Voulge.EXE VS SummonerMan.EXE

As the Navis jack in, their Net Operators are shown a 3-D model of the arena their Navis will be fighting in with various features labeled and highlighted as the presentation runs. At the end of the presentation, the environmental statistics for this arena are displayed for reference.

Quote (The Underworld)

The center of the arena itself is a flat, circular plane, with a few small walls and columns to use as cover, or as vantage points. The columns are simple rounded rectangles, standing up lengthwise about 8 feet in height. They are not secured to the floor and can be knocked over, unlike the few small walls. At the walls of the arena are four pits. The walls of the upper arena are covered in a large netting that allows it to be grabbed onto and clung to, but is otherwise un-noteworthy.

The pits surrounding the center of the arena drop down into a second, lower half of the arena that is exactly as wide as the first, but is much taller than the upper arena. Close to the edges of this 'underground' arena are four small, circular platforms; these send a navi flying directly upward to ground-level, and are placed below the four pits. They must be specifically triggered, however, and do not trigger when navis enter the lower arena by dropping from above.

At the far walls of the underground arena are four additional, angled boosters which catapult a navi up to one of four horizontal platforms on the walls of the lower arena; these four small platforms each have two hand grips on the wall next to them that will pull a navi to the next platform over, either to the left or right.

Upper Level: Normal (96%), Hole (4%)

Lower Level: Normal (88%), Spring Panel (4%), Booster Pad (8%)

Note: Hole Terrain means you can fall through it to reach the lower level. Hole Terrain cannot be changed.

Note 2: Breaking the panels of the upper level means creating holes Navis can fall to the lower level through. These are Broken Panels, and can either regenerate in a couple of tuyrns or be repaired/changed into something else, unlike Hole Terrain.


Hematite Column (300 HP) [4 ea. on upper level]
-- Can be knocked over, and rolled.
-- Can be stood upon.
-- Can be used for cover.
-- Too heavy to lift, throw, or send flying with microburst.

Hematite Barricade (150 HP) [4 ea. on upper level]
-- Can be used for cover.
-- Immovable

Hematite Cube (300 HP, extremely heavy) [4 ea. on lower level]
-- Tethered to the ceiling by ropes, which can be cut with a single slashing attack.
-- Can be stood upon, even while tethered.
-- Cannot be moved other than cutting them loose.
-- Immovable once on the ground, and may be used for cover.
-- Deal 100 Null Damage if they fall upon a Navi, and break instantly.

For Reference: The upper area is approximately 15 feet high. The lower area is approximately 45 feet high. The platforms on the lower level are 25 feet from the ground, as are the hanging cubes.

The Navis, on the other hand, appear on the upper level of the arena, a moderate distance from each other, and are not given any of the data their Operators received. The Navis would be given a few moments to themselves before the match actually began....
Rose entered the arena with a friendly smile on her face. This was, of course, her first major battle in a long while, and she had been nervous on the walk here. However, she would show no sign of that to the viewing public, and became entirely and happily composed upon entering the room.

"For the sake of the paper, and the fact that I'm planning on being quite the personality, I'll need to get used to this kind of facade," She thought, as she turned and smiled to the official in the room, and then to the nearest camera.

"Hello there viewers at home!" She said to one of the cameras. "Rose Dunrae here, just about ready to start my first match. As you may or may not know, I'm also the star reporter, writer, and owner of the on-the-rise, free-access internet news source, Gazette.Net." SummonerMan, by now, was rolling his eyes from within his PeT. Luckily for Rose, no one would be able to see this.

"I'm covering this event, and you can expect one of the more accurate and immersed reports on it at my site." She quickly took a step towards the battle terminal before turning back to the camera. "For now, I'm planning on trying my best with my navi, SummonerMan, and hope you all enjoy the show!"

With that, she actually turned her attention back to the terminal and finally jacked SummonerMan into the net Field.

As the purple clad navi burst in a beam of light from one of his own summoning cards, he looked around. "Huh, alright. It's about the same as I expected. He thought, as he glanced over the terrain. He quickly made sure to check for his SP, which had also appeared. He smiled and was happy that, for the first time, he had actually though of a use for the thing.

However, he had a somewhat more important issue to deal with at the moment; with his SP's strategy already virtually decided, he now focused himself on positioning and attacks. "Sure, a lot of it depends on what Voulge does, but I can figure a rough guess from what I've seen."

SummonerMan made his way around to the back side of one of the small walls, leaving his card in front of it. It was from this postion, standing behind a small wall, that he planned to begin the fight, preferably with his opponent as far away as possible.

Unlike his operator, he intended to break convention and skip the handshakes; for Rose, that was a PR necessity, regardless of her drive to win.
Marius slowly made his way into the room and saw Rose across from him. He gave a friendly wave towards his opponent since he was shortly acquainted by one another not so long ago. He also saw SummonerMan preparing for the battle, "Let's have our selves a good match, Rose and SummonerMan".

He took his PET out and jacked Voulge into the Terminal, revealing the navi into the battlefield. Voulge calmly stood with his Lancea on his hand, not moving a single inch. Besides him was Ignis, who was just recently upgraded, causing a big boost in his ego. "Heh! What's up, cardman? Ready to be completely BURNED?". Voulge gently hit Ignis to stop his mouth from going on further. "Shall we start, SummonerMan?". Voulge lifted his weapon with both of his hands and placed him self in a battle stand.


Rose smiled at her opponent, who had finally arrived, and replied politely. "Hello Marius."

SummonerMan was more focused on strategy, and preparing himself for the battle. "That is what I'm here for." he replied to Voulge's inquisition.

"I agree, let's have a great match." Rose continued, and she too mentally readied herself for the match start.

