Solar System

Once again to access the Net, Divinity crashed down from the air while emerging from a bright light but it was different this time. Two ethereal wings made of sunlight came from her back while her entire armor looked different than usual. "Hey, I've got a bodysuit again!" Divinity noticed, raising her voice a bit, then poked a piece of it. "I missed how it felt..." muttered the Navi eventually as she realized Area was still watching. A small screen came down from the sky, as it had appeared there when the GMO was executed, and showed bright red letters on it.

[Solaria.GMO executed]

"Spiffy," muttered Divinity as she looked at her new armor and realized it was much more bulky than what she was used to. As she continued to check herself out, she suddenly felt a new file downloaded into her system. "What is this? ESL Program?"

"Energetic Sun Light Program," said Area as she took two items out of the motorcycle's right bag and put it around her two wrists. Walking over to a place with less shadow, while dragging her red blanket, she laid down again. "Time to energize you..." Area said softly and turned back to her screen.

Still looking at her armor, she noticed the jewels starting to light up as they collected sunlight within said jewels. "Oh, more corny lines!" shouted Divinity suddenly and held a hand towards her front and started to shout with a serious tone that was visible in her expression as well, "I am the light in the dark! I am she who smites the vile! My name is Divinity!"

"No," said Area, holding her hand against her forehead, "Just no... Don't do that..."

Blowing some air sideways, the Navi shrugged and started to walk on the path to find some enemies.
Shrimps, all at SEA!!!
ShrimpyA: 100
ShrimpyB: 100
ShrimpyC: 100

Terrain: Sea
"We're fighting sushi?" asked Divinity as she held her armored hands out at them with a confused look on her face which she had turned towards Area. "And the panels are in their favour..." she added to it quietly as she looked back at them. "Any idea what to do, Area?" Divinity muttered as she kept her eyes on the enemies.

"Hit them on the weak points," said Area softly as she turned around to lay on her back with the PET hanging above her face in her hands. Taking it in one hand, she slammed her hand into her pile of chips to find the ones she needed for now. Taking chips up to her face she checked if she got the right one, putting the wrong ones back in her pile, while placing chips she'd need later on on her chest. "Take away their advantages," Area continued when she slotted the first chip in, already slotted in the second one while the third was still in the pile. "Use these, you'll know how. The third will be there in a few seconds," Area told Divinity and continued to search for it.

"Got it. Hey, not a bad idea," said Divinity as she analyzed the chips being sent and realized there was no real plan but to just take away advantages for now. Spreading her arms to her sides, she ejected a pair of shining wings made of sunlight from her back and fluttered upwards slightly. "The sun..." Divinity muttered as she felt the SandZone chip spreading through her systems and made the jewels on her armor light up with coding visible inside said jewels. "What..." she suddenly said as not only the jewels got warm, but her body as well. Guiding the heat from the solar jewels out towards the panels to vaporize the water and turn it into sand panels, she also felt the heat surging through her own body. "No!" she shouted and grabbed her chest, almost digging her armored fingers into her own armor, "It hurts! It burns!" Even through the pain she felt, she kept on going to turn the water into sand panels.

"Divinity," Area asked after she slotted in the third chip, "What is... Happening?" Just as Area wondered this, she could see a flaming aura around Divnity that she had seen before. Her pupils shrunk as she kept staring at Divinity and voices ran through her head. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? GET AWAY FROM THERE, GIRL!" shouted a male voice in her head. The voice of an elderly woman followed, shouting again, "THERE ARE STILL CHILDREN INSIDE! HELP THEM PLEASE!" Mixed voices were going through the two previous ones, but then it became quiet and a third voice spoke in her mind. "Don't you love this chaos... Area?" said a soft voice and while Area knew that there was more to it, she slammed her hand into the ground while shouting out loud at Divinity. "NO! STOP!" Area exclaimed and held her PET closer towards her, "MAKE THE HEAT DISSIPATE! FIGHT IT! PLEASE!" And in a swift movement, she sat up again while quickly turning around, holding her PET to her closely.

