Light, Jack In!

As soon Light jacked in, he looked around himself searching if there was no virus around him. He walked a bit, until he reached a big square. Here he sitted in the ground and waited for a Virus...
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As light sits around, doing nothing, as a group of six white puff balls with robotic-like arms, tazers equipped at the end of each arm for hands, float up to the navi with no idea what to do. Then instinct kicks in and one gives Light a little "love" tap on his shoulder, shocking him EVER so slightly. It seems the entire area is made of Holy panels too...GO TO IT LIGHT.EXE! FOR GREAT JUSTICE AND ALL THAT BS!

Maru-01A: 20
Maru-01B: 20
Maru-01C: 20
Maru-01D: 20
Maru-01E: 20
Maru-01F: 20

Light.EXE: 100

Terrain: 100% Holy (attacks deal half damage)