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As the pair of Navis stared each other down, a booming voice came in from over the loudspeakers.
[[b]Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! Good evening, competitors! I am BrigadeMan.EXE, and I have the honor of being the moderator for this bout. To those who haven't met the competitors before, the armored Navi with the fiery SP is Mr. Marius Eirenikos' Voulge.EXE, and the cloaked Navi with the card SP is Ms. Rose Dunrae's SummonerMan.EXE! This looks to be a very interesting bout. We all wish to see your best, but always remember to never let competition overcome honor! Competitors, take your positions! Ready... Begin![/b]]


Voulge.EXE: 200HP
Ignis.SP: 70HP

Summonerman.EXE: 160HP
Card.SP: 40HP

Terrain: Unchanged

<(Round 1, Ready... Begin!)>
As soon as the match began, Marius quickly commanded his navi for the battle. "Voulge! Place defensive parameter!". Voulge raised his weapon up in the air and pierced the blade straight into the arena. "I'm sorry to do this, SummonerMan." The ground surrounding Voulge started to crack and vent out hot dusty air, dirtying and covering the upper arena with soothes and gravels. The cracked and broken pieces of stones began to float up in the air and form an earthly circular shield in front of Voulge; something that might protect him from an unexpected attack fired from his opponent. "It ain't over yet! Watch this!". From the small fractures of the ground, bubbled out a small amount of lavas. The navi gripped onto his Avaria-Lancea and twisted it like a key, causing the lavas to gush out in a tall, thin, needle like fountains that covered a large amount of the upper arena with the magmas.

Marius crossed his arm in confidence and quickly proceeded with his battle plan. "First, we need to get rid of the Support Program. It may be weak, but we can't be too sure. " The operator turned to his own SP, Ignis, and continued on with his plan. "Ignis, attack Card.SP and back up Voulge with your power transfer. Got it?".

Usually, Ignis wouldn't have listened or followed anything Marius would've said, but in a battle this important (plus the pure ego boost from his recent upgrade), he immediately followed Marius' order. "Get ready to burn, with my signature hell fire!" The crystal body of Ignis started to burn fiercely and created a flame that was at least twice his size. It reeled back the top part of his body and quickly snapped forward, sending a burning fireball right at Card. "Now, to the next part!". Ignis turned towards Voulge and created another set of fire, but this time, it was much calmer and singular compared to his previous one. Voulge knowing what his SP was planning, raised his weapon up once again, and transformed it into a different weapon. The lance was wrapped in a spiral of fire and changed into a long rifle with a charred black bayonet. He raised his rifle, loaded it with a HeatShot chip, and aimed it straight towards SummonerMan and Card. It was then Ignis continued on with his plan and sent the gentle flame to the rifle, powering the HeatShot. Without a second to lose, Voulge fired the rifle and quickly moved towards one of the hole.

He dropped straight down the nearest hole he could find and landed. He looked up and aimed up towards the upper level holes. Unloading the bullet shell and reloading it with the WhiteWeb, he made sure that if SummonerMan would follow him, he could be snared by the web. If not, he would be ready to dodge anything that would be coming at him. Unknowingly, the Avaria-Lancea emitted a small ball of fire and floated towards Voulge's injury, slowly mending it.

* Phalanx Aspis [1-Hit Shield]
1. Vulcan Sarissa: [Large-area Terrain Effect: Lava [1/3 - 2/3rd of the Area] / 1TCD]
2. HeatShot [40+10+15 / Spread] @ SummonerMan / Card
3. Drop down to the Lower Level
4. WhiteWeb1 [40 + Snare x 3 targets] @ SummonerMan if he's going down to lower level / At lower level. If not, Dodge
5. Dodge
* Somes Flamma [15 Heal]
1. Attack Card [20]
2. Add Untapped Power to HeatShot.
SummonerMan sent himself straight into fluid motion. Unlike many of the combatants he had seen earlier today, he knew just what he was doing, and what he planned to do. His very first action was to drop to the ground, landing himself in a crouched position, with full cover behind the hematite barrier. "That's funny, I'm not sorry at all." He said, with a smirk. Of course his opponent may or may not have heard him, as he didn't

Rose simpy looked over her chips and the field, deciding not to aid SummonerMan until she saw a lull in his own action. "At the moment I'd be best off getting myself familiar with the situation we're fighting in." She thought.

Once he found himself reasonably protected from harm, he actually set his plan into motion. With a deft flick of the wrist, unaccompanied by even the vaguest of looks, he tossed one of his summoning cards over the barrier, towards the center of the arena. From this card sprung forth first a white 3D model, followed by a more detailed version of an average sized male, wielding a sword and wearing a vest. The new fighter quickly ran at Voulge, sword by his hip, clenched tightly.

This action would find itself accompanied by what would hopefully be a surprise move by SummonerMan; the actual use of Card. At this point in time, as the Fighter ran at SummonerMan's opponent, prepared to cleave him in twain, the Card rushed at him as well, with the general intent of tripping Voulge up. At best, it would swipe a foot or two out from the opposing Navi, or at least cause the Navi to have to watch his footfalls, as the card persistently remained underfoot.

Rose watched in excitement as some of SummonerMan's less used features saw use for once.

SummonerMan, meanwhile, was getting into runner's sprint position as he tossed another card from his deck and unto the ground by his side. From this card formed first the white silhouette and then the figure of a female nurse, carrying a first aid bag, who seemed rather shocked. This shock, of course, was likely mainly due to SummonerMan grabbing her wrist and dashing off with her almost immediately upon her formation.

Rose was once again almost surprised by the use of this uncommon move. She knew what he was doing, as well, but couldn't help but note that she may have to make fun of him later.

The purple cloaked Navi made his way, Nurse in tow, to the far side of the nearest column counterclockwise from his starting position. He threw himself up against it, with his back facing the direction his foe was in at his last check, and pulled the nurse closer to him. This of course was entirely for the sake of her safety, however the viewers at home viewed such an action.

Rose also thought of the viewers at home, and reminded herself to look active and engaged at all times. She opened up the text-sharing window, prepared to send private messages to her Navi whenever the chance arrived.

