At your local internet

Like something off of Star Trek, a beam of light descended into the vast void of the internet. Its object of transfer, or rather program, was none other than DiDiver.EXE. The Navi began doing basic stretches, enjoying the opportunity to stretch its data. He was to do a little virus busting, since Akua surely would be largely clueless as to how to handle the new Di. "Alright, ready for some Virus Busting."

[Battle Start]
As the navi trekked the ACDC, he found three metools playing with one another. They were having great fun, until they realized the DiDiver's presence and immediately shifted from fun time to fight time!

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

DiDiver.EXE: 100 HP

It didn't take long for DiDiver to find a few viruses to bust. It had been awhile since he had been online, since his little face lift put him out of commission for awhile. Virus busting would be a good warm up in his new body, and a subtle part of DiDiver was eager to get started. Sure, the viruses looked innocent in a cute sort of way, but they were still viruses: manifestations of bugs who's only purpose is to cause trouble. Di's voice was calm and slightly stern, ready for battle. "Ready when you are, Akua."

From the unknown depths of the internet, a voice responded with "Gotcha," followed by a long silence. Things seemed to stand still, with neither Di nor the viruses doing much of anything. "Akua!" DiDiver said, breaking the awkward moment. "What are you waiting for? Give me a command!" Back from the blackness of the internet, the voice responded, slightly agitated and confused. "Are you serious?! You just attack him, right? Do I really need to walk you through this? You know more about your abilities than I do. YOU do something."

DiDiver signed, raising his right arm as a buster formed around it. "Fine. We'll start simple so you can get familiar with my abilities." The attack was nice and simple: Just a burst of buster shots were fired, each one aimed at a different Metool. No need in straining oneself early on, right?

Action 1: Buster - MetoolA
Action 2: Buster - MetoolB
Action 3: Buster - MetoolC

DiDiver.EXE: 100HP

((State damage and effects of attacks next time. Also, try dodging, it'll help you get hit less.))

Starting off with a nice round of buster shots, DiDiver managed to chip off a paltry amount of health from the Metools. They were noticeably ticked, and two slammed their pickaxes onto the ground, creating a couple of shockwaves that traveled across to the diver Navi. One of them missed by a few inches, but the other hit true. (10) The third Metool decided to be cautious, and hid under its helmet, only leaving a small space to peek through.

MetoolA: 38 HP
MetoolB: 38 HP
MetoolC: 38 HP (Under Helmet)

Terrain: 100% Normal

DiDiver.EXE: 90 HP
OOC: Thanks. This is a new style of role playing for me, so it'll probably take me a little bit of time to catch on. It doesn't seem too hard though. Let me know if I'm doing the dodge thing right or not. I'm not sure how much is restricted in regards to moving and attacking.

DiDiver had stood his ground as the Metools' pick axes sent out shockwaves. He lucked out on the first one which just barely missed him, but the second hit its mark dead on. The attack, not being very strong in nature but still destructive, offset Di a bit, causing him to step back from the attack's force. "These guys are a bit smarter than I thought they'd be," Di said as he looked around the immediate area. "Lets step it up a little bit."

And stepped it up is what DiDiver did. Literally. He moved around a little, not taking too much effort to make himself a moving target, but enough to dodge if another shockwave came his way. And since Di was still relying on his own abilities at the moment, he just fired a few buster shots at the first metool. Maybe Akua would be useful pretty soon and slot in some chips.

Action 1: Roam (Dodge, I suppose?)
Action 2: Buster Shot (2) - MetoolA
Action 3: Buster Shot (2) - MetoolA

DiDiver.EXE: 90HP
Moving around made Di a much harder target for the Metools' straight-line shockwaves, and as they tried to whack a few in his path, they all missed, and Di even got a couple of shots in with his buster. Seems he wasn't going to win with his buster alone at this rate, though, as it continued to be weak and frail.

MetoolA: 34 HP
MetoolB: 38 HP
MetoolC: 38 HP (Under Helmet)

Terrain: 100% Normal

DiDiver.EXE: 90 HP
DiDiver still had his buster pointed at the Metools, firing off another round at the second Metool. He stopped moving and smirked a little bit, not caring too terribly much about the shockwaves now that he knew they were fairly easy to dodge. The simplicity of the viruses made this fight pretty easy and somewhat enjoyable so far. He planned to continue his little strategy until the viruses eventually were met with deletion. Akua, however, didn't like this idea.

"Seriously Di?" Akua said, annoyed by at the slothfulness of DiDiver's tactics. "At this rate, it'll be tomorrow morning by the time you finish these guys. Don't you have other abilities or something you can use?"

Di rolled his eyes at the ignorance of his operator. Akua was expecting Di to handle this all on his own, but it would only be the cooperation of both of them that would allow optimal virus busting efficiency. DiDiver can't fight without Akua, and Akua can't fight without DiDiver. The Navi's voice reflected that of annoyed disappointment as he spoke. "If you want this to go faster, why not give me a hand and DOWNLOAD SOME CHIPS FOR ME!?" Akua didn't seem very effected by Di's remark. "You don't mean to tell me that firing that buster of yours is ALL you can do? I've only got a handful of chips. I can't use them all this early in the game." Akua was clearly making an excuse for Di to keep fighting on his own. "You never know what'll happen. Right?"

