Bard and Longshot Go Go

A small treble clef appeared on the net. It traveled around in a small area, floating up and down seeming to follow its own beat. It landed on the ground and exploded into a ray of light and various musical staffs. Bard formed in the center, and the light disappeared. She held a trumpt in her right hand and a black guitar case in her left. She had her fedora perched a top her head as she looked around and waited for Longshot to appear. She put her guitar case down and straightened her skirt and clothes and got ready for the battleing. Her Raven was sitting on her shoulder, and was turned around watching Bard's back for the new Navi.

{{Waiting on Longshot}}
With another glowing symbol Longshot fell into place, rifle at the ready, of course the first thing he saw was the raven staring back at him and he once more tilted his head, for a 'third hand' that thing was eerily independent it felt like. "Well looks like we both made it in one piece, I guess now we just seek out the trouble." As he spoke he slipped a magazine from the belts on his pouch inserting the normal buster data into the rifle, "Or let it come to us."

((ready to pwn!!))
The raven flew from Bard's shoulder as Longshot was present, and flew up into the air. It acted as a scout and was awaiting the command to move forwards. Bard watched it for a brief moment before testing her trumpet once more. "Yup. Sounds like a plan." Bard assumed Longshot wouldn't be the one to do the leding in this ground, and gladly took the first step down the new netways.

{{READY Battle 1}}

Both Bard and Longshot suddenly heard a strange noise from far away and it was coming closer. In the horizon, the navis could see three figures flying towards them. "FOX2!" Before they knew it, machine guns was set ablaze and forced the two to take cover! This isn't looking too good!

FighterPlaneA: 140
FighterPlaneA: 140
FighterPlaneA: 140

Terrain: 100% Metal

Bard: 190 HP
Longshot: 120 HP

Bard looked around oddly, not sure how to act to this incoming attack. She dived behind cover as the machine guns fired at her and her new battle Navi. Her Raven remained above its master, hovering and acting as a scout for Bard. It let out a loud caw and Bard nodded in agreement. "We have to get those things out of the air. Thats the only advantage they have," Bard said addressing both Leo and Longshot. Leo hummed lightly under his breath as he thought of what chips would be most useful to help down the airborn targets. "Ok Bard you ready to test how how much fast you guys are now? I am going to slot in a Few chips for you. Use them and your process upgrade to help slow down and maybe even knock those planes from the air. They can't do much if they aren't flying." Bard nodded and looked to Longshot with a devilish grin on her face. She pulled the fedora down slightly and opened her guitar case while behind the cover. Pulling the guitar from her case she said, "I would advise not attacking the last one if possible please."

She stood up and began to strum quickly on the guitar. As she was playing the song she felt the presence of other chips in her system. Well now, we get to test out that one chip that the idiot heelnavis provided me with. She sent both of the chips to her Raven. The Dash Attack and the Zapring would be more useful there. She kept strumming out the song as the Raven rose up to the planes level. It flapped its wings in front of the incoming planes. As it processed the data for the chip, it began to fly at the planes. It was flying at a very slow an paced out stride, waiting for the right moment to unleash the chip upon the enemies. Once it saw the best opportunity to launch the attack, it quickly sped up. The raven was moving so quickly it appeared to make mirrior images of itself as it moved faster than the eye could process. As it did so, it extended its wings, which quickly grew to a sharp blade to slice through the opponets with. It finished the attack on the other side of the planes and caw loudly before beginning the upload for Zapring.

Bard smiled as she saw her raven finish the attack. As she was strumming out the rest of the fast paced song, the strings on her guitar began to inwind and come to life. They removed themselves from the guitar, whipping and acting with their own minds. She kept strumming on them as they were in the air. She looked up to the plane in the back, and with a simple point of a finger, the strings flew towards the plane. They whipped like snakes striking at their prey the whole way. Once they were in Range, they attemtped to grab hold of the plane to tie up its systems that allowed it flight. They were also trying to force the plane down the ground. If they could do this, Bard would be more than pleased. Bard herself dropped behind the cover again long enough to put the guitar back in the case and grab her trumpet. She played the dodge spell in a slow smooth jazz rythem, preparing herself to dodge the few precious feet when she was attacked.