The Nurse, now released from SummonerMan's hand, took this moment to look him over. After judging his health to the best of her abilities, she reached into her bag and produced a bandage, which she proceeded to lay on SummonerMan wherever it seemed most hurt. Of course, this was aesthetic purely, as the bandage faded away as soon as the momentary dressing had been completed.

Meanwhile, the card and the Fighter set to work attempting to slice and to trip Voulge. SummonerMan peered from behind the column to see what had come of this latest development, as he hastily attempted to decide which chip he would request next.

SummonerMan's Actions:
1. Drop to floor behind wall (Dodge)
2. Summon: Fighter (35 HP, 1 move and 15 slashing damage attack per turn)
3. Summon: Nurse (20 HP, 1 move and 15 HP heal per turn)
4. Grab Nurse and Run to Nearest Column (Movement)

-Movement with SummonerMan
--Heal SummonerMan ( 15 HP healing)

-Movement to Approach Voulge
--Attack Voulge (15 slashing damage)

Card's Actions:
1. Fly at Voulge's feet (hoping to trip him up)
Voulge drew up a protective barrier as Summonerman leaped backwards and ducked behind the barrier behind him. As he did, he summoned an armed figure and sent both the fighter and Card to attack Voulge. In the meantime, Voulge had created a large section of lava around himself. As he does, Ignis attempts to attack Card, but his fireball misses its mark. Ignis boosted his Navi's fireshot, which hit the wall in front of Summonerman, but the flames had spread over and around it, inflicting a good chunk of damage.

Fighter and Card rushed Voulge, and though Fighter suffered some damage from the lava terrain, its blade managed to drop Voulge's shield. Card was unaffected by the Lava and swept Voulge off his feet. As his SP and summon did their thing, Summonerman summoned a nurse and they fled behind one of the columns. As the nurse healed up its master, Voulge got back to his feet and dove down into one of the holes to the lower level behind him. He was prepared to attack the cloaked Navi as he pursued him, but Summonerman was content with staying put at the moment.

Voulge.EXE: 200HP [West end of Lower Level] (Phalanx Aspis Destroyed)
Ignis.SP: 70HP [Middle of Upper Level]

Summonerman.EXE: 110HP [Behind SouthEast Hematite Column]
Card: 40HP [Middle of Upper level] [Lava]
Fighter: 25HP [Middle of Upper Level] [Lava]
Nurse: 20HP [Behind Hematite Column]

Terrain: [Upper Level] 45% Normal, 55% Lava ((Lava primarily on West side))
East Hematite Barricade: 95HP
[Lower Level] 100% Normal
((All else unchanged))

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SummonerMan, once his nurse had finished patching him up, set straight to work once more. Grabbing her by the wrist once more, the two dashed to the next nearest wall, farther from the Lava than their original one had been. Once there, the two took a second's rest.

Card quickly rushed after Voulge heading toward the hole he had gone through, while Fighter ran in the opposite direction, heading for a hole to get him to the lower level while not causing him to melt due to massive amounts of lava surrounding him. Card would soon be foiled due to the web blocking off he hole it was heading towards, so it would have to about face and fly after Fighter.

SummonerMan prepared his next attack as Nurse began digging once more through her bag. As a textbox appeared on Rose's PeT, she quickly complied with its demands. "Alright then, that looks good. It'd help a good deal, too." She thought, as she slotted in the requested chip.

SummonerMan held his new summoning card in his hand, hoping that it would work like his research led him to believe. "And with any luck this'll score me a kill." he thought with a smile as he shifted his body and peered out around the wall. Standing exposed briefly, he Held the card in front of him, allowing it to hover before his palm. He imbued it with a little extra power by thrusting his fist upwards with a decent deal of force as he activated the card, watching a fiery fist echo his movements across the field. "Unlike my punch, though, that one should be delivering its deadly uppercut to the annoying SP." He thought, with annoying more a reference to it being bothersome than a hindrance in battle.

As Fighter and Card dropped through the hole to the lower level, SummonerMan spun himself back behind his wall of cover. He glanced around quickly, as he awaited what his nurse had to give him. Seeing as he had been hit with a heatshot last she saw him, she decided that she'd instead splatter some burn treatment onto him, which like the band aid disappeared instantly. It did accomplish its slated goal of healing SummonerMan, though, so everyone was happy.

Rose looked on in interest, though she had little to do for now. She did, however, prepare herself for the next chip request, whatever it may be, while planning out some strategies of her own should SummonerMan somehow blank. "And he won't, of course." She thought. "We're going to have to keep this silence thing going, though, for the best edge over the opponent. After all, the goal is to get as far in the tournament as possible, which won't happen unless we pull out all the stops."

SummonerMan spent a few moments now strategizing and well prepared to avoid any incoming damage. As he looked around and took in the battle scene he was well prepared to dive out of the way of incoming damage. He was well practiced in diving and rolling over his shoulder, so it shouldn't have been to much of a hassle for the summoning based Navi. In addition to that, he had a large wall to use as a barrier for additional damage avoiding goodness. However, his main goal was to take in details of what his opponents were doing and be ready to counter attack, continue avoiding damage, or launch an assault as soon as the need arose.

At the moment, however, SummonerMan just prepared himself for some artful dive-based dodging, possibly taking advantage of the wall he was behind. The Nurse just looked around worriedly, as she pulled her bag up against her abdomen and searched through it again. The Fighter slowly made his way towards Voulge, but with the distance he had had to cover, he would likely still be just below the hole that served as the second level's entrance. The Card, of course, would be trailing behind him.

