Busting for Cash

Traceur stepped out of the ordinary metal door that signified his entrance and looked around.

"Not much 'round these parts. Perhaps I should get a move on." He murmured as he began walking.
Traceur didn't travel too far before encountering the daily viruses a navi has to face. It was a group of thug like Quakers, brandishing their trusty metal balls, looking straight at Traceur. They lifted their heavy arms and leaped right towards the navi!

QuakerA: 80 [IN AIR]
QuakerB: 80
QuakerC: 80 [IN AIR]

Terrain: 100% Normal

Traceur: 100 HP

Joanne bit her lip, looking at the foes and exclaiming "It's a surprise atta-"

"Cannons!" Traceur interrupted as he lashed his arm for the handle of his auto-revolver, drawing it and taking a grip on the pistol with his left hand, overlapping his left hand with the right. Cocking the weapon, he waited for affirmation that the chips had been inserted before firing. After all, even if they were in the air and attempting to hit him, he'd only be firing blanks. Or more accurately, buster shots which would do little to no damage.

"Cannons slotted in!" Joanne spoke hurriedly, slapping the second cannon in. She had found it as quickly as she could, but with the growing pile of chips, she was going to need to get a better filing system. Maybe a folder or something?

Raising the auto-revolver, Traceur fired once at the airborne Quaker on the left. He shifted his aim to the right and the weapon spat out another blazing shot, this one seeming like there was actual electricity behind it for some reason. "A power surge...?" He muttered. It didn't seem normal, as he usually kept his systems highly regulated and routinely monitored them. Infection by a virus with the work that he did was tantamount to a death sentence. Checking his systems over with a quick glance, he spotted that one of his energy maintenance subroutines was now online.

"Huh. My Maser Throttle. Used to use that for speed boosts and everything. Guess it's not up to full power, then?" The navi muttered as he looked at the viruses. He had requested the Cannons because he knew of their knockback, which he hoped for would knock the viruses back to their erstwhile ally and allow him to use... "Whiteweb, please."

"Coming right up." The chip was so often used that Joanne had made sure she knew where it was whenever she dumped the chips out for slotting in-ease. Quickly picking it up off the glass table, she clicked it into the PET.

"How's the coffee there?" Traceur asked, grinning as he flung the grenades at each of the Quakers in turn.

"Better than some sort of old oatmeal rejects it looks like you're battling. Aren't those names from Ameroupe or something?" Joanne questioned, taking out the ringlog and throwing it in there for simple annoyance value as she smiled in turn.

The grenades went off, and Traceur was once again left with two logs as he looked at the steely mass of webbing. With a sigh, Traceur kicked the log at the enemies.

1] Cannon: 40 Null+Knockback [QuakerA]
2] Cannon: 40 Null+Knockback [QuakerC]
*] Maser Throttle: Passive Imbue Null:Electric
3] Whiteweb: 40 + Snare*3 [QuakerA, B, C]
4] Ringlog: 50 + Wide attack [QuakerA, B, C]
Unfortunately...All the attacks attempted towards the attacking Quakers was of no avail. They were too high up in the sky, placing hefty factors such as the wind, angles, and everything that you shouldn't even think about when you fire a gun. However, the following attacks did manage to delete one stayed.

When the Quakers landed to the ground in a thundering tremor, shockwaves shaved the terrain and headed straight towards Traceur. The navi was able to evade the first one, but the second one just came in too unexpectedly.

QuakerA: 80
QuakerC: 80

Terrain: 100% Normal

Traceur: 80 HP
"Ugh, that's annoying. I thought I hit them spot on." Traceur muttered as he staggered back from the impact. "Guess I'll just have to beat the crap out of them." He stumbled slightly back and forth before finally shaking his head to clear it. That just made it worse. "Got anything for a headache?" The navi asked Jo wryly.

"Nope. I doubt they'll wait for the cure, though. Get a move on." Joanne responded, throwing in the cannonball and doubleneedle. She glanced around the table, and then gathered up the remaining chips into piles of three and began to start compiling them into groups based on how often they'd been used.

Traceur sighed. He really wanted not to have to do this. It seemed both monotonous and stupid to take out these viruses that by all rights he thought he should have hit.

