Quick Bust

Appearing on the Net in a halo of indigo pixels, Enigma stepped out from his aura and walked along the patchy sidewalk casually. I don't think 'rude' was the right word. More like, 'you all are boring.'

Yeah, Ceres laughed, painfully aware of the other operators in the room. Well, go on, let's find some stuff to delete.

Enigma just nodded and continued his stroll.

= Mid-tourney battle 1! =
= I was hoping for a battle before vacation, too. =
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Enigma's search quickly produced results, as he picked out the distinctive outlines of floating Billy viruses in the distance. He rapidly advanced towards them, and the viruses turned towards the incoming Navi and prepared themselves.

Viruses Identified

BillyA: 50HP
BillyB: 50HP
BeetankA: 50HP
BeetankB: 50HP
CanoGuard: 60HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Enigma.EXE: 140HP

<(Battle #1: The hunt begins. Ready, Fight!)>
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Frowning slightly as he walked towards the cluster of viruses, Enigma planted himself a good fifty yards away and squinted at them. That's all? Five below-sixties? he wondered aloud.

Easy, affirmed Ceres confidently. And I thought Netopia was supposed to be tough!

Whatever, Enigma replied with an inward sigh, turning his attention to the tactical possibilities of the area. Ugh, there's not even anything vaguely interesting to pull off here. Just send me the usual, I guess, he requested, and Ceres complied almost immediately with a nod.

Heelnavis are more interesting, I think, he chuckled, slotting in four chips one after the other. At least they spout catch phrases and stuff.

Enigma just grunted in response, not really caring whether his targets wordlessly targeted him or swaggered towards him with threats. Equipping the first of his chips, he took a few steps forward as it assembled itself rapidly. Within three seconds, he had the Wideshot braced against his arm and aimed at the three viruses on his right. Realizing a flaw in his plan, Enigma darted into the CanoGuard's line of sight in a seemingly suicidal maneuver. Jerking the Wideshot upwards as he stopped, he quickly turned the motion from masochism to a tactical movement when he fired the Wideshot at the three targets on the right, giving special attention to the CanoGuard. Quickly activating his next two chips and taking a few steps to his left, Enigma brought both of his arms up as the Wideshot disappeared to be replaced with dual Shotguns. Aiming both of them in between the Billies, he fired, letting the hail of energy pellets speed toward them as he activated his last chip. Quickly severing his connection to the indigo Fishy, he watched with an air of satisfaction as it made its cleanup runs through the viruses. Mock-dusting off his hands and advancing forwards to collect his rewards, Enigma crowed, Next.


HP: 140
1: Bait CanoGuard/Dodge
2: Wideshot > CanoGuard, BeeTankB, BeeTankA [60 [color=blue]Aqua[/color] DMG, 3 Targets]
3: Shotgun > BillyA, Spread > BillyB [50 DMG, Spread1]
4: Shotgun > BillyB, Spread > BillyA [50 DMG, Spread1]
5: Dash Attack > Survivors [90 DMG, 5 Targets]
= ... =
Enigma made a quick feint with the CanoGuard and proceeded to destroy the viruses instantly with his chip attacks. The CanoGuard sliced in half by the watery wave, but the two Beetank managed to miss it just barely. The two Billies was shot down with the barrage of shotgun blast and Enigma finished thing off by deleting the Beetanks with his Dash Attack.

CanoGuard: DELETED

Terrain: 100% Normal

Enigma.EXE: 140HP

= Thank'ee. =

Sweeping up his reward data from the ground in one fluid motion, Enigma sent it to Ceres and continued on through the Net contentedly.

= Battle 2, please. =
Enigma came across a very strange terrain where the passage Enigma was walking was perfectly fine and everything else was very close from breaking apart. He needed to be very cautious, but the viruses just ahead of him won't make it too easy...It was three UFO constantly circling around a single, giant Cragger. The golem virus was just itching to slam it's fist to squash Enigma! Are you gonna take that?!

RedUFOA: 80
RedUFOB: 80
RedUFOC: 80
Cragger: 120

Terrain: 40% Normal, 60% Cracked

Enigma.EXE: 140HP

As he walked into the next battlefield, Enigma seemed to become a combination of impressed and annoyed. Well, this should be more interesting, but cracked panels suck, he said to no one in particular.

The Cragger's no trouble, but how do you want to crash those UFOs? Ceres asked, seeming more on top of things than he usually was. That Bighammer is handy every time.

Areagrab, then the hammer, then... hmm, we don't have many chips that can do eighty, Enigma thought aloud.

Basically it's just the Widesword and the Dash, so wanna take some risks? grinned Ceres.