1. Transfer behind Next Wall on East Side [Movement]
2. FireHit1 @ Ignis [60 [color=red]Fire[/color] dmg]
- - -Untapped Power [+10 dmg]
3. Dodge
4. Dodge

1. Fly to Hole Voulge Went through, note web, fly back towards Hole Fighter goes to

-Run out of Lava and leap down an open hole to second level [Movement]
--Attack Voulge (If he can make it that far in a single movement) [15 dmg]

-Run to Wall with SummonerMan [Movement]
--Heal SummonerMan [15 HP Heal]
As soon as Voulge realized that SummonerMan wasn't going to proceed to the lower level, he lowered his rifle, but kept the form for future use. Quickly, he took the bayonet part of the spear and stabbed it to the ground. Rather than the blade cutting straight through, the bayonet crushed a small part of the arena like a hammer. The broken fragments formed into his protective shield, floating just in front of him. "He's playing more defensive than offence. It's futile." Voulge whispered to himself these words as he activated the spring panel just beneath him and flew straight up towards the upper level. Hopefully, he would've landed on top of the lavas he set not so long ago, giving him some sort of protection.

"Hey! Where the hell did you go! Leaving me here all alone!". The first thing the navi saw in the upper level was his SP, as usual, angry at him. But in this current situation, Voulge didn't have any time at Ignis' useless arguments and proceeded to communicate with his operator.

"We're going to force the opponent into a corner. Send me the following list of chips, Marius. " Voulge sent the short list of chips and short summary of his tactics through the PET, making sure his plan would be a secret to his opponent. Nodding his head, Marius chuckled and slotted three chips one by one. "Slotted in! Begin combat operation, Voulge!".

After receiving the following chip, Voulge raised his rifle up to his shoulder. He took a quick glance through the old cross hair, which quickly beamed into a futuristic green holograph screen which detailed everything in its sight. He unloaded the previous chip that represented to be a blank bronze shell that popped out from the rifle and loaded the Airshot chip. He glanced at the barricade that was charred by his previous attack and his finger tightened around the trigger. It would be unlikely for this tricky navi to stay in one spot, but like he said before, he was going to force him into a corner.

He pulled the trigger, firing a giant burst of air straight at the barricade and hopefully the powerful force would knock the barricade down to the ground, making sure that his opponent would have one less place to hide. Without looking or thinking twice, Voulge dropped his rifle to the ground, which automatically changed its shape into the spear and strapped onto the navi's back like a magnet. Voulge raised his right hand up to the sky, materializing a big wooden log. He chucked it through the lavas he set up, hoping that the log would catch on fire through the blazing terrain and add extra force into his attack. "Oh? You want power? I'll give you power!". Out of the blue, Ignis appeared just behind the ringlog and bashed its head against it. With that, the log gained more speed and force, making sure that everything in its path would be crushed.

Ignis was full of himself again after only helping Voulge out, violently flying around here and there, provoking his enemy."How do you like that!? Burn you worthless p-", "Ignis, head to the lower level.". Voulge looked up to Ignis and pointed at one of the nearest hole. "But! C'mon! We got this battle!" The SP tried to argue with Voulge, but the stone-like navi didn't even budge and kept on staring at Ignis. "...FINE!"

The SP quickly floated down to the lower level, angry and disappointed, but Voulge turned around and nodded thanks. "I'LL KILL YOU NEXT TIME!". Now Voulge was all alone and he needed to catch SummonerMan in a single close combat. His original plan was to catch the sneaky navi in a deadlock and destroy him in a blink of an eye. Seeing how his tactics involve his pawns doing most of the work, he wouldn't be capable of close combat like Voulge could. Unfortunately, with the current Tournament folder, such feat would be difficult to pull off. He could start off with his usual "Grandis Attero," but it would be too flashy and his opponent would easily evade the jousting lance. Vougle quickly thought up what he could do and immediately decided his actions.

The navi loosened his entire body and proceeded with his plans. Raising his right arm up, a holographic discus appeared on his palm and started to widen to the point where it was bigger than Voulge. Gripping on to his lance, he calmly walked into the holographic hole, disappearing into thin air as the discus shrunk and disappeared as well. There was a prolonged silence in the coliseum, with only the sound of the audience questioning the current situation. Marius quietly watched from the sideline with a smile that turned into a chuckle. "Honestly, you got him by the tail."

In that instant, Voulge appeared just behind where SummonerMan could be with his spear in his hands and his eye wide open. Like a sharp hunter, his eye was bloodshot while it locked on its target and kept his weapon in hand. The Avaria-Lancea was veiled in a curtain of fire in a second, and gone in the next, revealing his non-lethal, yet powerful trident. Without a second to waste, he took his trident and made sure that the three blades would stick through his target. Even if it doesn't hit his main target, the chest, he had many other options to hold him down. If it was one of his arms, Voulge can easily swing it around so the blade would pierce through the arm and stick it on the chest, limiting the movement of his limbs and most likely give enough shock for the navi to freeze. If it was the legs, he would just need to exert enough force to trip the enemy down and hold him down in place by sticking the blade to the ground. If it was the head, the neck is a fragile thing, it could easily be broken if force is applied. If it was the shoulder, he would just need to give a simple throw to the ground with the trident and stick the blade through the ground once more. All these tactics flooded the fighter's mind in less than a second, but all of this could be performed with professional precision.

*Phalanx Aspis [1-Hit Shield]
1. Spring up to the upper Level [West end of upper level]
2. Airshot1 [20 + Microburst] @ Southeast Hematite Column
3. Ringlog1 [50+15 + Fire damage (?)/Ground/Wide/Double] @ SummonerMan / Fighter / Card
4. AreaGrab [Teleport] behind SummonerMan
5. Retairius Triden [Hold / Stun / Slow / Movement / 3TCD] @ SummonerMan
*Somes Flamma [15 Heal]

1. Power up RingLog1
2. Move to lower level.
Card and Fighter bolted off in opposite directions as Summonerman and Nurse moved to the next column. Fighter had to traverse other lava panels that damaged his programming, but he managed to get to the lower level. However, Voulge decided to spring back up through his original hole. Though card was attempting to pass through the hole as well, it was easily muscled away by Voulge as he sprang up to the upper level.

Summonerman was quickly healed and the pair of Navis prepared their attacks. Voulge fired a blast of air and toppled Summonerman's previous cover, but Summonerman targeted Ignis with a fiery punch from directly below. Though Ignis was also of a fire attribute, the force of the punch was just too much, and he was EJO'd into Marius's PET.

