First Annual Net-Idol Carnival

As the three teleported in, they would find themselves in what would be easily identified as a red tent. It was large enough for them a small group of people to move around in comfortably, but not much larger. Standard Net floor panels were beneath their feet, suggesting this tent had been pitched in some space of the public Net. The tent was furnished with a plain, single-person bed, a cheap-looking plastic card table covered in brightly-colored flyers with five steel chairs, a fancier vanity with individual bulbs surrounding a central mirror and several types of beauty products on a small counter, and a backless chair for the vanity. There was a mini-fridge in one corner, and a couple of traveling suitcases scattered in the corners.

It was apparent that there was no typical light source, such as a lamp, in the tent: however, the tent wasn't dark, owing to the lit vanity and the two occupants of the tent, currently standing by the mini-fridge:

The first looked like a young woman, a little taller than Divina but a little shorter than Kabuki. Her hair was immediately remarkable: jet black and in two very long pigtails, with glowing green orbs holding them together. Her face, however, was very plain, looking nervous, sullen, and pale. More notable were large-dark rimmed glasses, with glowing green light shining out from behind them that made it hard to determine the actual nature of her eyes. She wore armor that was designed to look like a dark purple track suit. The armor could be hiding them, but she appeared to be lacking in most womanly features, with a gaunt figure. Beneath that, her Navisuit seemed to peak out at the neck, as well as the wrists and the entire feet. The Navisuit had a duller glow of the same green. Most notably, perhaps, her wrists were encircled in what looked like similarly colored glow bands, and she appeared to have five long, spindly glowsticks at the end of each, acting as manipulators in lieu of hands. One was currently in her teeth, as she had raised her arm to bite it apprehensively.

The other figure was a man, and stood about the same height. He appeared to be covered head-to-toe in a very dark Navisuit that would make him very difficult to see, if it weren't for a number of glowing orbs positioned stuck to his suit at regularly spaced intervals, each about the size of a bottle cap. They outlined a very average male figure, with no noteworthy musculature, thinness, or girth. His head was the only other element of him to break up the monotony of the pattern: although similarly colored, the head was actually something of a tight hood with an opening for his face. His face was all the same color as his suit, except for a tired-looking pair of eyes that stared out from the darkness, the pupils being dark in color. His face was pulled into a tight frown, his arms were crossed, and his foot tapped impatiently.

Overall, between the light sources, it wasn't all that dark in the tent in spite of much proper lighting. There was a dull murmur from outside of the tent, sounding like a crowd of people talking amongst each other. The tent could presumably exited by an opening flap at the front.
Thoroughly amped up for her exciting sounding mission, Kabuki jacked into Electown Net in a miniature tornado of fiery pink petals. She grinned wide and struck a pose, standing on one leg and placing one hand behind her head with the other held outward, hoping to impress the legions of idol fans who must surely be waiting anxiously for the Net-Idol event that had been mentioned... only to find that she was instead in a tent, with very limited space, ill-suited for jumping around and waving one's arms. She withdrew her limbs and faded from red to black, although her hair still swished back and forth as her head turned from side to side, scanning for cute, popular idols. When she discovered none of those either, she was forced to settle for speaking to the two gloomy looking navis further into the tent.

"Ahem! Konnichiwa! I am Kabuki. Is this the site of the first annual Electopia Net-Idol Carnival? My friends, who will be arriving shortly, and I were contacted about performing as a three-woman team!" she announced. "Exciting, isn't it? To be honest, idol is on a short-list of professions I've always wanted to try! Kabuki isn't so difference from it, you know? Kabuki actresses and idols both sing, dance, and have their culture firmly rooted in the hearts and conscience of the Electopian people," she chuckled, still not exactly lighting up, as she was having a hard time believing she was speaking to the right people. "Well... I know idols typically look a little younger than I do, but never fear! I am YOUNG~AT~HEART!" she announced, finally summoning up her red again and nearly kicking over the coffee table as she extended one leg far to the side in another pose. "Does one of you know where we can find Glow?"

Kabuki figured that once she met the enthusiastic sounding event manager that had addressed them in the mission request, she'd feel on the right path to beginning her new life as the net's first "KA~BU~KEE EYE~DOLL."
((Jacking in from -> The Temple of Divina, Kotobuki))

Shortly after Kabuki's entrance, a small glow of white light emanated from the panel beside her, before becoming a person-sized oval of rushing white feathers. The small vortex burst with a flourish a moment later, letting a scattering of clean swan feathers flutter to the ground and revealing Pirouette in her standard commencement pose, arms back and wings arched.

She relaxed as the visual effect dissipated, but relaxed for the young ballerina still meant she was standing raised on the balls of her feet. Not quite en pointe, but comfortable. Even so, with her naturally petite build and Kabuki's height, she still ended up looking short by comparison. When she opened her eyes and drew a breath, Pirouette looked around the space she'd touched down in.

In the years she'd live,d Pirouette hadn't actually had a great deal of contact with anything that could rightfully be called 'the outside world'. she was a dance navi, and she lived with Mikhail, and rarely had any occasion to interact with navis that weren't related to either students or university lecturers... So it was that when she took in the small, almost thrown together-looking space, and her new acquaintances, Pirouette became momentarily self-conscious of her outfit; a one-piece leotard and a tutu might be perfectly acceptable in class, and around the university, or when she was out on quick runs just on her own... but she was immediately struck by the thought that she really out to have and override to let her dress ins something a bit more 'plain clothes'. Oh well. the mission request had sounded like there would be performance involved anyway, and that probably meant they'd have a more specific costume they'd want her to wear, so it didn't really matter.

Most of these thoughts only took a brief moment, while she scanned the room. Not a room, a tent... It looked... well... on the list of words Pirouette might use to describe the environment, 'professional' didn't make the cut. It looked like someone's living space, with the bed and the bar fridge, but... being in what was clearly a tent made her wonder. Not that she could judge, Pirouette realised; she herself had a combined bedroom and dressing room in one, too...

She didn't know a great deal about Kabuki theatre, but the girl was acquainted enough with the art form to guess that the woman she had touched down beside was Kabuki, one of her new partners for the mission. She'd seen the mural that was supposed to represent Divina in the temple, too, so she felt fairly safe in guessing that neither of the other two navis in front of her were laying claim to deity status.

To Pirouette, they both looked unusual, and a little bit intimidating; she wasn't really as well versed in the vagaries of weird and strange navigators as one would expect of a navi who had been around as long as she had, and she ended up taking several moments more just to looked at each of them that was really appropriate. Fortunately, Kabuki was talking and introducing herself already, and that gave Pirouette at least a little bit of cover for her uncertain staring. Though Kabuki herself ended up drawing the girl's attention in short order, and Pirouette found herself strangely fascinated by the woman's changing colours as she... er, shouted at everyone. She seemed to be assuming that neither of the two in front of them were, in fact, their employer for the mission, and because of the other woman's doubt, Pirouette found herself beginning to doubt it as well. the post had sounded very enthusiastic, and neither of these two looked it, even if physically either of them might match the name.

The first hint of nerves began to creep in, and the young ballerina felt her wings fold down and inwards again. She stole a glance towards Kabuki, then back to the other two, nodding quickly.

"Yes, and I am Pirouette. It is a pleasure to meet you." She brought her leading toe back and dropped a neat curtsey to the other two navis, pinching the edges of her tutu along with the action. For now, she didn't say any more; they'd followed the directions, so presumably someone would be on hand to explain the situation to them in more detail, if Glow was not. One of these two might very well turn out to be their employer after all, but if they were, the tone of the mission post had been quite deceptive. She suppressed the urge to bite her lip.
It was only after the other two had jacked in that Divina entered via a brilliant flash of light. All things considered, however, she found that being in a tent with two...less than enthusiastic Navis wasn't quite what she was expecting. Then again, if everything was going swimmingly, the three of them wouldn't need to be there, now would they? Speaking of three, she really wanted to properly introduce herself to Pirouette, but there would be time enough for that later. Or at least, there SHOULD be time enough for that later.

At any rate, she'd missed any possible earlier inquiries, so she might as well ask herself. "Hello, there. We need to speak to a Glow, so if you could please point us his or her way...unless one of you is Glow, of course!" She gave them a warm smile; they looked down enough that it looked like they could use a little light in their lives. ...Literally any light. They looked like they were fresh from a funeral, or something.

...But now that she was here and thinking about it, the goddess couldn't help but wonder: how would she fare as an idol? She wasn't exactly new to performing in public, but singing and dancing weren't really part of that. At least it wouldn't get any worse than some of the things that happened on that last mission...or so she hoped.
The track-suit wearing Navi turned on her heels quickly as Kabuki arrived on the scene. All of the various glowing green lights on her suit shifted to an orange color, which then faded to a soft yellow. Immediately, her mood seemed to have improved. On her face, that registered as a kind of half-cocked grin, somewhere between a friendly sneer and an off-putting grin. Nonetheless, the change in her mood was so sudden that one couldn't help but think she hadn't intended for anyone to see her previous disposition at all. When she spoke, her voice was quiet and riddled with stutters. "Ah? K-K-Kabuki, I see? I can't tell you how much we were l-looking forward to meeting you. I-I-"

"Patience," the man beside her spoke, crossing his arms over his chest. His impatient foot tapping had stopped, but his mood hadn't ostensibly lightened. "There's three coming, remember? Our time is on a limited budget. There's no sense in making the same introduction three times."

"A-ah... Y-you're r-r-r-right," the woman replied, her shoulders slumping and her colors going to sea-green. She heard Kabuki's introduction, her goofy grin seeming to spread across her as all of her lights went to yellow again. She began to hear Kabuki's question, as well, before Kabuki's companions arrived on the scene. She listened to their introductions, wringing her fingers together into a tube of light as she leaned towards them awkwardly. "Pirouette, Divina... it's m-my pleasure to meet you, although..." The woman's colors faded to dark blue as she faced half-away from them and half-towards the only man in the room. "I-I'm Glow? I-I-I mean, y-you can't tell that I'm... H-hee, MoCapMan, is it r-really that hard to tell...? I g-guess I'm a little t-too dull..."

"You're fine," the man reassured her. His tone wasn't harsh, but it wasn't quite friendly, either. It was easy to guess his reassurance was just to try and keep things moving. "Right, I'm MotionCaptureMan, but everyone calls me MoCapMan because that's just too long. She's Glow. You're the one running this, so you need to give it your best shot... For the Net-Idol Carnival, right?"

