Nikko jacked into the Yoka net through a blue beam of light.

"Get going Nikko."
"Get the chips ready otaku."
"GO! NOW!"
"Ok, ok, i'm going."

And Nikko did just that as she walked along the area, looking for viruses to delete.

(Battle 1 bitches)
Virus Attack!

ShrimpyA: 100 HP
ShrimpyB: 100 HP
ShrimpyC: 100 HP

Nikko.exe: 160 HP

-Let's fight, ebi-

((fun fact: Ebi in Japanese means shrimp))
(YAY FUN JAPANISE FACTS! i WILL learn how to speak it.....I WILL!)

"Raw or extra crispy?"
"Extra crispy!"
"Magbolt1, Markcannon1, Shotgun, battle chips in and download. Have fun."

As TImmy slotted in the chip data to Nikko, a large magnet with red colored ends appeared on Nikko's right paw as a large green cannon with a scope appeared on Nikko's left paw. Nikko felt the magnet was just right for a fish fry as she activated it and tried to pull ShrimpyA into the magnet's electrical energy to fry it. Nikko then felt a familiar rage appear in her body once more, though it disapated and transfered it's power into the Markcannon as Nikko fired a large blast of energy that homed in on ShrimpyB, ready to delete it quickly. Nikko then jumped back and a small yellow buster appeared on her right paw, to which she fired a small, thin blast of energy twords ShrimpyC and as she finished she jumped at ShrimpyC and pounced upon it, hopeing to dig her claws into the Shimpy's exterior shell and take a nice bite out of it as well as she jumped back and waited for the resaults of the begining of the fight.

Magbolt1----->ShrimpyA (180 damage with X2 elemental weakness mutiplyer)
*Feline rage activate on Markcannon1
Markcannon1------>ShrinpyB (100+lockon)
Shotgun------>ShrimpyC (50+splash)
Cat attack----->ShrimpyC (50+stun)
Nikko brilliantly destroyed the first two Shrimpys, but her final attack was avoided as the Shrimpy slid out of the way, cackling.

ShrimpyC: 50 HP

Nikko.exe: 160 HP
"Slippery little bastard."
"Shotgun, slot in and download."

As Timmy slotted in the chip data, a small yellow buster appeared on Nikko's right paw. Nikko rushed up to the shrimpy as quickly as she could and fired the quick, thin, bullet at the bastard, hopeing that this completely deletes it this time as she jumped back and waited.

Shotgun----->ShrimpyC (50+splash)
Dodge/battle overviewX3
It dies.

ShrimpyC: BLASTED!

Nikko.exe: 160 HP

Get: Bubbler, 200z
"So, timmy, what kind of battle chip do we have here?"
"Let me check the PET's battle chip database."
"Ok then, so, what do we have?"
"It's called a bubbler, it's the same as a shotgun in pretty much everything, but it has an aqua element."
"Sweet! wait.....does this mean we have at least one battlechip of every element?"
"Lets see.....Ringlog1, wood.....Bubbler, aqua......heatshot, fire.....Magbolt1, electric......Yep, we have a battle chip of every regular element."
"I'm off."

Nikko then walked on as Timmy drooled over the battle chip colection they have.

(Battle 2)
More Viruses

MetoolEXA: 70 HP
MetoolEXB: 70 HP
Canondumb2A: 90 HP
Canondumb2B: 90 HP
SwordyA: 60 HP
SwordyB: 60 HP

Nikko.exe: 160 HP

-Meh, no special messages-
"What do we have here? upgraded metools and cannondumbs? pheh, the other viruses worry me."
"The upgraded viruses have more HP than the others. be careful. Magbolt1, Markcannon1, Ringlog1, Guard1, battle chips in and download."

As Timmy slotted in the chips, a large magnet with red ends appeared on Nikko's right paw while a large green cannon with a small scope appeared on her left paw while a large brown, wooden log appeared in front of Nikko as the Guard data floated in her body, getting ready to be released. Nikko switched on the magnet and aimed it at Cannondumb2A, hopeing to fry it's data down to the core with electrical energy. Then Nikko fired a large blast of energy at metoolEXA that started to hone in on the Metool's energy signature like a heat seaking missle. Nikko then picked up the large wooden log and as she was about to throw it, a large ammount of rage flooded Nikko's body, being transfered into the log, turning it bright red as she threw it this time at Cannondumb2B, and the two swordies, hopeing to delete them quickly and to minimize the damage from any remaining viruses that might survive from the attacks as she raised a large shield in front of her body, ready to reflect any enemy attack that hits it right back at them.

