Magna and Anyis

As soon as SpectreMan arrived on the Net in a swath of murky fog, it became pretty apparent that this chase wasn't going to be hard. A well-defined trail of the normally vibrant Electown Net was completely crushed: cracks running through the terrain, chucks of overhanging paths just missing entirely, and the flattened remains of whatever poor viruses were nearby dotted the path like footsteps. At the sight of this destruction... SpectreMan's mouth curled up into a wide grin, his fangs bared for all to see. "So exciting... So beautiful... Bilst! Tell me why you brought me to such a magnificent scene!" shouted SpectreMan, already entering the early stages of an adrenaline high.

"It's a rescue mission, SpectreMan." Bilst stated matter-of-factly.

"... Res... cue...?" muttered the ghostly Navi as the beaming smile on his face completely collapsed, leaving behind naught but a look of disappointment. "All you said before was to chase the guy, and now you tell me this? What a ripoff..." grumbled SpectreMan as he lifted his hood over his head and turned away from his Operator before stomping off in the wake of Magna's destruction.

"Is he... a sadist?" asked Mill cautiously, not sure if he wanted someone like that "rescuing" his Navi.

"Not re... Well, maybe a little." admitted Bilst sheepishly. "He's under control, though. He won't destroy Magna unless he's told to, so don't worry."

"If you say so... But how did you end up with a Navi like that?" questioned Mill, wondering how his lazy bum of a boss ended up with this guy, although there's no way he'd say it to Bilst's face.

"Just kinda ended up that way. No really story behind it." responded Bilst flatly, not really feeling a need to go any deeper that that. In the end, he didn't even have a chance to offer a better reason, since SpectreMan cut in:

"Well, well! I think we've found our little friend!"

If the loud sounds of metal clashing against rock weren't enough of a clue, a lone figure was fighting in the distance, and was getting bigger and bigger with each step SpectreMan took. While his form looked ambiguous from far away, it soon became very clear that it was Magna as a defining purple hue painted itself across the giant's body. As he ran up to his target, SpectreMan took notice that Magna was... punching the ground. Rather vigorously, at that. "Oooh... He's just as excited as I am...!" muttered SpectreMan as his mischievous grin returned to his hooded face.

"Magna!" shouted Mill into Bilst's PET, trying to get Magna's attention. As a result, though, all he managed to do was assault SpectreMan's eardrums.

"Ow!" groaned SpectreMan, rubbing his ear under his hood as the residual noise from Mill's shout faded from the communication line. "Look guy, there's way too much noise with that guy's banging for him to hear you one bit through that PET. Just leave it to me!" announced SpectreMan as he confidently pointed to his chest. Bilst already knew leaving negotiations to him was a bad idea, but there really wasn't much he could do about it at that point.

"Hey!" shouted SpectreMan as he walked a little closer to Magna, but to no avail. Magna just kept pounding away at the terrain under him. "Hey, I said! Listen up!" yelled SpectreMan louder than before, only to have his words fall on deaf ears. "Damnit you chuck of metal, I said listen!" shouted SpectreMan again, only this time he picked up a loose bit of terrain and chucked it at Magna's head. Bad idea...

(Battle 1 Start)
A loud 'clang' was heard from the piece that SpectreMan had thrown after connecting with Magna's head, as if he was hollow or had become so. Slowly the metal Navi raised himself from his position, towering over SpectreMan, with his back turned towards the opposing Navi. A loud squeeking sound came from Magna as his head turned around without moving his body. Just staring at SpectreMan, a few grunts came from Magna with a metallic undertone and he turned around his body to face SpectreMan.

With a wide movement he raised his right hand and slammed it in front of SpectreMan in a panel, leaving a print of it after raising it again. His right hand at his right side again, he raised his left hand to strike again while his head started to turn around to its proper position again. "Another..." he started quietly before speaking louder, "Welcome... To pain." Leaving his left hand suspended in the air, he just stared at SpectreMan as if he was expecting some kind of counter so he'd be amused before smashing the bug.

SpectreMan - 160 HP
Magna - !@#$ HP [Berserker Soul]
"Oh, so you do want to fight? This might actually be fun after all!" SpectreMan laughed in response to Magna's show of force. As if he couldn't enrage Magna further, SpectreMan picked up a loose pebble from the ground and flicked it right at Magna's forehead. "You think you can scare me, junk pile?! Forget that! I'll kill you!" shouted SpectreMan, his mind pumping adrenaline at max speed.

"Not 'kill', SpectreMan." noted Bilst quickly.

"Can't we just decide that after I kick his metal ass?" retorted SpectreMan impatiently, but only due to his desire to fight, rather than the 10 foot tall golem looming over his head.

"Well... I have the Battlechips, so I think it's up to me in the end." pointed out Bilst as he slotted in a single PanelShot.

"You're just no fun, Bilst..." muttered SpectreMan as the chip's energy coursed through his body, allowing him to sink his fingers into the panel in front of him and rip it clean out of the ground. "Hehehe... The last few rocks were too small... Maybe this will cause some damage!" yelled SpectreMan as he spun around once before flinging the dislocated panel at Magna. As he was then about to dive straight into some close combat...

"Retreat, SpectreMan." ordered Bilst.

"What? This is just starting to get good!" shouted SpectreMan in response.

Bilst sighed heavily, shaking his head for a moment before explaining, "You just threw a big rock at a giant metal golem. You think he's not going to be more than just a little pissed...?"