Now identified as Glow, the Navi nodded, pumping her fists at her side for a second before lighting up red and adopting a bigger grin. "R-right! The future of my dream, the N-N-N-Net-Idol Carnival, hangs in the balance! N-not much of an annual ev-v-vent if I can't ev-v-v-ven get the first one off the ground, right?"

"That's the spirit," the man said, curling his lips into the shadow of a smile in response.

"A-all right, ladies, I'm not m-m-much of a speaker, so I p-p-put together a graphic to explain it." The woman spat out her "put" and then moved to the table. Grabbing an illustration off of it, she held it forward so the three could read. Again, it wasn't so dark that they wouldn't have been able to, but to help, she held her other hand over the paper, her lights shifting to white to help illuminate the picture.

Depending on taste, the diagram would likely appear far more professional than anything else the three had noticed in the room. From bright, pastel colors to eye-popping letters to a cartoony caricature of Glow herself at the side, the flyer oozed energy.

Quote ()


"This first annual Net-Idol Event was supposed to feature a competition between two up-and-coming idol groups on the Net. However, at the last second, aspiring moe-moe idol band BITS N' BYTES dropped out! Will the Net-Idol Carnival be over before it has even started?! Not on my watch!

1. YOU ARRIVE, a ray of light peering through clouds of darkness! (Accompanied by a graphic of a sun shining through rainclouds.)

2. MOCAPMAN uses his SUPER-COOL SUPERPOWERS to help capture your form in a .GMO, and your sound for our song. (Accompanied by a cutesie graphic of MoCapMan's head, still looking sour.)

3. GLOW uses her AWESOME ARTISTIC ABILITIES to draft up the perfect idol costumes for a debut! ; D (Accompanied by a picture of a frilly outfit, all white and pink and poofy.)

4. YOU THREE introduce yourselves to an adoring public! This will be your debut as a Net-Idol, so make it count! (Accompanied by a graphic of a microphone.)

5. MCMAN AND HIS GANG, a troupe of expert performers, equip your .GMOs. (Accompanied by a picture of three NormalNavi heads: one is green, one is pink, and one is purple.)

6. YOU THREE sit back and watch Idol-Mania take over for your new troupe! (Accompanied by a graphic of a cartoon hand giving a thumbs-up.)

The Navi stood there holding it a second while giving the three a chance to look it over. She was keeping her head turned to the side. The three occasionally got the sense that the light behind her glasses was shifting to cast on them, as though stealing glances.

After giving them a bit to finish taking it in, MoCapMan stepped forward, coughing into his fist. "My resolve to see this through is second only to that of Glow herself. With the help of you three, and with McMan's crew, who you may meet later, I think we have all the pieces in place to pull off a miracle, here. Allow me to explain, briefly: we're counting on you three to have Idol-ready personality, if not the actual mechanical skills of dancing and singing necessary to perform. That's where I can be of service. The first step will be to equip my Sensor Suit."

He paused for a second, realizing Glow had gone grey, seeming to be waiting impatiently for him to continue.

"Ah... no, not this sensor suit. I've prepared .GMOs for you all already. While each of you is wearing a suit, and with my complete concentration in-tact, I believe I will be able to speedily capture your basic movement and speech patterns. You'd be surprised at what I can do in a very short amount of time. Once you're in the suit, all I need you to do is move around and talk as you normally would. While we're willing to entertain questions, I'd ask that, in the interest of time, you equip the suits first. That way, I can begin data collection immediately. Oh, and you're welcome to what's in the fridge... but it's just soft drinks and water," he clarified.

Without explaining further, he set three data packets on the table, pulling them from a pocket in thin air. He seemed to be hoping it was clear what to do without the need for him to spell it out. "I'm gonna need these back, by the way."

Glow had put up the picture by this point, watching the three carefully (but shifting her gaze away whenever it met that of another). She was leaning against the card table, her manipulators wrapped carefully around a pencil as she held a notepad ahead of her. "I-I'm sorry if you were hoping to make th-th-the debut in person. Ordinarily, I'd love to s-see you three girls ah women do it yourselves, b-but we're too tight on time for m-me to run through all the details that'd be required." The woman had faded to blue, but brightened back up to a sunny yellow. "Ah, b-but the creative aspect, I w-wanna leave all to you girls! U-unless you don't wanna, in which case, uh, I'll d-d-d-do it."

MoCapMan seemed to be frowning again. It seemed like he was probably going to lapse back into impatience if the three didn't hurry.

"Uuuuh... u-um... r-right, I g-g-guess there's some b-basic questions I need to ask be-before we get too far into this. Uh, f-first off, none of you are s-so famous that you'd b-be widely recognized on sight on l-like a national level, r-r-right? And second, um... a-are all three of you in your n-native appearance right now? A-also, none of you are actually a Net-Idol currently, or an Idol in t-training?" This last question, notably, seemed to be pointed at Pirouette in particular.

"Ah, I was also thinking about it... You have a bit of that moe idol appeal already, Pirouette." MoCapMan appeared to say this with a straight face, smiling a bit gently as he did so, in a way that would likely be seriously shaking up previously formed impressions on his character.

"N-no, I mean, it's possible that any of them are! D-Divina is totally the model center, she's got the center and the charisma for it, right? But Kabuki, she's more like the eccentric, the idol for people who don't know they like idols, right? She's got that firey excitement that makes you want to see fireworks during her performance! It's great to see an idol like that that's fun to watch on the stage, but then in interviews she's like the approachable fun-girl type, don't you think? But on the other hand, Divina is the one who would draw the main demographic sales. Pirouette's appeal is the innocent, undiluted look of the idol, but Divina definitely has the leader look that the average male would draw around. She'd act as the lynchpin in the whole group, in my opinion." While she'd been running on, Glow's color had gradually saturated to white, and the glowsticks all over her body had begun to brighten considerably, making it hard to tell the room wasn't lit in the first place.

"I'll defer to you on that one. You're the expert, I'm still a new hand at this," MoCapMan said, still smiling faintly. "You know, I think you have a point. Divina's like the one you'd want to be with, but Kabuki's the one you'd want to drink with, right? And Pirouette's-"

Glow seemed to immediately dim down again, glowing a soft red. "M-M-Mo, I'm not saying I don't agree with you, but maybe we should w-wait to see if all three are on b-board before you go objectifying them l-like the stars in t-t-tabloids...?"

MoCapMan blushed lightly, rubbing the back of his head. "Ah, what? But you were just going on about them a second ago..."

The conversation trailed off a bit awkwardly as the two waited to see what the three would do. If they were to try the .GMOs on, they would find...

Quote ()

Sensor Suit.GMO

The sensor suit model override covers the equipping Navi in a full-body suit covered in fixed orbs of light, similar to the one MoCapMan wears. Notably, this suit is practically adhered to the skin, and doesn't appear to be possible to take off while the .GMO is equipped (of course, the .GMO can be overridden for another .GMO or the Navi's default model). The suit is actually subtly padded. The Navi's figure is almost entirely discernible, but no skin-level features are visible through the fabric.
While the others could surpress their greetings to each other for a bit to focus on their new acquaintances, Kabuki was a big fan of both friends and greetings, and thus took the time to reintroduce herself to her allies as well. "Konnichiwa! I am KA~BU~KI, although you surely know this already, Goddess! But I am excited to work with our new partner as well!" she cheered, moving forward in an attempt to throw her arms around Pirouette in one of her trademark suffocation attacks. "You can think of me as your BIG SIS~TER from here forward!" she reassured Pirouette. "We'll be the FINE~EST FRIENDS!"

The other two had begun speaking while Kabuki was busy doing that, so she stopped hugging and made herself professional. As it turned out, the girl was Glow, which made Kabuki's earlier inquiry a bit awkward. "Ah! Of course you're Glow! Everything about you glows!" she chuckled, hoping to be flattering to make up for her mistake. She unfolded one of her miniature fans and began flapping away to cool herself down. The bright colors and enthusiastic bullet points turned out to be just up Kabuki's alley; she found no difficult becoming both mission-focused and mission-enthused. Her grin turned towards MotionCaptureMan, spreading wider as pink light streamed out from her eyes. "You have chosen your CAN~DEH~DATES wisely, then! I bring a trifecta of useful assets to the table!" she announced, pressing one hand to her expansive chest. For a moment, it could be misinterpreted which assets she was talking about. "My PERS~ON~AL~IT~EE, dancing skills, and singing skills are all finely honed from years of PER~FOR~MANCE!" the actress boasted, glowing brighter and brighter, as though she was having a glow-off with the other two navis.

MoCapMan further explained that he had Sensor Suits that each of them would need to equip; the suits would capture nuances of their movements and speech. "You might find it to be something of a CHAL~LENGE, hm hm hm! Even my mannerisms outside of theater are highly THEE~AT~REE~CAL! Your suit might not have such an easy time capturing my STY~LISH BEE~HAVE~YOUR!" she laughed, beginning to sound a bit like her operator with all of her praise. "Nor Pirouette's BAL~LUR~REE~NA style! Nor Divina's... er... GODD~DESS style! After all, they say the nature of divinity is that it defies REP~LI~KAY~TION, correct?" she asked. It was hard to tell whether she was joking or serious. "That said, I have no reason to doubt the INT~TEG~REE~TEE of its design! I'm sure the motion capture will perform as AD~MUR~AY~BLEE as technology can be counted upon!"

The first question from Glow seemed to shoot an invisible arrow through Kabuki right where it hurt; she momentarily looked shocked, reeling back in an exaggerated expression. "K-Kabuki is something of a NICHE ART! So while I am, I assure you, quite KAY~PAB~EL at my craft, I, er, am not exactly WORLD FAY~MOUS," she admitted, straightening up to her full height and regaining her composure as she spoke. "This is my NAY~TIVE appearance, though." To the last question, she tilted her head and grinned again, her eyes forming into slight upward-curving crescents. "She is rather MOW~AY MOW~AY!" Kabuki laughed, intending to compliment her favorite new little sister.

If Glow was trying to butter Kabuki up, it was clearly working; the navi swelled with pride, the burning of her lights intensifying with obvious excitement at being referred to as a potential idol, a fun person to drink with, and a great source of entertainment. "You are all TOO KIND! I can only hope to live up to your ECKS~PECK~TAY~TIONS!" she giggled. "And you're right! I am quite APP~ROACH~AB~UL!" she further agreed, fanning herself coquettishly with her instrument and looking as pleased as anyone had ever seen her. "Let's try that GEE~EM~OH now! Brother?"

