please, have a seat over here," she suggested, laying the other menu down across the table. "Hm... fine, they say? I suppose he's forgiven me the earlier slip up and is willing to tell his friend that I'm an adequate host. That's very kind of him... He may seem rough, but I guess that, just like Miss Dare, he has a heart full of camaraderie and goodwill under that course leather jacket," she mused, rambling and misinterpreting even within her own thoughts. "Glit? Pleased to meet you, Sir; my name is Ante. And pardon my rudeness, but I have yet to ask-" the unlikely waitress added, turning to her first guest, before being interrupted with a drink order. "Er, of course. Please, wait only a moment and I will place your order post-haste," she responded, with another brief curtsy, before excusing herself.

As she left, she felt a little tense; it was fairly obvious to her that the eyes of both of the customers were firmly affixed on her... silly outfit. "Goodness, what must they think of me? Parading around in this outfit like a little girl on some combination of Halloween and Easter Sunday... I-I let slip my age earlier too... Oh no..." she thought to herself, her smile curling up a bit as she struggled to keep it on her face. Once she reached the back, she placed one hand on her hip and spoke to her SP. "I have two Grillio Netopias on the first table, Miss Fold," she spoke quickly... She wanted more of a break to collect herself, but the truth was, it was such a small serving floor that it only took her a moment to walk to and from. Fold had no previous orders, so it shouldn't take her but a brief moment to prepare the drinks, either. With nothing else to do while she waited, she smiled prettily and watched her table, in case they wanted her for anything while they waited.

Fold had time to reflect that, from her perspective, as drink requests approached from both tables simultaneously, she appeared to be the one most on a timer at the moment. "They'll see that I'm not the type to fold under pressure!" the lady resolved with a terrible pun, which thankfully, passed without being shared. The first order was easy enough: there was a tap for black ale, after all. Some establishments would probably prefer she take the economical approach, but being a socialite and used to the finer things, she gave each as full a head as she could, topping them off generously but stopping before they'd become a dire dribbling hazard. Of the three ladies, she was probably in the position most suited to her original profession, and she hoped that experience would serve her well. She handed across the drinks to Ante, who accepted them and carried them carefully to her table with a slow deliberateness that was a bit painstaking, but a hallmark of polite behavior.

Assuming that Dare didn't decide to start out the night with a prank or otherwise experience a moment of forgetfulness, two DarkNights in one glass would be the next order Fold received. She went to the cooler for this one (two), pulling out the chilled glass and garnishing it with ice (which was an assumption she made... she'd have to hope that didn't come back to bite her). The tall lady would pour a tall glass, mixing two drinks without any fancy shaking or anything of that sort. She wondered if she needed to inject some showmanship, but there wasn't a lot to do, nor any audience to watch, for the moment. She'd hand the drink across to Dare, if Dare was still waiting, or set it across the counter if Dare was not. Of course, to anyone who knew her, she had an unlucky streak as well... it was perfectly possible she'd end up spilling a drink or two by random happenstance before the day was done.

As if Fold wasn't already overburdened compared to the others, the next three to come in all skipped the waitresses and went straight for the bar. Fold gave a smile more in line with Dare's than Ante's... maybe she'd be the surprise winner of the contest between the two, although, beating Ante would be a little impetuous of her, she acknowledged internally. The most eye-catching arrival had a bold choice of colors, mixing orange, white, and blue, but the look was distinct; she couldn't remember another acquaintance quite like him, and she'd been around the block a couple times. Unfortunately, her preferences meant that she wasn't too interested in his distinct appearance, but if he made a good impression, maybe she'd introduce him to Ante later on. "You got me! I'm Fold, your new bartender," she introduced herself, keeping her palms down on the counter and smiling genially. She didn't have quite the bust that Ante or Dare had... it wasn't bad, just not her strong point... but hopefully the guys wouldn't judge.

Seeing as she'd finished up her other drinks, at least as long as they weren't being sent back for some reason, Fold would cross her arms, stand up straight, and continue. "You guys must know your way around the place, huh? No need for menus, I take it? What will it be today?" she asked, gesturing with one open palm towards the drinks. "Oh, and if there's any kooky house rules I don't know about, be sure to clue me in, okay? This is my first day and all," she reminded them, with a wink that made her look more interested in the three of them than she was. Guys tended to like that sort of thing, she'd observed.

