Yay Netopia!

Tennisman beamed down and practiced his usual routine of scanning the landscape. It looked fairly quiet and nothing was of particular interest.

"I'm kinda surprised we've never been here." Desmond said, "Why did you want to come here?"

"To train." Tennisman replied before dashing off.

"Alright, go look around. I'll submit that NPC report by myself." Desmond said, "Don't have to worry about that at all. It's all good."

"...Thank you." Tennisman added.

((Battle 1))
Too really big rock monsters sit in Tennisman's path. He might be able to move around them to keep going but it seems that there's something watching him from above. The third virus floats two yards above Tennisman and creeps along behind him.

CraggerA: 120
CraggerB: 120
RedUFO: 80

Terrain: 100% Normal

Tennisman: 190

Battle 1 Go
Although the large golems seemed to pose a much bigger threat than the little flying saucer, experience had taught Tennisman to prioritize elimination of the chip thief first.

Desmond shared the same mindset and issued the command, "Yo, ace that dish."

Tennisman took up a serving stance and tossed up a cluster of balls into the air. He locked onto his target and let loose with a barrage of lightning fast volleys that sent each tennis ball along its own course to intercept the RedUFO. Not even bothering to change direction, Tennisman called for a chain of chips, "Moonblade, Windracket, Twinfang."

"You serious? That's overkill!" Desmond replied.

The first chip activated in the form of a mid-sized dagger. He lowered his posture and spun around with a fierce slashing motion, making a wide arc with the blade and turning his body around to face the Craggers. Not wasting the momentum of the spin, he then took up his racket with both hands and swiped it across in another full circle, wrapping himself in a small cyclone. He was a little dizzy from the second spin, but stopped himself with one foot and fired off the TwinNeedle in an echoed blast before kicking himself back and farther out of range.

1 - Ace Serve RedUFO (4 x 30 damage)
2 - Moonblade CraggerA, CraggerB (90 damage)/2
3 - Windracket CraggerA, CraggerB (100 damage + microburst + knockback + gust)/2
4 - Twinfang CraggerA, CraggerB (70 damage)/2
5 - dodge
((I don't like bumping but...))
Tennisman serves the UFO with a tasty side of rice balls. They were kind of lumpy though, so the net ate away at the virus, whisking it away to deletion.
For his main course, the sportsman made tenderized Cragger, opening up the hard, rocky surface with a fine kitchen knife, before fanning the insides like sushi rice, and then putting them on a skewer. Magnificent.


Terrain: 100% Normal

Tennisman: 190

GET: 450z
The Moonblade connected with a dull clanking sound, but the Craggers stood strong. Even after being struck by the Windracket they refused to go down, debunking Desmond's overkill comment and reassuring Tennisman of his decision. The last two shots of the Twinfang hit their marks, deleting both viruses and instantly dispersing them into streams of data.

"450 zenny." Desmond noted, "Not bad."

With that, Tennisman nodded and moved on.

((Battle 2))
Tennisman is greeted by two serene faces. Each sits floating in front of him, surrounded by a blue aura. Two Dharma move around behind them and a Brushman watches from off to the side. Have fun~

Magalian-AA: 130 (10)
Magalian-AB: 130 (10)
DharmaA: 90
DharmaB: 90
Brushman: 100 (Holy)

Terrain: 85% 10% Cracked 5% Holy

Tennisman: 190

Battle 2 Go
Without missing a beat, Tennisman took up a battle ready pose and held his hand out in anticipation of the first chip.

"No requests so I guess I'm in charge for this battle." Desmond said, "Aight! Let's do this! Lilbomb and Aquabomb- I mean, Needle the barrier guys."

And with that, the battle began with a bang. The Lilbomb didn't even need to be served due to his proximity of the barrier viruses. However, Tennisman still had to backdash away from its subsequent explosion to avoid being caught in the blast. Before the echo of the bomb had faded a trio of needles crashed into the cloud of smoke, adding to the noise.

"Now use Court Change! We're going to use this new chip!" Desmond ordered.

The Spice chip?...

Tennisman responded by stabbing his racket into the ground and activating his signature. He held the base with both hands while the normal panels sprouted a light green fuzz. The grass thickened and thrived under his influence until the small field was complete.