"I, Hideyoshi Serioroshi, am here!" Yoshitsune announced dramatically, appearing to each of the navis on a view screen. One could wonder if he was trying to be impressive himself or otherwise craving attention, after hearing how royally Kabuki had just been treated. "Activating GMO now!"

In a lightning-quick flash, Kabuki's fancy actor's uniform vanished, leaving her in the motion capture suit she'd been handed. While it was just a motion suit... it was hard to shake the feeling that there was something erotic just about the shape of Kabuki's body, which was so large both in the chest and hip area that it was hard to believe that Yoshitsune hadn't personally designed her to suit a perverted taste. Of course, Yoshitsune hadn't really designed her at all, but others wouldn't know that. "And, since I have Mikhail's PET here..." he murmured, activating Pirouette's without asking her. Not that he really had much of a reason to rush (certainly no interest in a little ballerina girl's body), but he did like being in charge of things.

Kabuki wasn't particularly happy about wearing such a featureless outfit, but she was so otherwise pleased that her grin didn't fade. "There! Now, what is next on our UH~GEN~DA?" she questioned, striking another pose that caused her chest to flail about more obviously than it had before. Depending on how much the motion capture sensors picked up, the audience could be getting more of a show than they expected.
As their host continued, Pirouette came to understand that the disparity between the mission posting and Glow herself was a thing of confidence, mostly; the sort of lady who was full of grand ideas and plans, and a good deal of skill and flair to carry them out, but yet lacking to confidence and courage to actually take her ideas directly to others, face to face. The thought was confirmed further when the stammering girl produced a poster chart detailing the plan that seemed much more in line with the mood of the mission request, and also ended up doing a better job of explaining the situation than Glow herself had managed. Pirouette offered the other woman a reassuring smile.

She kept quiet while the plan was discussed, listening and watching the others. For her own part, Pirouette didn't mind at all that they wouldn't actually be performing in front of others directly; she was a performer, true, but one who performed the well-rehearsed or long ingrained practices of her craft, only performing for larger crowds with pieces that she knew every nuance of well in advance. Impromptu and freestyle were well and good in private, but she would have been nervous if they'd been required to wing it in front of a live audience.

Her eyes glanced over the picture again and she took a small step forward to re-read it, her wings perking up with momentary curiosity while she examined it. Ah, so they were still going to have to do some things in person, but not a whole act or anything. She put one finger to her lips for a moment, pondering it. It was probably the sort of 'show your stage character' kind of introduction, if she had to guess. It would probably mean they ought to formulate a proper persona before they actually took the plunge, in that case. More slight nerves quavered along beneath her thoughts. It probably wouldn't be too bad, though, all told.

A moment later, Kabuki was offering her own particular form of special greeting and Pirouette straightened up, turning as the other woman reached out to her and letting out a small squeak of surprise. As the risk of suffocation descended upon her, there was a small delicate sliding motion that started from one foot and flowed rapidly through the rest of the girl's small frame. It wasn't clear exactly how it happened, or what movement Pirouette had actually made, but a moment later Kabuki's breasts of doom were hugging air while Pirouette herself giggled happily, wrapping her own arms more gently about the other woman from the side in a brief and far more delicate hug, as though nothing was at all amiss.

"Yes! I am sure we will get along well!" Her wings ruffled and fluttered slightly as she stood back again, still smiling towards her highly enthusiastic friend and she made a note to keep in mind how full-contact Kabuki's behaviour seemed to be.

As the discussion continued, Pirouette shook her head politely for her own count as to whether any of them were already famous. In her mind she was more concerned that Divina might be, if she was actually the head of a faith.

As MoCapMan laid out the packets containing the capture suites for each of them, Pirouette picked hers up and examined it. She was unsure exactly how a suit like his would handle her wings, but before that could be worried about, there was a more pressing detail to see to. She wasn't at all unnerved by the compliments of her... moe-ness? She had no idea what the term meant, but from the way they described everything else, she decided to flatter herself and assume it meant either 'refined' or 'elegant'. Rather the issue was in the way he stressed that they should get changed first and ask questions later. She looked pointedly at the man, still holding her copy of the .GMO. He didn't seem to understand right away, and Pirouette folded her arms.

"I cannot change while you are still in the tent, MoCapMan." Those questioning the statement might notice that the girl had no problems whatsoever with the other women, but the fact that it was supposedly a direct replacement GMO and didn't require any actual stripping off or dressing up didn't seem to matter with her. If he still hadn't at least stepped outside after another moment, they'd find her pouting quite pronouncedly.

"You need to leave. It's not proper!" Unfortunately for Pirouette, her PET wasn't currently in the hands of her more considerate operator, and at about that moment, Kabuki's far bolder brother took over the decision for her. As he announced his intention, Pirouette gasped, a sound somewhere between shock and outrage, her eyes flicking first to Kabuki as her visuals shifted, then down as the data packet in her own hand disappeared. "No, stop!" was about all she had time for before a small ring of spinning white feathers appeared just above the girl's head, then dropped down over the rest of her body. As it went, the ring expanded to encompass her, and the data of her leotard was rendered away, replaced by the sensor suite instead. One happened before the other, and the in between moment was covered by the descending ring of feathers, but they didn't form a completely perfect shield, nor could they protect her when eyes existed at many different angles.

All in all, the visual aesthetic of the effect was unfortunately reminiscent of a standard 'magical girl transformation', though Pirouette herself had never made the connection; it wasn't a form of media she was personally familiar with. All she knew was that, even if MoCapMan had stepped out of the tent for the sake of her modesty, Yoshitsune's viewscreen was still present and capable of watching her and, to the young ballerina's mind, that was just not right. As a result, a goodly part of her changing time was spent swiftly trying to huddle behind the nearest other woman, and put something between herself and any prospective male eyes. At that particular moment, it was Divina, who would feel the young lady pressed against her back for a second or two, even as her arms jumped upwards to cross protectively over her chest.

When the transformation was finished, Pirouette stepped out from behind her impromptu cover, though her hands were still crossed over her chest, palms inwards and fingers spread. Her cheeks were flushed pink and her expression couldn't seem to decide whether she wanted to scowl or pout more.

"That was not funny!" She cried out; her voice was a bit sharper than before, and the hints of her Sharo accent were much more noticeable while she was distressed. Even so, it wasn't a particularly loud cry, and she seemed more offended by the impropriety of it, than actually embarrassed over the possibility of being seen.

All told, the suit itself wasn't too different, in terms of revealing the form of her body, than her own leotard was. In fact, given the slight modesty padding that the suit provided, it actually did a better job of obscuring the finer details of her form than the thin fabric of her default outfit did. Elsewise, she wouldn't have had a problem with the outfit; a costume was a costume, and this was, in effect, very little difference. There was, however, one problem.

As she exclaimed her discontent, Pirouette found herself wincing suddenly, and trying, unsuccessfully to hitch her shoulders. The full-body capture suit didn't seem to have left any openings for her wings at the back, and they were folded down tightly against her shoulder-blades under the fabric in a very cramped fashion. They had attempted to flare up when she shouted, but the suit was tight and alarmingly adhesive to her body, and the attempted action had just hurt. Her previous complaint was more or less forgotten in light of the new problem, and if MoCapMan had indeed stepped out, she was quick to call him back now; if he hadn't left, it was that much faster to get his attention urgently.

"Ah... This... This is not good. My wings... they are..." She winced again, turning her back enough to show the problem. She did have some other questions to ask, and other things to say regarding what Glow had asked of them, but right now the pain in her wings was a matter of priority.

Well, how about that? The woman was Glow all along. Divina wasn't shocked, exactly, but it really was a complete reversal from the mission request. Kabuki, on the other hand...well, if she'd been any different, that definitely would've been a shock. "Good to see you again, Kabuki. And it's a pleasure to finally meet you in the flesh, Pirouette. I'm sure-" Her train of thought was interrupted as the actress engaged in what was apparently her trademark method of greeting people. "Um, Kabuki? Maybe you could loosen your grip slightly?...No?...Hmm?" As she was pondering whether to get more directly involved, the ballerina somehow managed to escape. Divina took a moment to look her over, to make sure she wasn't covered in oil or anything. Nope. Now that was a true miracle.

Putting that aside, the goddess joined the others in checking out the graphic. There was little doubt, even at a glance, that whoever made it was the mission requester. As for the seemed simple enough. She couldn't help but be a tad disappointed they wouldn't actually be out there doing things, though. Ah well, Glow was right; time was a big factor here, to say the least. She reached out to grab one of the data packets, though she took a moment to answer the questions first. "Famous?, I'm not that recognized currently. I'd like that to change in the future, but for now...well, maybe this will be the first step?" Somehow, she doubted playing at being an idol would aid the spreading of her faith...but who knew? "But yes, this is how I normally look. And I cannot say I've ever engaged in any idol activities before."

Anyway, she should go ahead and put on the GMO. Unlike the others, Hikari had set up her PET so that she could activate any alternate appearances at will, so she simply closed her eyes, and focused. For a moment, her entire body, save for her face, glowed a brilliant white, as her clothing shattered, and was replaced with the sensor suit. Of the three, it probably fit Divina best; Kabuki's figure was a bit exaggerated (which was quite fitting), and Pirouette had her wings. She took a moment to examine herself, noting that while she was definitely more covered, it certainly didn't leave a whole lot to the imagination. This was only proven further as Kabuki activated hers, revealing...well, after earlier, it wasn't anything she didn't already know. She just hoped it wasn't flammable. "All right, that's that." It wasn't really clear if she hadn't listened to Glow and MoCapMan's remarks on the sorts of idols they'd be, or if she was just ignoring it for whatever reason. And somehow, it seemed unlikely she'd shed any light on that. "So, what n-good heavens!" The instant she noticed Pirouette's wings being trapped in her suit, Divina reformed her staff, and shone a gentle light at the ballerina's back. As long as she stayed in that light, the pain would subside, but she couldn't maintain it forever. "Perhaps you should alter Pirouette's GMO to allow her wings to move, MoCapMan? You probably won't be able to capture anything useful with her like this, on top of every other reason. ...And if you could do it quickly, that'd be wonderful. I can't keep this up for overly long..."
The two watched as the three made their introductions. Glow and MoCapMan seemed to occasionally look at each other and smile, as if sharing a secret conversation. "See, I told you so," MoCapMan said at one point, crossing his arms confidently. It was evident the two had probably been talking and theorizing about the arrival of the three even before they had shown up.