Drinks in hand, with each held carefully, Ante arrived to set drinks on either side to the leather-jacket navi and the brightly colored one. "Here you are: two Grillio Netopias. Would you two care for some additional time to look over the menu? Or would you like me to put your order in immediately?" she asked, not offering them the same fun opening that Fold thought to give her charges.
Dare gave her customer a curious smile. "Discretion, huh...? Not exactly my forte, but then again, I am keeping my invite from a whole super secret Navi organization secret, so I ought to be able to make it happen." Naturally, Dare didn't say any of that out loud, and she worked to squash her curiosity as she realized that probably wasn't what her customer wanted. "Sure thing, Suit. Here's your corner seat. I should let you know I'm new here, so if I seem at all off, it's just that, okay? Don't sweat it. And about what you requested... yeah, I hope you'll find my service in that regard top-notch." She tipped her shades down to him and gave him a wink, leaving it at that. "Now, two DarkNights. Excellent choice, and here comes some excellent service!"

The Speed-specialized Navi intended to activate her roller blades and dash off on that note, but she thought better of it: although it definitely worked counter to her instincts, she probably needed to avoid calling attention to herself. For all she knew, that included avoiding looking like she was rushing, trying to get her customer out quickly. Instead, she simply walked quickly to Fold's counter. "Yo! Two DarkNights, mix 'em in one glass!" She didn't know if that was a preference of her order for some reason, but she at least knew it was acceptable, so she'd give it to him that way.

Dare watched Fold work with a smile, sizing up her ability from her own amateur standpoint. "Not bad, but can't she see I'm scoring her here? Where's the showmanship?" Of course, she realized there was no reason Fold should care about the score of her coworker, so she quickly turned her attention idly to the door, where it looked like some more were coming in. It looked like they were making for the bar, and having gotten her drinks, she'd give Fold a quick "thanks" and get out of her way.

Hurrying back to the table while keeping her balance well, as a Navi accustomed to speed, Dare set the two drinks at the table despite its single occupant. "Here you go, bud. A couple of Dark, as cool as you please. Now, you know what these bad boys will be chasing down? Ready to place an order, or you waiting for your others?" Dare kept a hand on her hip and made a point to carefully face him and not look behind her... she was anxious to snag his meeting group as soon as they arrived, but she recognized that if she looked like she was looking for them, that wouldn't be terribly discrete.
"Thank yas miss." Glit said grabbing his ale as soon as it was placed on the table. "This will hit the spot after a long day of work dont'cha think?" He took a fairly big swig, draining the mug down at least a third of what it had been. He leaned back in his chair, raising the front two legs off the ground ever so slightly, he let out a refreshing sigh. "I think we are ready to order now, right Nomo?"

"Ah yes. I would like the Puffy-F please." The Navi across from Glit, who's name was revealed to be Nomo responded. "I love coming here, because the menu changes daily. Though meals often repeat, or are rotated in and out, this is one of my favorites."

"Ill have the Spikey Mignon my self." Glit added, pushing his chair even further back, he was focused on the waitress's legs. "Medium please."

Nomo's eyes were locked onto Ante's chest, as he took his first sip from the ale. "Don't be too long, You're good on the eyes. If you get my drift."

"Ehhh... tha... thank you." Suit nodded, he was eager to grab the glass and take his first swig, then a second. If she was the type to focus in on a person, she would see that he was shivering ever so slightly. Was it embarrassment? Fear? A mix of both even? She wouldn't have long to ponder as the front door opened once more. This time A Green and Yellow Normal Navi draped in a vibrant orange and gold kimono like robe stepped in. He waited by the hostess stand. "Whats... taking them so long." Suit said under his breath, then spoke up, "I'll be fine for now, leave me to my business."

Right behind him came a couple. A mostly blue with purple trim Normal Navi stepped in, accompanied by a shorter female Navi. Her suit was mostly orange, with the leggins a slick black color. On her feet were matching orange boots, as well as the helmet atop her head. They awaited patiently behind the gentlemen who had came in just before them.