The Raven uploaded the chip. As it did so the black mist began to pour from the raven's feet. The legs and feet of the bird began to change to grow as the chip became fully uploaded. Its legs became cables and its feet postive and negative clamps. As this was happening, the black mist spilled from its beak as the beak took the shape of a perfect metal circle. The feet of the Raven crackled and popped with electricy as it whipped them up to grab hold of the ring. Withing in moments, the ring became fully charged. The birdy flew sforwards slightly to get a better vantage point over the front plane, which it promotly threw it at. The Raven's mist dissappeared as the ring connected. It was back to normal, minus one very imporant thing, its beak was still gone. The even creepier Raven flew back down towards Bard to assist her.

"Ok good Bard. That was a nice opener. Let us see what this longshot fellow can do," leo said in a shakey voice, showing he was on edge and nervous about having someone else on his screen, and someone else close to Bard.

1) Dash Attack All Planes From Raven (90 + Impact)
2) Musical Bindings to FighterplaneA 3 (Hold)
3) Prepare Dodge Spell
4) Zapring1 to FighterplaneA 1 (40 elec + Stun1)
"What's that sound?" Amadeo tilted his head glancing at all of his screens trying to figure out what the sound was coming from exactly, his monitors of course only showed so much, he made note to get a better program to see what was going on in the field of battle. "Airplanes? In the sky?" His buster raised, "Not a problem at all, Amadeo, send the pulsar I can handle the rest." At once his chest started to glow as the data downloaded, his visor snapping into place again as he scanned the sky to find the targets.

"Don't hit the last one, not a problem at all." at once the buster started to transform, the barrel breaking apart into four long arms with rings spaced evenly to the tip, leveling the buster Longshot fired for the middle airplane letting the pulsar shot spread out wide with a strange screech as the pulsing rings took flight. With out missing a beat Longshot dived for cover pressing his back against the nearest thing he could find for the retaliation strafe that he was sure would soon be coming.

Once in cover waiting for the jets to fly past he reached for the new sig data on his belt drawing out the two shot clip, as he inserted the magazine a large bolt action appeared on the side of his rifle. He waited till the jets had passed over, once the first two had flown by he took the shot hopping to catch them from behind as they passed his cover. Each shot going off with a loud crack and the reassuring snap of the bolt as Longshot ejected the shell.

Though from his cover Longshot poked his head out witnessing the strange raven, what the hell had happened to it? He recalled it growing blades breifly before he started to move, but now the thing was clearly missing a beak! "Hey is your bird okay? It's missing it's beak!" It dawned him however this was not the best place to be and he quickly dipped back down behind his cover a frown on his face. That's just creepy...

"I'd be more worried about those planes turning around, or that last one possibly crashing on you then Bards bird. Damn we need a speed upgrade for you really bad..."

1) Pulsar A 35 dmg spread 8 FighterPlane B
2) Dodge to cover
3) Double Time Sig 40 dmg x 2 targests FighterPlane A B
((Pulsar will only spread if you hit an object, not an enemy))

Raven flew straight towards the FighterPlanes, but they had the obvious advantage over the bird and it was only able to peg one of the virus, which the next second, Bard put a spell on. The strangled virus' movement was extremely limited, but it was still flying.

While Raven was taking care of them, Longshot shot rapidly fired with both the Pulsar and his trusty handgun. It was able to make noticeable damage and Raven swooped in to lay the finishing blow. While they were attacking, one of the fighterplane managed to get closer to the nearly immobile Bard and locked on, "Target on sight! Fox 2 Fox 2!" It opened fired and the navi was overwhelmed by the sheer number of the bullets, only able to dodge some parts of it.

FighterPlaneA: DELETED
FighterPlaneB: 100
FighterPlaneC: 50 [Hold]

Terrain: 100% Metal

Bard: 170 HP
Longshot: 120 HP
((woopse noted for next time))

"Hey you two need to finish this up quick, Longshot you only have two ranged chips left." He frowned glancing at the remaining options they had, while Bard was certainly great at being able to slow enemies but Amadeo had no clue how much offense she had left to offer.