Glow and MoCapMan seemed happy to let their would-be idols have their say without interruption, since at this point they were mostly being talked at, rather than questioned. At Pirouette's statement that he would need to leave, however, MoCapMan frowned his usual tight grimace, seeming to regain his impatient foot tap almost immediately. "Ah, no. In the interest of time, I can't leave. I need to be present to start shooting footage as soon as you all are ready, and that should preferably begin just as soon as you're all in the suits. Trust me, my girl, I've seen so many of these things and so many bodies in them that just knowing you're going to be in one automatically makes this all business."

The single male Navi frowned more deeply, however, seeing that she was evidently holding her ground on that issue. He started to protest further, before seeing that someone had decided to take the decision out of her hands. Both he and Glow seemed to realize this must be why she was insistent about not changing in front of anyone, and before things could get more awkward, MoCapMan made a point to turn his face away. Glow, however, watched with rapt attention, her glowing bright-yellow light making it evident she wasn't going to miss a real-life Net-Idol transformation sequence unless someone physically forced her to do so.

Naturally, MoCapMan was still looking away at the point Pirouette started to voice her most immediate concerns with the outfit. Glow gasped, turning to the man. "H-h-herwings! Herwings, Mo!"

"W-What? Ah, geez!" MoCapMan turned to look now, recognizing the problem right away when he took a look. "Yeah, these suits don't do non-humanoid parts all that well... Crap, and I'm not going to be able to re-tune it on short notice."

"No, Mo, I mean it's hurting her!" Without waiting for the man to take the appropriate action, Glow dashed over to the vanity and retrieved a small pair of trimming scissors. With great care, the Navi immediately went to Pirouette's back and began the work of cutting slits for the wings without cutting into the wings below. It probably wouldn't be too far-fetched to assume she had some experience in tailoring, given her interests. The additional attention did mean Pirouette would have to suffer her discomfort a bit longer than she would probably like, but if she could wait it out without defaulting back to her original form, she would finally find her appendages freed.

"Ah, I get it now... Sorry, Pirouette. Normally, I would pick up on those sorts of things, but being in a rush, I guess I assumed they were part of your outfit." MoCapMan coughed into his fist, settling back to his neutral expression. Evidently, that was all the apology she was going to get.

Glow returned the scissors to the table beside the vanity and wandered back over to the group, her colors pulsing a sea-green. "Th-th-this is bad, Mo," she muttered, biting one of her fingers. "Y-y-you can't alter your s-suit that quick, r-right? Th-th-that means w-we aren't gonna b-b-be able to captur-r-rure her wings?"

"Yeah," MoCapMan stated matter-of-factly. It was hard not to feel, from the severe consideration on his face as he glared at Pirouette's wings, that he was blaming the Navi for her troublesome biology. "Well, here's an idea. She's gonna have to have wings in her interview, but couldn't we cut them out of the final outfit? That way, when McMan's gang is doing the performance, we won't have sloppy stop-gap fake wings crudding up the appearance."

The event director sighed, her colors going to deeper blue. "I g-g-guess that'll h-have to do. I w-wanted all of this t-to be as n-n-natural as p-possible, b-but we'll have to m-m-make do. D-don't sweat it, Piro, not your fault," she said, apparently picking up that MoCapMan's tone had been a bit accusatory a moment earlier. "E-everyth-th-thing still oughta w-work out."

"Yeah, in the end, I don't think it'll be a big deal. Just design them all some costumes with wings for the interview. Then, we just swap 'em off for the actual performance. Now, I'm gonna leave this to you, Glow. I really gotta start recording right away." Without giving anyone chance to discuss further, the Navi's face froze into a blank stare. His eyes suddenly went bright white, and all of the orbs around the room (with the exception of Glow's and the bulbs of the vanity) began glowing slightly brighter. It was easy to assume he'd begun doing what he'd planned to.

"M-M-MoCap's begun g-gathering the d-d-data," Glow stammered, pushing her glasses up and fading to bright green. "N-now, I need all of y-you to m-move around and maybe c-conversh, ah, converse a little. P-please, try to act n-natural, just do the things you n-normally do. Mo will record-d-duh, and I'll w-work on the c-costumes. Ah, and if any of y-you have ideas about what kind of c-costume you'd like to have, or a n-name for your group, now would be a great time to discuss! Or, if you have any questions, go r-r-right ahead." The Navi continued grinning shyly and facing away, so if anyone did have a question, they'd probably want to just start talking, rather than raising their hand.
Kabuki didn't seem to be discouraged that she hadn't gotten her hug in; instead, her mouth curled into a giddy smile as she watched Pirouette's wings flutter. "Eee!" she giggled, bouncing up and down on her toes. Pirouette didn't seem to know what moe was, but she had it in spades, and Kabuki was one to appreciate it. Unfortunately, Yoshitsune's method of greeting the little navi didn't go over nearly so well; she was left both embarrassed and in pain, causing Kabuki to bristle up in indignation as the others worked to alleviate the situation. "Brother! That was a very IR~RE~SPONSE~EE~BULL thing you did just now! Apologize to poor PEER~ROO~ET!" the actress scolded her operator, causing him to tense up and become defensive.

"W-What?" Yoshitsune asked; the view screen was still up for all of the navis to see him glance awkwardly from side to side, as though there wasn't anything special to look at or anything unfortunate that he'd just caused. "I simply helped her activate her GMO! There is nothing untoward about my behavior! She does appear to be in a bit of discomfort, but the blame for that falls upon MotionCaptureMan, if anything! A respectable, professional costumer would take the body of his client into account when designing their gear!" he responded, shifting the blame to their employer. "But Pirouette, what is important is to remain cool under pressure! Nay! You must not ever let others see you sweat!"

Fuming, Kabuki stamped her feet and put on an angry, sharp-toothed face. "You'll be UN~DER PRESS~SURE if you don't apologize to my sweet little EE~MOU~TO!" she warned, although how she planned to physically threaten her operator would be left up to the imagination of others.

It seemed to work, however; Yoshitsune gulped and bowed his head. "I am sorry, Pirouette," he mumbled quietly, almost too much so to hear.

Divina and Glow had begun running damage control, the former relieving the strain on Pirouette's wings while the latter used her tailoring skills to cut the wings free. Kabuki felt bad about not being able to contribute, so she let them work while she brainstormed ideas in response to Glow's questions. "Hmm... luckily, I am a FOUNT~AIN OF IN~SPEAR~AY~TION!" she announced, raising one of her fans and flapping it downward in three graceful twirls of her wrist, until it rested at about chin level. Her grin returned and she briefly allowed her bright pink eyes to dart between the others in the room, to see if they were inspired (although MoCapMan probably wouldn't be, given what he was busy with). "Since DEE~VEE~NA is our center and we are all going to wear wings in one of our costumes, perhaps we should go for a HEV~EN~LEE theme? For instance, we can be angels! We can call ourselves... the SIIIS~TERS OF HAP~PEEEEE~NESS!" she announced, drawing out the last two syllables perhaps more than she should. If they were going to go with that name, they'd need to make sure that she didn't shout it that way again in the future. "O-Or something like that!" she reiterated, fading back down to black as she awaited the answer of the others. It would be something of a feat if the motion capture not only her body movements, but also the bizarre changes in her countenance... and hair, for that matter. "We'll use Divina's religion as our pitch! Spreading happiness to others is our GOD~DESS GRAN~TED mission!" she announced proudly, quickly regaining her red flair and puffing out her chest.
Pirouette had been expecting to get a little help with fixing the cramped wing issue, but the immediate rush from all sides surprised her. It was crushed and uncomfortable, certainly, and worthy of a wince, but it wasn't like she had broken anything. The young ballerina had to remind herself that none of these people actually knew her, and that, chances were, few of them were readily acquainted with just how much raw physical pain most ballerinas put themselves through on a daily basis, just to be on the top of their form. Even so, the attention was... comforting.

"Ah, I am... it is..." She raised her hands quickly in an effort to stop the immediate panic, but she couldn't deny that Divina's little trick did soothe the tightness into nothing. She managed a small smile and ducked her head to her new companion. "Thank you..." After a few more hurried words, Glow helped amend the suit and Pirouette felt a small, guilty worry about whether the outfit itself had been damaged in any meaningful way because of her. It seemed like a complex piece of equipment, after all, but neither MoCapMan, nor Glow seemed overly concerned with the cutting, and more about their inability to capture her wings properly as a result.

Once they were freed, Pirouette stretched them out and shook her shoulders, ruffling the feathered extensions with relief. The next thought on her mind, now that that was done, was to round on the impertinent boy that had changed her outfit without asking, but she had barely begun to upbraid him when Kabuki took over the scolding for her, dragging a hard-won apology from him. She accepted the apology and murmured a small thank you to Kabuki, outside of anyone else's hearing. A moment later, Mikhail had reclaimed her PET and calmed the young ballerina down again. She still wanted to sulk, a little, but he was right and she had more important things to focus on now. The moment of self indulgence only lasted briefly, while Mo and Glow confirmed the problem that had been raised. Pirouette felt herself beginning to blush; the presence of her wings, and now their inability to properly capture them with the rest of her movements, was really something of a spanner in the works. Her hands clutched together in front of her chest as her face settled into a more worried expression that likely wasn't going to help glow's nerves at all.

"I am so sorry to have caused a fuss like this! I did not realise..." Again the more pronounced edges of her accept were creeping in while she fretted, but while their two employers quickly talked out a solution and bustled onwards, the girl quieted again and nodded, putting her mind back on the actual task as hand. MoCap got to the business end of his own job, and, though Pirouette found the whole experience a bit unnerving, she wasn't about to complain any further after already making a fuss. Instead, she turned to Glow, rising onto her toes with a vaguely hopeful expression.

"I know that you cannot capture any formal data for my wings, like this, but, perhaps if I show you, and tell you some things, then, maybe that will help with everyone understanding how they behave, yes?" With a hopeful grin, she glided back one half step, letting her hands fall to a neat clasp in front of her waist.