At the bar things were starting to get going between Fold and the three new comers. She wouldn't have to worry about the drinks coming back, if she glanced at the two tables so far she would notice that there wasn't a complaint as of yet. "House rules? Ha, the customers just want to see some pretty ladies bring them food and drink. Want bigger tips? Show more skin, be a little flirtatious." The Sword Navi bellowed, "I'm Hurricane, this are my friends."

"I'm Launcher." the Navi on the left added.

"And I'm Fletch. Now let's order." The Navi on the right pushed.

"Don't be rude guys, it's her first day. Relax. I'm sorry ma'am, my friends get a little antsy sometimes, We've been out virus busting all day. It can get quite tiresome. I got the bill for all three of us, so we will start with a bottle of sake, and four glasses." Hurricane winked at her, "We will order food in just a bit."

"Ha ha ha, I'm sure it will," Ante agreed, smiling genially along with the common man. For a second, she thought she felt something tugging at the back of her mind... something like a shadow, almost like what she'd felt when Fold started to wake up and manifest herself. Only, this one didn't feel encouraging... it seemed bitter, critical, and more than anything, made her feel as if she'd just said something hypocritical. "I'm just serving ale," she reminded herself, wondering where such a feeling was coming from.

More to point, she realized that the customer must really be enjoying his ale, because he'd just swigged down a third of it in what looked like one gulp. She'd probably need to attend to him pretty carefully. For now, though, that attention would be devoted to meal orders. "Puffy-F, very good. It's a tad on the spicy side, but that is the appeal," she warned, ever-meticulous. In the process of learning the order, she learned a little bit about the nature of the menu. "Ah, I see. That's how he gets by with the small menu..." she mused, having her earlier question answered by coincidence. "And the Grilled Spiky Mignon, medium. I'll put the order in right away."

Even she wasn't dense enough to miss now that the men were appreciating her appearance, not judging her choice of wardrobe; there was only so long she could fail to "get his drift," as Nomo had put it. "Ha ha... well, I'll return to you gentlemen soon enough," she reassured the two, scurrying off quickly while she tried to decide how she felt about this development.

Another navi stepped in just as she was heading back to put in the orders. She figured they'd have to wait... it only made sense to get the kitchen started making something, or else, that'd become a bottleneck in the process and throw the whole restaurant behind on schedule. Dare would probably make it to the kimono navi first, given that she'd been given no further instructions on readying a meal. Once she reached the kitchen, she'd poke her head in and call out, in as clear a voice as one so gently spoken could produce: "One Puffy-F as it comes and one Spiky Mignon, medium, for one table!" she instructed. If it turned out the kitchen was compact enough to allow her to call from outside, rather than coming in at all, she'd just have to keep that in mind for future orders.

She'd head back across the floor, with a pep in her step but nothing that would look silly (well, nothing that would look silly if done by someone not dressed as a cat-eared waitress). If Dare was still helping along the kimono-wearing fellow, she'd wait patiently until her partner finished, then greet the newcomers. "Greetings, welcome to Grillo Netopia. I'm Ante, and I'll be serving you two today," she began, giving another slightly briefer curtsy, given the growing time constraints. "Would you two prefer a booth or a table today?" she began simply, grabbing up two menus to be placed upon their table of choice. She might be lucky... it seemed like these two could be a couple. If they were, they would probably appreciate a bit of privacy with their meal and might not need to be as closely attended as Glit and Nomo would be with their magical vanishing ales.


Fold quickly finished up the drinks for both Ante and Dare, noting that Dare seemed more natural in her role than Ante did... though, wondering which of the two were more concerned about their own performance was another question. She smiled back to her own customers, crossing one arm beneath her chest and resting the other elbow atop it, placing one hand upon her cheek as she turned her head slightly. "More flirtatious? I suppose if we get to know each other, I might very well be inclined to flirt," she answered coquettishly. "As for skin, well, with this pesky bar in the way..." she sighed, "I'll have to get creative."

At least one of her customers was very eager to get some drink in him, so she left it at that for now and prepared to take orders. "Sake and four glasses. Four?" she asked rhetorically, putting on her smile again. Truth be told, she could go for a drink herself... she assumed this was her being offered one, but for now, she'd just do as instructed and see if it came her way. She remembered to note that, seeing as they'd purchased a bottle, the number of cups wasn't consequential as far as pricing went.

