Puppet Combat

Freya walked up to the Recruitment Kiosk with her rat in tow as she weaved her way through the crowds and finally made it to the front for NP registrations. Which department did you say, Jack? Justice? She asked her netop as she stopped in front of the NP recruiter. Yes, Justice department. You are combat oriented and ready to tank the front lines. Jack said as Freya began to speak to the recruiter. Hello, my name is Freya.EXE and if there are open positions, I wish to take a mission to join the NetPolice under the Department of Justice.
"Hello ma'am," said the attendee behind the counter. "I am sure that the Department of Justice will be delighted to hear of your interest in joining them. It just so happens that there is a mission available for you to undergo at this time. Please allow me to pull up the file in question."

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Justice Recruits

Recruits are needed for a joint action with the Department of Persecutions. The Justice recruits will be required to aid in a planned raid and provide back-up against a force of malcontents. More information will be provided on site. Acceptable applicants will be given coordinates for rendezvous.

"I understand that there is not much information given to decide whether or not you will accept this mission; however, I was informed that its secrecy is paramount. Are you willing to accept this request and aid the NetPolice?"
I accept the mission. Give me the coordinates and I will go help. Freya said, nodding her head.
"Perfect," the attendee smiled as she handed Freya a data packet. "The coordinates are within the packet. I believe they lead you to somewhere within the Yumland network so it would probably be best to head there first. Good luck on your mission."

((Please make a topic in Yumland net and we'll go from there.))
Freya nodded and took the data packet before leaving. To Yumland, eh puppet? Mask asked, weaving her way through the crowd...she didn't get an answer.