And...voila. In a beam of light, SplashMan appeared once more on the Netopian Net scene. It wasn't Yoka, but considering it WAS his home Net...he could think of a lot worse places to be. "So, Sabrina. Mind filling me in on what we're going to train for?"

"Well, we've gotten a couple of things that we should probably get some practice with since we last battled. You can probably figure out what those things are."

"Couple of things...yeah, I guess we should. I don't completely feel right when that's activated, though..."

"I know, I know...but it's the only time you can use Crosses, and you don't have much experience with a body like that, so you could use a little practice battling like that. So, are you ready?"

"As I'll ever be..." The Aqua Navi took a good look at himself, knowing it'd be a little bit before he could see it again...

"Okay, we go! GMO, Model067! Activate!"

SplashMan's body began to glow, as it reshaped itself into a more feminine form without causing a large quantity of water to spill into the local Net. It succeeded, and he was SplashLady once more. "Hmm...bleh! Yep, I could definitely feel a tongue moving out and back in my mouth...for that matter, I don't usually have a mouth. It worked!"

"Sweet! And now, to get some quick training in while you're like that! Let's go!"

"Right!...I've got all my abilities when I'm like this, right?"

"...Yeah. How you use them might've changed a little, but otherwise you're the same! Well...aside from physically, anyway."

With a nod of her head, the now girl Navi began a quick search for viruses.

(searching for Battle #1)
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As walkin along the netopia network, several Yo-Yo like viruses drift along, spotting the aquatic warrior and their yo-yo's spike up and ready to strike the transvestite just for the hell of it.

YortA: 90
YortB: 90
YortC: 90
YortD: 90

SplashLady: 240

Battle 1...BEGIN!
Phase one: find viruses. Check. Phase two: beat tar out of viruses. That was decidedly still a work in progress. "Found 'em, Sabrina! Now what?"

"Well, we came to practice stuff. And practice stuff we will!" However, as if contradicting herself, no chips were reached for. Instead, Sabrina seemed to be accessing something via her PET. "And now, we test this baby out! Cross system, online!" Two emblems of other Navis showed up on the screen; the more electrically inclined one received a gentle tap. "VoltCross, activated!"

SplashLady suddenly became enveloped in a yellow beam, crackling with electricity, during which her apperance changed. Needless to say, she looked more attuned with lightning than water once it faded. And yellow and black. Definitely more yellow and black than before "I feel completely's like I could turn into a lightning bolt!"

"I bet being Elec all of a sudden'll do, ready to try out your new stuff?"

"Well..." The Navi that now had serious voltage coursing through her pointed her spear towards the group of Yort...and even that was now crackling with electricity. "What do you think?"

"Right...well, you're more Sword based now, right?" Sabrina finally bothered to take out a chip...and only one chip. "Then this should be a good start! Battlechip, AquaSword! Slot in!"

The electrical spearhead vanished, and was replaced with a water-infused blade. "All right, now to power this up, and slice the...oh, wait." Before beginning the slashing, SplashLady took a good look at her AquaSword. Since she presently wasn't Aqua-based...yeah, powering it was going to be pretty hard. "Well, I can still slice them!"

"Okay, but don't beat them too fast! We need to test out as much as we can in this battle!"

"Okay, okay! I got it!" Picking out a couple of the yo-yo viruses, she raced over to them, and gave them a good ol' fashioned one-two spear slice. First a good horizontal slash, then a diagonally upwards slice. However, even as the slice exited the range that it could hit something, she just continued with it, causing her to become airborne, and gracefully spinning in the sky before landing a fair distance from the virus group. ...Well, she never pulled THAT one off before. "That's two out of the way...wait, how'd I get that far?"

"Well, that's from your subtype change. When you have a Sword subtype, like you do from VoltCross, you can make extra evasive maneuvers when you're using sword chips and the like!"

"Huh...guess I pulled it off without even thinking about it. Neat!" The AquaSword faded, allowing the energetic spearhead to return at the tip of the spear. "So, what should we do next?"

"Next, we should...try to boost something that's not Aqua based, I think."

"Well, that's a good idea, but I imagine I could only boost Elec chips like this. And we don't have any Elec chips in our folder..."