I guess. We're not really in here for long anyways, Enigma admitted, turning to the viruses thoughtfully. Well, after the Cragger's out, I could probably take a UFO or two down with the sword... then maybe a Dash?

Yeah, and then you can get out of the way, Ceres agreed, slotting in the four necessary chips for the plan to work. Good luck.

Sounds fun, doesn't it? smiled Enigma, taking one step into what looked like a sprint before disappearing into nothingness with the help of an Areagrab. Re-appearing a split second later in a flash of indigo, Enigma was a good twenty feet up from the Cragger, and gravity was taking its toll. With the Bighammer equipped from the beginning, the prepared amorph swung it downwards upon the Cragger with all his might before swiveling around in midair, already swapping the hammer for a Widesword. As it blazed into existence, Enigma literally gave his hand to the sword, disconnecting it at the wrist and letting himself fall to the ground while the sword and his extra data stayed up with the UFOs. Just before he made contact with solid ground, the sword began spinning around in a circle, whipping around in the same area the UFOs were occupying. Soon enough, it was cutting a path directly opposite of theirs; since they were spinning clockwise, Enigma decided to make the sword spin counter-clockwise. Hopefully, many halves of UFOs would soon be falling to the ground.

That was cool, Ceres laughed. Time for cleanup, I guess.

Enigma nodded and took a few steps backwards before activating the Dash. The purple Fishy quickly assembled itself, and just before it took off, Enigma made sure to very carefully sever all ties to it. As soon as it sped forwards, the navi quickly darted backwards and swerved back and forth a bit, just in case any of the UFOs had any last attacks to annoy him with. Meanwhile, the Fishy had gained the altitude it needed to attack the viruses, and so it did, speeding back and forth through their orbital paths. Smiling in a satisfied manner, Enigma crossed his arms and waited to see what had survived his onslaught.


HP: 140
1: Areagrab > Above Cragger [Dodge/Acc. Increase]
2: Bighammer > Cragger [160 [b]Breaking[/b] DMG (x2?), Impact, acc. boost]
3: Widesword > RedUFOA, RedUFOB, RedUFOC [80 DMG, hits up to 3]
4: Dash > Surviving UFOs, Cragger (?) [90 DMG, Impact, hits up to 5]
5: Dodge backwards

Data Influx: Ready!
Data Vampirism: Ready!
Data Solidification: Ready!
Data Augmentation: Used with Widesword attack.
Fluctuating Nature: Directed forwards (entire time).
As soon as Enigma appeared just behind Cragger, preparing his BigHammer, one of the UFO broke out of the circle and swooped in front of the navi. It beamed its light over Enigma and BigHammer disappeared from his hand. Oblivious of what happened, Enigma continued his attack with the WideSword and the Dashattack, but the same thing happened again with the other two UFOs. In the end, none of the navi's attack worked, but it was able to evade the Cragger's devastating punch.

RedUFOA: 80
RedUFOB: 80
RedUFOC: 80
Cragger: 120

Terrain: 40% Normal, 20% Cracked, 40% Broken

Enigma.EXE: 140HP
Well, shit, Ceres announced, scratching his head. How did that happen?

I don't think chips are gonna work, grumbled Enigma, eyeing the UFOs with distaste. Let me try and knock one down before we do anything else.

Of course we waste our only Breaking chip, muttered Ceres, frowning sulkily. Just typical.

I think it's just HardBody, not Stone or Iron, Enigma remarked. Anyways, think up a strategy while I think up something creative to hit 'em with.

Fine, Ceres sighed, scrolling back and forth through the list of chips absentmindedly. Meanwhile, Enigma was already creating many different types of weapons; bow and arrow was deemed too skimpy, a javelin determined too inaccurate, or a throwing axe said to be too risky. In the end, he settled on something a bit more elaborate - the equivalent of an anti-tank rifle on the Net. Aiming the hulking gun at the circling group of UFOs carefully, Enigma only actually looked through the scope for about two seconds before firing. The recoil slammed his arm back with a jarring force, and some data rushed back from the rifle to heal him as he took a step back. Unable to determine just yet whether his experiment had worked, he turned instead to Ceres. Got any ideas?

All I can think of is to use a crap chip as fodder in case it gets zapped, then hit hard, Ceres replied with a shrug. I think it's worth a try.

Airshot doesn't do much, put that one in first, said Enigma in a simultaneous suggestion and agreement.

Then the AirRaid and maybe a few spread chips, finished Ceres, slotting in four chips reluctantly. I really don't like those things.

Yeah, whatever, let's see how this works, Enigma replied, equipping the Airshot nonchalantly. Aiming it and firing it at the Cragger in one fluid motion, Enigma dismissed it not five seconds after he'd summoned it by activating the AirRaid. His trusty pilot was already speeding in from behind him by the time he'd activated his Wideshot.