The proper way to fetch sake from a cooler on the floor was undoubtedly to bend one's knees, disappearing mostly behind the counter for just a moment, besides the top of one's head. Instead, with what directions she had, Fold opted to bend over too open it; if any of them were bold enough to peek over the counter, they'd see about as much of the area between her thigh-high socks and skirt as was possible without verging on indecent. Fold came back up with the bottle, placed it upon the counter, then repeated the action to fetch out four cups, taking a moment longer for the dual purposes of being careful and of allowing them time to appreciate the gesture if they cared to. They hadn't ordered food yet, so she assumed they weren't in too much of a rush... besides the one named Fletch, who seemed to be in some sort of position beneath Hurricane, making Hurricane the most important to please.

"Virus busting, was it? How'd it go today? Bag anything big?" she asked, making small talk as she carefully set down the glasses in sets of two. She had a tendency to be unlucky, but only when it really counted... she had a feeling she'd be okay pouring four glasses without spilling anything. Her bad luck would wait until the most inopportune moment to strike. Fold would pour a modest amount into each glass... That was the way gentlemen preferred to take their sake, in her experience, but if anyone gave her a "keep going" gesture or look, she'd pour it a little higher. She was sure at least one of them would have some big talk to make about whatever viruses they'd bagged... if she guessed correctly, she'd pitch in after: "The harder you work, the more you take in... That's the way of it, hm? Something for me to think about," she'd chuckle along, referencing their earlier conversation. If they all responded "nah, our haul was really ordinary," she'd feel a moment's surprise, then return an empathetic smile.

"Hm... viruses? I feel like I'm forgetting something," she thought to herself, but since no answer came, she pushed the question to the back of her mind for the moment.
Dare watched Suit sip go at his drink, noting his behavior with some concern but keeping her hostess smile tightly in place. She glanced over at the new guest, then back to her current. "Sure thing. I'll come back with your friends or when you start looking lonely." She leaned a bit closer to him, speaking a bit lower. "Maybe it's not my place, but maybe you ought to loosen up and try to enjoy yourself? If you can't relax and appreciate the sights and drink, you're gonna have a hard time blending in with the other clientele here, don't you think?" She backed off again, then turned to head to the front of the store again, treating her customer to a nice sight immediately, should he care to see it.

Walking briskly towards the kimono-clad customer to greet him, Dare made a mental inventory of her friendly competition's status. "Ante is definitely picking up more in terms of customer volume... Even Fold is beating me on that for now. Hopefully that'll change once Suit's group finally arrives, assuming there's no surprise there. Anyway, between a businessman in a tie and a guy in a gold kimono, hopefully they'll be turning out some quality tips." With that in mind, making a good impression on this guy would be important. "Would be nice if he was a guy I could work some magic on, rather than another guy I'm worried I'll have to protect from goons."

She'd been thinking a lot, but her thoughts came fast. By the time she'd arrived at the front, she was all charm again, putting on her winning grin for the guest. "Welcome to Grillio Netopia! I'm Dare, and it'll be my pleasure to serve you." Again, she'd pause to allow him a chance to introduce himself if he wanted. "Party of one? And will it be a table, the bar, or a booth?" As she spoke, she'd quickly lean down to get a number of menus appropriate to the party size he'd given. Customer willing, she'd then lead him to the seating he'd asked for. If it was a bar or table, she'd try to put it on the same side of the restaurant as the other customer she had, just for her own convenience. She took a peek around as she did, but if it was just the guys still ogling their servers, she would consider herself unsurprised and keep her head in the game.
Ante section

Glit and Nomo were enjoying sips of their ales while their server was away putting in their orders, and probably assisting another customer. If she would take a moment to return and run by their table she would find they were being fairly patient, their eyes seemed to be bouncing back and forth from each of the new servers. They probably wouldn't need much more attention until their food was prepared, aside from maybe a refill here and there.

