Home Sweet Home, or is it?

As a beam of light appeared over Cole's web page, Blazeman looked around when he emerged from the light.

"This place feels like home.." Blazeman said, while looking around in the homepage.
"Don't forget, we have to battle some viruses! And this IS your home."
"First, I would like to clean my home of those things." Blazeman said, while pointing to an unknown group of viruses.
"Viruses!? In my homepage!? That's impossible, I just got that VirusBarrier.PROG yesterday!" Cole said, while scratching his hair in panic.
"They must have broken through. I'm gonna engage them in combat!"
"Good luck, Blazeman!" Cole said, while readying his battlechips."

[Battle 1, please.]
The expansive space of Blazeman's homepage was mainly plain white paneling, as he was a bit too lazy to actually make much use of it or spruce it a bit. The viruses intruding into his page were no more than simple Momogra, their shovels sticking out of the holes they made in the ground, snickering mischievously at the owner of the home they had invaded.

MomograA: 60HP
MomograB: 60HP
MomograC: 60HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Blazeman.EXE: 120HP

"Alright Viruses! Its time to battle..!..err..I need a better pun.."
"HEY YOU STUPID MOLES! GET OUT OF MY HOMEPA.." Cole screamed, before he was interupted.
"AHEM. You mean OUR homepage."
"What bomb?" Blazeman said, with a very confused look.
"The new Nova Fire power I gave you. But first do a little terrain change."

Blazeman grabbed the ground with might. Some may think he was being stupid, but guess again. He then screamed out "VOLCANO, RISE!", and then he pulled the ground. Then rocks appeared nearly everywhere. He then grinned, and went into the shape of a T. As flames started gathering up from him, he charged. Then the flames exploded around him, attacking anything that might have back attacked him. He then did a dodge. Simple, right?

Action 1: Volcano Rise (Large Coal Terrain)
Action 2: Nova Drain Fire (-20 Nova Fire Damage) (+20 Drain)
Action 3: Dodge
24 hour bump. >_>
((Your Nova Fire Drain deals 10 drain damage, not 20, so you would need to list it in your summary like this:

Quote ()

Action #: Nova Fire Drain (-10 Nova 3 Fire Drain Damage)
Also, the [Strengthen 20] you get from coal panels wouldn't add to your drain. It only allows you to deal 20 extra damage to a single target caught in the Nova 3 range.))

Blazeman's sudden eruption of coal forced one of the Momogras to pop out of its hole, severely damaging it (50 damage). His following Nova Fire Drain reached out and finished off the virus as well as injuring the two other ones inside of their burrows (10 damage to all, 20 extra to MomograB). However, since Blazeman was already at full health, he didn't heal from the attack. The two surviving Momogras attacked together angrily, but the navi was able to dodge, leaving both of them to burn on the fiery terrain (5 damage to each). They quickly retreated from the hot floor and dug their way back into the ground.

MomograB: 25 HP [normal] [burrowed]
MomograC: 45 HP [normal] [burrowed]

Terrain: 70% Normal, 30% Coal

Blazeman.EXE: 120 HP [coal]
(Ah, darnit..)
"Aww, whats a matter? Can't take the heat?" Blazeman taunted, while staring at the Momogra corpse.
"Then stay out of the homepage!"
"We need to teach these dorks a lesson. Send me a Shotgun."
"How will that help you?" Cole said, while getting a confused look.
"Just send the damn shotgun!"
"Sheesh, Mr. Bossy." Cole said with an Ugh.. look on his face. Once he inserted the Shotgun, he talked to his Navi.
"Why do you cuss when I don't?"
"First off, Navis don't have ages, so they can do whatever they want. Second, it makes me super cool. Third, I have no idea." Blazeman lectured.
"Just attack the darn viruses!"

Blazeman did a "Yeah yeah...whatever." look on his face, and then got into a battle ready pose. He then waited for the Momogras to attempt to back attack him. Before they could hit him with their shovel, he did an amazing back flip, soaring over their heads. He then took aim, and fired a round of shotgun fire from his arm cannon. In case somehow the Momogras were still alive, he dodged away from them.