Voulge prepared a large log, and sent it rolling forward towards Summonerman and his Nurse Summon. Unfortunately for Card, it didn't manage to get out of the way, and the glancing blow from the then immolated log and EJO'd to Rose's PET. The log continued to roll, but was stopped as it collided with the wall. Nurse flinched as the log hit the wall, but left both her and her master unharmed. Voulge took advantage of the opportunity and warped behind SummonerMan. The cloaked Navi tried to get out of the way in time, but Voulge's trident pierced his cloak and jammed the prongs into the ground. Summonerman looked like a dog hitting the end of a leash as he was whipped back and struck the ground with a loud thud. Though he was still conscious, he'd need a second or so to gather up his marbles before he could move around.

Voulge.EXE: 200HP [South Upper Level]
Ignis.SP: EJO'D

Summonerman.EXE: 125HP [South Upper Level] [-1 Action, Immobile, Dodge -1 rank]
Card: EJO'D
Fighter: 20HP [East Lower Level]
Nurse: 20HP [South Upper Level]

Terrain: [Upper Level] 45% Normal, 55% Lava ((Lava primarily on West side))
East Hematite Barricade: 95HP
SouthEast Hematite Column: 300HP [Fallen]
South Hematite Barrier: 35HP
[Lower Level] 100% Normal
((All else unchanged))

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SummonerMan was jerked back to the ground with a start. As he lay there, he thought about how idiotic he felt. Full of anguish, he approached a similar condition in relation to his anger. Laying on his back, he fumed. "Damnit, look at this. I'm on the ground, and I can't move. This was such a dumb move! How'd I even let that idiot hit me?"

Rose decided that in his disabled state, she'd be wise to get him some defenses or healing, as vulnerability was a huge piece of immobility. Readying two chips, she awaited a good chance to send the shield.

As the Nurse had run over to Poor SummonerMan as soon as he hit the dirt, she was still applying bandages to his head as he regained movement. "Well, that's that. I can't deal with this now. SummonerMan thought logically. "I need time."

The caped-navi (however much he regretted that, now) spun about so that he was in a more comfortable crouched position, still anchored by his cape. All the while, he used this movement to simultaneously pull out one of his personal summoning cards.

Holding it in his hand, he quickly flicked his wrist and sent the card sailing beneath the fiery knight's feet. The card would hit the ground and instantly open up a circular hole in the ground. Such a hole would likely be enough to drill through the floor and to the lower level. A few seconds later, a Manhole cover would appear and fall from the sky, closely sealing the lid of the hole.

This strategy was apparently appreciated by the Fighter who could be found on the lower level. He saw a hole form and rushed to meet up with it. Once he hit the ground beneath the hole, he prepared his sword, ready to slice through an enemy hostile (or enemy friendly, as in the end the enemy would end up being hostile).

SummonerMan, while completely sure that his strategy would work, was all the same in no place to complain as Rose used this gap to slot in a Guard1. "What a waste..." he muttered, as he held the shield up to defend against possible harm of some sort. Nurse huddled behind the guard, as well, staying near SummonerMan.

As his last trick, he remained hiding behind the guard as Rose sent in the Recov+5- chip. He sat in ecstasy as his pain diminished and he began to feel so much better. There was a chance that in addition to relief, he may have even smiled. But there was no time for such thoughts on the battlefield.

Unless, of course, you enjoy tormenting your Navi.. But Rose couldn't even consider that on national television. "Reputation is at stake. I need to present myself maturely, as it's what's best." she thought.

SummonerMan was planning the next step in his plan which was a plan to probably finally score an attack on his opponent. "This should be good..." he thought, as he strategized.

SummonerMan's Summary:
1. Stunned [-1 action]
2. Summon: Manhole Cover beneath Voulge, dropping him to lower level. [30 HP object, Single Panel Break on Creation]
3. Guard1 [Block 1 attack, reflect up to 60 damage]
4. Recov50 [+50 HP to SummonerMan]

---Move to Voulge (Assuming he drops to lower level)
----Attack Voulge[15 damage]

----Heal SummonerMan [+15 HP to SummonerMan]
---Move Behind SummonerMan [Movement]
This was it; he finally caught the little rat.

Marius raised his fist up and shouted, "Yes!" in excitement, an emotion he rarely exerts. While the nearly dead SP looked up from the PET to the match and snickered. "All the glory is gone! It's all because of you, tin trash!" Though feeling sour, he did root on Voulge by fiercely watching the match.

Voulge, however, didn't celebrate or savor the sweet moment. He didn't thank Marius or Ignis, he didn't even have the time to crack out a smile; he just seized the moment. Instinctively, Voulge's right arm stretched out towards the trident along with his other arm. With his left, he secured the bladed end of the trident while the right gripped onto the spear body. The blade and pole separated like a lizard's tale with spectacular burst of embers, making sure that the blade would hold the navi in place and he would have access to his weapon. "Ruina specto, Grandis Attero!"

The bladeless pole started to get covered in veins of bright red stripes, beginning from where Voulge was holding, and the weapon started to swell. In a blink of an eye, the pole bursted in a tower of flame and changed into the devastating jousting lance. The silvery lance shined brilliantly as Voulge pulled the weapon back further and further. The heavy weapon was easily lifted with only one arm and the navi's eye was still locked tightly towards SummonerMan. With no time to lose, the navi hurled the weapon straight towards the navi, even using his entire body to increase the velocity. Even in such short distance, the entire lance heated bright orange from both the speed and Voulge's flaming determination. Voulge didn't need to worry about his attack, with SummonerMan pinned down and the destructive power of the lance, almost nothing would stop its track from skewering his enemy.

The navi didn't have time to confirm the hit or not, time was of the essence. Voulge tried to think ahead and guess what SummonerMan would do next time. If he was to continue his previous tactics, he would either use the AreaGrab or something else to take cover or move to another location. Instantly, Voulge summoned another set of his earthly shield and the lance reverted to its original shape. The navi's leg moved swiftly and headed towards where his opponent was.