"You see... I do not, so much, move them deliberately, most of the time." As she spoke, Pirouette raised her head and looked towards the roof of the tent, her eyes closing, and spread her hands slowly, out to either side. She lifted to a single toe point, curling her working leg up as her arms stretched, and her wings moved with them, going from folded and back towards a raised, outstretched position in compliment to her arms and the rest of her pose. The relaxed again as Pirouette herself did. "When I am not thinking of them, they move with the rest of my actions; they agree, yes?" She shifted again, illustrating, and stooped lower, curling her upper body forward and to one side a her supporting leg bend as her working leg stretched out wide. Her lead arm rose high as her body dropped, reaching up above her head, while her other hand followed her stretched leg, fanning out to the side. This time her wings tilted in response, with one reaching high, with her left arm, and the other fanning outward instead, more like her right. Pirouette straightened again, smiling for her employer.

"Like this, you see? Ah... they also react with me feelings, too, when I am not dancing, though, you have probably seen that much already. I do hope that helps, at least a little bit." Really, as unusual as the situation might have seemed, Pirouette was very much familiar with the practice of understudying, and this seemed to be something of a similar idea, so it was no difficulty for her to continue in her normal mode, while her details were recorded. More than anything right now, she was concerned for Glow's own trepidation; she seemed nervous enough that any more hitches or snags were really the very last thing that any of them needed.

"Glow... We are, ah... the faces, and the stand-in for a new idol group for you, yes? The people who will be, ah, 'playing' us after this point; they will be the true group, really. So, did you have style or performance genre in mind for us to fill?" Though she had relaxed again, Pirouette still stood on the balls of her feet, with her back straight; as always, everything about her stance and pose suggested many long years of elocution and poise training, even as she relaxed enough to sit neatly on the end of the bed. Despite it no longer being present, the natural habit of passing a hand beneath her to smoothing her tutu so she could sit still occurred before the girl even thought about it; it was such an automatic part of her behaviour that she didn't even notice that the hand had had nothing to flatten down before folding into her lap with its partner.

"I am a dancer, but I am afraid I do not have very much of a voice." This she murmured as much to Kabuki and Divina as to Glow. The ballerina had meant that she wasn't trained for singing of any sort; as much as she would never have thought to say so herself, her voice was quite pretty to listen to, so long as you liked a soft Sharoan accent on a woman, but it was, after all, quite soft and quiet. "Kabuki, Divina, you are both far more used to using your voices than I am. What sort of style do you think we should project? Oh, and then we can pick a name, and a look as well!" This train of thoughts was quickly perking the young lady up and she raised her hands to clap them softly together in front of her, unconsciously bouncing on the bed a little bit.

With perfect timing, it seemed as though Kabuki was well ahead of the young lady, quite ready to apply her own creative muscles to the problem with a suggestion that could account for having initial costumes that would match her own wings. For her own part, Pirouette was happy to run with the idea of making Divina their central figure, while Kabuki and herself occupied two almost polar divergences from that; in a way, it made a very neat kind of symmetry, sort of, and she nodded along, up until Kabuki suggested that they actually use Divina's faith, rather than simply representing 'faith' as a general thing. that idea gave her some pause, and her expression grew concerned for a moment.

"Ah... I am not so sure we should use her faith directly..." she turned to face Divina, questioning. "It is nothing against you, Divina, but I do not think Glow would appreciate us making the group into an advertising pitch, you know?" He eyes flicked to Glow, to see if she was going to confirm or deny the guess, before returning to Kabuki. "Perhaps... Perhaps it would be best if we made the image to suggest faith, or divinity, just, you know... in general, yes? Without specifically using any of Divina's own tenets?" For her own part, Pirouette wasn't quite completely comfortable with accepting a navi calling herself a divine being; she was clearly the matriarch of her faith and the head of her order, but... well, she wasn't going to say anything or make an issue of it certainly. Kabuki seemed enthusiastic about her, so it would probably cause the least fuss if she just quietly went with it.

"Oh but I do like the idea of the costumes. I think... maybe red should be out primary theme colour, yes? Red and white, maybe with some gold?" She clapped her hands in front of herself again, gleeful as she thought about it. "If you will both have wings for your costumes, for the interview, I guess mine will not, just for my own wings. so... should we make them all white, or... maybe if we made Divina's costume have red wings, to distinguish her? Oh, oh!" Her hands clasped together suddenly. "Maybe we could have an alternating theme, yes? So, Kabuki and I, on the sides, red would make up the primary visual for our costumes, with white and gold highlights, but with white wings, while Divina would be the centre, yes? And her primary palette would be white, with red and gold highlights, but with red wings! It would look so striking!" Mostly, the girl was caught up in her own imagining at this point, looking about without really directing her comments to any one person while she enthused. Kabuki's slightly suspect intonation went right over her head, unnoticed, and she nodded to her.

"Yes, something like that perhaps would be good! A name that suggests joy, and divinity. Oh, but it must be... ah... modern, and a bit edgy, yes? That is the trend, is it not?" From the ballerina who really had no proper idea about the modern music and performance industry, other than the vaguest idea of 'what it was like'. "Maybe... Passion On-High... or, em... Ecstacy of Light... or..." If Kabuki's suspicious pronunciation had missed the girl, her own suggestions were delivered with all the innocence of fresh snow, completely unwitting.

As soon as Pirouette's wings were free once more, Divina lowered her staff, her services no longer needed in that capacity. "You're very welcome! It's my duty, after all." She then proceeded to be nothing short of astonished as Yoshitsune actually apologized for his sudden actions. She didn't know much about him, but she was pretty sure this was an extremely rare occurrence.

As the ballerina started to apologize, she walked over (as it was much easier to walk without her usual boots) and placed a hand on her shoulder. "There's no need to apologize. It's just unfortunate circumstance, that's all." It wasn't really necessary, as the conversation continued, but it was part of the goddess job description to bring comfort to those who needed it. Hers, anyway.

Hmm...her at the center? She honestly was expecting that if anyone was taking center stage, it'd be Kabuki, but she was fine with the turn of events. They just needed ideas. Unfortunately, she wasn't a goddess of ideas, so she didn't have a whole lot to contribute. Pirouette's self-assessment did amuse her, though. "Well, that's ironic. I can't say I'm much of a dancer, but I'd say I'm quite a good singer. Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do~!" And indeed, every note was in perfect pitch, as sung by a mezzo-soprano. "See~? I think I have quite a good singing voice~!" She was totally going to sing her thoughts now. She was getting the singing bug.

"Oooh~! I like the angelic theme~! But~! I think I agree with Pirouette~! Idols need to be relatively inoffensive, do they not~? Any specific faith might go against that, so we should keep things vague~!...Oh, right, I'm being recorded, aren't I? Perhaps I shouldn't sing anything and everything that comes to mind." Well, that was a buzzkill. Maybe later, though. "Actually, isn't Passion On-High already taken? I feel like I've heard it before...but maybe I'm just misremembering. Oh, but I do like your costume idea, Pirouette! I bet it'd look really cute!" Even though they weren't actually going to do any on-stage singing, Divina was starting to really get into things. In an odd way, it was going to be nice to not act entirely like a goddess for a while.
Glow held up a sketchpad and began working furiously as the three brainstormed. Notably, she was holding a pencil, but every now and then she would put one of her now purple-lit digits to the paper and move it across, as though temporarily finger painting. At these times, she would typically move the pencil into her mouth, chewing on it furiously. From the array of teethmarks all across it, this appeared to be a typical habit of hers.

She listened to the suggestions in turn. Upon hearing Kabuki's her colors went to a bit brighter purple, but fizzled to a mellow blue. "Uuuuuh... I d-don't think it's a b-b-bad idea, necessarily, it's juuuust... angels are more like an event g-gimmick? Y-you know? Like, any g-group'll decide to be anguh-guh-gels at some point. I agree that it's a powerful f-first look, and it f-feeds into your natural themes... m-more or less. But I kinda feel like... hmmmm..." The Navi erased something on her sheet and began scribbling again, turning to Pirouette.

"Th-the wings are cool, I really like them!" She brightened to orange before fading to the same blue. "B-but I'm af-f-fraid we're gonna have to k-keep 'em out of the actual p-performance. I wanna use them for the uh-uh-interview, though! We j-just need costumes that'll l-look spiffy with or wuh-without wings. No buh-buh-biggie." She paused at the question about the style of the performance, raising a finger to her lips. "W-well, I think I'm k-kw-quite the hand at pop lyrics and choreography. Th-that's already a pretty wide umbrella. I have been studying other st-st-styles, b-but I'm not c-c-c-c-confident about 'em. Uh. About bringing 'em on, I mean. To the stage. That is. So I th-th-think lettin' me come up w-with a typical pop routine is probably b-best."

She stared at Pirouette sitting on the bed for a moment, her blue color brightening quickly to green, yellow, orange, then red. "Th-th-there's ch-ch-chairs if y-you wanna use 'em, you know? Chairs? At the t-t-t-tuh table, you know." Glow broke eye contact here, twirling and tearing at the locks of one of her ponytail compulsively as she spoke. She coughed, fading back to orange, then focused on furiously scribbling some more. "Y-yeah... I like your ideas, P-Piro! I th-think this c-concept pulls in enough of uh-each of your characters. O-of course, that's up to you." She listened to Divina's comments, pencil clenched in her teeth, before removing it and erasing a little. "Uuuuuh. D-dunno. I've n-never heard of an nidol er idol group with that n-name before, and if I haven't heard of an idol group, it just formed or it doesn't exist! I think P-Passion on H-High is a good one."

Glow ran her fingers across her notepad sheets madly before glancing over at her odd, blank-faced friend. "I bet M-Mo has the data he nuh-nuh-needs by now. Someone ought to bop him to wuh-wake him up... Oh, yeah, so, uh... y-you can all take a l-look at th-these and g-gimme your fffff-fuh-feedback." Once again finding something enthralling on the ground at her feet to stare at, the young woman held the sketchpad up to the three, revealing an amazingly detailed (and brightly colored!) set of sketches for three costumes. From the body types, it was probably easy to guess which was supposed to be which.

The first was drawn onto a model figure with notably gratuitous proportions. If that didn't give away the wearer, the hair sketch would: it clearly showed that the hair would be pulled into a long ponytail, up and back, with two bunches of held bangs at the sides. All were tied with thin red ribbons trimmed in gold. The outfit itself consisted of a dark red sleeveless jacket with incredible embroidery all about the lapels, in the design of a golden dragon. The jacket was buttoned over a white, puffy undershirt, which had shoulders but no arms. The jacket also included an untucked bright red tie with an even flashier golden dragon motif, a design which would surely look bizarre to anyone not familiar with these sorts of costumes. The bottom part of the outfit was a red skirt, stopping above the knees, and with a less flashy gold trim at the bottom. There was, however, a huge bow on the back with a distinct dark-red dragon pattern. The outfit also included high white stockings and heeled red boots. The boots had detailed golden dragon designs up the sides, along with dark red laces and soles. It appeared to have white, feathery wings attached to the back of the jacket, and there was a detail of how they strapped on. Notably, they were a bit proportionally larger than Pirouette's and terminated in dark red tips.