What am I aiming for? the gruff voice of the pilot asked bluntly.

Just aim for that virus group, it doesn't really matter what you hit, Enigma replied distantly, occupied more with aiming his own gun. Carefully bracing the gun and positioning himself at the right angle, the fluctuating navi managed to have a vantage point that targeted both the Cragger and the other UFOs. Once he was content with his aim, he pulled the trigger of the blue cylinder, taking a moment to watch the burst of watery data speed towards the UFOs and golem. As he grabbed his last chip, the fighter jet took the liberty of attacking, speeding in from Enigma's direction and releasing a hail of bullets upon the group. Swerving back around from behind them, he kept a steady circle around the already-circling UFOs, ready for more action if need be. Enigma took that moment to aim the Shotgun and fire at two of the UFOs, hopefully finishing them off once and for all. You're right, these things really are no fun.


HP: 140
1: Data Vampirism > RedUFOA [60 DMG, 20 [color=green]Lifedrain[/color], 3TCD]
2: Airshot2 > Cragger [30 DMG, strong knockback]
3: AirRaid1 Activation
4: Wideshot > RedUFOB, RedUFOC, Cragger [60 [color=blue]Aqua[/color] DMG, 3 Targets]
5: Shotgun > RedUFOC, Spread > RedUFOB [50 DMG, Spread1]

HP: 100
1: Machine gun fire > RedUFOB [10 DMG x 10 Shots, may carry over to Cragger]

Data Influx: Ready!
Data Vampirism: Just used, ready in 3 turns.
Data Solidification: Ready!
Data Augmentation: Used with Wideshot.
Fluctuating Nature: Directed forwards (entire time).
The UFO was overkilled by the anti-tank rifle, which made the viruses to stop and stare at Enigma in fear. The Airshot was a success when it hit the Cragger, but it could only do partial damage and didn't even budge the virus at all. AirRaid and Wideshot was, again, absorbed by the UFOs and Enigma was able to shoot one of them with the Shotgun. Just when everything seemed to go well, the Cragger decided to take another shot against Enigma with it's heavy, yet slow, punch. It missed, but the shock was able to destroy even more of the field. And it just so happens that the cracks reached under Enigma's feet...

RedUFOB: 80
RedUFOC: 30
Cragger: 105

Terrain: 20% Normal, 20% Cracked, 60% Broken

Enigma.EXE: 140HP [On Cracked Panel]
= You know what the topic is called? Quick Bust. xD =

Shame I can't use more of my own power for a while, Enigma sighed. Guess we're stuck with throwing as many chips at 'em as possible.

Here, I'll slot in a bunch of different ones again, Ceres announced, reaching for his chips but hesitating. Hey, do you wanna get off the cracked panels or just sit there and attack everything?

Yeah, just give me four, let me get off this panel in the meantime, Enigma replied, grateful for the attention. Try the Flameline, maybe the UFOs will swoop down in time for it. It'll probably just be fodder anyways.

Done, nodded his operator, slotting in four chips with nary a flourish. I'm sort of worrying that they'll start the next round without us, y'know?

That's what we get for winning early on, I guess, Enigma shrugged. Anyways, it's go time. With that, Enigma activated his first chip; the red barrel of a Heatshot. Knowing what he was meant to do with it, he aimed for the weaker UFO, watching it carefully as it circled the golem. Just as it started rounding the side of it and towards him, he fired, hoping that the shot wouldn't be zapped away before it hit. Barrel-rolling to the side and grabbing his next chip, Enigma quickly activated the Flameline, deciding that not giving the UFOs much time to think might keep them from slowing down his attacks. Just barely aligning himself with the viruses, he activated the chip and watched the attack speed towards the group. The flame wall grew in width and height as it went, and would hopefully be about the right size to take out the UFOs. Next, he grabbed the Vulcan, smiling nostalgically as the chip assembled itself on his arm. It's been a while, he thought, mentally re-visiting his earlier busting days before snapping himself out of it and aiming it at the UFOs. Barely able to hold it in place as he activated it, he watched the five shots speed towards his enemies before equipping his last chip - a second Heatshot.

Those UFOs had better drop some good chips, Ceres grumbled, but Enigma hardly even heard him through his own concentration. Making sure that he wouldn't miss, and assuming that the UFOs had zapped one of his earlier attacks, Enigma watched the flying saucers circle yet again, this time aiming for the stronger one. He fired as it came around the bend, watching the fiery burst make its way to the viruses as he surveyed his work.