Magbolt1------>Cannondumb2A (90, elec)
Markcannon1------>MetoolEXA (70, lock onto the enemy)
*Feline rage active on Ringlog1
Ringlog1------>SwordyA,B, Cannondumb2B (80, wood, can hit multiple enemies)
Guard1 (reflect up to 60 damage from 1 enemy attack)

Junior found the link to Yoka net and headed in. He looked around. Not many busters out today, though since Yoka was more a tourist area, he really wasn't too surprised. Of course, it laid back nature was one of the reasons that Junior loved this place so much... that and the girls in bathing suits, sometimes not even that. Then, off in the distance, he witnessed an ambush on a strange girl. Were those... cat ears? Paws? Fur? Catgirl!? But... he had Capuchin-chan. Or did he? She never really did answer any of his relationship questions... Great, now he was feeling depressed. He needed to snap out of it! Right, back to the mission!

The girl had used some effective attacks on two enemies, but for her last strike, she had used a Ringlog against the swordies. There was no way something so inaccurate could hit. He needed to pick up the slack. He moved slowly forward from the side. If he could attack quick, he would most likely catch them by surprise. He gathered energy slowly... quietly. He couldn't afford to make a sound. As his attack became ready, he smirked. Bringing his arms up, he pointed his glowing hands at the two Swordies. Time to fry, "Requiem Light Show!" He outpoured two large lasers, one from each hand, attempting to cut down both enemies at once. Now for the others. With a quick glance at the large gun, he prepped yet another attack, the second buttom from the top of his suit lighting up before firing another powerful beam just seconds after the other attack. The beam was grey this time and little images of tombstones could be seen circling inside the beam. It was a fabulous display! Now he would need some help. Unfortunately he couldn't talk to his netop, but he was sure Wes would know what to do. Wordlessly, Wes slotted in a chip. Junior hair stood up and seemed to be looking at the enemies, glancing particualarily at a certain Met. It then spun around and whipped a kunai at it, which seemed to have spawn from his own blade that held his hair back. It seemed to respond better than expected. Now he needed to dodge. The girl would most likely be safe for the moment. He would make his introductions later.

((1.) Soul Finger Shot, 60, SwordyA and B
2.) Soul Assimulation, 90, Canodumb2B
3.) Markcannon1, 70+lock-on, MetoolEXB
4.) dodge
5.) dodge))
The viruses are dazzled and blasted by Nikko and the new stranger's attacks.

Canondumb2A: SHOCKED!
SwordyA: LOGGED!
SwordyB: FINGER'D!

Nikko.exe: 160 HP
???.exe: 120 HP

Both Get: 600z
Nikko turned to where the extra attacks had come from, she blushede as she saw him, and said...... "Th.....thanks for the help. Who are you?" Nikko asked to the stranger.
"Ya, who are you? have to thank you properly." Timmy said to the navi.
Junior turned to Nikko and gave a bow, "Greetings. I am known as Crimson Royale and am a high ranking officer of Neo-Requiem. My comrades and I have taken it upon ourselves to gather information on any odd happenings and use this intel to defend the net. I noticed you in danger while on a simple walked, so I rushed to save you." He walked up to her and took her hand in front of him, before leaning down and kissing the back gently, "I apoligize if you sudden appearance startled you. Please forgive me and grant me the kindness of knowing your name."
Nikko blushed bright red at the gestures Junior made to her as she regained her voice.
"I am Nikko. you look like a very strong navi to go here, don't the viruses seem a little.....weak to you?"
"Well, they ARE a bit weak, we can easly take out a few of these without trouble." Timmy chimed in.
"That would be my Netop, timmy, he's kind of a chip otaku."
"It's true after all, you POLISH your chips like they are the most presous thing you have."
"Only the rare ones."
"What a foolish boy. The most precious thing he has is obviously you, Nikko-san." Junior nodded at the two, "Either way, it's a pleasure to meet you. Do you need some help getting furthur into the net because I'd rather not intrude."
"He's a bit hard headed at times."
"This is true."
"Anyways, sure, i'd like to bust some viruses with you."
"Nikko has been looking for new friends, anyways, mind telling me about this......Neo-Requiem before you two go?"
"It's Requiem.... only new." Junior said with a grin, "Things are a bit different this time around, but when it comes down to it, our purpose and policies are the same. If you're really curious, use the boards to find out the information you seek. Like I said before, gathering information is important to our group." He then began to walk off, smirking as he went.

Nikko walked with Junior, ready to see what he has up his sleve.

(i think it's battle 1, but i could be wrong.)
((Battle 1))
Crimson and Nikko find viruses.

FirephoenixA: 110 HP
FirephoenixB: 110 HP
FirephoenixB: 110 HP
BagwormA: 150 HP
BagwormB: 150 HP

Nikko.exe: 160 HP
Crimson_Royale.exe: 120 HP