Meanwhile still tucked behind his cover as he watched the one plane drop down from the sky fading into streams of data as it was deleted an idea occurred. "Send me the cannon data, and the guard chip, I'll take this on head on." with his plan set he got up from his now useless cover, with the plane past him it would certainly come for a second shot the other way. "Bard, I've got the unbound one, take care of the one you have tied up just cover my back and make sure yours doesn't try to take a shot at me."

Reaching down to his belt he drew another magazine replacing the one in the buster rifle, the large 50. caliber shot was ready. Standing obviously in the open Longshot took aim for the plane. "Get that guard to me as soon as this shot goes off, I think we might agitate our 'friend' in the sky with this." "Got it. Loading guard and cannon now.

Just as Amadeo finished speaking the resounding crack of the heavy shot was heard, even as the round left the barrel a green guard barrier flickered into place. Right after the barrel of the buster rifle shifted widening for the cannon shot.

"Wait! Longshot! Hold on! I just found some new information, apparently that upgrade we bought included an update for Cursor types, you can add seeking to that cannon attack! Hurry up and activate it before you fire!"
"The old snipe mode was changed?" A flicker of his eyes glancing over his visor showed the change in the lower corner and he gave a quick nod, "Snipe mode activated, Seeker Cannon loaded. FIRE!" With a brief glance into his scope Longshot pulled the trigger sending the modified cannon shot after the jet hopefully for the last time.

1) Sig Attack Heavy Shot S (60 DMG) Plane B
2) Guard1
Free action: Add Seeker to Cannon chip
3) Cannon (40 DMG + knockback) Blane B
Bard took the machine gun hits and was slightly supirsed at the firepower of this planes. Her face tightened as she watched the planes fly overhead. "Leo we need to get some defenses in my process upgrades." She pulled her trumpet up to her lips and played the dodge spell once again, preparing for the passby from the planes. She looked at her Raven and said to Longshot, "Heh. Yeah he is fine he does this a lot." She looked to the raven and sent him a mental command to put his beak back. The Raven raised his wings over its face and the black mist flowed out. Once it lowered its wings the bird was back to normal with a beak. Bard nodded then watched the plan of her partner. The loud crack of his weapon shocked her for a spilt second. "That was not a pretty noise! Bard screamed referring to it. She nodded in agreement however and began to figure out how to drop the rest of the opponets.

"Bard, Use these this battle shoule be almost over, just throw some more damage around to support your teammate." Leo slotted in the firehit and cannon chips. Bard recieve the data and was about to sort them to the correct place before saying, "What about the held target?" Leo hit his forhead and said, "Process upgrade Bard. That will handle it easy." Bard laughed uneasily for a moment before pulling her trumpet to her Mouth. She turned towards the plane that was held and began playing a song. The song was a upbeat and sharp trumpet song. As she played a blade extended from her trumpet. The blade was sinister and engraved with musical notes running along it. Once the song was finished, she tossed the trumpet up into the air, with her Raven catching it. The bird took the weapon instrument and flew towards the plane that was unable to dodge the incoming attack. Once the slice and dice was over, the Raven threw the trumpet back at Bard, who in return gave her Raven a firehit chip.

Bard kept the cannon for herself, and pulled the trumpet bakc to her lips. The song was simple, composd mostly of loud notes that sharp on concise. With the final note of the song, a cannonball fired from inside the trumpet, knocking Bard herself back slightly. The Raven loaded its firehit data, ready to launch at the same plane. It flew towards the incoming plane at a great speed. Along the way, its feathers began to burn and catch fire. Once it was at the plane the bird was ablaze in an inferno that made it appear like a phoenix. It let out a loud caw as it attempted to plow through the plane to finish off this fight.

1) Prepare Dodge Spell
2) Directors Baton to Held Plane C (50)
3) Cannon Shot to Plane B (40 + Knockback)
4) Firehit to Plane B (60 Fire)
Longshot fires his specially prepared shell to severally damage one of the planes. He then generates some cover for himself before firing another shot to finish off his foe. Bard uses some weird trumpet blade thing to cut down the remaining, helpless enemy. She also prepares a few attacks to take down Longshot's target, but it proves unneeded.

FighterPlaneA: DELETED
FighterPlaneB: DELETED!
FighterPlaneC: DELETED!