"Come on, Traceur. Get your ass moving. I know you might feel like crap, but these viruses are not going to wait for you to feel better. Maybe I should have just given you a break until the next match, but uh, those upgrades recommended that they should be tested."

"Oh. That's why I feel kind of sluggish, " The navi remarked as he looked at the viruses with a glare. He lifted the autorevolver, firing twice at the Quaker before flipping it open to reload. It would take too long, he decided as he tried to use his Maser Throttle to filter the chip through in order to completely bypass the bullet stage.

It worked, mostly. A concentrated burst of lightning hurled from his splayed hand as he held it out, a grim smile on his face. Leastways he wouldn't have to shoot someone to heal them or defibrillate them now.

"Alright." Joanne spoke, giving him a quick thumbs up as she finished sorting out all nine or so chips. In order of most used, the whiteweb would be going in the top pile, but Traceur was pretty decent at using most of his chips constantly.

1] Galvanic Charge: 60 Elec Damage saved for later in turn. 2 movements available.
2] Doubleneedle: 50*2 [Use 1 Movement to steady aim] [QuakerA]
3] Cannonball: 150+Break [Use 1 movement to steady aim] [QuakerC]
*] Use Maser Throttle on Cannonball.
4] Prepped dodge.

The two bullets fired from Traceur's revolver hit dead on, instantly deleting the Quaker virus. The remaining virus tried to escape in fear by jumping up into the sky, but it met an untimely end by being crushed by the electrically charged Cannonball!


Terrain: 100% Normal

Traceur: 80 HP

"Ugh, scrawny things aren't good for anything and annoying to boot." Traceur shook his head, sighing as he continued into the terrained, sometimes jogging, sometimes walking whimsically.

[Battle 2]
A larger group of enemies await Traceur furthur in. A row of three Moloko sit in the middle of his path, the center one begining to move towards the navi as he comes in sight. There are also two Canoguards sitting behind the trio. One remains closed and unmoving(A) while the second(B ) is pointed in Traceur's general direction with its shields open.

MolokoA: 60 (10)
MolokoB: 60 (10) (charging)
MolokoC: 60 (10)
CanoguardA: 60
CanoguardB: 60

Terrain: 97% Normal 3% Cracked

Traceur: 80

Battle 2 Go
Traceur glanced at his opponents with a fierce grin. Finally, some decent competition. Too bad they were hiding out behind some pansy ass defenses. Wool? Seriously? Too bad it wasn't steel wool, the navi thought offbeat as he shrugged and looked at the two cannon-like obstructions. They were the first objectives he'd have to take out if he wanted to progress, obviously. They were simply in the way, along with being annoyances of the worst sort. One had its defenses closed up, but that'd prove to be no problem if he just took careful aim with that cannonball chip. That pierced through pretty much everything, after all. Not too large of a problem. The other one he could take out with a simple quick blast from his own systems that'd also give him an extra boost. "As for the rest, they'll just have to wait their to get theirs."

"Well, you could just use the ringlog twice, that should knock them down at least a bit..." Joanne commented with a smile, knowing how much he disliked that particular chip. She still slotted in the cannonball, but waited on the others, just in case he wanted something in a differing flavor of chip. "The tournament should be up for the second round pretty soon, y'know. We have to get moving on this and we're still behind a lot of people. Have you seen some of them? They're ridiculous!"

"Yes. I realize. I'm working on it, so just be patient. There's not much else I can do here. I'll be able to take them all out very quickly, but right now I think I should just set them up for a fall rather than going all out. I wouldn't want to open myself up for attacks, after all." With that, Traceur glanced at his weapon, cocked it, then sent a surge of energy down his arm and channeled it into the weapon. It crackled slightly, releasing a single shot at the unguarded cannon as he pulled the trigger. It wasn't with the bang of a gun being fired, but with that of the crackle of arcing electricity. A few remainders of the weapon's spent charge ricocheted back into Traceur's system, causing a feedback to occur. The navi's movements speeded up as he leveled his auto-revolver at the guarded one and pulled the trigger once again. This one was a bang, firing with all the force of a cannon as Traceur rolled to the left, the shot already forgotten in his rapid movements as he charged at the opposition.