The second was drawn onto a model with far slighter proportions. The hair was held from the forehead in a bright red band, nearly pink, with white ribbons at the sides. The ribbons had prints of bright, red roses on them. Otherwise, the hair itself appeared to be Pirouette's actual length. The outfit consisted of a jacket similar to the first, but bright red in color, with a large white ribbon with a gaudy pink-striped design at the neck. The jacket itself had a more subtle pattern of white roses and vines across it, with flashing golden buttons. It appeared to feature an undershirt similar to the first. The skirt on this one was, proportionally, the same length as the one on the first outfit, but was again near-pink in color, with a similar gaudy white stripe design to the tie near the base, and a shiny, bright red ribbon at the back, designed to look like an open rose at the center. This one featured similar high white stockings, but also included bright red boots (soles the same color) with near-pink laces. Notably, the wings seemed to be Pirouette's exactly, but faded to gold tips.

The third was drawn onto a model of more classically glamorous proportions. In this case, the hair was kept in a style that was unmistakably Divina's natural do, but with a white headband adorned with deep red feathers at the sides. In spite of the minimal pattern, this jacket was probably the flashiest: it featured a pure-white jacket with a black undershirt and silver buttons, along with a huge gold tie that had a large stylized white pattern, which could be argued to be an "X" or a "+" based on one's preference. It terminated in a white skirt with a fancier gold pattern, seeming to depict a shower of feathers either falling or rising, again based on one's personal viewpoint. The bow on the back of this one was gold with a black feathered pattern, and was slightly larger than the bows of the others. This outfit featured black stockings, unlike the others, with similar tall boots. These shoes and soles were gold in color, and featured black laces, as well as a subtle white wing-like pattern near the crest. The wings for this one were a bright, eye-catching red, with some lighter traces near the roots and darker traces near the fan.

Overall, the designs were certainly garish, but they'd probably turn heads. "I-I think I might've gone a b-b-b-bit overboard with the p-patterns, but I c-couldn't decide on just wah er one. Wh-what do you think...?" she asked, still looking away and biting what would be a nail on an ordinary hand, but glowing a faint and very saturated green.
Kabuki gave Pirouette another big grin, to reassure her that scolding her operator was all in the day's work and no trouble for her. Her smile would remain, perhaps to further ensure her that she ought not to be concerned about causing a little bit of trouble for their mission hosts due to the unforeseen factor of her wings.

For the operator's part, he found himself watching the dancer's graceful movements with surprising silence, pressing his fist to his mouth and keeping quiet. He actually looked as though he might have been charmed into silence.

The idea Kabuki had given originally for the theme of their debut name and costumes was passed around between the three girls, subtly molded, and turned into something a little less dependent on selling others on Divina-ism, or whatever one might call the religion. "Passion! ECK~STASS~SEE! Both are great names!" she shouted. Anyone who heard her yelling might be forgiven for thinking she was talking about stripper names, rather than titles for an idol group. She pumped her fists excitedly and began hopping up and down when Divina revealed her singing voice. "OUT~STAN~DING! We are perfectly SINK~ROW~NIZED as sisters and singers!" she proclaimed proudly, excited that Divina seemed to be copying her own way of showing her enthusiasm. While Divina's sing-song voice let up, Kabuki's continued, as it most likely would until she lost her buzz. "ECK~STASS~SEE of Light, then? I do enjoy the warm, bathing light that you specialize in, DEE~VEE~NAH! Like the time you used your light to warm me up in the bathhouse district when I WON~DURD the paths with so few garments!" Pirouette might have some questions about that one. "But I also like PASS~SHUN on high! All three of us are quite passionate!"

In the midst of Kabuki's conversation with her sisters, one sworn and newly adopted, she had unfortunately allowed Glow to fade into the background. She turned her grinning face to the girl, then tilted her head slightly. "Angels, a GIM~MICK? I assure you they are not, for DEE~VEE~NAH here! She is legitimate in her faith that she is a GOD~DESS!" Kabuki mentioned, in case Glow was running the risk of offending the goddess (though Divina was more likely to lecture Kabuki for thinking that she had to be treated with reverence by everyone). "Pop? Well, I have always wanted to be POP~YOU~LAR! Mainstream appeal is one of the few BEN~EFF~FITS I do not enjoy as a passionate kabuki actress!" she responded, tilting her head this time in the other direction. Each movement in the dimly lit room caused the fading and brightening red lights pouring out of her body to change the way they projected onto the walls, casting different shadows around.

Kabuki was surprised to hear that MotionCaptureMan already had all the data he needed; certainly such a small period of time couldn't be enough to capture all of the nuances of her practiced motions, such as the poses that accompanied every shout she made? "I'll wake him!" she announced, then clasped both hands to his shoulders. She began in a slight whisper, which came through her clenched, pointy teeth. "MoCapMan... MoCapMan...?" she began, then suddenly began flaring red, perhaps unintentionally. "AAA~WAAA~KEEEN!" she bellowed, raising one hand and tilting her chin upward, flinging her palm in a downward ark from above her head to beyond his body. It wasn't the smoothest way to be woken up, for sure, but on the other hand, the navi would probably make a pretty effective alarm clock. She released him immediately once she heard the news that their costume sketches were done. "FAAAB~BEW~LUSS! Let us see them!" she cheered, bounding over to join the others and not acting at all like the "oldest sister" character she liked to be thought of as.

She remained silent for only a moment while she squinted and took in the details of her costume, before opening up her mouth in another bellow of enthusiastic praise. "FAAAAB~BEW~LUSS!" she repeated. "I want to wear it immediately!" she begged, clasping her hands together in a pleading gesture and apparently forgetting that they weren't going to be wearing the costumes at all. Apparently, the mixed froufrou clothing aspects and the pronounced patterns didn't bother her, but rather, had caused her to become elated. "I like the dragon! I am rather like a MAJ~JEST~TIC dragon, am I not?!" she inquired, striking a pose with one leg curved below her waist and one arm curled above it, tilting her nose upward and throwing her head back. It was a bit hard to figure out how that indicated "dragon."

The outfits, which seemed to him more befitting of small girls, weren't exactly to Yoshitsune's tastes, but he had to admit to himself that he wanted to see them out of their usual costumes (or plain black motion capture suits) while he had the opportunity.
Glow was quick to get to work while the ideas were being tossed around, and after her initial rush of excited enthusiasm, Pirouette reigned herself in again to give everyone else a chance to put some of their own thoughts in too. Really, she was growing quit excited by the concept of seeing the new costumes. It was always a fun part of any performance, and as much as her own leotard always felt the most comfortable, dressing up for a new performance, in a fancy, beautiful costume always made her very happy.

She couldn't help but fight off a small giggle as she watched Glow work, furiously caught up in her craft. As much as the woman seemed to lack speaking confidence, there were no such stutters when she was absorbed in her own art and she had come up with an impressive array of detailed designs in a remarkably short space of time.

She had head Kabuki enthusing along with the ideas, reminiscing about things she and Divina had already done together; there was something in there about her helping keep them comfortable when the costumes they'd been using were more exposed, or something like that, and she mentally filed it away as something to remember, possibly. Stage lights usually caused more than enough extra heating, no matter how sheer the costumes were, but then, one couldn't always perform in a fully equipped performance theatre, after all. The actresses insistence about the angelic theme, though, did make her wince slightly. She hated to be the one to make waves, really, but...

"She is right..." Pirouette murmured looking apologetically towards her self appointed 'big sister'. "The whole angel part of it is just to accommodate the wings, you know? If I am understanding, the idea... it is that, after this showing they can dispense with them, as just the, ah, the one-time look, yes? So that the group then do not need to keep worrying about them afterwards, and not harm their theme. It must remain a one-off, yes? Glow, she has the right of it, I fear." She looked back towards their employer offering her another encouraging smile.

"I think that we should trust Glow with matching the style and choreography to our theme. I believe she knows what she is doing, and of course, it is her event too, yes? I like both names, and I am happy to let others decide." Still grinning, it had honestly not even crossed Pirouette's mind that sitting on the bed, even just on the end as she was, might actually have been a faux pas. It had seemed natural, since they had arrived in what looked to be a cosy bed-cum-dressing room, and she was very much used to that particular environment, but perhaps the travel cases ought to have suggested to her that they weren't necessarily in what was likely glow's own private space by choice or convenience. She did notice the colour shift as Glow suggested that she might perhaps prefer a chair, though, and if anything the lady seemed a little more uncomfortable and embarrassed than usual. She might actually prefer it if none of them interacted with the more personal aspects of the space any more than they absolutely had to. With a sudden, sharp blush of her own, Pirouette jumped up again.

"Ah! I am sorry, I did not think! Razvyaznost'yu, I am very sorry!" Her hands clasped together at her chest and her wings laid back behind her as she spoke, the force of her accent jumping up sharply, accidental foreign words aside. She stepped quickly away from the bed and took a seat on one of the metal chairs instead, still blushing furiously.

Fortunately by that point it was time to see if their recorder was done with his assessment, and Kabuki opted to get his attention in her own personal, highly distracting style. Silently, Pirouette was thankful to the actress, even if she flinched at little at her zeal; it certainly served to take the attention away from her own impropriety. It also gave her a moment to look at glow's designs ahead of the others, and she had to admit she was quite eager about that part.

Seeing the almost caricature body shapes glow had designed the costumes onto made Pirouette smile again, and her earlier blush was quickly fading away, though in the back of her mind she caught her self wondering if something about her gave other people the impression that she was short. It was a strange thing, but it also wasn't the first time others treated her, or acted like, she was shorter than she was. She couldn't deny that she was very slightly built, true, and she wasn't actually tall, not compared to the average, but... Oh well, it hardly mattered, really.

As her eyes trailed first Kabuki's designs, and then Divina's, Pirouette unconsciously saved looking a the designs for her own costume until last. Mostly she was amazed the the amount of patterning detail Glow had managed to squeeze into her designs in such a short amount of time, since what might seem outlandish and garish to some wasn't really that bad on the scale of flamboyancy that some of her other costumes in the past had called for. So, Kabuki had dragon themes, that was good, she liked that. The red and white worked well, and the gold highlights seemed well placed. The overall design was flashy, and even if it was quite unusual, Pirouette found herself nodding in appreciation of the aesthetic.