Terrain: 100% Metal

Bard: 170 HP
Longshot: 120 HP

Rewards: 250z each
Bard sends her Ravne to gather the zenny data for her. He swoops down and picks it up, sending it over to Leo's bank statement. The raven flies over and lands on Bard's shoulder and Bard looks at him and laughs. She turns towards her new ally and says, "Not bad really." She doesn't say anything else as she heads over to her guitar case. She closes it and sits on top of it as Leo says, "Bard. I am going to unequip your Attack +1 and charge +1 navicust. We never use your standard attack and we made a pretty penny off of them last time. Also, according to the internet, there are some new standard subtypes relased. We ould take a look through them if you wanted, no need really I like how you are." Bard simply shrugs and says to Longshot, "You ready to keep going?" She stands up from her case, grabs it by the handle, and starts to walk down the netways with her Raven hovering overhead.

{{Ready for Battle 2}
"Not all sounds are pretty," he casually commented as he gathered his own zenny. "And for me it tends to be those thundering and vulgar sounds that get me through the day. Though you have to admit. He raised his rifle ejecting and reinserting the clip, a smooth motion that made a sharp click at the release, removal, and a louder click as the clip was slid back in, "That sounds nice. Not quite music, but reassuring I guess."

Following after Bard Longshot continued to watch the Raven fluttering above her head. "Good to see you in one piece again."
Three noble knights approach the two, brandishing their swords dangerously. Trailing behind seem to be big, wide-mouthed fish viruses that seem pretty powerful.

This might a bit tough, but nothing the power of teamwork can handle, right?

SwordyA: 60 HP
SwordyB: 60 HP
SwordyC: 60 HP
LarkA: 100 HP
LarkB: 100 HP

Terrain: 100% Metal

Bard.exe: 170 HP
Longshot.exe: 120 HP

Bard stopped at the sight of the new viruses and looked at the close combat creatures a bit uneasily. They didn't have much health but she was a bit uncomfortable around the close combat still from her last encounter with it in Sci-labs. She took a step back and set her guitar case on the ground, opening it in the process. Her Raven hovered directly overtop of her head and eyed the swordys unfaultering. "Leo, We have some close combat creations to deal with. Should I hold them back? Confusion maybe?" It was then that Bard noticed the enemies in the back and then looked to her feet. Those should be easy enough to take care of. "Bard, I don't think we need to use process upgrades for this fight. We saw his long range power last fight, and that combined with out chip pool will drop the close combat threats fast enough. I am going to send a firehit and boomerrang. You start on the right, instruct your partner to start deleting from the left." Leo slotted in the chips and then leaned back to watch. Bard was ready getting ready for all of the potential pain of this fight and pulled the trumpet to her lips, playing the dodging spell.

Bard turned to her ally once she felt the presence of the chips in her system. Couldn't you have at least sent the riskhoney? Bard thought. She could feel the presence of the firehit, boomerrang, and one more chip for one of the larks in the back. She let out a deep sigh before saying, You start from the left, I shall go from the right. We need to drop the close combat as I am sure you are aware." She turned her attention back to the matter at hand and began to divide the chips to their proper place. She kept the firehit and boomerrang while the zapring went to the Raven. The raven flew up high and began uploading it, changing into the jumpper cable form it uses when launching this attack. It once again used its beak as the channeling point for forming the ring. As the change was taking place, the bird flew up above the swords to get a good throw on the larks in the back. It let out a loud painful sounding caw as it charged the ring and threw it at the weak elemental in the back. Once the attack was over, it flew back down to a hovering levle above Bard.

Bard pulled her trumpet to her lips. She began playing her song for the boomerrang, which for the trumpet was several long looping notes. By the end of the song she was getting her body movement into the action of the loop noises she was creating. As the song went on, the bottom of the trumpet reshaped, changing to one with a flat bottom and a curve to it. This new shape helpped with the spells sound, and also when she would throw it. Once the spell was finished her trumpet was fully in the shape of a boomerrang. She pulled her arm back, taking aim at the swordy on the right and then took a small running step to throw the boomerrang with some power.

