To the Cafe

Daisy came out of the portal, with Junior in hand, and surveyed the area. "I think we head this way. Come on!" Daisy said, as she started to walk towards the east.

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"I'm coming!" Junior said, as Daisy dragged him along. She seemed really energetic today. He glanced around nervously, though. Would they be able to make it to the cafe without a fight?
((Battle 1))
Suddenly... Billies!

Billy A: 50
Billy B: 50
Billy C: 50
Billy D: 50
Billy E: 50

Junior: 120
Daisy: 160
"Five Billies? I can handle that all on my own. Wes, wood-chips, please." Junior requested.

"Fine. Sending Boomerrang1, Cornshot1, Ringlog1, Ringlog1. That should do it." Wes said, slotting in the set of chips.

"Thanks." Junior said. He didn't want to trouble Daisy with these enemies. He would go for a total annilation in one go. A large, wooden boomerrang appeared in his hand. He pointed it in front of him, going over each of the billies. His gaze halted on the two billies on the one end. He would attack them first, then try to angle his shot so that it curved towards the other three enemies. His plan set, he pulled his arm back and spun around, releasing the piece of wood as he finished his circle. The weapon swurled through the air, garenteeing the doom of a few elec enemies. He then summoned up two kernals of corn. He picked out two more enemies, and with a snap of his finger, both kernals popped and shot out towards their allotted targets. Now then, only two weapons left and they were identical. He called upon the first log, holding it firmly in his hand. He had ignored the middle billy thus far, so it was time to take it out. He calmly stepped forward and in a bowling movement, rolled the log forward, sending it tumbling off towards whatever remained of the group. He then grabbed his last attack, another wooden cylinder. The question was, what was left to attack? He carefully glanced over the field. Enemy... where was the enemy? Thinking he might have spooted one, he quickly flicked his hand forward, sending the log racing off towards it. Would that do it or would Daisy now be forced to fight? He really hoped that she would be able to refrain from violence. He took a step back and waited.

((1.) Boomerrang1, 60 Wood, BillyA/B and any other
2.) Cornshot1, 50 Wood to two, Billy D/E
3.) RInglog1, 50 Wood, BillyC
4.) Ringlog1, 50 Wood, any virus left
5.) Dodge))
Daisy let go of Junior when she spotted the Billys. They did not look that friendly to Daisy, more so then that bunny which attacked her did. She saw Junior ready to attack them, and so she mine as well just help him out. To keep herself from being hurt during this, she started to bleed from her left hand. The blood began to move towards her chest area, and formed around her upper body to create some kind of plated armor. After that Daisy moved her hand to where it was in front of her, the hand itself open and slightly bleeding. The blood this time shaped and formed a blade that was about as tall as she was. With luck this whole thing would end fast.

Daisy rushed forward towards one of the billys, blade now at her side, in a dash to get close. As soon as she got within striking range, she quickly used her feet to stop. She brought her blade from her side in an upward fashion, transferring the momentum from the dash into the swing to increase its power. She quickly turned towards the closest billy, and made her move on it. She got in close, and released three quick slashes in succession upon the electrical virus. Now to see what happened in the battle
((Passive, barrier on Daisy
1Daisy blood pummel BillyD, 90 aqua+ break
2attack BillyE, 18
3attack BillyE, 18
4attack BillyE, 18))
In a fountain of flying grass and shrapnel, Junior's perfectly curving Boomerang ripped two of the Billies in half. The dual kernels of corn, unequipped with any kind of homing device and therefore incapable of anything resembling accuracy, both flew wide of their targets; however, the rolling trees squashed one and then another Billy flat.

Daisy's most powerful slash with her sword of gore passed through the fragmented remains of the Billy that Junior had finished off just before she had arrived. Instead of letting that get to her, though, she turned on the spot and aimed another three quick strikes at the only virus that remained. The bloody blade tore a trio of holes in the Billy, which sparked briefly and exploded under the weight of the assault.


Junior.EXE: 120 HP
Daisy.EXE: 160 HP


Daisy gets: Thunder x1, 150z!
Junior gets: Thunder x1, 150z!
"...Why am I tempted to say 'Ding' at this moment?" rang a voice from near Daisy's body, as her blood crafted items went back into her body. Daisy was about to turn around when a screen appeared next to her, showing the current netop's face on it. "Hello... who are you?" he said, a finger now in the screen pointing at Junior. "Virgil?" Daisy asked, when in a burst of laughter, the man in the screen went "Who where you expecting, a kid in a hat and glasses? Na, this is Virgil... now who is he? Or is he also Virgil?"
"Eh? Virgil?" Junior repeated, blinking in confusion.