Whether he would jump down or move to the other end, Voulge quickly reached his destination. Reaching into his brigandine, he pulled out a long dagger and striked it against his own armor, making the blade burst aflame. Though Voulge was a spearman, his skill with the knife wasn't half bad. Holding it tightly with his left hand, he gave a speedy swing towards the navi and immediately jumped away with a help of a cannon chip Marius sent just a few seconds ago.

Now he would need to get rid of anyone who was in his way. SummonerMan's pawns didn't cause too much trouble for the navi, but it would be just too dangerous for them to be around, especially the nurse. While he was still in mid-air, he sheathed the lance onto his back and gathered his hands in a prayer. Voulge closed his eyes and chanted a short verse to himself, "Vires of orbis terrarum , ira superum , quod venia of polus!".

As soon as he landed onto the ground, he clawed his hands into the arena, causing red lights from Voulge's body to transfer into the ground. In front of the navi was a small flame, almost the size of a candle flame, but it grew and grew in matter of seconds. Before anyone could understand what happened, the flame almost covered a good fourth of the arena and heightened the temperature of the entire place. Voulge drew his right arm off the ground and fanned the monstrous fire once, causing it to move violently and train straight forward. The extreme heat and pressure of the Firetower would literally incinerate a common navi into fragments of data, and Voulge was sure it would get rid of anything that was in its way.

1. Grandis Attero [80 / Fire / Break / Impact / Melee / 3TCD] @ SummonerMan
* Phalanx Aspis [1-hit Shield]
2. Approach SummonerMan's new location
3. FireKnife [60 / Fire / Slash] @ SummonerMan
4. Cannon [40 / Knockback] assisted escape/dodge
5. FireTower1 [100 / Fire / Ground / Group / Pierce] @ Anything enemy coming his way
*Somes Flamma [15 Heal]
Voulge was able to hit his immobile opponent with his lance, dealing a very high amount of damage. However, Summonerman still had some fight left and used one of his summon cards to open a hole underneath the armored Navi. Voulge didn't see it coming and dropped to the bottom level as he raised his shield. He looked up to jump back through the hole, but the opening was quickly sealed by a manhole cover. Fighter was waiting for him, and delivered a quick slash to drop his shield. However, Voulge countered with a fiery blade followed by a cannon assisted dodge and a massive wave of fire. The summon was burned into residual bits of data and no longer an annoyance to the lance-wielding Navi.

One floor above, Summonerman was healed by his Nurse summon and a Recover50 chip. He pulled up a Guard shield, but Voulge was still separated from him by a thick stone floor. Though Voulge wasn't able to finish off the caped summoner, he has yet to suffer even a scratch.

Voulge.EXE: 200HP [South Lower Level]
Ignis.SP: EJO'D

Summonerman.EXE: 110HP [South Upper Level] [Guard1 active until action taken]
Card: EJO'D
Nurse: 20HP [South Upper Level]
Manhole Cover: 30HP [South Upper Level, near Summonerman and Nurse]

Terrain: [Upper Level] 45% Normal, 55% Lava ((Lava primarily on West side))
East Hematite Barricade: 95HP
SouthEast Hematite Column: 300HP [Fallen]
South Hematite Barrier: 35HP
[Lower Level] 100% Normal
((All else unchanged))

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((Not exactly the best RPing that I've done D: ))

Watching the burnt remains of SummonerMan's Soldier being blown away, Voulge placed his Lancea against his shoulder and looked up into the ceiling. "Marius...It's only going to be matter of time before SummonerMan regain full strength. Also, if we are to continue playing this little cat and mouse chase, we're going to run out of valuable chips.". The operator nodded as he listened to what his navi had to say. "You're right, but we can take this slow and steady. Again, we can corner him and attack full force!" Voulge sighed and took the Fireknife he used a moment ago and placed it within his Brigandine. "Your Will be Done!"

Taking his trusty weapon at hand, he flipped it around so the bladed tip would face down. Voulge planned to make the lower level into his own domain, making sure that his enemy won't have anywhere to hide. With two hands on the spear, the navi plugged it straight into the ground, causing the rocks and cements to crumble into tiny pieces and burn with the lavas that spewed from underneath.

Taking some of the pieces of the broken earth into his own shield, Voulge was suddenly surrounded by a second layer of defense with the thin blue barrier. Not even looking towards his operator, the navi started to speak to his operator. "...The Aspis is plenty enough for me. You shouldn't have wasted any more chips.". The operator smiled as he stared at his own navi with an "innocent eye". "My hand just slipped."

Voulge simply ignored the statement from Marius and started to move towards the Western spring panel. With one step on the panel, the navi's body was propelled up to the upper level, where he would be facing SummonerMan in the other side of the Arena. Hopefully, he would be in the optimal position for him to fire his attacks and prepared his weapon for the attack.

The Lancea exploded in a short burst of fire and revealed, not his rifle, but the fearsome Gunlance. Voulge took the weapon and snapped the gun chamber open and started to load the chips in one by one. Giving a quick spin with the chamber, the navi popped it back in and aimed the cross hair towards SummonerMan. His fingers pulled against the trigger and fired the fiery bullet straight on. He pulled the trigger once more and sent the bomb in an arc, hopefully catching the navi in a surprise while he was too busy with the first shot.

* Phalanx Aspis [1-hit Shield]
1. Vulcan Sarissa: [Large-area Terrain Effect: Lava [1/3 - 2/3rd of the Area] / 1TCD]
2. Barrier [10 HP Barrier] @ Voulge
3. Spring up to the upper Level [West of upper level]
4. Heatshot [40+10 / Spread] @ SummonerMan / Nurse
5. MiniBomb [60 / Blast1] @ SummonerMan / Nurse(?)
* Somes Flamma [15 Heal]
SummonerMan was relieved that his plan had worked so well. Rose was as well.

