*insirt random title here*

Nikko crashed into the net through a blue beam of light, ready to fight any viruses that come near her.

(battle 1 plz......OR ELSE!)
(Or else WHAT? *Readies his shiny new warnhammer* Because I've been DYING to use this thing.)


BillyA: 50 HP
BillyB: 50 HP
BillyC: 50 HP
Maru-01A: 20 HP
Maru-01B: 20 HP
Maru-01C: 20 HP
Maru-01D: 20 HP
Maru-01E: 20 HP

Nikko: 160 HP

"Hmm....five new enemies and only three old friends."
"Maru-01....seems they are so weak two can be hit in the same attack."
"Send me the battle chips while i ready my fur."
"Ringlog1, Shotgun, Cannon, battle chips in and download."

As Timmy slotted in the chips none came up on Nikko's body, rather, Nikko's fur started to spike up all over her and createing a small protective coating of energy all around her body, ready to deflect damage from attacks and giving her offencive capabilities as well. She then allowed the battle chip data to come forth as a large brown log appeared to the right side of Nikko's body while a large green cannon appeared on her left paw while a small yellow buster appeared on her right paw. Nikko then took close aim at MaruA and B and as she aimed she fired off a large blast of white hot energy at them, hopefuly she could delete both in the same attack for them being so weak and all. She then took aim at MaruC and D, takeing close aim at them as she fired yet another blast, this time it was smaller than the cannon, but hopefuly the splash would cover MaruE in the white hot energy, deleteing it as well as the other maru's. Nikko then picked up the large brown log that was next to her and felt some rage fill up her body, but it quickly disapeared as the log turned dark red and Nikko chucked it at the billies, hopefuly she could kill them all with her attacks, though her fur started loseing it's spikey hardness as she was done chucking the log at the Billies, figures it would happen so soon.

Furry defence (reduces damage by 10 and gives attacking enemies 20 for one turn)
Cannon----->MaruA and B (40)
Shotgun------>MaruC and D, splash at MaruE (50+splash)
*feline fury on Ringlog1
Ringlog1----->BillyA-C (80X2 to each)
(Woah. Can't believe I missed this on mah modding spree. And BTW, Ringlogs can only hit two.)

Plowing through the Marus, one manages to land a (Slightly diminished) attack on Nikko before it's blown away. The bllies see the log coming, and the one in the middle tries to jump away too early, knocking itself dizzy on one of its allies. The two on the sides jump away, leaving their ally to face the wooden weapon alone.

BillyA: 50 HP
BillyC: 50 HP

Nikko: 150 HP
(i knew i should have used the pheonix shot.)

"Heh, nothing to it. though those little bastards lived."
"They won't for long, Pheonixshot1, battle chip in and download."

As Timmy slotted in the chip, a large red buster glowing brightly with fire appeared on Nikko's right paw. Nikko then took aim at both of the Billies and fired off a large blast of flames that took the shape of a large bird made out of fire, it then flew up high and then divebombed the two billies, explodeing in a large torent of flames, hopefuly burning both billies into nothing. Nikko then took a long look at the flames, watching for any signs of movment in the flames.

Pheonixshot1------>BillyA and C (90 fire to both)
preped dodge/battle overview

(nothing much to realy do this turn)
Well, it seems like they are now dead.

Rewards: 800 Zenny
nikko picked up the zenny and moved on.

(battle 2)

MolokoA: 60 HP
MolokoB: 60 HP
MolokoC: 60 HP
GaiaA: 100 HP
GaiaB: 100 HP

Nikko: 150 HP

"Three moko's and two Gaias.....god i hate Gaias."
"Don't be such a baby Nikko. take care of the three Moko's first. Shotgun, DBLCube, PheonixShot1, battle chips in and download."

