Better than waiting idly

Split logged into the network in a thin beam of translucent white. The energy took form in a matter of moments revealing a very agitated Navi, eyes flashing between blue and red as he paced about the location looking for a fight with something.

'Anything is better than waiting" He half-thought half-murmured to himself as his eyes darted about the location with a fierce intensity, words popping in and out of audibility as he began to increase his pace. Fist thing he found today was bloody dead.
A small swarm of Sparky viruses were quick to greet Splitman's entry into Netopia Net. They hovered about and slowly made their way towards Splitman in distinct wave patterns.

SparkyA: 100 HP
SparkyB: 100 HP
SparkyC: 100 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Splitman: 140 HP

[Battle 1 - Begin!]
Splitman looked at the virii that approached him with disdain. "You are kidding, right? I wander around out here and these goddamn little munchkins try to MOCK me by attacking me?" He twitched slightly as the words came out before breathing in deep and letting out a long sigh, eyes both softening to a deep blue.

"Locking on targets" He murmured to himself while the pupil of his left eye seared a bright red, twitching rapidly between the virii with accurate and unnatural motions, taking in everything about them. "Chad, water guns" he hissed quietly through the PET, though his left arm had already begun the transformation into some sort of cannon.

"And... fire one" He said quietly as he aimed at one of the Sparkys and fired an incandescent blast of water from what was formerly his fist, but now was a wide-barreled cannon of some sort. The recoil seemed to barely phase him as his arm whipped into position to fire the second shot, unleashing an identical blast of water towards the remain targets. "Fire two..."

He took a moment to watch them race towards their destinations before refusing to wait and charging towards the aftermath. Once he arrived, though, he just... stopped... inspecting the region calmly while a recovery chip kicked in. It seemed unlikely that any of them would be getting up.

1:Lock On(8 instances of take aim, remain until used, usable by teammates): Each Virii Twice. Rest are wasted. 2TCD
2:Bubbler(50, Aqua, Spread):SparkyA, Spread SparkyB Take Aim on each
3:Bubbler(50, Aqua, Spread):SparkyC, Spread SparkyB Take Aim on each
0:Advanced Mobility(Passive Tactical Movement): Stand in center of group
4: Recovery80: Heal Self
Splitman's Bubblers struck their targets easily, but due to the fluctuating paths of the viruses, the spread effects were wasted on the empty space trailing behind them. As the virus group closed in, two of them crashed into the navi but the damage was quickly healed with the help of a battlechip. The Sparkys circled around and prepared to make another pass.

SparkyA: 50 HP
SparkyB: 100 HP
SparkyC: 50 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Splitman: 140 HP
"Hmmmm...." Splitman murmured as the little critters gathered around him with a great deal of vigor and a little bit of futility. "Come on that barely felt like anything" He taunted the virii as he leapt into the air to avoid them, leaving a vertical log in his wake as he perched quietly above them, squatting slightly to maintain balance. "Lets see then... " he glanced at the now slightly more confused critters beneath him.

While they attempted to murder him from below he steadied his aim slightly and summoned a ball of dry spiny material into his hand. Creator only knows why the hell these things were more effective, but it was it was better than nothing. "Could I get-- Thankyou" He began to request before being interrupted by a transformation in his left arm. The limb had become something disfigured and viscous, with pointed claws replacing fingers while the arm itself, already larger than normal, increased a size again while he still managed to retain a hold of the spiky ball. Still squatting, he hurled the thing at the nearest Sparky before summoning another one and attacking again. The needles made the things whistle in the air with a piercing.. god.. what do you call it? A piercing whistle he supposed, though if the managed to hit they would do the job well enough.

Now he just needed to get off this thing before it----

0: Advanced Mobility Jump straight up
1: Ringlog(50 + Ground Attack + Wide Attack + Double Attack, Wood): Create verticle Ringlog to stand on
2: RageClaw: Equip
3: RageClaw: Throw Cactball1(20 x 2-4, Wood) at SparkyB (Hope for rebound on C)
4: RageClaw: Throw Cactball1(20 x 2-4, Wood) at SparkyA (Hope for rebound on C)
Cleverly raising himself beyond the range of the Sparkys level movements, Splitman equipped a Rageclaw and began to hurl Cactballs at his enemies in fast pitches. His first target was still hardy enough to endure the initial impact as the spiny ball struck it, but the second Sparky was not. The second thrown Cactball also managed to bounce off of the third Sparky once before disappearing into the distance.

Not being very stable, the Ringloq began to crumble into data fragments, prompting Splitman to drop back down to the floor.