"It may not have gotten him any closer to winning..." She thought. "But it's keeping him from losing."

SummonerMan was more concerned with his regained mobility than furthering his thoughts of success. All the same he wore a smug grim, once more, as he sent himself into action.

The Nurse had set straight to healing him as he stood, and continued to bandage him with the disappearing electronic bandage as SummonerMan took her hand. Holding his shield in one hand, and his Nurse in the other, he ran to close to the wall he was behind. He held the shield, elbow cocked, in order to defend himself against attacks from behind.

Once he hit the wall, he dropped the shield and pushed the Nurse against the wall. Bracing his own back against the wall, he pulled out yet another summoning card as his Nurse stopped bandaging him and took the hint to push herself against the wall.

SummonerMan, assuming his opponent would quickly be rushing back up to finish the job he'd started, was acting defensively. He wanted to prevent surprises, which would be all he had should he sit around and wait for his opponent to hop up from one of the holes.

Dashing the card to the ground, very close to his feet, a wall was formed. This wall was his usual kind of construction; sturdy in appearance, and decently large. It would scarcely survive a strong blow, but it would block his opponents straight on shots. It also locked the Nurse and SummonerMan into a very thin space, perhaps a bit over a foot in width.

From this space he planned to launch his counter attack. He had it all planned out. "The idiot's a melee ranged fighter. He'll have to close in on me to attack. And I've just limited him to two very thin points of access." He thought, as he requested another chip from Rose.

She sent the chip he had requested and guessed as to what he was doing. She didn't really feel strongly about it, as unlike the defenses they'd pursued this far, this one was riskier, but she consented all the same.

SummonerMan pulled out the card and lifted it over his head. "Now all I have to do is use a turn up the heat a bit to flush him out!" He thought enthusiastically as he activated the card. He directed the fiery energy in both directions. It followed the thin path and a bit beyond, allowing fire to blast forth from the ground and straight vertically.

SummonerMan looked at his line of flaming walls with glee. "Sure, it may not be going as far, but it goes both ways. Besides, it'll get around that Damn shield of his, coming from the bottom like that." He grimaced, in a manner rather self satisfied.

SummonerMan looked around quickly as he considered what he'd need to do next. Rose figured that he could still use some healing, so she sent him a Recov50, the second of their four.

SummonerMan activated the energy immediately, and felt relieved. He himself had been planning on going on the offensive, but as nice as an attack would be right now, he would appreciate being in peak condition when he began fighting.

Rose shared this sentiment, hence the recovery chip. "Besides," she thought, "Voulge is a melee specialist. We may deserve the win, but I must concede the advantage to Voulge when it comes to close range fighting."

SummonerMan's Actions:
1. Back up against Wall With Shield held in front [Movement]
2. Summon: Wall right in front of self [40 HP object]
3. FireTower Out from SummonerMan (Line in both directions) [100 Piercing [color=red]Fire[/color] dmg, Ground Group Attack]
4. Recov50 on SummonerMan [+50 HP]

-Heal SummonerMan [+15 HP]
--Move Between walls with SummonerMan [Movement]
As Summonerman kept his shield up and retreated to the hematite barrier behind him, Voulge again made the field even more inhospitable for his enemy by covering a third of the lower floor with lava. Summonerman placed nurse and himself in front of the damaged barrier and summoned a new wall to protect them both. He then shielded up and jumped to the upper level as Summonerman was healed by his Nurse summon and sent out several pillars of fire out in all directions. Voulge's earthen shield was vaporized by the heat, but blue energy barrier protected the armored Navi from the heat and flames.

Voulge remained determined and countered with a fiery blast from his Gunlance, which burst through the wall and hit both Summonerman and his nurse. The flames were just too much for the summon, and it dissolved into bits of data. A bomb soon followed, and Summonerman just wasn't able to get out of the way in time. The blast heavily damaged the Navi and destroyed the hematite barrier, but he managed to heal enough to keep himself in the fight.

Voulge.EXE: 200HP [West Upper Level]
Ignis.SP: EJO'D

Summonerman.EXE: 65HP [South Upper Level]
Card: EJO'D
Manhole Cover: 30HP [South Upper Level]

Terrain: [Upper Level] 44% Normal, 1% Broken ((manhole cover)), 55% Lava ((Lava primarily on West side))
East Hematite Barricade: 95HP
SouthEast Hematite Column: 300HP [Fallen]
South Hematite Barrier: DESTROYED
[Lower Level] 60% Normal, 40% Lava ((Lava covers South side)
((All else unchanged))

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Voulge kept his Lancea in the Gunlance form and looked around the battlefield with a swift glimpse. Seeing that the nurse was deleted from his last assault, SummonerMan was finally alone and vulnerable. Also, the navi's Signature system still had some time before complete cooldown to summon another set. The lavas were placed just underneath the navi as well, limiting the escaping option. Marius saw exactly what his navi did and looked at Rose, eye to eye. "We had our self a good match. Your navi withheld Voulge's strength for a good measure, but it's all over. VOULGE!" With only two chips in his hand, he slotted them in one next to the other in a blink of an eye and pointed his finger straight at SummonerMan.

"For the pride of Guisarme!"
"And the infinite Justice!"


The two shouted out one of their academy chants with the top of their lungs, loud enough to startle some of the spectators. However, as energetic as they were, Voulge didn't move from his spot. He placed his other hand over the Gunlance and the shape shifted it into a stubby, double barrel Gunlance. Fidgeting the new Gunlance for a few seconds, the chamber popped open and the magazine clip slid out and landed onto the navi's hand. Voulge reached into his Brigandine once more and took the same Fireknife from before. With a firm grip over its handle, the knife was covered in flame and morphed in a shape of a shining red bullet. The navi looked into the Gunlance's chamber and saw there was a single, thick bullet. It was the cannon chip that was loaded when the Gunlance was transformed. So Voulge took the magazine clip, loaded the Fireknife bullet inside, slid it into the gun, and cocked the hammer back.