Glit: Ale 1/3 remaining
Nomo: Ale 3/4 remaining
Dare Section

Suit's eyes narrowed... "Lo... looo... loosen up you way? HE'S commmmmmming. You wouldn't understand girl." He took another sip of the drink. His mannerisms didn't seem to change, but he did lean back into his seat, with a straightened posture. "Thank you... but I will be fine, the sooner I can conclude my buisness here the better. They should be here soon... I hope." Dare would possibly notice that the Navi was paying more attention to the door then he was paying her. Though he was staring blankly passed the customers, and at the door itself.

Suit: DarkNight(Double) 1/2 remaing.
Fold Section

"Bag anything big? You bet! Hurricane here knows what he's doing out there. He's strong enough to carry deeper in Rouge Nets." Launcher explained, uplifting his companiknin gracious fashion.

"Don't listen to him. They do most of the work, I'm just there to help out." The center Navi smiled wide and tried to deflect the praise. "It wasn't a bad day at all.. How about we toast to our travels, and our friends first day here at Grillio!" He grabbed the sake duo that was closest to him. You take some as well, it will be fine. Make sure you touch, tap, sip." He motioned by holding the cup forward as if he was gonna touch glasses, then brought it down to tap against the bar, following by lifting it up to his mouth without actually sipping it. "If you don't do it right it dosen't count." He chuckled. Fletch seemed to have perked up a little at the sight of the sake, but still wasn't necessarily engaged in their conversation. It looked more like he was ready to down his sake before anything else.

Hurricane: Bottle of Sake, 8/12 cups remaining, 1 cup of sake.
Launcher: 1 cup of sake.
Fletch: 1 cup of sake.
Ante: 1 cup of sake????
Front Door

Dare left the customer with weird mannerisms too approach the kimono clothed gentleman. After she greeted him he bowed his head out of respect in a greeting of his on. Miss Dare, I do not believe we have met. It's a pleasure." Raising his head he answered, "Yes a table for One is fine today. How has the day been treating you." He spoke with a sense of genuine curtesy, would possibly give Dare a change of pace compared to her other table. He would follow her to whichever seat she led him to, and would sit down quickly.

While they moved out the way, Ante swooped in to pick up another set of guest. As soon as she would step up to greet them, there would be a good chance she would over here the female saying, "I've told you countless times I don't like coming here. Why do you insist on dragging me to this place... with these raunchy ass women." Her tone was aggressive, almost as if she intended her hostess to hear.

"Shhhhhh, keep it down. I like the food, and it's always fun. You need to relax." He tried to keep his composure, speaking much softer then the Lady. "I'm sorry ma'am but yes we would like a table for two please." Whatever happened next it was sure enough that Ante would lead them to a table, and hopefully lean into a smooth night of prompt service to keep the new guest happy. Suddenly a loud bell sounded from the back, signaling that food had been prepared and was ready to serve. ChefMan8 had never explained that part of the service so hopefully Ante, or one of her friends would realize that's what it was for
Ante thought to herself that, teasing as the men in her section were, she may have lucked out compared to Dare... the suspicious man she'd been charged to serve clearly had a black cloud hanging over him. "I guess it's normal for people to drink away their problems at taverns such as this," she reminded herself, unaware of the specifics of the situation, but interested in this side of the net that was so far removed from her usual company.

As for her section, Glit appeared to be as thirsty for ale as his friend was thirsty for eye-candy; Ante made a note that she would need to give him a refill soon after serving her next customers, if the restaurant area didn't fill up too much before then. As she greeted her customer, she picked up on a few details: one, that customers here were apparently used to "raunchy ass women," and two, that customers here needed a good mouth washing, in her humble opinion. That opinion would have to stay internal, though, for the sake of the mission.

It did leave her a dilemma though: should she tone up her own sleazy behavior to suit the norm for her guests, or should she gratify the only woman guest by trying not to play the norm? For now, she wasn't entirely comfortable acting sexed up anyway, so she hoped the woman would appreciate some refined behavior, even if the customer wasn't providing it in turn. Though, as a bit of a prude herself, she sympathized a bit.

"Right this way," she replied with a smile, as though she hadn't heard a thing. She led them to one of the tables, not too close to Glit and Nomo, then pulled out their seats in turn to allow them to sit. "Would you two care for beverages to get started?" she inquired, before hearing the bell in the back.