I hope I only have to deal with that Cragger, I'm running out of space here, Enigma complained.

Me too, I'm running out of chips, here, snorted Ceres, earning no response but a roll of Enigma's eyes.


HP: 140
1: Heatshot > RedUFOC, Spread > RedUFOB [40 [color=red]Fire[/color] DMG, Spread1]
2: Dodge/get off cracked panel
3: Flameline1 > RedUFOC, RedUFOB, Cragger [70 [color=red]Fire[/color] DMG, Line Attack hits 3]
4: Vulcan2 > RedUFOB, Spread > RedUFOC [10 DMG x 5 Shots, Spread1]
5: Heatshot > RedUFOB, Spread > RedUFOC [40 [color=red]Fire[/color] DMG]

Data Influx: Ready!
Data Vampirism: Ready in 2 turns.
Data Solidification: Ready!
Data Augmentation: Used with Vulcan2.
Fluctuating Nature: Directed forwards (entire time).
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Enigma prepared multiple chips ready for his attack, but he completely ignored the fact that he was standing on a very unstable panel. The virus began his suattack with the heatshot, which successfully deleted the weaker UFO and spread to the other one. The navi prepared himself for the next attack, but something happened.

The small force from the heatshot managed to break down the already nearly destroyed panel. It gave out on its weight and dropped Enigma down!!

RedUFOB: 30
Cragger: 105

Terrain: 20% Normal, 10% Cracked, 70% Broken

Enigma.EXE: 140HP [Quickly! Get your self out of the Broken Panel!] [Flameline1, Vulcan2, 2nd Heatshot unused!]
= A loophole? In my master plan?! =

Giving a short yelp as he plunged into the abyss of Netopia Net, Enigma just barely managed to get a grip on the edges of the severely broken panel by literally shooting himself upwards. About a dozen purple tendrils reached up from the hole, grasping desperately at the solid ground.

Enigma! Ceres cried, then clamping his mouth shut as he realized he was in a room filled with other operators. Are you alright?

Just... dandy, the mass of data grunted eerily, seeing as Enigma no longer had a mouth to reply with. Send-- another chip.

Done, try and stop the Cragger from attacking again, Ceres suggested, recovering from his shock quite quickly once he was assured of his navi's safety. Indeed, Enigma was hoisting himself out of the hole quite efficiently, and the blob was already moving to the left of the hole by the time Ceres had slotted in the final chip. Groaning, and eventually going back into his humanoid form, Enigma stood up and tentatively took a step before jogging back to normal terrain.

I am so sick of you, Enigma growled, looking upward at the RedUFO. To him, its constant circling and existence was a taunt, a challenge. So, he grabbed chip data for what he thought would work best and put it right on both arms at the same time. Not even caring about the asymmetry of the attack, he pulled both triggers at the same time. His left arm emitted a large spurt of fire, spraying outwards in a large (but temporary) flamethrower that reached across both of the remaining enemies. The other arm dispelled its ammo much faster, spinning around one full rotation as the five paltry bullets spewed outwards towards the golem and the UFO. Still not satisfied, Enigma activated the last chip, aiming a small tube at the ground angrily. Jerking the trigger back with attitude, he grabbed the last of his chip data as a rapidly growing wall of fire sped towards the viruses. Taking a step backwards and actually aiming carefully, he catapulted an electric ring towards the massive golem in an attempt to stop its constant smashing. Now we're running out of chips.


HP: 140
1: Get out of broken panel/move to normal terrain
2: Heatshot > RedUFOC, Spread > Cragger [40 [color=red]Fire[/color] DMG, Spread1]
3: Vulcan2 > RedUFOC, Spread > Cragger [10 DMG x 5 Shots, Spread1]
4: Flameline1 > RedUFOC, Cragger [70 [color=red]Fire[/color] DMG, Line Attack hits 3]
5: Zapring1 > Cragger [40 [color=yellow]Elec[/color] DMG, Stun]

Data Influx: Ready!
Data Vampirism: Ready in one turn.
Data Solidification: Ready!
Data Augmentation: Used with Flameline.
Fluctuating Nature: Directed forwards (entire time).
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The last UFO was able to absorb the heatshot, but it was shot down by the following Vulcan. Some of the bullets were able to penetrate through the viruses body and hit to Golem that was just behind it, but it's stone hard body was able to shrug away the damage. Even with the next two attack, the Cragger stood tall and looked down at Enigma. While the navi was too busy with his attacks, the virus was able to land his powerful swing of fist, breaking his shield and knocking the navi away.

Cragger: 30

Terrain: . 10% Normal, 20% Cracked, 80% Broken

Enigma.EXE: 100HP [Shield Broken]