Divina's design, as the centrepiece, was contrasted nicely, and she nodded to herself again; the addition of more black, which she hadn't expected, actually helped the contrast and worked quite well, in her opinion. Divina's detailing design was more feather oriented, compared to Kabuki's dragons, so that likely meant her own would be different again. Unable to wait and wonder further, Pirouette let her eyes drift over to the model designs for her costume. She grinned broader and giggled to herself. Roses! That was lovely! She was a little bit less sure about the pink and red, truthfully; it was hard to mix them without a clash, but even so, it looked like it would work out well. What else.. high white stockings, rose skirt, and... boots. Hm. Well, she wasn't going to be doing ballet in them this time around, so she supposed boots were alright. the idea of dancing in anything other than her point shoes was an odd feeling for the ballerina, but she did her best to remind herself that this was something different. Her eyes lingered on the gold tip colouration for her wings and he wondered how they would arrange that. She'd done several performances in the past that had called for complete colour changes, and graphic overrides were rarely capable of altering the detail, since it was part of her core design. She usually ended up having to dye them, which was a pain to revert later. Ah well, they would work something out, she was sure. When she looked up to Glow, she was beaming.

"Oh I do love them so! I think you have done a wonderful job, Glow! You asked for feedback, yes? I think that adding in the extra black contrast for Divina's costume, it was a very good idea! For myself, I would normally not mix red and pink, you know, but if you think it will work, then I trust you. Oh but I must ask, with the wing tips..." She hesitated, biting her lip. "In the past, you see, sometimes a performance has asked for blue, or black wings, and the like, you know, but costume designers, they have had trouble making changes like that in an override for me. Will you be able to do that, or, ah, will you be needing me to dye the tips, for the look? It is alright, if we must. I do not mind."

She darted back from the picture quickly to make way for Kabuki's enthusiasm a moment later, a small smile returning to her lips as she was swept up in the actress's raw energy.

Divina opened her mouth to say something about Kabuki's recollection, but quickly closed it and chose to bite her tongue. There was literally nothing she could say that would be both true and not detrimental to the actress's happiness. Also, apparently Passion on High was a name that wasn't in use after all. "Hmm, perhaps I'm mistaken. Pop music isn't an area of expertise for me, I'm afraid. Maybe I got it mixed up with something else? Ah well."

"Mmm..." The goddess took a moment to think about something, and nodded. "Pirouette's absolutely right. Glow is the expert on this matter, and it is her event. I, for one, trust her judgement." From that point until MoCapMan's mildly rude awakening, she didn't say another word, though she did smile at the ballerina as she apologized for sitting on the other Navi's bed. Though, on further reflection, why was there a bed in an area that she was nearly certain was a temporary location? Curious. But her thoughts were interrupted as a very...distinctive wake up call brought the deity to her senses. She knew who to call if she was ever rendered catatonic.

With that, she took a look at the sketches. One good thing about their different body shapes was that it was simple to determine who was who. She quietly nodded as she gave each of them a look over. "I can't say fashion is exactly my strong suit, either, but I think they each look wonderful! ...I can't say I've ever been a big fan of the color black, though...goddess of light and all that. But I think it works well enough here, so there's no need to change it!" Speaking of things that didn't need changing, Kabuki entered the scene once more, with her singular attitude and delivery. "Yes, I could certainly see you as a dragon. Evildoers, beware the flames of justice!...Something like that, right?" Of course, she also had some less desirable traits of dragons, like the sharp least she didn't have scaly skin.
Glow continued to hold the papers to the group long enough for the would-be idols to get their full impressions of the designs. "Ummm... S-s-sorry, I wassent meaning to i-imply she might n-not be, Kabuki. I simply m-mean that lots of idol g-groups that aren't angelic in th-theme'll have individual shows where they d-dress up as angels. Going for a full angelic m-motif might not b-be as strong as you'd othherwisth, er, otherwise think, is all." The manager still didn't look like she was one-hundred percent convinced of Divina's divinity, but she clearly didn't want to cause any conflict over it, either. She kept her face to Kabuki awkwardly as she next addressed Glow. "And, ah, d-d-d-don't worry ab-ba-bout the b-b-bed. Uh, y-you can sit... where you like, I just th-thought... Uuuh, I just thought it's a little embuh-barassing for me, having an upcoming idol sitting on the b-bed I only use for my sh-short naps on site. Ah, even if you, uh, aren't r-r-really becoming an idol. I, I mean, you p-probably could! I just, uh, figure that's more about the muh-muh-mission then an actual long-term goal, seeing as y-yuh-youall took this from the GNA b-board." The Navi had begun glowing red, which had gradually simmered down to a lighter purplish-pink, eventually settling at a dull purple.

In the meantime, Kabuki had set about waking up MoCapMan, who started and actually jumped back a bit as Kabuki shouted at him. "Ah! Ah, uh..." he grumbled, his lights dulling back to their inactive color and his senses clarifying in his eyes once more. "Cripes, you almost gave me a heart attack!"

"S-she has to, Mo," Glow muttered. "I-it's the only way to, uh, un-trance you when you go like that."

"Oh. Yeah, fair enough," he admitted, coughing into his fist. "Well, it won't be perfect, but I think I've done a good job on short notice. Certainly, it won't catch each of the eccentricities of you ladies, but I think it'll do well enough that people meeting you and your .GMO doppelgangers for the first time could easily think you were the same person. That's really all we need for this: McMan's group are going to be doing one of a few pre-practiced choreographic choices that were all designed for particular contrast groups. Your personal style doesn't really have to come into it too much..."

Glow darkened a bit at this. "B-but they will m-mix it in as m-much as they can, r-r-right?"

"Oh, yeah, don't worry about that," MoCapMan responded, crossing his arms. "They're professionals. It's not like they're gonna just turn this routine on and then go to sleep or do some online shopping."

"G-good," Glow responded simply, mellowing out to yellow-orange again as she finally received the feedback on her work. She focused first on Pirouette, as she'd been the first to actually get her eyes on them. Predictably, any praise seemed to bring a flush to her face and a momentary pulse of red to her lights as she turned her head a full ninety degrees to avoid eye contact. "I th-think the red and pink'll work h-here. I u-understand the concern, but fans of this genre l-like color combinations that m-might ultimately be considered too s-sugary for normal consumption. And for the wings, ah... hm, I get your point." She'd saturated out from red to a neutral white, about the same color as MoCapMan's lights, in actuality. "Some Navis have more problems than others wh-when you s-start editing elements of their base f-form. It's p-possible, but it's not always uh-uh-easy or comfortable. H-however, we're in l-luck here because I can just d-do it manually!" In a rare (but still awkward) grin, her light momentarily brightening to a shining yellow, the Navi held up her strange hands, palms out and fingers spread in display. "I c-can color them manually with these! Just like dying them." The Navi stood grinning for a moment longer, in what appeared to be a rare moment of genuine confidence, before her yellow suddenly darkened to orange and then red again. "A-a-aha! I forgot, uh, that is, as l-l-l-long as your okay with m-me touching them, that is!"

The Navi continued to burn red and fidget nervously as the others responded with enthusiasm to their outfit designs. She didn't respond to either Kabuki's remarks about being dragon-like or Divina's small criticism of the use of black, seeming too clammed up to consider any further discussion on the costumes unless it was absolutely demanded. "Y-y-yuh-yeah, good. Uh, I'll f-fuh-finalize them. Mo, why d-don't you, uh, f-finish the nexpart of the ins-s-structions while I do that?"

"Sure," he replied, turning back to the three and folding his hands. "So, Glow has six .GMO packets being prepared at the moment. Three of those are your costumes, and will have wings: three of them, I'm going to take to McMan, and those won't have wings. You three will change into your costumes and take part in a short question-and-answer with Glow here while I'm gone. She's already written up some questions. As a group, you three answer the ones you feel comfortable with, and Glow will record the footage. We're going to display it on the monitor for the crowd to introduce you before you come out. She isn't going to actually ask the questions, we're going to use a cut-screen to display them, so give a start sign when you want to start answering a particular question and a stop sign when you're done. You can answer honestly or make stuff up, but do keep in mind you need to at least be pretending to be part of an up-and-coming idol group. There's no problem if you want to say this is your first time performing in front of a live audience. As much as possible, you three need to try and stay on the same page, so if that requires answering only the easy questions or ad-libbing to roll with a weird answer another of you gave, do so. However, it might be easiest if each of you pick questions and have that answer given by just one person... that way, you don't have to actually play off each other.

Glow stopped where she'd been furiously mashing her finger-like sticks together, evidently something that was necessary to program the .GMOs she was working with. "Th-that's gonna look kinda formal though, r-right, Mo? I'd like to s-see them all participate."

"Well, do as you like, but remember we've got limited time. We can't you bunch doing a lot of retakes." MoCapMan walked over to Glow, who seemed to have finished three of the packages, and received them from her. "I gotta run. Ask her if you have any more questions, but don't take too long." Holding the three packets in a stack, the man folded back the lip of the tent and ran outside. From the brief moment's opening, the three Navis would become aware that it was, indeed, dark outside, but light and high-energy sound seemed to be coming from a nearby area.

With MoCapMan gone, Glow finished the remaining three packages and presented them to each of them individually, making sure each one clearly understood which was theirs. "M-MocapMan is gonna use some of his t-tech wizardry to set up a suitable background, so I'd s-say you three should stand close together, face me, and I'll f-film it. H-here's the list of kwuh-kwuh-questions."

If any of the three Navis equipped their .GMO, assuming they didn't go out of the way to pick the wrong one, they would find their costumes matched the sketches almost exactly. Because it was only editing clothes, Glow appeared to have gotten better fits to their actual figures than if she'd gone solely by her sketches. That said, the skirts did show a notable amount of leg, which may or may not be a strange feeling for them. The three might feel that their underclothing had been replaced. It didn't feel remarkable in any particular way, other than that there appeared to be some sort of spats below the skirts, just short enough to avoid being revealed. Of course, the three could always visually confirm them if they wanted to. Notably, Pirouette's wings were currently one solid color.