On one hand, she thought she could easily enough handle taking the orders and then making it to the back in plenty of time. On the other hand, she realized with some annoyance that there was nothing in place to tell her which food or how much food was ready. She had to assume her first guests would be served first, chronologically, so once she had the drink orders, provided the customers wanted to give them, she would head to the back to pick up food.

"Pickup," she announced, looking to make sure a Puffy-F and Spiky Mignon were what was ready... and hoping she'd recognize them, for that matter. Something about the smell of viruses cooking gave her a vaguely concerned feeling...


Ante's SP was somewhat pleased to see that she would be coasting with just three guests for now, seeing as she didn't suspect they'd be finished any time soon. "Rogue Net, is it? Nasty place, I hear! But the baddies there must make for fantastic sport," she grinned encouragingly. Fold had always loved a good fight, more than a lady of manners ought to, but she seldom had chances to get into them, given it was her job to keep Ante away from such situations.

It appeared she was going to get some sake after all, so she complied with a smile and a joke. "Well, now you jynxed me! If I mess up, its not just because I want free do-over swigs, okay?" she joked with a playful wink... although, with her bad luck, messing up a toast with everyone watching her would be exactly the expected outcome.

"A toast, to generous new friends," she concurred, grabbing the sake cup with a practiced hand, lifting it to clank the others, then tapping it as instructed. She lifted it to drink, happy that it was smooth sailing so far, then drained what she was offered. "Luckily, I have a lot of practice holding my drink," she thought to herself, a light flush beginning to appear on her gray cheeks as she ignored repressed memories of several dozen nights of drunken gambling, each of which had claimed untold zennies of her personal savings and yielded no returns.

"If I start dancing on the bar, I'm holding you accountable," she ribbed Hurricane again, perhaps planting an image into their minds that was more animated and amusing than she actually planned on being tonight. "How about another pour?" she offered, holding the bottle gently in two hands with one at the neck and the other held along the length as though presenting it. If everyone gave an affirmation, she would pour again, including the fourth cup as a matter of accepting their offer of friendship.
Dare was glad to get out from under the suit's raincloud and over to someone who looked interested in having a good time (and maybe leaving a good tip). "Might put some space between Suit's next drink, if he doesn't want me around anyway..." She didn't return the customer's bow: she wouldn't complain about his own formality, but certainly hoped it wasn't expected from herself. "Maybe Ante should have this one after all..." Unwilling to surrender her potential good tipper to her friend, however, Dare simply shrugged it off and gave him a smile. "Table for one, got it."

She talked as she walked, leading the way briskly and with her typical strut of confidence. "Yes sir, most people who meet me tend to remember me, so I'd say we haven't had the pleasure. And you are...?" She paused, assuming he would fill in an introduction if she left the space. "Anyway, everything's always great for me. My first night here, but everything's fantastic so far. Let's talk about what I can do to make yours great, huh?" Still smiling, she pulled a chair out for him at the table she'd led him to, letting him pull it back in himself once he sat. She took out her pad and passed him his menu, ready to take an order. "Can I get you a drink to start with, or do you already know what you want to order? As you can see, we've got some excellent selections today."

As Dare heard the bell ring, her head darted back, but she didn't pay it much mind: after all, she hadn't delivered a food order yet, and she trusted Ante to be on top of it. Instead, she gave her customer her full attention... well, most of it anyway. Behind her tinted shades, her eyes occasionally travelled to the door. For one thing, she probably had next customer after the pair Ante had picked up... but, for another, Suit's anxiousness in constantly scanning for his party was infectious. She still didn't know what to expect, but it didn't sound like the kind of group she should leave waiting.
Ante Section.

The new Lady Navi wore a face of irritation as Ante sat her and her companion at the table. The server hadn't done anything wrong so surely she didn't deserve that type of emotion pointed at her, when the guy said, "You need to relax. We are here to have a good time, like usual"

"Do not tell me to relax." She bickered. "I seen you starring at this ska...."

"Ahhh yea drinks." He replied promptly cuffing his date off in the process. "We will have one DarkNight, and a CandyLyte please. And don't worry bout her, we won't cause you much trouble." He winked with his left eye in Ante's direction, which only seemed to heat the lady up even more.

"WHY YOU LITTLE!" She stayed seated and waited for Ante to move out before continuing to bicker and moan.