His operator chimed in as the last green blade cut through to the surface, "Perfect! SPICE ONE! GO!"

His racket was still embedded in the floor but that made for a much easier flow of data. There was no warning at all to the cloud of spores that suddenly spat out from the greenery. The cloud lingered above his new court wafting through the air, causing Tennisman to cover his face reflexively. A bit of it seeped through his fingers allowing him to smell it. Though he wasn't adversely affected in the least, it was a strange smell and something he couldn't put his finger on, nor did he want to.

1 - Lilbomb Magalian-AA, Magalian-AB (50 damage + blast 2)
2 - dodge
3 - Aquaneedle Magalian-AA (2 x 20 damage), Magalian-AB (20 damage)
4 - Court Change (Grass)
5 - Spice1 (80 to all on grass + confusion)
Tennisman lobs the bomb at the Magalian viruses, the explosion destroying the protective barriers covering their heads. One of the viruses immediately strikes, hitting nothing but air. It returns to its small neck piece only to get pummeled by spikes falling from the ceiling.

Tennisman causes a large carpet of grass to spring up around him, and sends a wave of toxic spores across the entire area. The spores envelope the close Magalian viruses, and a Dharma virus. The three become very disoriented and two of them attack wildly, not even getting close to hitting Tennisman. However, the one unaffected Dharma attacks with a hockey puck, striking Tennisman in the legs. The Brushman warps over to the Dharma, painting the normal panel beneath it with a special protective layer that glows gently. The Brushman warps back to its own holy panel off to the side, waiting patiently.

Magalian-AA: 10HP [Confused]
Magalian-AB: 30HP [Confused]
DharmaA: 10HP [Confused]
DharmaB: 90HP (Holy)
Brushman: 100HP (Holy)

Terrain: 50% Grass 30% Normal 10% Cracked 10% Holy

Tennisman: 175HP
The Spice chip performed admirably, crippling three of the viruses and poisoning them to critical states. Tennisman was ready to end it but his operator had other ideas.

"Pickpocket the floating head guy." Desmond said.

Tennisman let out a small discontented sigh but followed through with the order, summoning the Bandacoon and sending it headlong at the group. The little rodent bolted off and lunged at the closest Magalian with its tiny paws with an odd "derp!" sound.

There wasn't even the need for another chip. With his Ace Serve ready, Tennisman smashed a flurry of tennis balls at the weakened viruses. The pair of disoriented Magalians and the Dharmas. One was resting on a glowing panel and didn't look as if it was going to be taken out soon.

"Nice, nice," Desmond praised, "Now combo it up! Windracket the broom guy and Panelshot the glowing panel at it!"

"Are you aware of the effects of a Panelshot on holy panels?" Tennisman asked and moved into a better position.

Desmond replied sheepishly, "No, but we can test it out now."

Tennisman nodded and waved his racket at the Brushman in a wide swing. The grass swayed violently under the force of the sudden burst of wind but remained firmly anchored to the ground. He rushed in after the attack and activated the Panelshot. The edges of the sacred tile cracked and the whole panel popped up to chest level with Tennisman before it was smacked at the Brushman with another serve. He looked down to find himself in front of an empty space and wondered if he would still be vulnerable to the Dharmas' puck attacks.

1 - Pickpocket MagalianAA (steal zenny or chip)
2 - Ace Serve Magalian-AA, Magalian-AB, DharmaA (30 damage), DharmaB (30 damage) /2?
3 - dodge
4 - Windracket Brushman (100 damage + knockback) /2?
5 - Panelshot Brushman (60 damage + 5% missing + life drain)
The derpcoon runs at its target... and completely misses it, running off into the distance. Tennisman then beats his balls off at his enemies, taking down both confused Magalians, as well as one Dharma. Another gets partially damaged. Tennisman then blows back the Brushman with his racket. Following the attack up, Tennisman flings a few panels the virus's way and takes it out. One of the Dharma chucks a puck but it misses.

Magalian-AA: DELETED!
Magalian-AB: DELETED!
DharmaB: 75HP (Holy)
Brushman: DELETED!