"Whiteweb!" He called out to Jo, plunging the auto-revolver into his armpit holster as he flipped open his utility belt. She slotted it in as quickly as she could, as Traceur pulled three miniature grenades from that particular pouch and left two in one hand while tossing one to his right. He threw them all in one sweep of his arms, crossing them and flinging them to explode on contact at the viruses. The muck that they created would hold them fast and prevent them from moving before hardening to a steel gray that would take quite a bit to break out of. Traceur would have to be ready for a counter attack if any of the viruses had saw fit to try attack him off guard, or had any glitches in their programming that would cause them to flicker out of existence or some other strange thing.

1] Galvanic Charge: 60 Elec to CanoguardB, 2 Movements available
2] Cannonball: 150+Break to CanoguardA
*] Use movement to enhance aim
*] Maser Throttle: Imbue Cannonball with Elec.
3] Whiteweb1: 40*3 Wood, hold, trap, grapple to molokos A, B, C
*] Use Movement to enhance aim
4] Prepped Dodge
The electric shot made by Tracuer was dead on the Canoguard's barrel and shredded its body into worthless scraps. The next shot was heading towards the guarded Canoguard, who obviously felt safe behind its shield until the shield was utterly destroyed and deleted the virus as well. While things were going perfectly fine, Traceur completely forgot the Moloko that was charging him and got a hefty tackle on his stomach. In retaliation, he fired the Whiteweb, which held the Molokos in place and burned their protective wools off.

MolokoA: 60 (DESTROYED) [Hold]
MolokoB: 60 (DESTROYED) [Hold]
MolokoC: 60 (DESTROYED) [Hold]
CanoguardA: DELETED
CanoguardB: DELETED

Terrain: 97% Normal 3% Cracked

Traceur: 60
"Good, now just finish them off..." Joanne spoke, looking at the chips for an easy solution to take out the final enemies. They were held by the mini grenades that Traceur had thrown, so something in the form of area damage would work exceedingly well. Traceur would just need a quick chip. Although it'd be one that he hated, it would provide him with a simple means of destroying the remainder of the viruses. Joanne placed another two chips in there just to be sure. After all, she wouldn't want to have to wait any longer. She supposed she might already be late for the Tournament, even.

"Alright. Wait, one of these things? You know I hate ringlogs." Traceur groaned, looking at the data swirling in his hands. He simply couldn't come up with a format for the weapon. His feelings were that if he couldn't sympathize and link with the weapon, he'd be less effective with it. In a way, it was true. He was extremely reluctant to use it in the first place, which caused him much trouble where he could have used it to avoid quite a few confrontations far more easily.

"Well, you hate it for purely aesthetic reasons, so there's no reason for you not to use it, you big wuss." Joanne replied with a smirk, egging her navi on as she cracked her knuckles. She stood up from the table in the cafe, put down a tip, and began to walk out, putting the PET and her hands into the pockets of her hoodie.

"Ugh. Fine, fine, whatever." Traceur kicked the slowly generating log at his foes as it completed its model and sped up. He quickly formed another and sent it straight after that one, both of the logs rapidly closing in on their targets. Taking out his auto-revolver yet again, he let the shells fall out as he reloaded the weapon, aiming it at the enemies and preparing to fire if any of the things remained.

1] Ringlog 50 Wood @ All Molokos
2] Ringlog 50 wood @ all Molokos
3] Cannon 40 Null @ any survivors
5] Shotgun 50 Null @ any survivors.
As Traceur debated the use of the ringlog chip, the Molokos attempted to break free and begin another charge. This proved to be useless, as Traceur quickly got over his dislike for the chip and rolled a pair of logs at the charging sheep.

While two of the viruses were bowled over by the logs and deleted almost instantly, they missed the third one entirely, which broke free and began its charge...only to get shot in the face. Twice.

MolokoA: Deleted
MolokoB: Deleted
MolokoC: Deleted
CanoguardA: DELETED
CanoguardB: DELETED

Terrain: 97% Normal 3% Cracked

Traceur: 60


GET: MokoRush1, 300z
"Alright, let's get moving. Gotta get to the colosseum before we're late. Last time, we cut it way too close." Joanne started running, jumping onto a bench and going along the edge before hopping down and continuing to run a bit more seriously. Her navi remotely jacked out, streaming his data back to the PET.