Level 0 .GMO

Name: Spirit.GMO

Appearance: Whenever Raven switches to this .GMO file, he runs a fake deletion sequence. His face automatically switches to a sort of surprised/shocked face, then goes still as his data breaks apart starting from his feet, spreading up him, and ending at his head, but this is just a trick. The real Raven is concealed in a ball of ghostly fire inside the shell, and is revealed once the shell breaks. He appears to be made entirely of a pale blue flame, whether in battle or not. His entire lower torso is not visible, so instead of legs, his body trails off and turns into a point. As he has no legs, though, he floats a good foot off the ground. His upper torso is pretty much normal, except for the fact that it, like the rest of him, is composed of the same pale blue flame. His voice now has a more ethereal tone to it, and his eyes are now two small yellow flames.

Battling Edits: All battlechips gain a more ghostly appearance. Swords appear as old, rusted katanas, guns become spirity fireballs, etc. His signature attacks look the same, except any time Raven's customary midnight blue fire is used, it becomes ghostly pale blue.

Well, how'd you like it? Does it fly?
Okay, but being ghostly won't stop him from being hit/seen or anything like that.