"And where you'd be wrong!" Sabrina's next chip selection took shape on her PET's screen; a picture of an Elebee virus had formed on it. "Battlechip, Arrow! Slot in!"

The Navi could feel small amounts of electricity leech from her body towards a point in front of her, which soon became occupied by an Elebee virus. Almost immediately, it darted forward with its stinger sticking straight out, towards another of the Yort. "That felt...kinda weird. Giving out Elec power's different from giving out Aqua power, I guess..."

"Now see, this is exactly why we're doing this. If this all happened during the tournament, we'd probably freak out more from the pressure. And that wouldn't be good!"

"Yep! So...what about that last virus?"

"Okay, this time, we're going to focus more about your form change than your actual Cross changes. I want you to use your Water Splash attack, however it is you do it when you're like that."

"Well, before VoltCross was activated, my spear really reminded me of my cannons. Which I bet means...this is how I use it!" SplashLady pointed her weapon towards the remaining Yort, causing water energy to form in front of it. And sure enough, a torrent of the liquid gushed forth from the spear tip, all aimed straight towards the virus. "And although that came from the spear tip, I think I can make it come from other places, too, as long they're near me, and I focus a bit!"

"Cool! Now, let's see...did we get everything?"

...Now that she mentioned it, the now-Elec Navi slowly scanned the area, in an attempt to locate any virus that managed to withstand that assault. Though by now, it was probably too late to try and make any evasive moves if there was something...

[Order of Turn:
1-Activate VoltCross (become Elec/Sword, +10 to Elec chips)
2-AquaSword chip attack on YortA and YortB (80, Aqua)
3-AquaSword chip attack on YortA and YortB (80, Aqua)
3a-Swordplay (Dodge)
4-Arrow1 chip attack on YortC (100+10, Elec) (Elec boost)
5-Water Splash sig attack on YortD (160, Aqua)]
As Splash"Lady" changed into it's volt cross, it quickly tried to lay waste to the quartet of Yort viruses, eliminating the two targeted ones and dodging a third's attack as the Yo-Yo whizzed by it's ear before sending it to zap-tacular death by the stinger of an Elebee before smashing into the final Yort, eliminating it without a single thought. The rewards, or, more appropriately, reward, was in the remains of the viruses, combining into chip data for Splash"Lady" to take into it's self.

YortA: !ZOMG!

SplashLady: 240

Rewards: Yo-Yo1 battle chip
As the final virus fell to the might of the onslaught, SplashLady could now safely say that this form didn't hurt her ability to whip virus rear at all. In fact, with the ability to use crosses, it might actually be better at it..."Huh...not bad at all!" The cross vanished, revealing a more aquatic appearance. "Okay, let's see what we got..." And reward data was accessed, revealing nothing but a single bit of chip data. "No cash at all...but, we did get a chip! Dunno what a Yort's chip does, though..."

"Hmm...wait, Yort's chip? Could it...send it over, quick!" And thus did the data vanish from the Net, reappearing on the screen of Sabrina's PET. "Ooh! Do you know what this is?"

"Aside from the fact it's chip data from a Yort virus, not really..."

"The chip is called 'Yo-Yo'. Basically, it lets you throw a saw bladed yo-yo at enemies. I read about it in a magazine I got on the last trip back here. I'm not really too sure how great it is in action, but it looks really cool!"

"Well, at least it's something different. ...Can I go back to being my usual self now?"

"Hmm...actually, I think it's better if you stay like that for our tourney battle!"

"Huh? Why? Practically the entire tourney knows about this!"

"Yep, but not everyone. And as far as I know, our own opponent is one of those few that don't know!"

"So...basically, he'll go in expecting plain ol' SplashMan, and instead get me like this?"

"Yep! Not sure how much help it'll be, but it's worth a try!"

"Well, if you say so..." The water based Navi looked ahead, as though scanning the horizon for something. "Think we can squeeze another battle in?"

"Uh..." Sabrina looked over at a nearby clock, by now more interested in the latter two digits of time. "We'd be pushing it no matter what, and if we ran into something really annoying like those hammer wielding viruses, we might not make it in time. So I think you should jack out while you can!"

"Roger!" Without so much as a second thought, SplashLady left the main Net, now warmed up for her upcoming battle.

(back to real world Netopia!)