"Fine..." grumbled SpectreMan in defeat, turning his charge into a backstep, propelling him in the opposite direction. As his retreat led SpectreMan back to the broken space he created, his legs automatically began to fade together into a weird ghostly tail that floated him across the gap with no visible effort. As soon as he hit solid ground again, SpectreMan's legs returned as if they never left.

Oh, so that's why he's called SpectreMan... thought Mill as he watched the Navi, who he had never seen anything particularly "ghostly" from before. Bilst couldn't help but turn his eyes to the person craning his head over his shoulder, and figuring that SpectreMan could dodge well enough on his own, he said, "Mind if I ask you some questions, Mill?"

"Oh! Uh... sure." answered Mill with a jump, backing away from his boss after realizing that he was probably distracting him. "Is something bothering you?"

"Actually, yeah, there is something." said Bilst bluntly. "You said that the e-mail you received had no sending address, right?"

"Yeah, that's right. I don't really get how that was possible..." sighed Mill.

"Well, it's not 'impossible', exactly. Have you ever tried sending a message on a local network?" asked Bilst.

"You mean... between two computers hooked up to the same connection? No, I haven't." answered Mill hesitantly, not too sure where this was going.

Bilst took a moment to think of the right words, then explained, "You don't always need to confirm your address when you do that. Since the network is already familiar with you, it doesn't need you to say where the message came from."

Needing a moment to process the information, Mill thought until he said, "Then... You think the e-mail was sent to me from the store's network?"

"No, no, that's almost impossible." said Bilst with a weak smile, inwardly lamenting how his store's business was far too bad for that to be an option. "I was thinking more along the lines that the sender was already familiar with you or Magna."

"Huh? No way. The only person who could even know the information to send it to me like that... is my sister." laughed Mill half-heartedly, knowing full well that she wasn't nearly computer-literate enough to do something this complex.

Bilst rattled his brain for a moment, and came to what he assumed an impossible conclusion, but he threw it out anyway: "Well... If it wasn't transmitted through your PET or Magna, then who? Is there another data signature in your PET?" laughed Bilst, trying to make a joke. That laughing soon stopped, however, as he saw Mill bite his lip and not make an answer.

"Then... you are-"

"Hey Bilst!" shouted SpectreMan rather impatiently.

"What? This is kind of important." responded the Operator irritatedly.

"You can tell me to hop and skip around all day, but this is getting boring! Give me something better to do than dance with this big paperweight!" griped the ghostly Navi.

Bilst ran his fingers through his thinning hair in frustration, knowing that SpectreMan just ruined his chance to get Mill to explain what he was keeping quiet. After a moment of pause, Bilst sighed heavily before saying, "Fine, fine. Set up this Candle, then."

As promised, the waxy chip was delivered into SpectreMan's hands, which he quickly placed on the ground and lit without much effort. "Now what?" sneered SpectreMan.

"Keep dodging." responded Bilst absentmindedly, clearly not regarding the fight as top priority.

"Lazy meatbag..." grumbled SpectreMan as he reluctantly worked to keep his face in one piece.

1. Throw a rock (1 damage) @ Magna
2. PanelShot1 (60 damage, 5% Broken terrain) @ Magna
3. Dodge
4. Set Candle1 (100 HP Fire Object, Regen 5)
5. Dodge
A soft tick was heard from the pebble connecting with Magna's metal exterior. Magna just remained staring at SpectreMan, but snapped as he got the comment 'I'll kill you' thrown at him. In a swift motion, he tilted his body forwards and raised his arms. "DON'T JOKE AROUND!" Magna shouted as he swung one of his fists at SpectreMan. The fist connected with the panel thrown by SpectreMan, causing bits of debris to hit Magna's face with the same speed as the panel had.

"YOUR TIME HAS ENDED!" he bellowed over the battlefield and sped after SpectreMan who had started his evasive manuevers for the Operators to have their dialogue. But this meant nothing for Magna who just kept chasing SpectreMan. At one point he seemed to be close enough, but as he took a wide swing at SpectreMan he didn't manage to connect and hit the ground fiercely. A chunk of rock had sprouted from the ground due to the power forced into the ground. "STOP MOVING, MAGGOT!" Magna's voice roared as he started the pursuit again.

Eventually SpectreMan had stopped and Magna figured this would be his chance to clobber the grasshopper. Never having stopped his pursuit, except for the time he attempted to strike SpectreMan, he had reached his target easily and prepared a massive strike. But redirected his strike mid-attack as he realized SpectreMan had already used his legs to get away from his reach. With a fierce hit, he hit the candle from a side and immediately turned around to look for SpectreMan again.

Not far, but also not close, from Magna was SpectreMan, dodging again which aggrevated Magna massively. Slamming his hands onto the ground, gripping it tightly he slammed onto the ground with the piston within his enraged body and created three pillars around him. Lifting his hands from the ground, he grabbed one of the pillars by its tip, ripped it clean from the ground and swung it around as if it were a caveman's club. "GET CLOSER, VERMIN! You wanted to kill me, didn't you!?" Magna shouted, after which he started to laugh with a feint sound of static going through it as if he was not familiar with the concept of letting your emotions go.