The Navi handed them another sheet. This one wasn't as decorative as the first they'd seen, but it had a number of questions written in various bright colors. It was easy to imagine that was because Glow had "hand"-written them:

Quote ()

1. Tell us about GROUP NAME! Who are your members? What's special about it?

2. Why do you want to be did you decide to become a Net-Idol?

3. Is there anything you would like us to know about you?

4. How did you meet the other members of GROUP NAME?

5. Is there anything special you'd like to tell your fans?

6. What are your hobbies?

7. What is your favorite food?

8. Do you have any other Net-Idol groups that have inspired you?

While the three were still reading and discussing, if she was given earlier permission, Glow would begin running her fingers delicately over the tips of Pirouette's wings, which were unchanged by the .GMO. Pirouette might find that Glow's manipulators were capable of glowing the tip color she wanted, independently of the pale red light emanating from the rest of her parts. If that was done, and everyone appeared to be ready, she would move to a trunk in the corner and produce a very plain-looking camera, which might look almost ancient by current technological standards. She moved in front of the group, evidently ready to begin filming.
"Ho ho ho! That is correct! I am a DRAG~ON OF JUS~TICE!" Kabuki agreed, feeling very fond of the image. She'd almost literally burned a lot of guys with a fiery dragon of justice in her last mission, but really, that was sort of best saved as a concept than put into practice, especially in the case of the prior mission, where she could have ended up deleting some of the bath-house workers. Red flashed from her hair and the lines of her body as she admired her own stylishness, but while that was going on, Pirouette and Glow had gotten wrapped up in a new conversation about the event planner's bed.

She turned her attention back to MoCapMan, who had just awoken. Her grin didn't look as apologetic as much as it did happy that her attempt had worked. "ECKS~CELL~ENT! Let us not slumber when there is work to be done!" she cheered, waving a fan above her head excitedly for a moment, before the group went back to business. Glow had more to say, but nothing Kabuki needed to interrupt for; their hostess would then turn the floor over to MoCapMan again. The instructions were pretty formal and not very surprising. "Let's all GET FRIEND~LEE!" she encouraged the others, getting up close to Divina's left and motioning for Pirouette to move in on the right, so that Divina would be the center, as they'd planned. Her face lit up as she saw a brief glimpse of the arena where they (or rather, their doppelgangers) would be performing. "How EXC~EYE~TING!" she proclaimed, not specifying what she was actually cheering about.

There was a good chance Pirouette would want some more privacy, in some fashion, before activating another GMO, but Kabuki was ready to go right ahead with hers, even while standing in photographing distance next to Divina. The appearance of the outfit brought another big grin to her face; she cupped her fingers around her jaw, hooking them into her exposed sharp teeth for a moment. It was a joyful expression but also a somewhat scary one that she'd probably want to avoid making once the cameras were rolling. "How do I look, brother? Do I look TEN~YEARS~YOUNG~ER?!" she asked, striking another pose and nearly whapping Divina with her hair again.

"Nay, I would not say so," Hideyoshi answered in a tone-deaf fashion. Kabuki's grin turned into a scowl very quickly. "O-Only because you've always looked young, to me! No silly outfit is going to affect that!" he clarified, allowing her to put her smile back on.

"You CHARM~ER, you!" she giggled, nudging Divina with her elbow as if to say, "what a charmer my operator is," an expression which Divina would most certainly not agree with. "I should avoid doing too many kicks while wearing this COS~TUME, though," she reminded herself, noting the link of the skirt. Though, the spats she felt beneath the outfit were pretty modest, so she supposed it wouldn't be an issue regardless. Really, she risked more of a wardrobe malfunction dancing around in her usual costume. "We should probably break up the QUEST~CHUN~AY~EEEER a bit, to make sure we aren't trying to all answer at once. Our group name is PASS~SHUN on High, right?" she confirmed again, pressing one finger to the glowing central groove in her lower lip. "DEE~VEE~NAH should get the first question, since she's the center! I'll take three, five, and... six... and seven... and eight, since I know the most about other EYE~DOLL groups between the three of us, I think!" she announced, before realizing she'd vastly overpicked. "Oh, whoops! I'm trying to be an ATT~TEN~SHUN hog again! How about I just do five and eight? We should probably all answer SIX~AND~SEV~VEN, though, since those answers will be fast and also IN~DEE~VID~EW~UL to each of us! So you two divide up ONE~THROUGH~FOUR, okay?"
It was mildly surprising for Pirouette to hear that Kabuki's method of awakening was, in all actuality, fully required and expected to shake Mo out of his capture state, and no less surprised to hear that he had, in fact, gotten everything he needed from them all in so short a time frame. Once they moved onto the next part of proceedings, however, Pirouette was quick to reassure Glow about the wardrobe issues. She nodded with a small smile.

"It is no problem, I do not mind!" she stood, as though to turn and offer her wings to Glow to work on, but the colourful lady was, at least temporarily, distracted by finalising the costumes first, so Pirouette waited contentedly while more details were covered for them. Mo's blunt, to-the-point instructions were clearer and simpler to get the feel for, compared to Glow's uncertainty and hesitation, but Pirouette would never let her actually make such an uncharitable observation aloud. Instead, she was just relieved to have the bullet points spelled out clearly.

Another point of relief occurred when Mo collected his three copies of their costumes and left the tent. She hadn't wanted to go through a repeat of before, or to have to explain to him why it was improper for a man to watch a woman change her costume. Shyness, exposure or nudity had nothing to do with it, really, it just wasn't proper, but she suspected it would have been a losing battle to explain it to him.

Since he was gone, Pirouette had no hesitation in accepting her new costume and activating it. since she was doing it under her own terms this time, the ballerina lifted both arms neatly above her head as she did, standing straight up with her wings flared. As before, the ring of whirling feathers started above her head and descended over her form, rendering away the old override and replacing it with the new one. Just as before, too, there was a space where one had happened but the other had not yet, which failed to be properly covered by the ring of feathers for anyone not exactly in line with them as they descended, and created a passing strip of exposed skin in between the old and new garments. It dropped over her body fairly swiftly and only really gave a brief glimpse, even to the leeriest eyes, and since she wasn't concerned abut poor propriety now, Pirouette herself paid it no mind.

All in all, it was very fortunate that Glow had decided to replace the undergarments with a new set relevant to the costumes; Pirouette wore only her leotard, normally, and so if the costume had not come with any, the girl would have been left without. Since they were present, however, Pirouette herself barely noticed, and wasn't blessed with the embarrassing nature of such a thought. Fully changed, Pirouette looked down over herself and did her very best not to let out a very pleased and altogether too excited giggle, accompanied by brief hand-clapping. She tried, she really did. It didn't work. After a few moments of being thrilled by her look, however, professionalism returned, and the ballerina stretched briefly, then turned about, making sure everything fit well and moved properly, and wasn't going to restrict her in any way.

Once she was satisfied, she let the others look at the question sheet first and stepped over to Glow, turning her back to her and offering her wings for the necessary touch-up. the first touch would make each wing twitch, just slightly, but after that she held still perfectly well for Glow to do her work. With her tips properly tinted, Pirouette rejoined the other two, happily standing in on Divina's other side compared to Kabuki, trying not to giggle, and smiling infectiously as the excitement of things got the better of her. She got a good look at the question sheet while Glow was setting up, leaning in to read it with the others, and her mind worked quickly to come up with a persona that was still mostly herself, but matched her new idol costume better.

while she pondered, Kabuki's brief exchange with her operator brought a sudden glow of pink to Pirouette's cheeks; she'd completely forgotten that her friend's indecently staring operator ha probably still been watching, and she's changed in front of him again. The blush didn't subside, but the more practical part of her mind had to accept that it was done with, and move on. there was time, at least fora quick huddle before answering, so Pirouette added her own quick advice while Kabuki planned. she kept her voice low, so it would be clear that she wasn't answering anything just yet, in case the way she was leaning in towards the others wasn't clear enough.

"Yes, I think Divina must answer the first question. It makes the most sense. If we are to cut break each question that each of us answer, then it should be fine if we answer apart, but, we can each play in to the others if it works, yes? I do not know anything of any other idol groups, so I cannot touch that one, but, if either of you want to play to me, or refer, you know, I believe I will be saying that I like the dancing above all else, and that I love to garden and I grow roses and strawberries, and that the strawberries are my favourite little snack." Those personal notes aside, she listened in to what the others had to say as well, then, when they were settled, faced out towards the camera again. If Divina started off by talking about the first question, they could play it by ear from there.

Divina smiled as Kabuki came in to start forming a Divina sandwich, which might've been a bit surprising to some, considering what happened to her the last time someone came that close. Though it was a lot different when you considered the other person a friend, and not an enemy. Then again, thanks to circumstance, the one from last time ended up becoming an ally as was all quite odd when one really thought about it.

While her thoughts had gotten in the way of hearing every single word, she did manage to get the gist of the instructions, and accepted her GMO. "It'll be fine. We may not be idols, but we are all accustomed to having the spotlight on us in our own ways. We shouldn't have too much trouble adapting to this!" With that assurance, and as MoCapMan left, the goddess activated her outfit, causing a golden sphere to surround her, though with a black silhouette of her remaining. Her normal clothes vanished, and replaced with the special mission specific ones...though if one was looking carefully and not being blinded by the sphere, they'd be able to catch certain...aspects of the goddess that couldn't be seen with her attire on, for just a moment. If nothing else, even those who hadn't been in Yoka earlier could be able to tell she was anatomically correct.

As the sphere faded, Divina landed, and took a moment to check out her new threads. It was...well, it was different from her toga dress, for sure. She was probably the one least affected by the exposed leg, since the slits in her dress's side made sure she often had at least some exposed to the elements, if not straight up to the hip. "Hmm...I probably should try not to float while I'm doing this."

Despite this, she noticed herself hovering a couple inches off the ground as she leaned in to read the questions. "Hmm. Well-" Before the goddess could make her divine thoughts known, Kabuki started assigning questions...most of them to herself. But before she could note that she was acting more like the center figure than her, the actress corrected herself, and made much more reasonable assignments. "That sounds good. 6 and 7 are definitely more the sort of thing we should all answer together, and since you know more about this stuff than Pirouette and I, you can probably answer 5 and 8 better than us. 1...yes, that should be me, as the center figure of the group. 3 seems a bit that way as well, so perhaps I should answer it, too. And that leaves 2 and 4 for you, Pirouette. A nice, even split. ...Hmm." She suddenly looked a bit puzzled, having just thought of something. "Should we use our actual names for this? If we do, and they look us up afterward, they might be shocked at what they learn..." Such as learning the leader was a goddess. But regardless, she couldn't really start until after that was cleared up.