Ready to roll out!

"Hmm... that's the last of the modifications. Time to test them out. Emma.exe, execute!"

Damian let out a yawn as his exhausted mind began to wear on him, taking a few tries before plugging the PET in, to let his new creation make its mark on the net world. In a brilliant flash of gold, an armored figure made its way into Electown's main area, curious and ready for action.

"All systems normal, Damian. I am working and fully functional." A calm and collected voice responded, as she brushed her dirty blond locks from her face. A golden gaze peered out into the net for the first time since her creation, and a soft smile could be seen forming. Her hand trailed from her hair down to her chest plate as she took her first few steps through Electowns net, examining every bit of it with a sense of excitement at all the new visuals. She had spent so much time in development that she couldn't help but explore now that she was free to do so.

"You seem to be enjoying yourself, eh Emma? We can post-pone you're combat testing if you want, until you're done. I got nothing else to do today anyways." Damian responded through the PET monitor, trying to remove a few oil stains with a rag from his face. "I can go back to scavenging these cars for parts until you're ready. The yards closed today so we don't have to worry about customers and whatnot."

As Damian began to ramble off about the junk yard, Emma paused for a moment as she stared far out into the reaches of the net. The hand against her chest slowly clenched and her soft smile turned into a grin beaming with confidence.

"Oh come now, you know as well as I do that I can easily enjoy the sights while I fight. I have nothing to fear. After all..." Emma spun around, her hair flowing behind her as she lifted her twin rail-guns and pointed them towards the depths of Electown.

"I am the state of the art Electromagnetic Mammoth Artillery. The Invincible Tank Girl, Emma.exe. Nothing can penetrate my defenses!" She exclaimed with pride, striking a dynamic pose before marching forward to meet her destiny and take her first steps towards being the ultimate weapon for her master.

((battle1, ready! ))
Just as "Electromagnetic Mammoth Artillery, Invincible Tank Girl, Emma.EXE" struck her dramatic pose, the sound of tank-treads came to her ears. Turning the corner onto her street, two Metool viruses escorting a slow moving Catack pulling along a floating metal platform came into view. Gleaming on the platform was a green jewel. The Metools meeped in alarm as they spotted Emma, and moved to defend their prize from the greedy Navi. Oh, and the tank cannon on the Catack moved to track the Navi's position. Ready to fire.

MetoolA: 40HP
MetoolB: 40HP
Catack: 120HP

GMD: 15HP [Dragged behind Catack on floating Metal platform]

99% Normal
1% Metal


~Battle 1: Start!!~
"Huh, well you can prove that now I guess. I'm picking up some virus activity in the area. You got a decent visual on them, Emma?"

Confirming the presence of the two metools and catack Emma nodded as she face them full on. She eyed them curiously, wondering what they were and the capabilities she posessed. She searched her data banks finding only small information on the metools, but little on her rival tank. "Two metools, the most basic virus around these days, and one tank-like virus. If that tank thinks its better than me, I'm going to have to show it just how strong and durable I am!"

"Sounds like a plan! Take defensive action and I'll load up the offense. Try to avoid hitting whatever it is they're guarding. It might be useful or valuable. Initiating combat analysis: Emma, move out!"

Emma shifted and put her left leg forward, extending the corresponding arm in front of her as a large metallic plate began to form. The defensive guard was similar in style and design to her own armor, though larger and more formidable. As it connected itself to her own arm guard Emma pumped electromagnetic energy into the shield to boost its defensive capabilities as she looked on towards her foes. "bring it on." Confidently taunting as she took a defensive stance.

Meanwhile Damian had set aside two chips he figured were most useful for the situation, and entered their data into the custom PET device on his arm."Ok Emma, I'm giving you a cannon and a shotgun. I'm sure you can figure out how to use them best, just configure the data into your cannon and show them what you're made of."


loading up the shotgun data first, Emma's twin railgun seemed to reconfigure its barrels as she loaded the shot, its appearance now resembling the chips namesake as its form re combined. The twin barrels were now rounded and linked as Emma motioned them towards the metools, lining up the shot. With a pull of the trigger a scattered blast was released, as expected of the chip, spreading out to take down her two seemingly weaker foes. With them out of the way she could focus on her "rival" of sorts.

her gun barrels reshaped themselves one more as the old data was cast out and the new ammunition was loaded into the weapon, this time joining into one large caliber barrel fitting of the cannon name. It was a bit heftier to move but Emma maintained her position and posture with great strength as she lifted the weapon up and onto her shield for more stability. planting her feet solidly on the panels beneath her, she squeezed the trigger to let out a shot which echoed through the area around her as the munition hurtled towards its designated target with force, smoke rising from the barrel.