Terrain: 50% Grass 30% Normal 10% Cracked 5%Missing 5% Holy

Tennisman: 190HP
"Those shining panels suck- Wait, did you just heal?" Desmond asked mid-thought.

"I did." Tennisman replied, sounding slightly surprised.

Desmond was ecstatic, "You can use Panelshots to HEAL with the shiny ones? That's SICK!"

"There is one Dharma virus remaining."

"Aight, let's finish this up! Sand over that shiny panel and HiCannon."

Tennisman nodded and followed through with the plan. Tapping his racket to the ground, he activated another terrain change and overwrote the grass that he had just placed down. Along with the greenery disappeared the protective holy panel beneath the Dharma, terraforming a small patch of the field into a dry wasteland. All that was left was the Hi-Cannon. Tennisman's buster warped into the familiar Cannon shape, but wsa shaded blue rather than green. He aimed and fired, blasting up a high splash of sand into the air.

"You sure you got it? I don't see nothing." Desmond said.

Tennisman simply stood and waited patiently for the battle routine to end.

1 - Court Change (sand)
2 - HiCannon DharmaB (80 damage)
3 - dodge
4 - dodge
5 - Kunai1 (3 x 30 damage)
After changing his paneling to sand this time, Tennisman hits the Dharma with a Hicannon, which heavily damages it. After that he waits. The virus moves forward a bit and shoots a puck, which Tennisman avoids. After another moment of waiting, Tennisman he then used one more attack which, now that it was off the Holy Panel, easily ripped through the Dharma.

Magalian-AA: DELETED!
Magalian-AB: DELETED!
Brushman: DELETED!

Terrain: 50% Sand 30% Normal 10% Cracked 5%Missing 5% Holy

Tennisman: 190HP

Rewards: HolyPanel, 250z
"Game SET." Desmond announced triumphantly, "Yeah, yeah!"

Tennisman turned slightly and asked, "How is the progress on Deuce's recovery?"

"Bout 30 minutes?" Desmond replied, "Yeah man, don't worry. He'll be good to go soon. But yo, did that brush guy drop a chip?"

Redirecting his attention back to the spoils of the battle, Tennisman analyzed the chip data and said, "Holy Panel."

"SERIOUS? That's crazy!" cheered his operator, "Time to put this in the folder! Lates to BodyBurn and HELLO shiny panel!"

Resisting the urge to correct his operator, Tennisman simply collected the remaining zenny and continued along the path. Waiting idly by wasn't his style and he estimated that he would be able to squeeze in one more battle before Deuce returned.

((Battle 3))
Three Volgears sit in front of Tennisman and appear to be grinning at him. A pair of big ass guns sit furthur back. Hopefully they haven't spotted the navi yet but if they have.... DOOM! A small ring of little ball-shaped viruses form a protective wall in front of it.

VolgearA: 80
VolgearB: 80
VolgearC: 80
BasherA: 120
BasherB: 120
MaruA: 20
MaruB: 20
MaruC: 20
MaruD: 20
MaruE: 20

Terrain: Normal 89% Cracked 9% (scattered)

Tennisman: 190

Battle 3 Ready
"Elecpulse." Tennisman said, taking command of the battle.

Striking his hand out, he activated the chip data and sent waves of static at the pair of Volgears. The electric energy continued to pour out, momentarily clearing a path to the group of smaller viruses.

"Never seen these before," Desmond said, "They look mad weak though."

Though he agreed with the assessment, Tennisman wanted to remain cautious as usual. "Guard, Lilbomb, Energybomb" He requested, sticking with his usual ranged strategy.

"One bomb run, cooomin' up." slurred his operator.

Tha Guard chip took the form of a bolstered glow in his racket. With that, Tennisman felt ready to return anything this new breed of virus could throw at him. He wondered if the same could be said about them. Taking the Lilbomb in one hand, he readied his typical serving stance before tossing it up and hitting it into the air. The bomb arced gently before landing in a less-then-gentle fashion in the heart of their ring formation. The explosion covered the group with a thick haze of smoke in an instant. Towering behind the smoke were the triple barrelled cannons of the Bashers.

