Formalising a prior agreement

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Courser lingered in the shadows of the recruitment area for a short while, watching people come and go before he finally stepped out and made his way forward through the space. there was a nonchalance in his step that was calm and self assured, but even as he put that look on his eyes moved about quickly, making sure she understood just where it was he was going, and, subtly, trying to make sure it wasn't going to cause problems or raise eyebrows. Ultimately he was reassured by the uniquely unilateral way that the recruitment stations seemed to be handling candidates for every faction regardless of their supposed legal or moral alignment.

Soon enough he approached one of the counters that seemed to be handling Mafia recruitment, casting a grin across the way as he stepped up.

"Decisions decisions... think it's about time I made things official with the Mafia, after the work I've been doing, just got to pick a family that suites." He winked across the counter, regardless of who he'd actually found there, and maintained his grin as a clone slipped out from behind him, leaning casually with an arm on his shoulder.

"Now, see, way I see it, Boss is best cut for the Techari... He's right up there with that... you know... techno whatsit junk and stuff, right? Right?" The clone looked at Courser, who cast a side glance back at it with a raised eyebrow. On the other side, a second decoy leaned past him, shaking its head and scolding the first.

"Nah, quit your joking. It's obviously gotta be the hounds. don't get much more bloodthirsty and violent than our boy, do you? I mean, you saw him... er... well, there was that time he... ah... He did swat a fly yesterday, I think. Might have missed it. Not sure. Doesn't matter, right?" Courser shook his head at the new clone and brushed both of their hands off his shoulders. The two decoys pouted but stood straight while the real navi put his hands together.

"I think it's decided..." when he opened his mouth again, all three decoys spoke in unison, each saying a different name.

"Vivarte" It was unerringly difficult to work out which one had said which. Courser leaned in closer and the two decoys faded into curls of shadow as he grinned, flashing his teeth.

"What family do you think I should join, Buttercup?"
The navi behind the counter was clearly a woman, though it was hard to tell much about the rest of her. Her entire body was covered in a black, close-fitting skinsuit, enclosing her face completely. Her head, arms, chest, and legs were encased in yellow armor with white, upward pointing arrows painted on., and her helmet had only upward curving slits like glowing, white, smiling eyes, seemingly not in positions that would actually allow any vision through. Her body looked a little chunky, what little was visible that wasn't armored. She let out a giggle and pressed her fists beneath her chin girlishly, her voice projecting out loudly despite her covered mouth. "Hahahee! You're a charmer, you! Well, my own recommendation would be Teksqp. I just got in myself and let me tell you, they're such friendly, accepting people! Yep! You're gonna love it in Teksqp!" she insisted, spreading her arms wide. "Just tell 'em Upside sent you! I'm pretty new, so I need all the brownie points I can get. The guy who recruited me said that it's very, very important I prove myself useful, or else I'll embarrass him for letting me in! So yeah, just do your best!"

Pausing here, she hummed happily while preparing a mission request. "Aha! Here's a Teksqp mission request that just came in! It's brand new! That means maybe it's a really great one that nobody's had time to get around to yet? Pretty exciting, isn't it? I know I'm super stoked!" she announced giddily. It was hard to believe such a chipper, naive-seeming person could be part of the Mafia, but perhaps that gave hope to CourseMan that he'd be free to act however he was comfortable once he got into the family. For now, a view-screen was opened up for him to read the mission details:

Quote ()

Hey there, buddy-

I hear you're in the market for NetMafia recruitment, huh? Don't worry, I just saw you head in! I'm a friend of Mime's and I figure I owe you big time for letting her out of jail. Tell you what: it's a lot easier to get in if you have someone to vouch for you. Want to head to my place and we'll do a test there? I don't want to make it sound too easy, but there's no real reason to break your back doing a tough mission when I can make it simple for you, right? If you're interested, just accept here and they'll give you the address.

Oh, also, I'm planning a surprise party for Mime on the side that I could definitely use your help with. You can help me out with that too, if you want. It's a surprise party and she isn't supposed to arrive until later, though, so don't bring her along with you, okay?


"Oh wowie! Sounds like the guy knows you already!" Upside chuckled, apparently having read the details herself. "Whoops! Nosy of me. But you know, that's why I'm not NetPolice, ha ha ha!"
As the bright-clad navi correctly interpreted his request, adding her own enthusiasm for his nominated family, Courser nodded and winked at her.

"Sounds like a good suggestion to me, sweet-pea. Let's see it..." As he read over the request, though, his expression dropped to something a bit more sane and serious and one finger tapped a few times in thought on his folded arms. It wasn't that he didn't trust people's stated intentions when it came to the Mafia and all that he'd learned about what had happened surrounding Mime... it was... ok yes, that he didn't trust people's stated intentions when it came to the Mafia and all that he'd learned about what had happened surrounding Mime. At last he nodded, and brightened his grin again.

"This looks like a good task, I think. Suites me well."
"Well, fantastic! I'll let 'em know you're coming. Here's a data packet with the address to their homepage. Hopefully I get a chance to set up a surprise party too sometime! That'd be a great mission for me," Upside sighed, before sliding over the data packet.

*CourseMan received TaxidermyKey.DAT*

"Hope you enjoy your time! I know I'll be having a ball meeting people here!" the mafioso on the other side of the counter beamed insufferably.

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