Another change!

Meh. Majin closed the other one prematurely.

I'm going to make Voltman schizo. The child and the adult Volt both live in his head. Just because an adult acting like a child could happen, but a 6 year old acting like an adult wouldn't work.
So basically, multiple personalities? Those are begining to seem common these days. Anyways, its fine. Just post what your new personality description would look like for Volt and I'll approve it in a jiffy.
Meh. I'll do description of the new Volt, too.

Description: A small navi, Voltman is the approximate size of a chibi. His head's big, his arms/legs/torso are small, and his eyes are way too big for his head. His armor is yellow and black, and although it resembles that of a normalnavi it feels like cloth to the touch. He has a visor that can come down from his helmet, allowing him to view the enemies even in obscured view (in-battle fluff). He can make small spears, and can charge them with electricity. His endurance is that of a child, and he can consume nearly endless amounts of food, so long as he sleeps afterwards. He is also capable of performing cartoonish feats, such as running on water and his stomach expanding when he has had a lot of food.

Personality: Voltman, while having the physical appearance of a child, is not merely a child. While it is true that he has a child's mind, loving to play, eat, and question life in general, his mind also houses that of an adult Voltman. The adult is much more serious, tactical, and prone to swearing. However, it is difficult for either mind to take control when not in their form. To simplify, adult Volt only comes out in times of stress or when he's in Adult.GMO, and child Volt only comes out when not under the effects of Adult.GMO or in times of irresistible hunger.

Okay, all the effects you posted are fluff. If there's a point where someone puts up a smoke screen, you won't be able to know where they are. If someone floods an area, forcing you to swim, you can't just pretend your feet are buoyant. As long as you agree now that this is all just fluff, you're good. Approved (tell me when you want this closed).
No worries. It's all fluff. I'm just saying that he can do things like the running for Pie like a maniac out of the onsen when I say "floaty feet"
Requesting that these pics be added to Volt's profile.

Knock yourself out, kiddo.