Tennisman kept his stance steady and performed a second serve, delivering the Energybomb up and over the Marus before it descended on the over-sized turret. Following that attack, Tennisman continued his streak of volleys, finishing with his own signature Ace Serve. Aiming three tennis balls down each of the barrels on the second Basher, he struck the last one at its base before coming to stop. The constant chain of attacks was tiring and he needed a rest.

"You okay?" Desmond asked, "Don't gotta push yourself. No rush, man."

1 - Elecpulse VolgearA, VolgearB (100 damage)
2 - Guard1 (reflect 60)
3 - Lilbomb MaruA, MaruB, MaruC, MaruD, MaruE (50 damage + blast 2) + untapped power (15 damage)
4 - Energybomb BasherA (3 x 40 damage)
5 - Ace Serve BasherB (4 x 30 damage)
The sound waves bash through the two Volgears in front. The remaining Volgear fires some fire though Tennisman beats it back. He then hits a bomb into the Maru group, which takes out the majority of the wall. After that, he sends an energybomb at one of the Basher. Being bolted to the floor, it is unable to move and is destroyed by the bomb. A series of balls get sent the other gun battery's way and it is bashed to bits by the attack.

VolgearA: DELETED!
VolgearB: DELETED!
VolgearC: 60
MaruE: 20

Terrain: Normal 89% Cracked 9% (scattered)

Tennisman: 190
"Those small guys are totally weak." Desmond said, "Let's zap the last fire guy and pickpocket it."

It was true that this group posed less of a challenge than Tennisman had initially thought and he no longer seemed in any immediate danger, so he nodded. Adapting his buster to a Zapring launcher, he shot his right arm straight ahead and unleashed an electric flash at the Volgear. The paralysis it induced would be weak and only hold the virus for a moment but it was more than enough for him.

Tennisman kept his arm locked on the virus's position. "Pickpocket." He said, instantly summoning his own virus. The bushy black and grey tail of his Bandacoon wagged along as it made its way to its mark. Not wanting to delete the Volgear before the Bandacoon had finished, Tennisman turned back to the last Maru and called for another chip, "Kunai." With a few quick flicks of his wrist, Tennisman sprayed a trio of daggers at it in a tight formation at the Maru.

"Arright, let's finish this up!" said Desmond, "MarchCannon!"

"MarkCannon." Tennisman said and made one final shot at the Volgear.

1 - Zapring VolgearC (40 damage + stun) + untapped power (15 damage)
2 - Pickpocket VolgearC (steal zenny/chip)
3 - Kunai1 MaruE (3 x 30 damage)
4 - MarkCannon VolgearC (70 damage + lock on)
5 - dodge
Tennisman all but kills the Volgear with a Zapring, leaving it alive just long enough for the Pickpocket to grab something. He then sends some Kunai in the Maru's direction, which proves much more than neccessary to kill the thing. With one last Markcannon sent the Volgear's way, the battle is soon ended.

VolgearA: DELETED!
VolgearB: DELETED!
VolgearC: DELETED!

Terrain: Normal 89% Cracked 9% (scattered)

Tennisman: 190

Rewards: 925z
And so the battle ended with a click and bang. The monetary rewards were greedily claimed and the broken battlefield was left seemingly untouched. That was the nice thing about virus busting - there was often very little mess about it, at least not when Tennisman fought. No blood or corpses left. Just the lingering sounds of battle. Tennisman wondered if he would leave anything before if he were deleted or if there would be no trace of him left behind as well.

"Hey. HEY!" Desmond shouted, breaking the mood, "Deuce is back."

Tennisman took another look at his plain racket before dismissing it in an unravelling of data streams. And without changing his position, he called out, "Deuce."

A beam of light shot down from the sky over his hand. When it cleared, there was another racket there. One with a familiar black and red frame and bright yellow strings across the face that shone with a subtle brightness of their own.

"What did I miss?" Deuce asked.

With a calm and calculated expression on his face, Tennisman replied, "Out."

"...Did Tennisman just make a joke?" Desmond asked, almost scared, "Noooo... No way."

"It's a start." Deuce said, "So anyways, what happened to your wife?"

((Battle 4))