SpectreMan - 160 HP
Magna - !@#$ HP [Berserker Soul] [3-hit shield]

Candle1 [Spectre] - 60 HP
Boulder - 50 HP
Boulder - 50 HP

Terrain: 95% Normal; 5% Broken
The static-laden laugh of Magna came across very poorly on the PET's speakers, making Bilst and Mill clasp their ears in pain. SpectreMan, however, broke out a wide, toothy smile across his face as Magna goaded him on. "So the metalhead finally found some guts? Hehehehe..." The phantasmal Navi's shoulders began shaking underneath his ragged cloak as he broke out in a fit of maniacal laughter. "Fan-freaking-tastic, lugnut! You want me so badly! Well you got me! All the SpectreMan you could ever ask for and more!"

Without even a second of hesitation, SpectreMan lunged forward, completely abandoning his Candle amidst his desire to satiate his bloodlust. And then he did it again. And again.

... What, what? Mill's sense of logic started throwing a fit as the PET's screen showed SpectreMan making his fourth run towards Magna. "What the... Did your PET break?!" shouted Mill, getting rather worried that his Navi was about to be gone for good.

"No no... This is one of SpectreMan's techniques." explained Bilst coolly, trying to prevent Mill from freaking out. To prove his claim, he scrolled his PET's view over a bit to show Magna... and the 7-strong swarm of SpectreMen running circles around him, calling him all sorts of insulting names in the process.

"Hey junkwad, is this enough of me for you?" jeered one SpectreMan as he ran around Magna's back.

"For a fatass like him? Like hell will there ever be enough!" responded a second SpectreMan ducking under Magna's arm.

"Fatass? This lump of metal doesn't even have an ass!" corrected a third as he jumped out in front of Magna.

"That's true! Sorry about that, you iron turd!" returned the second as he joined his brother in front of Magna in making an annoying laugh at his face before the pair resumed worming their way around the giant Navi with their other selves.

Naturally, hearing a Navi of his own design being dissed like that brought a rather irritated scowl to Mill's face. "Does he do this with everyone?" grumbled Mill as he crossed his arms together in an effort to keep himself from punching the PET.

"More or less... yeah. So don't take it too personally." answered Bilst as he gave a slight apologetic bow. Then, noticing that SpectreMan was able to keep both himself and Magna occupied for a bit, Bilst decided that this was another good chance to get the answers he wanted. "So, Mill... Back to what I was saying earlier. Do you actually have a second Navi...?"

"Err... Well..." muttered Mill, but he eventually sighed in defeat, realizing that Bilst probably already figured out the right answer. "... Not officially? Magna and I just found her, stranded and heavily damaged, a few months back. He had enough free memory at the time, so I put her into stasis and installed a repair program along with her inside Magna." Mill looked up to find Bilst still giving him a suspicious look, which got him a little irritated. "Hey, it's not like what I did was wrong, right?"

"No, of course not. I'm not going to fault you for rescuing a Navi. But..." answered Bilst, trailing off as his intuition fed him an idea. "Don't you think the e-mail could have come through her? What do you know about her?"

"Well... Nothing. She was already unconcious when I found her. Maybe this all does have something to do with her..." pondered Mill cautiously.

"If it doesn't have anything to do with you or Magna, I don't really see another answer. You should've thought about her history before you did anything." lectured Bilst.

Getting told this like it was some sort of lesson got to Mill's nerves pretty quick. "Hey! I took her in to repair her, not hold her hostage! Any problems she has can be dealt with after she's back to 100%!"

Bilst was taken aback by the sudden outburst, but that shock soon turned into a smile on his face as he made a realization. "Are you... actually defending the one probably at fault for corrupting Magna?"

With that said, Mill averted his eyes away, staring down at the floor and clamming up. Bilst was right. What the hell was he thinking...?

A loud bang coming out of the PET derailed that conversation, as Magna's fight against the SpectreMen continued. "Hey SpectreMan, do you need anything?" asked Bilst casually, as if he hadn't completely stopped paying attention for several minutes.

Every single SpectreMan scowled angrily and shouted in unison, "A weapon, you ass!"

"Ah, right. My bad." offered Bilst as a lazy apology, realizing that he had left SpectreMan unarmed, and it wasn't doing all that well against Magna's shield. "Let's see if this doesn't do any good..." mumbled Bilst as he slotted in a chip Mill had never seen before.

"Hahahahaha! Now we're talking!" grinned the SpectreMen, mimicking the acquisition of the chip as to not reveal who actually got it. They all raised a hand towards Magna, causing a quartet of ghostly blue orbs to appear over Magna's head. One by one, they began orbiting around the enraged golem, totally immune to any attacks he may throw at them. As the will-o-wisps danced their paths, a few of the SpectreMen spoke out, "I love this chip! Let's see how well that piece of rock holds against this! Suck fireball, hardhead!" With the cheering of Navis (and Decoys) to cheer them on, the will-o-wisps gathered in front of Magna before shooting forth at Magna's resilient shield and disappearing in a flicker of fire.

Out of the watch of anyone's eye, Bilst had already slipped another chip into his PET, this one being more autonomous and requiring little action from SpectreMan. In fact, the entire group was caught by surprise as one of them looked back to see a dark mass gathering on the long-forgotten Broken panel a ways off. A quick snicker escaped from the observant SpectreMan's mouth, alerting his brothers to what was happening, making them stifle laughter as well.