Finally prepared for the battle, the navi placed the Gunlance on his back and started to dash towards SummonerMan. There was a chance that the navi decided to hide underneath one of the barricades, or possibly dive down to the lavas, just so he can save himself. Voulge kept his eyes out for any movement or sign of SummonerMan and headed towards his enemy quickly.

Possibly in range to his enemy, Voulge raised both his arms up in the air and a gigantic wooden log materialized on hand. It was hefty, but Voulge lifted it up like it was nothing but a light weight. The navi didn't waste any time and hurled the Ringlog straight at his enemy. The log tumbled and stopped at its track, either from hitting against SummonerMan or the coliseum's wall.

Voulge didn't stop his attack and decided to use the Ringlog once more by hurling a throwing knife attached to a thin, durable chain. The knife landed on to the log with a dull thud and the chain tightened as Voulge tugged it. Voulge wrapped the chain around his right hand and quickly pulled it towards him. The Ringlog flew towards the navi in mid-air, almost in slow motion, and Voulge dropped the chain and prepared his Gunlance. When the log was only few feet away, the Gunlance was drawn back with both hands and Voulge swung the weapon against the Ringlog, sending it towards his enemy once more with disastrous speed.

Voulge took a quick second to catch a breath and raised his Gunlance with his right arm and looked through the iron sight. "Let's finish right now!" With a simple pull of the trigger, the two barrels blazed with a giant muzzle flash and two barrels fired the bullets almost simultaneously. The red bullet transformed back to the flaming knife, but due to the transformation, it slowed down and fell short to the Cannon bullet, delaying the impact for about half a second.

* Phalanx Aspis [1-hit Shield]
1. Load FireKnife into a Cannon chip
2. Follow SummonerMan
3. RingLog1 [50/Ground/Wide/Double] @ SummonerMan
4. Double RingLog1 [50/Ground/Wide/Double] @ SummonerMan
5. Fire Cannon / FireKnife [40 / Knockback] / [60+[color=red]10[/color] / Fire / Slash / Melee] @ SummonerMan
* Somes Flamma [15 Heal]
SummonerMan realized that he was in danger of losing, and was startled by this shocking fling to reality.

"Dammit." he thought, as all his defenses were blown away and his last ally was destroyed. "I could actually lose this thing if I don't get moving."

He swore in his mind slightly as this reality faced him, and received a barrier chip from his Operator.

SummonerMan sighed inaudibly as he received yet another flimsy defense. But the realization that he wasn't winning made him more willing to accept it.

Rose turned her attention to the battle. Anger had swelled up inside of her upon hearing Marius' cocky statement, but she decided that she'd rather prove him wrong than state him to be so.

SummonerMan got ready. He pulled card he had just requested from Rose out of thin air, holding them within his hand beneath his cloak. He then began running at Voulge.

The enemy Navi may have been more than a match for him in melee combat, but he had no where near the strategic prowess of the purple clad Summoner. With a thought, SummonerMan dissolved the first of the three cards, and felt its energy flow through him. At that moment SummonerMan disappeared, fading out of existence in the blink of an eye.

While Voulge would be left clueless as to what had happened, SummonerMan would take advantage of his momentary advantage. He reappeared soundlessly, planning to be behind his opponent within the very same blink.

As SummonerMan's feet hit the floor, he flung the second of his two cards at Voulge's feet with a strong flick of the wrist. As soon as the card left his hand, SummonerMan took a small leap backwards, touching down a meter or two away. As soon as the card hit a target, it exploded violently.

From within the card sprang strings of sticky substance, wrapping themselves around anything they came into contact with. The speed of these webs was enough to whip them out, causing significant pain to whatever it came into contact with. The card had soon released a sticky web covering and entrapping everything in a small area, which SummonerMan hoped included his opponent.

"With a flick of the wrist, I could trap my enemy, helpless, to the floor." he thought as he dissolved the last card, allowing it's healing energies to flow through him. He glared at his opponent with a determined look, though from behind it wouldn't have been visible. "Just think of what I could do to such a helpless target with a few more."

1. Barrier on self [10 HP Barrier around SummonerMan]
2. Areagrab right behind Voulge [Teleport]
3. WhiteWeb1 at Voulge [40 Wood damage, Hold, 3 targets]
4. Recov50 on self [Heal 50 HP]
((Edit: The Phalanx Aspis protects only from one side, so Summonerman's WhiteWeb1 did 40dmg to Voulge, who in turn had 15HP regenerated))

Voulge prepared his Gunlance and began to charge towards his opponent as Summonerman erected a weak barrier over his body. They ran directly towards eachother, but Summonerman suddenly disappeared! Voulge had his ringlog prepared and was already throwing as Summonerman warped away. The log rolled away and bounced off the wall of the arena as Summonerman threw a card at the armored Voulge. The card exploded with a sticky web that covered Voulge's legs. The web started to harden immediately, but he still had the mobility to keep up his attack. Voulge flung the log back towards himself with a knife-tipped chain. He jumped over the log as it thundered past. With a loud crack, the log broke in half over Summoner's barrier.

The barrier quickly fell, and it provided no protection against the large fire-imbued projectile fired at him from Voulge's gunlance. However, a smaller, more local barrier prevented the bullet from passing through Summonerman's chest and destroying him in one shot. Summonerman dissolved his last card and managed to give himself some more energy.

Voulge.EXE: 175HP [Middle Upper Level] [Hold (cannot move, but can still attack)]
Ignis.SP: EJO'D

Summonerman.EXE: 51HP [Middle Upper Level]
Card: EJO'D
Manhole Cover: 30HP [South Upper Level]

Terrain: [Upper Level] 44% Normal, 1% Broken ((manhole cover)), 55% Lava ((Lava primarily on West side))
East Hematite Barricade: 95HP
SouthEast Hematite Column: 300HP [Fallen]
South Hematite Barrier: DESTROYED
[Lower Level] 60% Normal, 40% Lava ((Lava covers South side)
((All else unchanged))

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