After the trumpet let her hand, it returned shortly, back to normal once it made contact with the outstreched hand of Bard. Once it reached her hands she pulled the trumpet back to her lips. She played a fast and upbeat song, that seems to change directions quickly and almost flicker in its rythem. Over the course of the song, the mouth of the trumpet was clearly heating up, seeing as the metal was turning molten red. She kept playing until the heat rising from the trumpet began to create distortion in the area above it. With this, she threw it to her bird. The raven grabbed the burning trumpet and its body instantaly began to show the wear of touching such a hot instrument. Its beak was being slowly sliced though and the feathers near its mouth caught fire. It flew towards the middle swordy and procceed to attack the creature by beating it in the face with the istrument. Once it bleived its attack to be done, it tossed the trumpet back to Bard. "Ok good Bard. That should have cripppled them greatly."

1) Prepare Dodge Spell
2) Zapring1 to Lark B (40 electric + Stun x2(metal)(x2water))
3) Boomerrang Trumpet thrown at Swordys at Swordy C First (60 Wood)
4) Firehit to Swordy B or Lark behind it if it is already deleted (60 Fire)
Three close range targets, joy of all joy's. Longshot quickly leveled his buster rifle inline with the targets shifting back and forth across the slowly approaching line trying to decide which would be the best for his first strike. He hardly even noticed Bard reacting till she suggested starting from the left. "Sounds good but what about those fish? I've never seen anything like that before." "Beats me as to what they are, what do you want to try and take them out with?"

Longshot frowned watching the line approach steadily closer, the strange fish floating along behind them, "Send me the shotgun, I think I can see what Bard plans, we might be able to wipe the front line out in one shot if were lucky." Now focused on the left most Knight Longshot quickly reached to his belt pulling out the heavy shot, "Sorry about the noise Bard," he remarked as he slid the data magazine into place, "But if I'm going to do this quick it's going to be a little loud." Pulling the trigger the 50. caliber shot whizzed towards the left most knight, though the sound would surely upset poor Bard, loud and harsh and as close as they were it probably sounded worse then the first time she heard it.

At once however his rifle seemed to light up as a segment joining the barrel to the body snapped down revealing the classic single barrel shotgun, the chip having been lined up by Amadeo while the heavy shot was fired. Leveling his sight in the middle of the group he fired, the shot was aimed towards the center most knight but the spray was always unpredictable able to hit any one of the other virus near it as well.

However one flaw remained, if the knights weren't dead yet they would surely charge now, with a shift of his hands Longshot took hold of the buster rifle now back in its standard form at the tip of the barrel and by the butt holding it at a slight two o'clock angle to try and knock the attack away.

1) Sig Heavy Shot (DMG 60) @ Swordy A
2) Shotgun (DMG 40 + 1 spread) @ Swordy B
3) Dodge
First, the Zapring sent by Bard/Raven fried the Lark nice and toasty with both the metal panels underneath it as well as its bodily element. Just when she was preparing for her next attack, Longshot prepared his trusty .50 cal and aimed it straight towards the nearest Swordy. And while he was aiming, Bard's preparation with the Boomerang was complete and hurled it towards the viruses.

The sharp blade sliced through the first one, it just missed the second one, and it was heading towards the third. It was then, Longshot pulled the trigger and the bullet blasted towards the Swordy. In perfect timing, the bullet penetrated through the Swordy's metallic body and the boomerang sliced it in half. It was quite the spectacle to see.

The last of the Swordy was quickly taken care of by Raven once again and left the Lark all alone. In desperation, it drew in its mouth and fired a watery blade towards the two. Fortunately, the two was well prepared for such situation and easily dodged the attack.

LarkB: 100 HP

Terrain: 100% Metal

Bard.exe: 170 HP
Longshot.exe: 120 HP
Bard indeed did not enjoy the noise that came from Longshots rifle, but said nothing as it proved to be a rather useful attack. She turned towards him and said nothing but clasped her hands over her ears tightly and made a face at him clearly meaning, Ihate your loud noises. She turned from this to see the damage they had cause together and saw only the one lone Lark standing. She let out a slightly evil laugh and then said, "This shall be easy to just wrap up! "Bard, don't get to over confident, we don't know exactly what this virus can do seeing how quickly we deleted the last one. You should still hold it in place just to be on the safe side, and ensure deletion." Bard rolled her eyes and said, "But the thing is basically dead look at it! All alone against two Navis! "Bard, use your process attack or I won't send any chips."

