More Bonding!

Enigma jacked in with a sullen anger still residing in his heart, pride still stinging from his last defeat. This keeps happening, he snapped. This time, it won't.

Ceres offered no response, but instead watched for Jay and Big.

= Battle 1, please: after Zero posts, of course. =
In a dark green blob of light, Big jacked into the Electown net...Sideways. Arms folded and standing dignified at 180 degrees, parallel to the ground, Big appeared. And promptly fell.

He got up, rubbing his head, and yelling, "Ya STILL haven't figger'd out how ta' jack me in properly?!"

"Yes I have!" Jay responded, slightly flustered. "...It was just a freak bug in the system, that's all..."

"Well, anyways, there's Enigma. Let's get a move on." Big said curtly, stomping over to him. "So... Enigma." He began as he reached his partner. "We gonna get farther dis time?"

Virus Attack!

MagtectA: 90 HP
MagtectB: 90 HP
LarkA: 100 HP
LarkB: 100 HP

Terrain: 100% Metal

Enigma.exe: 120 HP
Big.exe: 100 HP

Enigma smiled slightly as he approached the new group of virii, knowing that he had just the thing for this. You know, I always come near to deletion, and then come back to the Net; everything seems so much easier then... he commented.

This time, things shouldn't be outrageously hard, though, Ceres agreed. Metal terrain? Are you thinking what I'm thinking? he asked, a sly grin coming over his face.

Of course-- I ALWAYS pay attention to the terrain, Enigma laughed, and then turned to Big. I have Heatshots; they do 80 damage to two different enemies at a time. So, I'm going to hit each pair of virii with each of those, and then use a Shotgun to finish off the Larks. Your job is to get the Magtects, alright?

Sounds good enough to me, Ceres said, and then pulled out the duo of Heatshots that Enigma needed along with a Shotgun. Slotting in all three, he smiled smugly, and sat back to watch the fireworks.

Thanks, Enigma said, and grinned as the Heatshot he (for some unknown reason) loved so much transferred from PET to arm in the blink of an eye. The only thing I'm worried about is the Magtects; getting hit by them will hurt, he admitted, and carefully approached them, constantly checking his flanks for any signs of ambush, fire, or just anything that would hurt him or be generally unpleasant. Suddenly darting forward, he sped towards the Magtects, nearly colliding with them, but he pulled away to the left at the last moment, wheeling 'round in a tight curve. Arriving at the back of the two virii, he hoisted the cylindrical miniature flamethrower and let loose hell upon the two enemies. The flames, of course, were wide enough to give the two virii a nice 'well done' rating, and hopefully crisped them nicely. BIG! NOW WOULD BE YOUR CUE, Enigma yelled across the battlefield to his partner, and then zig-zagged through the assorted virii until he arrived in front of the two Larks. He quickly dismissed his used Heatshot and requested a new one, receiving it just as quickly as the first one left. Wasting no time, he raised it up just like the previous weapon and fired. The flames crackled and snapped in the most satisfying way, flaring out from the end of the gun with some serious speed. It seemed to take some energy from the paneling, its heat intensifying as it proceeded to the Lark duo. After a good few seconds of inferno, Enigma got rid of the Heatshot in exchange for his third and final weapon for now, a Shotgun.

Let's see... Hmm, only four? I think this journey will heat up rather quickly, Ceres muttered to himself, paying little attention to Enigma's escapades.

Yeah, I don't doubt it, Enigma agreed, making Ceres jump slightly. Without waiting for his op to reply, Enigma rushed around to the Larks' left flank and aimed the Shotgun carefully. As he pulled the trigger, he could feel the huge burst of energy wrench his arm upwards and push out the load of energy "pellets" towards the last two virii. They sped directly towards the pair, almost evenly divided between the two. Looking satisfied, Enigma let the Shotgun fade and retreated, running backwards with his arms securely behind his back. Arriving where he and Big had been previously, he sat back to watch Big deal with the last two Magtects.

Well, if they survive, you don't even need me to give you chips... Ceres laughed, and contented himself with looking at some of the screws on his PET's plastic cover. Enigma granted him no response, but instead did his best to not get hit by anything that might come his way.