SparkyB: 40 HP
SparkyC: 10 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Splitman: 140 HP
Split's feet his the ground with a soft thump, the navi had a grim look upon his face. "Why won't you just DIE" He grumbled at the tiny monsters before leaping off to a safe distance. A large explosive appeared in his hand, presumably Chad had just started sending him weak chips just to finish this. 'Good enough' he thought to himself quietly as he hurled the explosive orb into the group with deadly speed.
As the orb flew past the tiny virii he opened up on the location, unleashing a hail of explosive rounds from his right arm in rapid succession, a formidable shotgun of explosive material scattered tiny explosions about the area like the grapeshot of an ancient cannon, inaccurate, but powerful and all consuming. Powerful enough at least, it might be his weakest weapon but even it was enough to dispatch these unremarkable foes.

He took a moment to investigate the explosion for deciding it was easier not to bother. If they had survived they had become some new breed of super-Sparky. He took the moment to look at a minibomb that remained in his hand for some reason and tossed it into the still smoking demolitions site.

0: Advanced Mobility: Leap away from area.
1: Lilbomb(50, Blast2): Throw between sparkys
2: Spreader(30, Spread 8): Shoot Lilbomb (spread for sparkys)
3: Spreader(30, Spread 8): Shoot Lilbomb (spread for sparkys)
4: Minibomb(60, Blast1): Throw in for good measure
From Splitman's point of view, the viruses were engulfed by a wave of explosions and firework-like flashes, making it impossible to determine what hit. However, they were both deleted by the onslaught, leaving some battlechip data behind.


Terrain: 100% Normal

Splitman: 140 HP

[Battle 1 - Victory!]

Get: Satellite1 Battlechip
Split grabbed the chip and turned away from the scene, not looking back to see if anything survived within the rubble. "So Chad think we can find anything else decent out here?" He asked his master. A small murmur involving betting odds was the only response he got, not that he was expecting anything more significant.

Ah well, maybe the next fight would be more interesting.
And interesting it became! Before SplitMan knew, multiple virus was flying right pass him besides and above him. It was the speedy Fishy viruses, almost taunting the navi into a fight. They're attitude was surprisingly cocky even for a grunt virus, but SplitMan soon saw couple of Handy behind the Fishy, already planting their infamous CountBomb!

FishyA: 90 HP
FishyB: 90 HP
FishyC: 90 HP
HandyA: 80 HP
HandyB: 80 HP

CountBomb: 100 HP [Countdown: 3]

Terrain: 100% Normal

Splitman: 140 HP

Split looked upon the situation as a glazed look seemed to sweep across his face. The scenery, the enemies, the useless drudgery of it all dawned upon him. It made him sad, it made him angry, but most of all it made him incredibly apathetic. Responding to the situation at all seemed like a pain all itself, an expression of the futility of the moment. Why was he even fighting these completely useless pathetic beings?

He found himself moving without any conscious effort or will, as though another force or entity took control once he had given up. His feet seemed heavy, or time seemed slower, he couldn't really be sure which of them was occurring. Regardless, it seemed to take forever for him to get to the bomb, crawling ahead of the horrible mockery of a virus he released. Electricity danced across its spiked surface like some pathetic imitation of actual life. As he landed daintily just beyond his target, he gripped tightly onto the explosive with his left arm. He could feel the metal deform slightly underneath his fingers, and the device lifted up with an incredible effort. It seemed very strange, any decision he made seemed resisted by the reality before him. It was just as hard to stop lifting the explosive as it was to continue.

With explosive in hand he took a step forward, the quiet thunk of impact shook over his body, though he couldn't quite tell if he hit something, or something hit him, or some combination thereof. Regardless, time seemed to resume for him most effectively as the bomb shot away from him with the speed of a bullet. The electrical 'virus' he had released earlier still somehow managed to orbit the object. It was comical in a way, that even reality here seemed as arbitrary as the battle.

Off to the side he head a crash, apparently he had thrown it towards the group of fish... things... hopefully they were all dead. In front of him he saw the other hand. His arm transformed into a sword of some sort and the resulting choice of action seemed pretty obvious.

'Apparently Chad has grown slightly less incompetent' - The thought flashed across his mind as he moved to thrust his blade into the remaining artificial hand.

1: Satellite1(60+Impact, Elec): Countbomb (cause orbit)
0: Advanced mobility: Jump to countbomb
2:The Power of Rage(Microburst+(Tactile)Telekinesis): Grab countbomb (tele), hit HandyA (Microburst),
3: Hurl towards fishies with Sat orbiting (Telekinesis shot)
4: Sword(80, Slashing) HandyB
((Come now, surely someone isn't prohibitively busy))

Quote (RoboTek)

((Come now, surely someone isn't prohibitively busy))

(You'd be wrong. They've been tracking down illegal drinking establishments all day.)
Indeed, the jolt Splitman felt that snapped him out of his zombie-like reverie as he reached out to pick up the CountBomb was the very Satellite he himself had sent forth to orbit the explosive object. It had taken him so long to close the gap between launching the Satellite and picking up the CountBomb that the Satellite had reached the object first and made almost half an orbit before Splitman arrived. [Splitman: -60 HP]

The zoned out nature of the Navi had taken the fun out of the Fishys' attempts at taunting Splitman, and had served to convince the viruses to watch warily, as they had never seen a Navi act in this manner before and didn't know what to make of it. That all changed the moment Splitman conked himself with his own Satellite, because the Navi, possibly angered at what he'd done to himself, lashed out at them by launching the object and the orbiting satellite at them like a missile. The first fishy charged, took a hit from the satellite as the virus and countbomb passed each other, and slammed into Splitman before flying on. [Splitman: -15 HP] The second fishy took the CountBomb dead-on, and exploded into deletion, while the satellite, now deprived of it's orbital anchor, careened off to strike the third before exploding itself.