The black glob spread its way all across the panel, shrouding it in pitch darkness. The real fun was yet to be had, though, as the shadow began rising upward, molding into a vaguely human form. Shadowy horns popped out of its head, and right below that came a frantic red eye, bouncing up and down, left and right as it searched for... something. What that "something" was ended up being Magna, as the red eye suddenly just stopped, locking its focus on the purple Navi. It just stared at him for a moment, paused... and was gone. Next thing anyone knew, the shadow was right in front of Magna with a bent blade in hand. The shadow's single red eye met with Magna's for just a moment, but no compassion was gained between them, as the shadow immediately proceeded to swing its sword at Magna's chest before disappearing as quickly as it came. Taking advantage of the quick surprise attack, the SpectreMen resumed their movements, trying to dodge as many of Magna's attacks as possible.

1. Soul Raid (1-turn Decoy x6, 3TCD)
2. Trick Maneuvers (Movement)
3. AmatsuHarestu1 (4 x 10 damage) @ Magna
4. SummonBlack1 (160 damage, Slashing, Wide Attack) @ Magna
5. Dodge

Soul Raid - 3 turns
"Do you insist on pretending this is just a mere game?" Magna replied to SpectreMan's comment of having finally found the guts to retaliate. But after he said this, he had realized his current position in the battlefield as he became surrounded by the large amount of SpectreMan clones, not being capable of finding the right one. Turning his head around constantly to look at the various SpectreMen running around, he became enraged and let out a roar as he lifted his arms into the air. A mechanism within his body activated as he plummeted his fists onto the floor while the piston did so as well. An immense shockwave was sent out through the ground in all directions, causing pieces of the panels below him to fly along. The rain of debris got rid of a few SpectreMan decoys and hit the real one at the same time, without showing he was actually the real one. The shattered pieces fell back to the floor, recreating the panels as if they had never been touched. But as the pieces fell to their places, Magna had already started to continue the fight.

4 SpectreMan figures remained, constantly moving around Magna's figure which visibly annoyed the golem. He swung his fists around frantically, trying to get rid of the pests surrounding him. Magna hit straight on twice as two of the decoys flew back realistically, then dissipated which made Magna realize one of the remaining two was the real one. Blinded by rage, he continued to swing his arms but failed to hit a single time after two lucky hits.

But as he kept his attention on the two SpectreMen remaining, he didn't realize both of them had executed a single chip. Out of nowhere, the balls of fire appeared circling around Magna's head and he roared angrily at them, "Why must you keep circling!?" At first not realizing the balls of fire were an attack, just thinking they were once again another distraction, the first one hit straight on but the other three were defended against as he ripped the remaining spires from their position to use them as shields.

The balls now gone, Magna turned his attention to the SpectreMen again, ignoring the incoming threat of the blackened beast in SpectreMan's possession. In fact, he didn't even realize its presence it until it appeared right in front of him with its blade aching for Magna's metal exterior. The shadowy figure hit straight on, a large gash now visible across Magna's chest. "Is this all you've got, bastard?" Magna growled and held a hand in front of the gash, while still trying to hit SpectreMan with the remaining hand, "Or will you start hiding again like the coward you are?"

SpectreMan - 160 HP
Magna - !&$%&^$ HP [Berserker Soul]

Candle1 [Spectre] - 60 HP
Boulder - 40 HP
Boulder - 40 HP

Terrain: 95% Normal; 5% Broken
A bead of digital sweat rolled its way down SpectreMan's face as the large gash on Magna's chest proved nothing more than a mere annoyance to the giant. Nervous? No, that wasn't the case, as shown by SpectreMan dragging his tongue across the edge of his mouth as he licked his lips in excitement over the challenge Magna was providing. As if to confirm his joy, a twitch ran its way up his spine, weaved around his shoulder, and ended up in SpectreMan's fingers, which began to dance around violently like they were about to jump off his hands. "This is getting to be too much for little ol' me to handle!" shouted SpectreMan loudly, seemingly ignorant of the term "inner thoughts". "Bilst! Gimme everything you still have! Tin-man here is asking for action, and I'm gonna give it to him!"

"Any objections, Mill?" asked Bilst, seeking permission to fire what sounded like armageddon at Magna.

"No... I think Magna will survive it. He's taken hard shots before." answered Mill, trying to build some confidence in his Navi.

"And his mysterious passenger?" queried Bilst in addition.

"I have some questions I want to ask her." replied Mill vaguely.

"Good enough for me. Chips incoming, SpectreMan. Try not to kill him if you can, alright?" reported Bilst.

"That's what I like to hear! And don't you worry about the purple thing over there! He's fun! I'd be disappointed if he fell so easily!" laughed SpectreMan crazily as Bilst began slotting in chip after chip. "You'll be sorry you asked for this! Living hell, endless nightmare... whatever you want to call it, it's gonna hurt!"

In familiar form, the first chip Bilst used rose out of the lone Broken panel as the shadowy incarnation of the SummonBlack chip, complete with jagged blade, black horns, and wild red eye. Unlike the first, though, it began charging straight forward... only to be stopped as SpectreMan thrusted an arm in front of it. "Just a moment, pal. Try using this for a change." As if on voice command, the pale white bone of a Skully1 chip appeared in SpectreMan's outstretched hand, which the shadowy being took cautiously. After judging the bone to be nothing but an aid, the shadow nodded and resumed its charge, passing through SpectreMan's arm, proving that it only stopped out of respect of its summoner's will.

Not to leave the shadow on its own, though, SpectreMan stuck his other arm out his well, activating his next weapons. Pale blue flames began spinning around his wrists slowly, then began dividing off into individual will-o-wisps as they sped up. Once the orbs totalled 4 on each hand, SpectreMan flung them forward with all his strength, sending the wheels of blue flame rolling on a direct path to Magna.