All panels below her had succesfully transformed into sand panels as Divinity slowly came down to a floating position again, the wings disappearing as well. "I-I'm fine, Area," Divinity said softly, fully knowing her body was still burning for some reason but tried to resist it to the maximum of her strength, and executed the other files Area had sent. "I'll now... Continue..." she said as she panted a bit at the energy she had used previously, while holding her teeth against each other.

I sent her fire-based chips... Area suddenly remembered and spread her eyes while her voice in her own mind continued, NO! How could I... It's just like... WHY DIDN'T I THINK!? She slammed her fist on the eject button of her PET but it was too late. Divinity had already started executing the programs.

Sending the two chips to her gauntlets, one to each, she could feel the burning sensation boiling in the jewels and looked at the jewels with a strange sensation in her eyes. "The fire..." she muttered as if stuck in a trance and squinted her eyes before she continued, "The power..." The flame inside her body disappeared all of a sudden, making the only flames she could feel the ones in her hands. Holding her head downwards, she started with mere snickering which slowly turned into loud laughter. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" she laughed out loud and then shouted out at the enemies, "YOU WANTED TO FIGHT ME!? PATHETIC!" The sunlight-powered wings appeared on her back again and she started to move around while charging the flaming energy in the jewels attached to the front of her gauntlets to execute the eventual attacks.

"NO! DIVINITY!" Area shouted and held her index finger between her two fingers, thinking quickly and trying to figure out an idea. What do I do!? This is like before! Maybe... If her coding is the same... IT'S MY ONLY CHANCE! Putting her hand back on her PET, she held it close to her head and shouted loud in the microphone. "SOLARIA!"

In a quick turn, Divinity stopped and looked up at Area. The expression on her face seemed normal again as she started to speak, "W-What did you call me... Area? Solaria...?" The Navi turned away and shook her head a few times, talking to herself softly.

"We're still in a battle! Attack!" Area shouted, less loud than before, and held a hand against her chest. We pulled through... Somehow... she thought, the beating of heart having calmed down.

Divinity generated a fireball in her right hand and returned a shout at Area, "Workin' on it!" Not even remembering what she went through a few seconds ago, she continued as she normally would. She floated around, not wanting to be stopped by the sand panels, and aimed carefully so she could hit all of them with one strike. "FIRE BURNER ONE, GO!" she shouted as she threw out the ball of fire that split up into three various balls as it left her hand. Still holding her hand out to slightly guide her last attack, she felt her left fist burn with a vicious heat and ready to strike. "Let's do this differently..." Divinity muttered with an eerie grin on her face. In a quick dash, she held her left hand out into the air as the hand itself became red with the heat surging through it. "SOLAR!" she shouted as the jewel on top of the gauntlet formed itself to be a spear forwards. Dashing all her way up to the shrimp virus she had targetted previously, she continued to follow it's movements to execute the planned attack succesfully. "FINGER!" she shouted as she thrusted her hand out towards the virus to catch it with her hand and burn its external data directly. Knowing that she'd be open for attacks now, with her hand on one of their allies or next to it if she missed, she generated a wide shield made of solar energy on her right arm and held it out so she would be safe for some time. "I refuse to lose," Divinity said as she glanced at the viruses over her shield, knowing that at least two of them were still there at the other side of her shield.

1. SandZone [Create Large Area of Sand Panels]
2. FireBurner1 [50 Fire; Up To 3 Enemies; Ranged] @ Shrimpy Group
3. Firehit1 [60 Fire; Ranged] @ ShrimpyA
4. NC Shield
Divinity creates some glass from her sand as she attacks the viruses and deletes one. A Shrimpy attacks, but it is blocked by Divinity's shield.

ShrimpyB: 50
ShrimpyC: 50

Terrain: 30% Sea, 40% Glass, 30% Sand
That was close... Area thought as she noticed Divinity had started acting normal and focused on the battle, That didn't happen again... But... She slowly positioned herself to lay down on her red plaid blanket while taking the fire chips out of her pack, putting them down away from the rest. I need to avoid using these... she continued and then begun talking to Divinity, "You okay?"

A blue flash came from the screen as Divinity slammed away the water attack with her shield, immediately placing her towards the enemies. In her left hand were still some charred remains from the Shrimpy virus she had disintegrated. She slowly moved it towards her face and licked it off her gauntlet, disgusting Area slightly on the other side of the PET. "Hey, this isn't bad at all," Divinity stated, but felt data come from chips before she could finish her feast.