"Think abuot it for a sec. This girl lost her netop and now a stranger shows up, operating her PET, and she recognizes him. He's either her netop or knows her netop and is her ticket back to him, I'd say." Wes said, "Anyway, this sure is a shame... I figured you two wanted to be alone and was going to set the PET down for a little bit. Oh well, I guess it can't be helped though... I don't feel like talking too much."

"Uh...... okay.Daisy-san, is this your netop?" Junior asked. He went on, "My name is SOulman_Junior.EXE and I am... uh...."
"Your what? Hungry? Bored? In love? Friends? Hypoalgesic... wait, can Navis be that?" Virgil began saying, chuckling some. "Yes, that is my netop there." Daisy said, in a somewhat cheery voice. "List of what you could be aside Junior... Just say what you are man, you only live once and you will never know when that life will end. And that reminds me... Daisy's PET is installed with recording software that is on 24/7, so I can just look at that to see what all happened in the span that she was with Anthony... after I input who knows how many passwords to get to it. So in the meantime it will just be you two." Virgil said, as he cut off the screen. Daisy then looked at Junior, and walked up to him. "What were you going to say?" She then asked.
"I actually don't know. I was hoping you'd finish my statement for me. While we do seem to be on a date, I'm not quite sure what our relationship is." Junior looked away nervously as he spoke. He then took her hand in his and looked her in the eye, "So, how would you define it?"
"...Um..." Daisy said, as Junior grabbed onto her hand. Her face was slowly turning read as she tried to figure out what he meant by that question... "...I am not sure either..." Daisy said when another question popped up in her mind. "Um... when I healed you in the mission... what did you mutter? I couldn't quite make it out." She asked, hopping that might help them figure out what kind of "Relationship" they had... or at least something else.
Junior hadn't realized who had healed him during the mission until that moment. His eyes got wide as it became clear and he remembered what he had said, "What I said exactly isn't important. Just know that I'm very fond of you, Daisy-san. Junior replied, "How much do you know about relationships? I can try and help you figure things out if I know what you do and do not know."
"I... don't really know much..." Daisy said, in response to Junior. "I'm not sure... but I think I like you a lot... And when I touched you there..." Daisy was saying, her face turning a bit red at the thought.
"Fine, I'll explain relationships." Junior began, "There are enemies, which are people you dislike, hate, or have conflicting views with. There are also rivals, which often times don't hate each other, they just compete. There are strangers, people you don't know at all. There are aquantiences, which have been introduced but know little about the other. There are friends, which enjoy the company of each other and often times share similar likes and interests. Then... there are boy friend and girl friend. Normally they are of the opposite gender. They like each other a lot and often times do stuff like kissing, making out, and touching areas that would be forbidden to others. One level above that would lovers, which is more or less the same thing but they have, um... sex. In many situation lovers actually get married and sometimes have children but that's an ability that most navis don't have. Only a few can reproduce..." He paused. He had been blushing ever since he got to the boyfriend/girlfriend part, "So, which one sounds right?" He brought his face closer to hers, moving in for a kiss.
Daisy looked into Junior's eyes, and said "My guess is..." softly before moving forwards a bit to kiss Junior on the lips. After a few seconds she moved her head back from it, "one of the last two." She finished, right before she went back to kissing Junior.
Junior continued their embraced. He held her hand in his and placed his other on her rump. After about thirty seconds, he pulled his head back, ending the kiss, "So.. boyfriend and girlfriend? We're dating?" He said, smiling while his face was slightly red, "I don't think we're quite lovers yet, since we haven't really had... sex...."
"I guess so." Daisy said, after their moment ended. She moved one of her hands behind Junior, and placed it on his rump. "What is this... Requiem? And can I join it to be with you?" She then asked, looking into Junior's eyes with innocence.
"Well, uh... that's really not up to me. It's Wes's decision. It'd probably be okay as long as he finds he can trust your netop though... the fact that I'm in Neo-Requiem is kind of a secret. Plus, you'd need a costume." Junior explained, "Remaining anonymous is the safest way to go right now. Anyway, if you wanted to discuss that any furthur, I'd suggest we go somewhere more private."
"Alright, well I am sure he can trust Virgil." Daisy said, as she leaned closer towards Junior. "Since I kind of want to learn more... I'll go to where ever you want to go right now so I can." Daisy said, as she broke her hand free from junior's grasp and moved to behind his back. She then held onto Junior, looking into his eyes.
"Fine. We can go to my PET. I'd take you to my homepage, but since its public access..." Junior said. He then plugged both himself and Daisy out, reentering his PET.

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