"Now it's time for my favorite part!" yelled SpectreMan in defiance of the element of surprise as the last Battlechip activated. Interestingly enough... SpectreMan began fading away as the chip's power coursed through his body. One by one, his limbs melted away into ethereal tentatcles, leaving the possessed Navi floating a foot or so above the ground. With a few flicks, the tentacles sprang forward to the objects littered around the field: the pair of boulders Magna had raised, along with the Candle SpectreMan had placed earlier. With a few twists and turns, the degenerated limbs reached their targets and wrapped tightly around them, leaving SpectreMan with 3 very makeshift bludgeons so flail around in the air. Of course, the air wasn't his enemy (for now), so SpectreMan yanked all 3 downwards at Magna to assist the shadows and fire wheels in their assault.

1. SummonBlack1 (160 damage, Slashing, Wide Attack) @ Magna
2. Skully1 (100 damage, Homing, Confusion) @ Magna
3. AmatsuHaretsu1 (4 x 10 damage) @ Magna
4. AmatsuHaretsu1 (4 x 10 damage) @ Magna
5. Poltergeist (Telekinesis 3) @ Magna (Candle1 = 100 Fire damage, Boulder x2 = 50 damage x2)

Soul Raid - 2 turns
"Tin-man!?" Magna blurted out as SpectreMan took the words in his mouth and lifted his head towards the dark Navi, "I'm gonna make you eat those words." Not wanting to give the Navi any chance to retaliate, Magna stormed at SpectreMan while his Operator was in a conversation and nimbly slammed his fist into SpectreMan's face. But right after this, Magna caught wind of the black shadow and swung his body with great speed backwards but didn't realize SpectreMan would stop it for his own entertainment. Looking at the bone-shaped weapon, Magna let out a small grunt and attempted to start moving again but without luck. Temporary malfunction... he thought to himself and just looked on as the shadow approached him with the bone. While it wasn't another gash in his metal skin, the force on it was enough to make him grasp the spot that was hit in pain.

"Don't think I'm gonna give in yet, you little runt," Magna said. Spreading his arms to the sides, he prepared for the next attack while SpectreMan had also gone into the attack again. The orbs of SpectreMan hit Magna straight on, the golem not even trying to dodge or defend. With a great swing Magna brought his two hands together and generated an immense shockwave that was sent through the air and right at SpectreMan, causing the Navi to get knocked back slightly.

But this was nothing compared to the offensive force of SpectreMan as he had activated his Poltergeist chip, causing Magna to feel a pinch of fear but this was easily eliminated by the rage ravaging his insides. "Nice trick, freak!" Magna bellowed and he tilted his body forwards while moving towards SpectreMan. Laughter came from Magna's speech program as he disappeared under the objects SpectreMan had thrown at him. The laughter continued eerily while Magna was under the objects, until he shoved them to a side and stood up again. "I'm not done yet," Magna said, his voice now getting more static in it due to the damage he had received already.

SpectreMan - 80 HP
Magna - !&$%&^$ HP [Berserker Soul]

Terrain: 95% Normal; 5% Broken
His voice might have been failing him, but that wasn't going to stop Magna's desire to squash SpectreMan like a bug under his hand. Sure, there was a long gash in his chest, dents all over his body, and tiny bits of his data were shedding off his body and floating up into the heavens, but were those any reasons to not crush this annoying albino? Magna certainly didn't think so, but his body had something else in mind. The moment he lifted his arm towards SpectreMan, let alone making that leap he was about to, Magna's shoulder joint absolutely exploded in a geyser of data, leaving his right arm dangling off its socket, still attached by nothing but a few resilient cords. "Wha-a...?" stuttered Magna through a failing voice before a series of messages flashed through both Magna's head and Mill's PET, answering his question:


(Battle 1 End)

"I guess... Between the corruption and SpectreMan's attacks, he finally buckled?" asked Mill cautiously, unable to tell if it was actually over or not. With all the orange light in Magna's eyes gone, making him look like an empty shell, it sure looked over, but Mill was way past the point of being willing to assume anything.

"Well, it couldn't hurt to try to make something of this opportunity." commented Bilst logically. "SpectreMan, could you see if you can force Magna back into his PET?"

"What, the fight's over already? That's no-Ugh!" grunted SpectreMan, his cockiness getting attacked by a painful ache around the spot Magna had hit him with that shockwave. He fell on one knee and muttered, "Tch, guess the fight is over..."

"Take your time, SpectreMan. Magna shouldn't be going anywhere soon." suggested Bilst. Since this was just one of those bad days, though, that last comment soon proved itself completely wrong as Mill's PET interrupted:


"Anyis? I guess that's her name..." noted Mill, completely oblivious to the chaos that was unfolding. If Anyis was simply a backup file like Magna's core systems thought, none of this would matter, but as she was, in fact, a Navi herself, things got complicated. With both Magna and Anyis active in the exact same point on the Net, the only thing that could really happen was a massive overload of information. As the data of the two fought and grappled for what little space they were in, the Net's automated safety protocols decided to do something. And, just like that, Magna's body with Anyis inside disappeared... along with all the ground around them in a 50 foot radius. No bangs, no flashes, no special effects.