Splitman heard a thud next to him as the second Handy appeared from a hole in the ground to set a fresh CountBomb. The Navi took the opportunity to slay the virus with a single slash of his Sword. He got a good look at the digital display of the new bomb, which curiously displayed "X" instead of a number.... Right before the last Fishy slammed into him and knocked him sideways a panel or three. [Splitman: -15]

Splitman: 50 HP

FishyA: 30 HP
FishyB: Deleted
FishyC: 30 HP
HandyA: 80 HP
HandyB: Deleted

CountBombA: Destroyed
CountBombB: 1 HP [Countdown: X]

Terrain: 100% Normal
Split stared down at the bomb for a solemn moment, realizing that it might actually have the power to end his miserable existence. Interesting concept, he supposed, maybe he should help it along. Small blue specs of energy gathered to him, seeming to materialize out of some unknown vector. The tiny sphere coalesced across his skin, forming a brilliant blue sheathe of raw energy. His heart danced quietly in the background and for the first time in the day his eyes pulsed blue in momentary synchronization with his surroundings.

Then, suddenly, the wave of energy expanded out, like an explosion. The pulse of blue illuminated the surrounding area, like a sun exploding out from the night. The regenerative forces swept over the asymmetrical navi and his damning explosive, and then they were gone. Silence was all that remained of the spectacle, silence and the thought that violence was soon to follow.

He could cut it off though, cut it off with violence of his own. Though he wasn't in a particularly aggressive mood anymore, high-yield ordinance would do the job just as well as during any other circumstance.

BOOM-BOOM the distinct pattern of explosions danced across the floor as smoke billowed from what was once his unusually large arm. Split took a glance at the remaining virus, one of those hands that dropped bombs everywhere for no reason.

He would get to it later, once it was determined whether or not the blast killed him. He leapt away towards the remaining virus, hoping to shield himself from what was almost certainly death.

1: Positive Energy Infusion: Pool Of 230 Points to add to Healing, Self-Slow
2: Positive Energy Mastery: Blast 4 Healing 30 Deals 30 damage to self. Additional 90 healing to CountBombB(total 120), additional 140 healing to self.
3: Spreader(30 Damage, Spread 6): Fishy A +Fishy B
4: Spreader(30 Damage, Spread 6): Fishy B +Fishy A
0: Advanced Mobility: Jump behind HandyA to shield from blast.
Splitman charges up his healing power, his HP temporarily dropping as he does so. He then triggers his Healing Mastery skill, and generates a spherical zone of healing. His HP drops again as he triggers the skill, but rises again back to maximum as the two abilities take effect in conjunction. His attempt to heal the CountBomb comes to naught, as it appears this bomb's max HP really is just one. However, he is successful in healing one of the Fishy Viruses as it was caught in the zone of healing while charging in to slam into Splitman. [Splitman: -15 HP]

Splitman retaliates by firing a Spreader1 at the first Fishy he sees, which didn't happen to be the same one that struck him. The virus was just about to light off it's afterburner when the fragmentation round struck it and deleted it. A huge spray of projectiles erupted in all directions, striking the other Fishy, the CountBomb, and the Handy, but leaving Splitman untouched. Or... would have. The bomb did something very uncharacteristic of a normal CountBomb as it crumbled to dust and triggered an air-burst explosion right on top of the Mafia Navi that also caught the nearby Handy. [Splitman: -50 HP] Splitman's final attack wasted the remaining Fishy, ending the battle.


Splitman: 75 HP
-- GET: DashAttack; 600 Zenny

FishyA: Deleted
FishyB: Deleted
FishyC: Deleted
HandyA: Deleted
HandyB: Deleted

CountBombA: Destroyed
CountBombB: Destroyed

Terrain: 100% Normal
Split surveyed the surrounding area briefly, before responding to some unseen message.

"That is enough, I don't want to see you getting yourself killed and losing all the rewards you have acquired" The voice murmured absentmindedly.

"Its not-
Alright, I will be returning now" The navi responded. 'No reason to wait on it', he thought to himself. He always hated the random scuffles anyway, never seemed to get anything practical done. Any time he got something from it it was practically always pawned off anyway.

Not that it concerned him too much right now. He was just pleased to be leaving. That was the one thought that went through his head as he shot up into the virtual sky.