As Timmy slotted in each of the chips, a large grey cube appeared above Nikko and the viruses as a small yellow buster and a large red buster flowing with fire appeared on each of Nikko's paws. Nikko then took aim at MokoA and fired off a small blast of energy at the fully wooled Moko, hopeing to take it's wool and the wool of another Moko away and makeing them easy prey for her next attack. Nikko then took aim at all three Moko's and let loose a large blast of flame that took the shape of a large bird, it then flies up into the air and falls quickly, hitting the ground and createing a massive explosion of flames, hopefuly brining down two Moko's and burnning off the wool of another, or destroying it if the DBLCube had gone off and attacked the enemies before Nikko attacked with her Pheonixshot. Nikko's fur then starts to spike up all on it's own, and then when it couldn't get more spikey it harddens, turning Nikko into a large kitty porcupine, ready to defend Nikko and attack the other viruses should she be attacked as well.

DBLcube (40 to all enemies or 30 to nikko)
Shotgun----->MokoA, splash at another Moko (50+splash, null)
Pheonixshot1------>moko group (90, fire)
Furry defence (reduce damage by 10, deal 20 to attacking enemies for 1 turn)
(I made a mistake, Molokos have 100 HP
I'll give you the damaged enemies this time...)

The weakened Molokos are picked off, the DBLCUBE dealing damage to them as well as the Gaias. Seeing an opportunity to attack, both Gaia's attack Nikko, dealing the equivalent of a normal attack by themselves, and taking severe scratches.

GaiaA: 40 HP
GaiaB: 40 HP

Nikko: 130 HP
"Damn, i hate gaias so fucking much."
"Can't realy be hurt in stone form. oh well, shotgun, heatshot, battle chips in and download."

As Timmy slotted in the chips a small yellow buster appeared on Nikko's right paw while a large metal gun with holes in the sides appeared on her left. As nikko recived the battle chips she took a look at both Gaias, knowing that if she were to fire now, the gaias would just shrug off the attacks and not take any damage, so she reverted the Heatshot back into it's core data and locked it up for the time being as she took her left paw and flipped off both gaias with her middle paw as she took aim at both gaias with the shotgun. Nikko then jumped away from the gaias and fired off a small blast of energy twords GaiaA, hopeing the blast would also hit GaiaB as she kept her distance away from the Gaia's attacks. Nikko then let the heatshot come back up and let it form into it's original form, a large metal gun with holes on both of it's sides, She then took aim at GaiaA again and fired off a small fireball twords GaiaA and hoped it would splash upon GaiaB, hopefuly she could take out both this time around, or things would get harry for Nikko.

flip off both Gaias.
Shotgun------>GaiaA, splash at GaiaB (50+splash)
heatshot------>GaiaA, splash at GaiaB (40+splash, fire)
Blasted away, the enemies both swing. Nikko dodges the first, but the combined effects of the flipping off and its comrade missing give the other one the strength it needs to hit Nikko with its hammer.


Nikko: 110 HP

Prize: 400z
(only 400? oh well)
"Urgh. hurting."
"Keep going Nikko."

Nikko then moved on, looking for more viruses.

(Yes, Dark. Only 400. Medic made a mistake: Due to their weakness, Maru-01's should not give out full rewards. That battle should have gotten you about 300-350. But it's already done, so congrats. Enjoy your extra 500z.)

Angered by the loss of their weakened companions, Molokos show up to trash Nikko!

MolokoA: 100 HP
MolokoB: 100 HP
MolokoC: 100 HP
MolokoD: 100 HP
MolokoE: 100 HP

Nikko: 110 HP

"Woah. five more mokos."
"Indeed. DBLBeam, Pheonixshot1, Ringlog1, battle chips in and download."