Glit and Nomo would be happily awaiting the arrival of their meals whenever Ante manages to finish up on the kitchen. Glit has decided to down the rest of his drink with a big gulp. While Nomo Had also picked up the pace drinking it down even more. Their eyes were glued to the door to the kitchen in preparation of the returning waitress.

Glit: Ale - Empty
Nomo: Ale - 1/4 Remaining.

Male Navi: DarkNight on order.
Female Navi: CandyLyte on order.


Ante dipped her head into the kitchen to check on the food. She would be blasted with all kinds of different aromas, nothing would seem harsh to the nose, in fact to most Navis, it'd smell pretty nice. An answer came.. "Yes yes yes. The meals are ready. That is what the bell is for. Quite sorry I forgot to mention it." It May come of some shock to her but ChefMan8 was the only worker in the fairly large kitchen. He was running around from stove top to stove top, adjusting the heat, stirring the pot, flipping the meat. Kind of strange seeing as there was only one order so far. "That table with the heat lamp above it is the window, it's where your orders will be when the bell is rung." The busy Navi glances and pointed to a metal table close to the door Ante had poked in from.

There she would find the two plates she was waiting on. "How's it looking out there?" The chef asked as he opened the lid of a five gallon pot. He gaves it's contents a stiff few stirs before returning the lid to the closed position, and wiping the cloud of steam out his face. "Any thing crazy going on yet?" He looked at her waiting an answer.

Fold Section

"Oh yea, you don't even have to ask. Keep them coming." Hurricane's lips twisted into a wide happy smile. "Bring them on alllll night long, dance away if you feel like it. I'm sure it'd be a sight to see."

"Oh brother... here we go. He's had one sip of alcohol and already trying to charm to lady." Launcher joined in with a chuckle. "I'd like another pour as well." He placed his sake glass towards the center.

"Guys can we please order some food." Fletch added in. "I'm hungry, we busted our asses today, let's eat."

"Haha, yea man. Miss Fold can we go ahead and order our food as well please." Hurricane would wait for her to finish pouring, and respond before he continued. "Let's go ahead and get three orders of the dragon please." It was a bold, ordering the most expensive luxury item on the menu... times three. "Our whole night is one me guys."

"Thanks bro!" The other two Navi's replied in unison.

Hurricane: Bottle of Sake, 4/12 cups remaining, 1 cup of sake.
Launcher: 1 cup of sake.
Fletch: 1 cup of sake.
Ante: 1 cup of sake

Dare Section

Suit situation still hadn't changed much from when she had previously left him alone. He had however finished off his drink... which was actually two if she remembered correctly. While she was helping the new guest, she might catch him raising his hand awkwardly in the air in an attempt to grab the waitress's attention. However she was busy with a new customer so Suit would probably be left hanging for the moment.

After being sat the conversation picked back up, "Ah yes. Well my name is HidaMan. It's a pleasure to meet you miss Dare. I hope to not be a burden tonight." He trailed off for a second giving her a second to interject and speak if she had wanted, then followed up with his order. "A Puffy-A Water would hit the spot for now, and I can go ahead and order if that's okay. I'd like the Mignon, cooked rare please."

Suit: DarkNight(Double) - Empty

HidaMan: Puffy-A Water on order.

Front Door

About the time Dare would finish with her newest table, the front door would burst open with an aggressive kick. In came a a fat Navi in an all black suit, with red button down, and black tie. His face was that of a brown and white pit bull. It was wide, with a few rolls on each cheek. Small beedy eyes gazed across the restaurant as if he was looking for something... someone. Atop the humanoid dog's head rested a crisp black top hat. In his left hand was a thick silver briefcase.

On either side of the in coming Navi stood a HeelNavi basic model. On the right was a all black one, while the opposite stood dawning purple armor. On either side of them stood a Spikey virus, that stayed calm, and positioned themselves in a sitting position.

The dog-man spoke, his voice was commanding, and carried weight. It echoed across the whole dining room. "I'm looking for a man by the name Suit! Where is he."

Over in the corner in response to this, the Navi who was just waiving his hand for attention, had dropped it, and sunk down in his seat partially. A horrified look rested on his face. What could that mean?
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