1) E.R.A Shielding - 1 hit shield. Counter (When shield is destroyed): 1 hit shield. Counter (when second shield is destroyed ): 1 hit shield. 2 TCD
* Subtype Ability: Reinforce: Add 1 + (Level/20) Hits to an existing shield as a free action. The same shield can't be Reinforced more than once. (Once Per Turn)
2) Shotgun - 50 + Spread 1 - Accuracy: A @ MetoolA, B
3) Cannon - 40 + knockback - Accuracy: A @ Catack
Kicking off this little duel between two tanks, Emma went on the defensive right away, drawing up her regenerating shield. Probably for the best as right away the other tank, seeming to be annoyed at her appearance, fired off a devastating blast, which shattered her shield, not to mention caused a shockwave that crumbled the panels around her. Thankfully it regenerated itself as Emma took up aim and straight away blasted to digital bits the two Metool guards.

Then her larger barrel cannon rose and took aim, blasting her retaliation right back at the Catack, damaging the virus, but it just lumbered ever closer as if shrugging off the attack.

MetoolA: Deleted
MetoolB: Deleted
Catack: 80HP

79% Normal
1% Metal
20% Cracked [Centered around Emma]

Emma.EXE: 150HP [Shield: Broken!] [1-hit Shield(second)] [Cracked]

GMD: 15HP [Dragged behind Catack on floating Metal platform]
"As i thought, you are truly inferior to my design. Damian designed me, after all." Emma noted, as though there had been any doubt. Her first defense may have fallen, but it only took a second to reform itself and she responded by once more adding her electromagnetic abilities to further its stopping power. Her oversized weapon raised up before she swung it to point at the enemy tank once more, a stern gaze coupled with the gesture as if to say that it was all about to end.

"Alright, we only have one chip left so let's just use it and get it over with. Emma, convert the railgun to melee mode and dispatch the enemy!" As Damian issued the orders he prepped the RageClaw for his navi's use, Emma raising her Shield and moving forward as the new data was installed. The end of the barrel seemed to fragment itself, bits of data swirling around the remainder of the gun, until finally reforming as a large-scale metallic claw.

"Not something I would prefer to use, but effective enough to peel a tincan posing as a tank." Emma stated bluntly as she stared directly at the Catack. So far it had not lived up to the glorious name that was a tank, and its life was about to come to an end.

Emma made a few test motions to get used to the new weapon as she closed in, adapting to the new weight and feel so that she could optimize her next strike. Confident that she would be able to effectively use the new tool of destruction, she slashed at the tank not once but twice with great power. Emma swung the giant weapon effortlessly, as though she was wielding a dagger, showcasing her pure brute strength which each attack of the seemingly unwieldy weapon.

"To the scrap yard with you, a punishment for trying to damage the invincible me!


*Ability: Reinforce: Add 1 + (Level/20) Hits to an existing shield as a free action. The same shield can't be Reinforced more than once. (Once Per Turn)

1) move action - get closer, take a few practice swings

2) RageClaw1 - 40 + Slashing / 20 + Impacting, 6 uses - Accuracy: B/B @ Catack

3) RageClaw1 - 40 + Slashing / 20 + Impacting, 6 uses - Accuracy: B/B @ Catack
Transforming her former, trusty cannon barrel into something more befitting a large metal monster, Emma rushed forth, crunching and crumbling the panels beneath her to nothing before finally making it back to solid ground just in time. Though that did not slow her from her quick assault that slashed apart the Catack like a hot knife through butter.

MetoolA: Deleted
MetoolB: Deleted
Catack: Deleted

79% Normal
1% Metal
10% Cracked [Centered around Emma]
10% Broken [Behind Emma]

Emma.EXE: 150HP [2-hit Shield]

GMD: 15HP [Dragged behind Catack on floating Metal platform]

—Battle 1, victory!—
Emma: 360z

Open GMD? (Y/N?)
Emma's weapon and shield faded as the battle came to a halt. With her victory plain as day, she grinned confidently as she collected the spoils of war. "Just as predicted, I was the superior design. Of course it was obvious from the start."

As Emma uploaded the zenny, she slowly turned her gaze to the GMD nearby. A touch of curiosity began to creep into her mind as she approached it carefully. She had never seen one of these before, and was quite eager to retrieve it.

"More treasure? Lets see whats inside..." She said, as she opened the data.

((open open open open! No mimic no mimic no mimic!))
Stepping up to the small platform the GMD had been carted around atop of, there was little time wasted as Emma cracked the glowing crystal open, causing it to shatter in a bright flash. Leaving behind the raw data for a new weapon!

[GMD opened]
Emma: TwinFang1

Quote ()

Damage: 70 x 2 targets
Accuracy: A
Description: Launches two fangs. Hits cannot be stacked on one opponent.
Duration: Once
Element: Null
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