"What the f-" grunted SpectreMan in utter shock. He blinked, and it was all gone. Magna, and the ground he was standing on. The only thing keeping him from falling to his doom was his AirShoes program, which kicked in immediately to give him his ethereal tail. So while he was safe physically, SpectreMan's mind was in utter disarray. He turned to his local humans for some explanation as to why his opponent and battlefield just vanished, but Mill and Bilst were equally dumbfounded...


"... Hmm?" said Magna absently, only to realize a moment later that he just spoke. "My voice... works?" He looked back and forth a bit, and lo and behold, his right arm was back in its place, properly attached and everything. Hell, even the scratches and dents on his body were gone. And to top it all off... He felt lighter. Sure, he was still huge and made of metal, but he felt a little less burdened for some reason. Hell, he hadn't felt this good in mont-

Oh. That explains things, Magna thought. What was "that"? "That" would be the young-looking female Navi laying on the other side of... the panel island they were floating on? Looks like there were still some things that needed explaining.

"Agh... My head..." mumbled Anyis as she pushed herself up into a sitting position and placed a gloved hand to her forehead. Just like Magna, though, a realization soon hit her much harder than that headache. "Wait... This isn't where I remember being. And..." paused Anyis, turning her head to the massive golem not too far off, "I definitely don't remember you."

Well... This was difficult, Magna figured. He had to give a complex explanation. With words. Lots of them. Oh well... He might as well give it his best, so he began: "My Operator and I found you damaged and unresponsive-

"When was that?" interjected Anyis.

"7 months, 2 weeks, 3 days, 19 hours, 53 mi-"

"Okay, okay, I got it. Just continue..." sighed Anyis, realizing she was dealing with more of a calculator than a Navi.

"Err... yes." mumbled Magna, forcing his mind on the more difficult, verbal track. "You were disconnected from your PET, so my Operator chose to take you in and begin repairing you inside my body. He has been using data I accumulate from battle to replace your damaged portions. On my last check, you were repaired to roughly 90% capacity."

Now that he mentioned it... Anyis did feel a little weaker than she used to. Her body itself seemed to be in good shape, but it was pretty obvious that her old upgrades were still trashed. Oh well... At least this "Operator" did a good job fixing her, she thought. "Well then, I guess I owe you a thank you. I'm Anyis, by the way." she said in gratitude.

"I am Magna." returned the golem bluntly. He chose not to ask about the circumstances in which he found her, since there was a more pressing issue.

"Come to think of it..." pondered Anyis, "Where are we? This looks... weird." What they were standing on, to be exact, was a perfectly cut disk, completely isolated from the rest of the Net. Anyis walked over to the edge, saw the vast pit of nothing beyond, and very, very cautiously stuck her hand out... only to hit a wall. "Huh? What is..." muttered the female Navi as she pushed a little harder, only to be met with as much resistance as before. "There's an invisible wall around us. And nothing outside this wall. Where are we, Magna? And, also... Why hasn't this 'Operator of yours said anything?"

"That is why this is... complicated." answered Magna, fumbling for the right words. "You re-activated while still within my body, it would seem. Logically... Our combined presence overloaded the memory of that point on the Net, so the Net itself isolated our immediate area while the problem is rectified." He didn't mention much of why it happened, figuring that the "how" was more important at the moment.

"That means..." thought Anyis aloud, "... We're stuck here until the memory problem is solved?" She really didn't like where this was going.

"Yes, that is my current theory." responded Magna simply.

"Don't you see the problem here?" sighed Anyis. "We're the memory problem. As long we're both in this space, it won't be returned to the Net proper. Can't you jack out?"

"I have lost all connection with my PET, unforunately." reported Magna, understanding that this was quickly turning into a survivor game. "Perhaps if you defeat me, I may be able to force an entry into my PET through the EJO protocol." he suggested.

"What if that doesn't work? You'll be deleted!" shouted Anyis, getting ticked off by Magna's sacrificial attitude.

"It is the best option. You have no PET to return to, so it must be me to try this." said Magna, trying to explain.

"I'm not going to attack you if you aren't going to fight back." stated Anyis harshly.

"Why not? That is... illogical." questioned Magna, trying to find her logic.

"You helped save me, and now you want to die for me? Sorry big guy, but you aren't that cool. If you're wanting to die, you'll at least have to earn it in a fight." stated Anyis matter-of-factly, not wanting to have Magna do anything more for her sake.

"... Very well. If I must fight you to make you accept this, I will." decided Magna after a fair bit of hesitation.

"That's what I wanted to hear. Don't try anything dumb like holding back, alright?" chided Anyis as she thrusted her arms forward, causing a small blast of data as her white gloves transformed into a pair of heavy silver gauntlets.

(Battle 2 Start)

With far less hesitation than her impromptu opponent, Anyis dashed forward, firing two orbs of data out of her palms at Magna during her run. Having never stopped, Anyis continued rushing all the way up to Magna's massive frame, which she struck with a quick one-two punch, making a series of loud ringing noises as metal clashed with metal. Anyis craned her head upwards just for a moment... and realized that Magna really was just about twice her size. Not wanting to find out what would happen if she stayed around, a sudden burst of wind came from behind Magna, pushing Anyis up off her feet and away from the giant Navi.

1. Ranged Buster Shot (8 damage)
2. Ranged Buster Shot (8 damage)
3. Melee Buster Shot (8 damage)
4. Melee Buster Shot (8 damage)
--Gust (Blow Anyis away from Magna)
"I won't hold back," Magna said and positioned himself for the attack. I have to be sure... rang the thought through his mind as he slammed his fists against each other in front of his iron chest. Remaining in his place, his two fists started to shine faintly as his laser started to store itself within each hand.

