Following the RoT Hostage Situation...

((Continued from Onsen Madness))

DragonierMan awoke slowly to find himself lying in a clearing, much like the one from earlier, surrounded by hotsprings. A figure in one of the springs noticed him and rose from the water slowly. He noticed another figure close by, a woman with luxurious, dark brown hair. She was unconscious and dressed in a cotton shirt and tight trousers. He reasoned out by looking at her face that it was probably the woman named Armor from earlier.

"Good, you're awake. Those RoT bastards were using a jackout barrier; you're lucky nothing more serious happened. Didn't I tell you not to try to fight all of them?" General Yasu's voice addressed him. As he looked up, he saw the general's slim but muscular figure standing above him. Instead of her usual armor, she was dressed only in a skin-tight green bikini. It didn't reveal much more than her regular outfit in the long-run, however. She was dripping wet and had apparently just washed off in one of the springs.

"Your operator should be re-establishing contact with you now. The jackout barrier probably made it look like you'd been deleted to him or her," she explained, sitting cross-legged in front of DragonierMan. She'd apparently already stripped off his armor and what was underneath to the point that modesty would allow and dressed his wounds. Realizing that he'd noticed this, she blushed and looked the other way. "I can't ignore the injuries of a fellow NeoShogun fighter, even a foolish man such as yourself."

"I must thank you for occupying those men. I know it was a perilous situation, but I applaud you for holding them up long enough so that they couldn't take her back to their base. I couldn't have recovered Armor without your help," she admitted. "Are you interested in joining the NeoShogun Empire? I can't imagine why else you would have agreed to fight such dangerous opponents. If you are, I can tell you how to apply."
DragonierMan blinked. His gaze drifting about. He was alive, apparently saved by Yasu. He hurt all over. But that was better than the alternative.

He listened to Yasu as he tried to recover. Trying to drum up the energy to stay conscious and respond. She called him foolish for rushing to battle, just like before. He managed to nod his head slowly by the end.

"I am a sword. I exist to fight, to defend, to slay."

He said in a rasped voice. He attempted to sit up, bending at the waist. A sharp pain sent him crashing back to the ground. His breath left him in a hiss.

"My Lord knows I am alive, he will find me soon."

He said with confidence as he lay there, battered. He was bandaged tightly, making it hard to breath. But he was recovering fast. Splotches of gray datum on the cloth drying up slowly, leaving them clean again.

"He wishes for me to join the Shogunate. I am to be wielded for their sake."
"I suppose your operator's probably been drawn in by the latest propaganda," Yasu sighed, resting her chin on her fist. "At least the word is spreading around. Then again, you were at the summit, so you know what we're all about. That gives you a good bit more education than a few of the other latest candidates we scouted."

"Anyways, if you want to apply, send an e-mail requesting a recruitment mission to this address. You can refer others too, but they need a minimum navi level of 8 before we can accept them," the general explained, moving forward and trying to transfer the data directly to his operator. Realizing that wasn't going to work because the link wasn't established yet, she sighed deeply.

With a disgruntled frown, she crossed her arms across her breasts. "Your memory's fine, right? I'll just tell you it and you can use it later. The address is 'the real future empire at Sharo free mail.' All of that's together, of course," she slowly elaborated. She was blushing again, which told him that she must feel kind of silly saying the address out loud.

((NS E-mail Address received! Go here to send an e-mail in the future...))

"Do you have any other questions? If not, your operator should be back any time now, so feel free to just jack out," she asked, keeping a somewhat cold and distant tone. She turned to face in the other direction and crossed her arms stoically, ignoring the moisture that still coated her body.
As DragonierMan opened his mouth to respond, he disappeared.

[DragonierMan LOGGED OUT!]