The reversed subtle parenting didn't go over very well with the water warrior. He knew that there was no way Akua was going to use any chips until he felt satisfied that they were needed. Di sighed and decided to just go with it. "Very well, Akua," he spat.

Di's buster turned to water, staying around his arm instead of falling to the ground. His hand could now be made out through the liquid as the water began to swirl in his hand. It continued to swirl until a sphere was formed. Once Di was satisfied with the new orb in his hand, he threw it between the two uncovered Metools. The bomb would explode, hopefully encompassing both of the viruses. He kept his eye ot for any counter attacks just in case.

Action 1: Buster Shot (2) - MetoolB
Action 2: Waterballoon(30: Aqua: Blast2) - MetoolA & MetoolB (if enemies are close enough)
Action 3: Turn Splice (let me know if I'm doing this right)

DiDiver.EXE: 90HP
Di continued his weak buster run, hitting one of the Metools with his buster. Only after some pestering from his lazy operator did he execute a more substantial move, which was to launch a... water... balloon. The viruses let out a stuttered, viral laugh, mocking his attempts. Their mirth wasn't for long, as the water exploded in their faces, damaging both of them critically! The other Metool was cautious when Di had thrown his attack, and had stayed under its helmet. Thus, even though it was also caught in the blast, it stayed relatively unharmed. The others couldn't be worse for wear, though. One of them retaliated with a slam of its pickaxe, which sent a shockwave towards Di, damaging him slightly. (10)

MetoolA: 4 HP
MetoolB: 6 HP
MetoolC: 38 HP (Under Helmet)

Terrain: 100% Normal

DiDiver.EXE: 80 HP [1 Action Left]
DiDiver smirked from the success of his attack. He was obviously proud of his new ability and revealed that abundantly with his tone of voice. "There Akua. Happy now?" As if to repel his navi's mood, Akua spat out a quick answer. "Really? A water balloon? Thats the best you can do?"


Di's anger got the best of him, leaving him wide open for the shockwave that came his way. The water navi quickly did his best to counter, firing off another round with his buster at the attacking Metool. He still couldn't prevent the shockwave attack and stumbled from its force, barely keeping himself standing.

~Turn Splice~
3. Buster shot (2) - Attacking Metool (wasn't specified)

The diver Navi quickly took another shot at the Metool attacking earlier, leaving it within an inch of its life. The other Metool was still reeling from the balloon drop, and the last one was probably asleep under that cosy little helmet.

MetoolA: 2 HP
MetoolB: 6 HP
MetoolC: 38 HP (Under Helmet)

Terrain: 100% Normal

DiDiver.EXE: 80 HP
"Fine Fine"

Akua dug through his chips to find something that could be of use to DiDiver. He had yet to use some melee range attacks, so RageClaw1 seemed like the best choice for his navi. Slotting it in, he gave a monotone "Here" to Di, finally deciding to give his partner a hand.

Di's right hand turned into a bear claw, being considerably heavier than what he expected. The fury claw contrasted against Di's sleek look, making the chip stand out on the aquatic warrior. Di was satisfied at his new weapon. "This will make things easier."

Dragging his new weapon with him, Di ran towards the two weakened Metools, attempting to dodge anything they decided to throw his way. When he got in striking range, Di fired his buster with his left hand at the weakened MetoolA, hoping that it didn't have too much HP left. With his right hand, Di slashed his RageClaw1 at the other Metool, hoping to at least take down one of the viruses.

Action 1: Dodge/move within melee range (not sure if this can be counted or not)
Action 2: Buster Shot (2) - MetoolA
Action 3: RageClaw1 (40) - MetoolB

Water Balloon Cooldown: 1/1
Di went in for the last buster shot, and his first kill, one (1) Metool. The other one was slashed clean through with a RageClaw. Finally, the Metool under its helmet decided, to heck with this, might as well go down fighting. And with that, it slammed down its pickaxe with a little shake in its step, causing it to miss.

Now was Di's chance, if ever.

MetoolC: 38 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

DiDiver.EXE: 80 HP [RageClaw 5/6]
"Now's my chance."

Di lucked out with the Metool's poor accuracy and the success of his double deletion. He took advantage of the situation and ran toward the Metool as best he could, dragging the RageClaw with him. Once he was within range, he slashed out at the Metool's open spot, hoping for a nice clean hit. He was prepared to retreat if the attack failed though

Action 1: RageClaw1 (40) - MetoolC
Action 2: Dodge
Action 3: Dodge.
Swift deletion, Metool doesn't stand a chance.


Terrain: 100% Normal

DiDiver.EXE: 80 HP [RageClaw 4/6]


- 140z
- [Guard1] Battlechip
The attacked succeeded, leaving remnants of data where the Metool once stood. Di smirked in satisfaction as the RageClaw hung from his side. He picked up the zenny and the battle card left by the viruses, admiring his prize. "See Akua?"] he said with a little bit of arrogance in his voice. "When you actually HELP me, virus busting can be a simple task."

An "Okay" from the depths of the internet echoed into Di's ears as he felt the RageClaw begin to disappear from his hand. "Time to jack out, Di." In a hurried rush, Di jacked himself out, flustered and confused at what his Operator was doing.

[Jack Out]