The orbs Anyis had shot towards the golem hit nicely, but Magna didn't budge an inch. Anyis had now started approaching Magna while the golem hadn't moved an inch yet. The fists of Magna gained a bigger glow, remaining in his position with the two against each other.

Anyis had now entered the melee range between herself and Magna, causing an exchange of blows in just a short time. The two attacks of Anyis were immediately met by a blow from Magna's two fist as they generated a huge laser from each fist, using the entire fist as output instead of the center of the palm. Afterwards he fired a laser straight forward, hitting Anyis while she was dodging backwards. Magna remained in his position, his two hands towards Anyis while a feint shine came from within the fist.

Anyis.EXE - 60 HP
Magna.EXE - 68 HP
Anyis's flying backstep quickly turned into a total wipeout as Magna's laser attack hit her dead-on, driving the female Navi into the ground with a crash. Coughing as a cloud of dust wafted upwards from her landing point, Anyis tried to wave away the mess with her hands, but to little success. "This isn't *cough* going to be easy, huh...? *cough*" she muttered hoarsely under her breath. Once the dust finally settled, she pushed herself up off the ground and patted the dust and soot off her robe as best as she could. "Wow, I shouldn't have even tried fighting you up close..." shouted Anyis over to her opponent, "But I'm glad you finally decided to give this your all!" She said that she was glad, but Anyis was thinking a little bit that Magna's "all" might have been just a little too much for her right now. That last attack definitely had some kick to it, and the fact that Magna's hands were still glowing... Anyis hoped that was just residual energy, but she wasn't about to place a bet on that.

Either way, Anyis knew that going for range was probably her best choice. Unfortunately, she had already used her orb attack on Magna, so he'd probably be able to defend against it if she used it again. That left her with one more card up her sleeve... Unfortunately, playing it would take a little more prep time than normal.

"You know, you don't have to worry about me so much. For all we know, I might actually still be synchronized with my old PET and be able to EJO. Or, heck, whoever is defeated might just warp back to the normal Net. Considering the worst-case scenario is a good idea, sure, but that doesn't mean it'll happen, right? So just give this fight your all and figure out the results when the happen." said Anyis to Magna, trying to create a dialogue as a sort of stall tactic. Soon enough, though, something clicked in her head to say that she stalled enough.

"Of course... That means I should give it my all too, right?" asked Anyis rhetorically as she activated her charge attack. With an upward flick of her wrist, a large wall of ice jutted out of the ground right in front of her, its tiny crystals flickering with light. It was a beautiful sight indeed, but not what Anyis needed from it. She twisted herself around to build up some power before unleashing a mighty punch on the wall, shattering it completely into countless shards of ice that began flying in Magna's direction. As if that wasn't enough, though, Anyis summoned a new gust of wind to assist the ice and send it flying even faster. With her attack performed, Anyis watched and waited for the results, ready to try and evade whatever trick Magna had planned.

1. Charge
2. Charge
3. Charge Attack (32 damage, Aqua) @ Magna
--Gust (Accelerate Charge Attack)
4. Dodge
Magna immediately fired three lasers from his hands, two from the left and one from the right, already standing in the proper stance to do this and hit properly. However, as he did this, he was also hit by Anyis' charge attack. Pieces of ice remained embedded into Magna's metal skin, but disappeared as they melted.

"It's good to see you've become active," Magna said and moved to the right in an evasive manuever, strafing around Anyis, "Otherwise it would be one-sided. Show me your strength, small one."

Anyis.EXE - 44 HP
Magna.EXE - 36 HP
Anyis's mouth curled into an annoyed frown at the mention of "small one". She knew she wasn't very tall... Granted, Magna wasn't a fair comparison to much of anything in the height category, but Anyis really didn't need a reminder that she was a few inches under most other Navis. "Hey, are you trying to piss me off? You make it sound like I can't win, and you call me short on top of it... You know, I think you actually did piss me off!" yelled Anyis in frustration, showing that her height was one of her touchy points. "We should hope that your EJO still works, because I am ending this fight right now!"

She immediately broke out into a dash after that announcement, pulling her arm back as she started building a charge in her fist. Little by little, sheets of ice began collecting on her gauntlet, each one layering on top of the last until a giant glove of ice wrapped itself around Anyis's arm. The new frozen fist was easily bigger than Anyis's head, making it a wonder she could even run with that kind of weight on her. Not willing to let that stop her, though, Anyis kicked off the ground with all her strength, jumping in a high arc straight towards Magna. "I hope you're ready for this!" shouted Anyis as she pulled her giant ice fist forward to face Magna. To add to the attack, she summoned a new gust of wind to push her through the air faster and boost the force of the attack. Anyis felt the adrenaline-fueled sensation of time slowing down as she got closer and closer to striking Magna... Right before the decisive moment, though, something clicked in Anyis's mind telling her that this probably wasn't enough. Not one to distrust her intuition, Anyis readied a single buster shot in her palm to shoot at Magna after the big clash...