"No, Divinity. Just... No," said Area as a tingle went through her spine of disgust. But through her mind ran something else. She also did that... Before she... were the words she heard in her mind, stopping when she heard Divinity's voice.

"What are these chips? Isn't this a bit too overdone?" Divinity asked when she analyzed the three battle chips. "Come on... They're weakened already," she continued and held her eyes towards her Operator, "But sure... Let's do this." With a sigh she sent out the first piece of data towards her two shields and held them out towards the enemies. The multiple jewels on her armor started to glow with a green light while orbs were being created in the palms of her hands. A shell encased the orbs, making them ready for attack and Divinity grabbed them tightly. "Quick movements now," she said seriously and tossed the corn orbs upwards aligned next to each other. Sending more energy into her FloatShoes program, she floated upwards to the orbs while immediately sending the two other chips to the arms. Boomerang data in her left, Bubbler data in her right and the orbs created by CornShot data were before her. With a swift motion she kicked the two balls towards her targets and grabbed the extended jewel on her left gauntlet with her right hand. "Hraaaaagh!" she shouted as she broke the jewel off her armor. The Boomerang data within it caused it to change into the shape of a boomerang immediately, as Divinity flung it at her enemies. Already on her way down to the ground, she forced the aquatic energy into the right jewel for the final strike. A bright blue flash came from the jewel as it fired a stream of bubbles at one of the enemies. Just before she could slam her boots back on the ground, she remained floating closely above it as the sand swiveled up slightly because of the wind flowing along it. A new jewel generated itself on the left gauntlet, taking the old one's place, and shone with a light to indicate it was back in business. "To be sure..." Divinity whispered as she moved sideways and held up her gauntlet horizontally while emitting a shield made of light to protect herself.

1. CornShot [50 Wood to 2 Enemies] @ Shrimpies
2. Boomerang [60 Wood to Multiple] @ Shrimpies
3. Bubbler [50 Aqua; Splash] @ Shrimpies
4. NC Shield

(( An OOC note. If you want to give money for this battle, make it so that I get an amount of zenny with two 0s at the end again. "1731 Zenny" is so silly. Thanks in advance. ))


Terrain: 30% Sea, 40% Glass, 30% Sand

Get: Bubbler, 200z
"That wasn't that difficult," said Area, neglecting the fact Divinity went slightly berserk because of the previously used fire chips, "You got through it unscathed." Checking through Divinity's systems as was her habit, she made sure everything was fine and removed from the database about the problems.

Slowly fluttering through the sky, leaving the glass and sand panels behind her, she murred and eventually started to speak. "Almost too easy..." she said, softly murring afterwards. "What the..." muttered Divinity eventually as she heard a soft beeping sound in her ears, "Area, what's this?"

"An update for the PET... Hang on, let me download and install it," replied Area as she begun clicking buttons to initiate the process.

"Wait," Divinity suddenly said as she sensed a new mail and opened it for Area before she could even update her PET's programming. "What does it say?" muttered Divinity who looked around the document, as it was floating in the air for her.

For Area it was just flat as usual and read it. "No message..." she said with a dull tone in her voice, "And it's from my brother... Wait." Her eyesight shifted to the title 'We need to speak.' and sighed. "We like... Just left from there. What does he want to talk about? He's acting all dramatic with this as if we had been gone for weeks."

"It's probably serious," replied Divinity as she pushed away the document from the screen, "I think it's better to log out."

"I bet it's nothing... Let's continue, Divinity..." said Area, but then her eyes widened as she noticed Divinity looking different than usual. "Di... Divinity...?"

Divinity had her hands on her chest, piercing her chest armor fiercely with her fingers that had become sharper and pointier. Gritting her teeth tightly on each other, Area could notice her teeth had gotten sharper as well and had even grown fangs. "Please..." muttered Divinity, her voice echoing slightly as if another being spoke at the exact same time, "Log out..."

"O... Okay," Area replied, slightly shocked, and made Divinity return to the PET.

[ Dramatic Log Out ]