Peace Bringer

Voulge appeared in the heart of Internet City, already overwhelmed by the flood of crowds moving in and out of the street. Ignis and Licht hovered above ground in a safe distance while the navi tried to fight against the moving crowd. "Hahaha, take your time, slowpoke!"


Before long, Voulge finally arrived at the GNA recruitment kiosks and cautiously entered the dome. "This is finally it..." Voulge silently whispered. Upon entering, he found just as many NetPolice officers as there were NetMafia operatives, making the navi uneasy as was prepared to unsheath his spears. However, he found it even stranger that they were both on equal terms as they showed bare minimum aggression against one another. "...We'll never get to see something like this again. Just like lambs and a lion frolicking with one another."

After a few help from the ushers and attendants, the navi eventually arrived at one of the infinite recruitment booth with both Ignis and Licht. He bowed his head in a gentle greeting at the GNA employee, sliding a red card that held the basic identity information about himself. "Hello, my name is Voulge.EXE." His heart began to race, even before he could finish his sentence. "...And I would like to apply as an official NetPolice navi, working under the department of public safety."
"Thank you for using our services, Mr. Voulge, please wait one moment while I find a suitable entry level mission for you."

Voulge took in the sights for a moment longer before he was finally handed a mission briefing. The briefing didn't have a lot of personality to it, but maybe that was normal. It was, on the other hand, signed in enormous cursive hand writing with a name that the navi could not even read...

The path to upholding the peace may itself be treacherous for Voulge! What events will occur as he proceeds?


Mission: For Public Safety Recruits

Description: The employer, a public safety navi named Garde, has requested that the applicant meet in Netopia Net. The mission will continue from there and will involve the navi assisting in a dangerous patrol. The mission will test the navi's reliability primarily, along with other attributes desirable in an agent of public safety. Report to the given coordinates to proceed.

Reward: Public Safety department employment

*Coordinates attached*
Voulge read thoroughly through the briefing and slid it back to the GNA employee. "Thank you for your time. I accept the mission and I'll head over to the coordination." He turned away and proceeded to the exit of the kiosk, calmly walking away as he unintentionally brushed his shoulders against other navis, including few possible NM operatives.

Ignis and Licht still flew just above Voulge's head, but the red crystal decended besides the navi's ear and began to ask questions. "Soooo...We get to go on a patrol...Wow, when you said you were gonna join the glorious NetPolice, I was expecting some crazy things like you see on those movies!" The SP turned his attention towards the group of gigantic, powerful looking navis grouped up at one of the booth Voulge was in just a moment ago. "I bet they're joining the Justice department; That's where all the fun is at!! I'm sure even you can appreciate beating the shit out of people, like you did with that hawt half naked chi-" Before he could finish his sentence, Voulge slightly lifted his Lancea up from his back and smacked the SP with the end of his spear to silence him.

"Be quiet before you anger someone like you always do." said the navi as he reached the exit. Walking out from the dome and into the open, Voulge began his communication with his operator via holographic video screen. "So?..." asked Marius as his face was awfully close to the camera/screen. The spearman simply nodded his head with a small smile on his face. "...Good. This is our first step, Voulge. Let's get through this together."

The operator rested his back against his chair and took in a big breath of air, quickly getting back and began to type a command on his computer. "Beginning coordination lock...Done. Are you ready?" Voulge nodded once again without a word to say, gripping tightly on his spear as a beam of light covered him and flew off into the sky...

DESTINATION: Netopian Network
After arriving at the Kiosk shortly after his mission, Voulge looked out for a free booth amongst the kiosk. "Oh man, this is exciting!" said Ignis as he zigzagged around the air in anticipation. "We can now go around and command people to do shits as we please! Oh boy, I always wanted to be a dirty co-!" With a quick backhand, Voulge silenced the SP and proceeded to walk towards the booth.

"My name is Voulge, and I just returned from my recruitment mission." The navi handed the necessary identification information to the attendant. "My employer was Garde...I'm sure she's well known..." Voulge waited for the attendant to finish processing the mission, but he became anxious of what was to become of the mission due to the strange turn of events. He bit the end of his lips and hoped that everything went fair...
The generic navi behind the booth glanced up at Voulge, staring blankly. "No, I've never heard that name before. Please hold one moment while I search our databases," she responded, turning to her personal monitor. Before she could type anything into the computer, however, a familiar voice split through the air.

"Ah, my protégé!"[font=French Script MT][/font] Garde called out in an overly familiar way, strolling over to Voulge's location with her usual odd, aloof motions. "Ze navi is in custody now. He may have some useful information to give us yet, but eh, let's move on to your rewards!"[font=French Script MT][/font]

Reaching into a satchel she carried strapped to her belt, she pulled out a strange scroll and began unwrapping it with a sly smile. Apparently she enjoyed doing this sort of thing. "It gives me great pleasure to announce ze induction of ze Department of Safety's newest gendarme, Monsieur Voulge! Congratulations! Chapeau, chapeau!"[font=French Script MT][/font] she cried out, clapping her hands together and forgetting that she was wearing gauntlets, thereby creating an awful metal clanking. It seemed like confetti or bugles would be appropriate for the mood, but as Garde was alone, the terrible armored clapping was all Voulge got. "We also recovered zis from ze TrapMan. Perhaps you can put it to good use in your defense of ze public good, no?"[font=French Script MT][/font] she finished with a smile, transferring chip data and zenny to Voulge's account.

"Ah, I hate breaking up! Only once we exit do we devise our esprit de l'escalier, no? Parting is ze sweetest sorrow!"[font=French Script MT][/font] she chuckled, strolling off and wistfully circling her fingers, as if following some invisible air current. "Enjoy ze service, Monsieur Voulge! I bid you adieu."[font=French Script MT][/font]

((Voulge gains 1000z, Drain2))
((Voulge is now a member of the Department of Public Safety))
"...I am honored, Garde." Voulge had very little to speak, but so much thought was going through his head as he was commemorated into becoming the NetPolice. Finally, he thought, the power to protect the innocent was his once more and nothing else could bring so much joy to him.

"Pffff, well this is lame. You only get a thank you from some chick and nothing else?" said Ignis, breaking the nice 'moment' Voulge was having. "I guess you're insignificant to the police force, eh? How does that feel, eh? That you're nothing but dirt, eh???" Even when Ignis was constantly throwing insults at the navi, Voulge could care less.

As the spearman tucked in the small reward into his vest, he almost felt like he could break out into a song...Just that it didn't look like it from the outside as his serious expression unintentionally scared a few navi away or catch a few eyes staring at him. "Well, Officer Voulge. What's our next move?" said Marius as he rested his head against his arm on the table.