: 120
1: Heatshot > MagtectA [40 DMG x2 because of [color=red]Fire[/color]], Spread > MagtectB [40 DMG x2 because of [color=red]Fire[/color]]
2: Heatshot > LarkA [40 DMG x2 because of [color=red]Fire[/color]], Spread > LarkB [40 DMG x2 because of [color=red]Fire[/color]]
3: Shotgun > LarkB [50 DMG], Spread > LarkA [50 DMG]
4: Not much [Dodge]
Strike of the Gods: Ready!
Data Influx: Ready!
Data Vampirism: Ready!
As Big watched his teammate go to town on the viruses and relay orders back to him while he fought, he grew a bit miffed.

"Humph..." Big began. "Do you think we'll really get stronger with us always tagging alongside Enigma?"

"Big!" Jay exclaimed. "Don't say that! Enigma's a strong partner; let's learn something from him."

"...Alright." Big grumbled usually quietly. He looked as if he were very angry for a moment, but his sour face was suddenly replaced by a smile. "You're right, Jay. Let's become stronger with Enigma and any future partners; not try and go up against them."

"Now you're talkin', Big." said Jay with a smirk. "So let's go an' pummel these guys!!!"

On that note, Big took a huge leap forward, and continued forward with his feet pounding on the metal. The shockwaves coming from just his steps were already making the ground shake and causing the metal plating to quiver. As Big charged towards his targets, the Magtecs, he received his shotgun and tucked it under his shoulder as he ran. Once he got within the desired distance, Big did something rather unusual; he threw the gun into the air. As his eyes followed it upwards, so did his body; he leaped into the air, caught the gun at the trigger, and fired a huge burst of energy down upon the hopefully weaken Magtecs.

Big let out a short whistle as he continued in his arc over the Magtecs and watched the explosions below. This awe was short lived, however, as Big instantly dropped like a stone, landing head-first onto the hard metal from 30 feet in the air. After letting out a yell as if he had a leg chopped off, Big raised his head revealing a bloody nose and a black eye. Ouch.

Jay chuckled for a moment, and said, "Yeah, Big? Coming down from the air onto a metal surface is not very smart."

"Shaddup!" Big said, cupping his mouth and nose with his hand. "I meant to do that!"

"What, crash into the ground and HURT yourself, then scream like a girl?"


1. Shotgun(50) > MagtecA (spread) > MagtecB
1a. Crash
1b. Argue
2. Dodge
3. Dodge

(( :'D ))
The Heatshot nails one of the Magtects and Enigma's second shot hits both Larks. The shotgun then proceeds to take out both fish-like enemies. Then Big manages to somehow hit both Magtects, dispite being a klutz. Figuring Big an idiot, the last Magtect pulls him in to strike him, though the navi somehow manages to move to the side before the hit comes.

MagtectA: DELETED!
MagtectB: 40 HP

Terrain: 92% Metal 8%Normal

Enigma.exe: 120 HP
Big.exe: 100 HP
= Crappy post is crappy, but whatever. =

Enigma sighed, unhappy that the last Magtect had survived the previous onslaught. It never could run just like I want it to, could it?

I guess not-- sending you dual Cannons, Ceres informed him, slotting in the chips.

Alright, Enigma replied, and received the first Cannon with relish. I have an idea, he said, and then requested the other Cannon at the same time. Suddenly, it formed on his left arm; now, he had two weapons at once, and he was quite prepared to use them.

Overkill... Ceres grumbled, but continued to watch with mild interest.

I've said it once and I'll say it again: better safe than sorry, Enigma snapped, and then ran back up to the Magtect, pointing both Cannons at its face. Big, you might as well use another Cannon, just in case this thing miraculously hangs on by the skin of its teeth, he ordered, and then squinted at the Magtect. Boom, he announced, and fired the right and left Cannons in quick succession, but not at the same time. Quickly, he moved away from it; if the thing hadn't died, he sure wasn't going to get sucked in by it. Just for the hell of it, he ran around in circles too; or, rather, blobbed in circles around the single Magtect. Just in case.