As Timmy slotted in all three battle chipsa large grey cube appeared above Nikko while a large red buster, glowing red hot with fire appeared on Nikko's right paw while a large brown log appeared on the left of her, ready to be used at any time. Nikko then hoped the DBLCube would hit red as he took aim at MokoA-C, though she felt another blast of familiar rage build up in her body again, but disapeared as she fired off a large blast of flame in which takes the shape of a large bird to which soared above the moko's and then dived down, crashing into the ground and throwing flames all around the three moko's, hopeing to hit them all and maybe even delete them all. Nikko then picked up the log and held it above her head, digging her claws deep down into the log and then threw it at MokoD and E, hopefuly it would damage them, not just take off their wool. Then Nikko got down on all four of her paws and then her fur started to spike up and then it all hardened, makeing it very strong, though it would reduce damage that would be delt to her, it would also deal damage to all of the enemies that would hit her as the cube started to flash between red and blue.

DBLCube (40 damage to all enemies if red or 30 heal to Nikko if blue)
*feline rage active on Pheonix shot
Pheonixshot1----->MokoA-C (120, fire)
Ringlog1----->MokoD and E (50, w00d)
Furry defence (-10 damage from enemy attack, 20 to enemies who attack for 1 turn)
The burst of fire manages to make a deep cut into the fluffy ranks, but one sheep charges out from behind the sheet of flame relatively unscathed. Nikko manages to temporarily halt two Molokos with a thrown log, and the DBLCube's merry red blaze of light gives pause to all three. No sooner had her fur spiked and hardened, though, than three battered but very much alive sheep made their moves. One tripped and skidded comically across the ground on its face, and one delivered its blow only to impale itself on the catgirl's improvised armor, but yet another managed to strike her hard across the rear without succumbing to her spines. While it shook off the minor wounds she had inflicted on its face and hide, Nikko skidded across the ground, her hard fur digging small furrows in the soil.

MolokoA: 40 HP
MolokoE: 10 HP

Nikko: 50 HP
(i sure am getting a lot of red hits with my DBLCube. heh, thank you luck.)

"Ugh....i'm REALY hurting here."
"Don't worry. you'll heal. Vulcan1, Cannon, shotgun, battle chips in and download."

As Timmy slotted in the chips, a large gattling gun with three holes for the rounds appeared on Nikko's right paw while a large green cannon appeared on her left paw. Nikko then raised up the large gattling gun and took aim at MokoE, keeping it within her attack sight and let fly three tinny bullets of energy out twords the Moko, she knew that it was weak so that the bullets would delete it should it not get away from more than two of the bullets. the Vulcan then disapeared and was replaced by a smaller, but more powerful yellow buster on her right paw. Nikko then took aim at MokoA and fired off a large blast of energy that headed twords the Moko with great speed, Nikko had a feeling this fight was nearing the end as she held up the small buster in front of her face and smiled. She then took aim at MokoA once more and fired off a smaller, more compact blast of energy twords the Moko, hopping to splash upon MokoE should it not be deleted yet. Nikko's body then started to repair it's self, healing the more superfical blows that Nikko had recived from her lest few battles as she started to run around the battle field, knowing the moko's would be back in full force should they still survive her attacks.

*9-lives active, recover 20Hp while at 50 or below
Vulcan1---->MokoE (10X3)
Cannon----->MokoA (40)
Shotgun----->MokoA, splash at MokoE (50+splash)

DEATH, DESTRUCTION, all that jazz.

You get zenny and shiz. (300z)


And when I say 'Y/N', I mean 'JACK OUT BARRIER, BISH!'
Nikko looked up at the sky, seeing some sort of strange energy in the sky, seeing that her ability to jack out is gone. "Damn....i can't keep going.....but.....a jack out barrier has been placed......this CAN'T be good."
"Energy pack. download."

As timmy sent Nikko the energy pack, Nikko's body FLOODED with energy, fully healing her.

"Better safe than sorry Nikko."
"I won't lose.....i can't."

Nikko then walked on once more, feeling a chill in her body as she walked on.

(fullHP, battle 4, virus horde ahead)


...A single virus?

Swordy(WAITWUT?!): 40

Nikko: 160