Frustrated Bard picked up her guitar and began strumming out the song. Leo, knowing this tatic of her, was waiting for the whole song to be complete before he sent the chips. Bard played out the song, and as she did so the strings came to life again, whipping and moving like snakes. They unwound and floated in the air, with the excess string moving around. She finished the last of the song on the floating strings, and then they flew towards the fish, at great speed, trying to tie it down. Once Bard finished the song she felt the presence of chips in her system. A shotgun and the sword chip. She sent the sword to her Raven, and kept the shotgun for herself.

Bard pulled her stringless guitar up to a playing position, and sang a short song to make a whole new set of strings on her instrument. The strings on the target were unaffected by this. She pulled her fingers higher on the frets and began strumming a very fast and very divided song. You could hear each note well, but still know that the beat was fast and dangerous. Once the song was finished, she pulled the guitar to her shoulder and set the end of it in the butt of her shoulder, and pointed the neck right at the Fish. She strumed once more, firing the attack out of the neck of the instrument. The recoil moved her slightly, as she wasn't properly braced for this way of firing that chip. Bard then sang a dodge spell and procced to watch the transformation of her Raven.

The Raven actived the chip and the black mist returned around its feet. They merged together under the cover of the mist, and son began to grow and extend to a blades length. Once the mist was gone you could see the talons of the bird had shifted and changed into hand guards for the hilt of the weapon, if someone were acutally to weild this. The bird flew overtop of the fish, and lined right overtop of its head. The bird then ceased flapping its wings. It flew quickly and fast, its new feet clearly very heavy. After the attack was through, the Raven flew back up into the air, right above again, for another dive bomb next time if needed.

1) Musical Bindings to Lark B (Hold)
2) Shotgun to Lark B (50 + Splash)
3) Prepare Dodge Spell
4) Sword to Lark B (80)
"Nice throw Bard." He had to admit, busting with a partner was rather enjoyable, this fight surely would have been a far more difficult situation if he hadn't had another Navi to back him up during the fight. "One more, shouldn't be too hard no? Amadeo, Pulsar please." The boy nodded in the real world slotting the chip in, at once Longshots chest filled with the data glowing bright green as his buster once more reshaped into the ring like form. Buster leveled Longshot let the Pulsar blast fly with its strange screech as it flew towards the strange fish.

Just to be safe though he continued to keep his gun level ready to fire two normal shots should the fish somehow lived.

Glancing over at the familiar sound of a shotgun he couldn't help but grin a bit at her stumble from the recoil. "Next time spread you legs a little more it might help a bit?"

1) Pulsar (DMG 70)
2) Rapid Shot (DMG 8)
3) Rapid Shot (DMG 8)
All at Lark B
The last remaining virus was held in place by Bard's mystical music and it was soon bombarded by the two navi's attack. It quickly realized its imminent death and fired its last attack at its opponent. Bard was able to quickly teleport away from the attack, but Longshot was too preoccupied with his attack and got hit by the watery blade! Now the virus was gone and left the two navis with a nice little present.


Terrain: 100% Metal

Bard.exe: 170 HP
Longshot.exe: 100 HP

Bard: 400z + 1 FXP
Longshot: 300z + 1 FXP
Bard sent her Raven after the zenny data, which it quickly flew it and grabbed. She placed the guitar in her case, closed the clasps, and looked up at her teammate. She let a smile corss her face as she said, "Good job on that one." "Bard," Leo said, "We have enough to get some process upgrades for you now. We could finally get your process attacks upgraded what do you think?" Bard's shoulders dropped when Leo told her this, "I don't want to go yet! Let get some more cash and grab some more upgrades once we do go to the store," Bard said not yet wanting to leave the teammate, not being done with this busting run. "We are just beginning to get used to each others beat!" Leo let out a loud sigh with a hint of happyiness behind. "Fine, a fight or two more. We will have to see how the next few go before hand I guess." Bard smiled and looked to her ally and said, "Ok let go!"

{{Battle 3}}