Action 1: TACTICAL MOVEMENT: Wait for the Momogras to attempt to strike him. Before the Momogras hit him, do a back flip over their heads.
Action 2: Shotgun (-50 Splash Damage) (Target: MomograC and attempt to splash onto MomograB)
Action 3: Dodge
The Momogra came up to Blazeman, tried to whack his back as per standard Momogra code. One of them managed to get his back (15) before he flipped over their little popped-up heads and blasted them with a round of gunfire.


Terrain: 100% Normal, 30% Coal

Blazeman.EXE: 105 HP [coal]


Rewards: 200z
"Wow, that was easy. Lets make sure there aren't any viruses around here.."
"........I. WANTED. A. MOLE1. CHIP!!!"
"Sheesh, who do you think you are!? BattleChip Lover!? Shut up, at least we got 200 zenny!"
"No. Just. No. Stop complaining. Its annoying."

Blazeman checked around his homepage, which turned out to be virus-free. He did a last double check, and then continued talking to his operator.

"Looks like we are virus free."
"Actually, we aren't! LOOK BEHIND YOU!"
"What the!?"

Blazeman turned around, only to discover some viruses behind him!

[Battle 2 Please.]
The coals from before had disappeared along with the battle routine, leaving the ground sparkling clean again. Behind him were the other intruders that had gotten into the homepage. A couple of floating manta-ray Lark leered at him with their googly eyes, while a spring-loaded Bunny hopped around the Lark, firing random shots around the homepage's systems.

LarkA: 100HP
LarkB: 100HP
Bunny: 50HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Blazeman.EXE: 105HP

"HEY!!!" Blazeman said while walking in front of the Larks.
"NO FRICKEN WATER VIRUSES ALOUD, YOU HEAR ME!? GET OUT!!" Blazeman yelled and scolded the Lark viruses.
"I don't think they are going to hear you, Blazeman. Just at least try to get that WideShot1 chip.."
"Don't you get it!? Larks are WATER types! They can KILL ME IN TWO BLOWS!!" Blazeman yelled, trying to explain to his operator.
"Really?" Cole said, while mocking his navi.
"Just send me a battlechip!"
"Fine. ZapRing1, in." Cole said, while slotting in a battlechip.

Before the Zap Ring data was loaded, Blazeman grabbed the ground with all his might. Then he said "VOLCANO, RISE!!", and he pulled the ground with fierce force. Then pieces of a volcano rose up. It looked like Cole was going to say "You need to work on that move.", but the earthquake of the pieces of the volcano drowned out his voice, luckily. Blazeman then took aim, and fired a ZapRing1 at the nemesis Lark. He then dodged away from the Bunnies and Larks.

Action 1: Volcano Rise (1/3 or 2/3 Coal Terrain)
Action 2: ZapRing1 (Target: LarkA) (-40 Elec Damage) (-80 damage due to weakness) (Stun1)
Action 3: Dodge
Grabbing the paneling of the field with might, Blazeman caused a good half of his area to turn into burning hot coals. The viruses quickly found that it wasn't a very nice place to be, their bodies scalded by the intense heat. Enraged, the Lark shot away at Blazeman as he fired his ZapRing. Because of the encompassing wideness of their attacks, one of them did connect, dealing heavy damage to him. (20x2 Aqua) His electrical attack also went through without a hitch, though, severely wounding one of the Lark. Suddenly, he tripped on one of the coals, which caused the Bunny's retaliation zapper fly right overhead.

LarkA: 15HP (Coal) (stun)
LarkB: 95HP (Coal)
Bunny: 45HP (Coal)

Terrain: 50% Normal, 50% Coal

Blazeman.EXE: 65HP (Coal)
"Ow! I'm a bit washed up..."
"I know you are Blazeman, but are you OK?"
"A bit. It hurt a bit on the coal, but at least I didn't get stunned." Blazeman said, explaining to his operator he wasn't hurt much.
"Yeah...sure." Cole said, with sarcasm.
"Just shut up and get me a Guard1 chip.."
"Alright, Mr. Grumpy Pants. Guard1, in." Cole said, while inserting a battlechip that had a Metool on it.

Blazeman went into a T-Stance, and then grinned. As he grinned, fire began to go around him rapidly. Then he closed up his body, and opened it like a rocket. Then the fire exploded around him. After the flames hit hopefully, he pulled out his metool hat-like shield. While being shielded from an attack, he dodged away from some of the attacks.