1. Charge
2. Charge
--Gust (Accelerate)
3. Melee Charge Attack (32 damage, Aqua, ??? boost) @ Magna
4. Ranged Buster Shot (8 damage) @ Magna
"I... am glad." The lumbering giant's data was falling apart in a manner much faster than before, and if he had knees, he would have probably fallen to them. One of his arms fell off, evaporating as it clanged hollowly against the ground. There wasn't much left of him to go, as he slowly disappeared from multiple points on his body. The decay was increasing in speed exponentially as he jerkily stared at Anyis. "G----....goood. Yooo--" The purple giant's speech was becoming incoherent, but attempted speaking a second time. "You Surrrvi--ved."
Magna's thoughts began to cloud, and at that point he knew that he wasn't going to be jacking out any time soon. Oh well... Magna didn't think this was going to work, anyway. Even if he did manage to get out of here, his body was still falling apart, and nothing could fix that. He was never given or developed a real fear of death, so Magna really wasn't too unsettled by this. Anyis was being set free with his death, also, so at least something good was coming out of it. At least... These were Magna's feelings. Any cognitive thoughts he might have had on the matter were unheard as his mind ceased function.

The moment Anyis saw Magna's arm fall to the ground, she knew that she had screwed up royally. After hearing Magna's last words, Anyis shouted, "Damnit! You knew th-". Before she could say anything else, though, she, Magna, and the area they were in just completely blanked out. Everything was as-is just a moment before, but now...

... Where was she, exactly? The next thing Anyis knew, she was in some very dark place, with any evidence of her fight with Magna completely gone from the face of the Net. "What the... Where am... Ow!" yelped Anyis in pain as she banged the back of her head against something hard, making her realize she was really, really cramped. She tried shifting her leg around a bit, but the wall it was hitting proved too strong a foe, making Anyis curl back up into a ball in defeat. With a heavy sigh, she muttered, "How am I supposed to get out of here...?".

As if something was waiting for her to ask, a hole began opening up behind her, allowing a ray of light to pierce the darkness she was in. As the hole began to widen, though, Anyis realized that her balance wasn't as well-established as it could be, and that she was slipping out of her cage. "Whoa... whoa... waaa...!" shouted Anyis as she flailed her arms out in hopes of grabbing something to hang onto, but that came to no avail as she fell head-first out of the hole, landing on the ground with a thud. After taking a moment to re-orient herself, Anyis looked up off the ground to see what she fell out of... was Magna. Sure, she knew that she was being repaired within Magna's body, but seeing him as the decaying shell she fell out of was more than a little freaky.

"Hey!" came a shout from behind Anyis, making her flinch in surprise. When she twisted her body around to see who it was, she saw a Navi that, quite frankly, looked more dead than Magna. This, of course, was SpectreMan. "So you're the one that caused all this, eh?!" snorted SpectreMan angrily, yet still baring his fangs in a creepy grin.

"Huh...?" replied Anyis vaguely, still taking time to let her mind catch up to all the things that were happening around here.

"Huh? Huh?! Don't huh me! I was enjoying a damn good fight, but thanks to you, it all went poof into thin air! Now you come back with that hunk of metal looking like a piece of swiss cheese! You wanna try explaining that, girl?!" roared SpectreMan, half out of frustration and half out of him enjoying scaring Anyis.

The only thing that SpectreMan got out of that tirade was a vacant look from Anyis. "Calm down SpectreMan..." sighed Bilst. "We're not going to get anything out of her if you're just going to yell."

Mill, meanwhile, frustratedly stared in silence at the decrepit shell of his Navi in the corner of the screeen. Magna was the first and only thing Mill had ever programmed from scratch, and seeing him in such a sorry state was hard to bear. Even that view, though, was not to last, as the last few connections in Magna's body finally gave way, causing his remains to explode into countless bits of data, which began floating upwards into the sky. That was it... He was gone, thought Mill.

The explosion jolted Anyis out of her trance, making her turn her head to the dissolving bits of data. "Wait... Magna... No!" she shouted, standing up as her sense of things returned to her. "I'm not going to let you die for my sake! I don't want that weight on my shoulders!" With that proclamation out, she chased after Magna's data, running up to under where it was floating, then pulling back her arms, letting her gloves transforming into their gauntlet form. "Like I said before, you aren't cool enough to be a tragic hero!" she shouted once again, charging something up in her body. Mill, for one, was getting pretty pissed at Anyis talking crap about his deleted Navi, but held back to see what she was doing. After a few moments, she thrusted her arms forward, releasing a massive wave of ice up into the air, sweeping up a portion of Magna's data into the frozen mist. When the cloud cleared, a lone crystal could be seen falling, which Anyis followed every second with her eyes and feet until it landed safely in her hands.

The inside of the crystal was very foggy and unclear, but a keen enough eye could tell Magna's data was in there. A quiet sigh of relief escaped Anyis's lips, but that she soon turned into a smile as she turned around and shouted in triumph to SpectreMan and the Operators, "How about that, boys?!"

Everyone just stood in silence for a while until SpectreMan broke out in a laugh. "Hahahahaha! Well how about that? The girl's got some moves! This was fun after all!"

"He's actually right for once." chuckled Bilst lightly. "The Navi you saved ended up being good, and she saved Magna's core data to boot. I'd say that could've gone a lot worse, right?"

"I guess so... I still have a lot of questions, but maybe that can be sorted out later." responded Mill wearily. He then leaned over Bilst's shoulder and said, "Hey... Uh..." to his ward.

"Anyis." she responded quickly.

"Okay, Anyis. Connect to my PET and upload Magna's data. I'll let you jack out to it afterwards." offered Mill.

"Fair enough. I'm exhausted, so a PET to rest in sounds really good..." Anyis sighed as she established a link with Mill's PET.

(Jack Out)