Action 1: Nova Fire Drain (-10 Nova3 Drain Damage) (+10 Drain)
Action 2: Guard1 (Up to -60 Reflect) (One use only)
Action 3: Dodge
((Remember that coal panels give you an extra 20 damage to a single fire attack each turn))

All the viruses were caught in the Nova Fire Drain and the combined damage dealt returned to Blazeman, healing him for a good chunk of health (+30). The stunned Lark continued to burn on the coals until it was deleted under the intense heat. The other two viruses were also slightly burned by the coal. The Bunny quickly hopped off but the other Lark was either too slow or stupid to follow along. It stayed and fired a wideshot that missed Blazeman and his Guard completely.

LarkB: 80 HP [coal]
Bunny: 30 HP [normal]

Terrain: 50% Normal, 50% Coal

Blazeman.EXE: 95 HP [guard1] [coal]
(Really? Fera told me that the extra 20 only goes to fire busters and fire attacks, not fire signatures. And also, time for me to correct a mod. My HP is not 65, it is 95.)

"They must really suck at attacking me.."
"I know. Maybe next time they will hit you.."
"NOT!!" Blazeman screamed out with laughter.

The two friends laughed together, pointing at the viruses. Even Blazeman made a mocking look of the Lark, and said "HEY! I AM THE LARK! I SUCK AT HITTING FIRE TYPES!!". Then Blazeman and Cole started laughing til they cried their eyes out. Blazeman accidentally fired out a Tempest Flame attack at the Bunny, but he didn't really care that much.

"Alright..lets hope we get a battlechip. Send me a Shotgun and a..."
"Yeah! A cannon! Thanks."
"Cannon, Shotgun, in!!!" Cole said while inserting two gun-like battlechips.

Blazeman then took aim at the Lark. He then said "You are mine now," and then fired two shots at the Lark. Hopefully it would just die already before it breaks through the guard.

Action 1: Tempest Flame (Target: Bunny) (-40 Fire Damage)
Action 2: Cannon (Target: LarkB) (-40 Knockback Damage)
Action 3: Shotgun (Target: LarkB) (-50 Splash Damage)
24 Hour Bump.
The Bunny was burnt quite badly and deleted in an instant, but the cannon fire Blazeman shot next were a bit off-course, and only one of the rounds hit. The Lark tried its revenge on the Navi, but instead had its shot reflected back at it. The coals continued to burn it still.

LarkB: 35 HP [coal]

Terrain: 50% Normal, 50% Coal

Blazeman.EXE: 95 HP [coal]
"This is the FINAL COUNTDOWN!"
"Dodododo..We're leaving together!"
"BUT SOON ITS FAREWELL!" Blazeman said, while in tune to the song.
"ITS..wait, why are we singing The Final Countdown?" Cole said, while inserting an AquaNeedle1 battlechip.
"I have NO IDEA. Time to battle."

So, Blazeman loaded up the Aqua Needles, and then they appeared in his hand. He then threw them up in the air. Then he pointed at the Lark, and said "GO! DEFEAT IT!". The needles then flew at the Lark, hoping to wound it. Blazeman then just dodged while singing the famous "White And Nerdy" song.

Action 1: AquaNeedle1 (Target: LarkB) (-20x3 Aqua Damage)
Action 2: THEY SEE ME ROLLIN (Dodge)
Action 3: THEY SEE ME WHITE AND NERDY (Dodge also. I just put the THEY SEE ME ROLLIN and things for randomness.)
((Please don't make references to actual songs or people. Also, Fera was right, strengthen does only apply to chips and charged buster attacks.))

One of the Aquaneedles didn't quite land on target but the other two were more than enough to finish off the virus, ending the battle. As usual, some zenny lined Blazeman's wallet for his efforts but no battlechip. Perhaps he wasn't taking his fights seriously enough...


Terrain: 50% Normal, 50% Coal

Blazeman.EXE: 95 HP [coal]

[Battle 2 - Victory!]

Get: 300z
"I'm bored of this. Im gonna jack out."
"No, you are battling still."
"Fine. Jack out, Blazeman." Cole sighed.