You're freakin' paranoid! Ceres exclaimed, eyes open wide as he cracked up. Jay, are you watching him? He's worried he didn't overkill it enough, so he's running in circles. Ohh, boyyy...

Hey, why don't you shut your face? I don't see you getting shot at, Enigma snarled, which certainly did its job of making Ceres be quiet. Sulking, he slowed to a halt, and prepared to go look for more enemies.


: 120
1: Cannon > MagtectB [40 DMG]
2: Cannon > MagtectB [40 DMG]
3-4: CIRCLES [Dodges]
Enigma takes care of the last enemy, bringing the battle to a close.

MagtectA: DELETED!
MagtectB: DELETED!

Terrain: 92% Metal 8%Normal

Enigma.exe: 120 HP
Big.exe: 100 HP

Rewards: Enigma: Wideshot
Big: 125z
Enigma, satisfied with his rewards, plunges deeper into Electown Net.

= Battle 2! =
"JESUS CHRIST, ENIGMA!" Big yelled at his partner. "LEAVE SOME FOR ME, WON'T YA!?"

"Calm down, dude." Jay said, chuckling. "Just move on. We'll take 'em next battle."

"Whatever..." Jay grumbled.

[Battle 2 plox.]
[Call yer battle 5, do remind me when you get there. Preferably by incessant PM. ]
Virus Attack!

A pair of moles peek out from their holes while some scrawny looking powies begin slowly hopping over. Two ovalish smirking forms float a few feet from the ground. To the navi duo's right is a square of metal flooring about five feet a side.

MomograA: 60
MomograB: 60
PowieA: 60
PowieB: 60
PowieC: 60
EleballA: 80
EleballB: 80

Terrain: Normal 92% 8% Metal

Enigma.exe: 120 HP
Big.exe: 100 HP

Battle 2 Begin

Big abruptly stepped in front of Enigma, and placed his large arm across his partner's chest.

" 'S about time I got to go first, doncha think?" Big said, turning to face his partner. "How about I weaken' some of 'em, then you blast 'em with those heatshots o' yours, hm? Sounds good to me."

On that note, Big took a step forward, and lifted his right arm. A yellow orb was inside of it, and in a split second, it transformed into a glowing shotgun silhouette before becoming normal. Big took it and placed it up to his face, taking a perfect rifle stance and pointing the gun directly at the floating, smirking orbs.

"This'll wipe that smile right off you're dumb faces... if it doesn't jus' blow 'em right off!" Big shouted, pulling the trigger and releasing the surge of bullets at the floating Eleballs. Big made an equally large smirk, and turned to the mole viruses afterwards. "And you..." Big sneered. "I'll pound you RIGHT BACK INTO THOSE HOLES!"

He made a HUGE leap forward, and landed with a kaboom not 2 feet from the virus. He lifted both of his fists, and brought them down like hammers again and again, pounding each one into the ground each after another. After a moment, Big raised his right arm, and delivered the final punch; a punch strong enough to basically make ANOTHER hole in the ground. Big simply walked out of the following dust cloud, and looked to his Op for approval.

"...That was really, really lame, Big." Jay said. Big's dreams were suddenly crushed under the heavy weight of his Op's opinion. "Heh! You shoulda seen the look on your face! It was actually pretty cool." Big's hope was rekindled.

"Please don't do that, Jay. It's really annoyin' and it wigs me out." Big said, chuckling.

"But that kinda stuff's what makes us partners, Big." Jay said, focusing on the viruses again.

1. Shotgun(50) > EleballA (Spread) > EleballB
2. Signature-[Ground n' Pound](60 + 2turn cd) > MomograA
3. Dodge
Enigma smiled slightly as Big shoved him aside roughly. Good to see you taking charge; and yes, I'll do like you said, with a few 'additions,' he chuckled, and watched with mild interest as Big dispatched the virii. With attitude.

Right... a Heatshot, then? Ceres inquired, holding the chip up suggestively.

Indeed-- and, I'll fill you in on the rest of my plan later on, but it includes that Wideshot we just won, Enigma hinted slyly. And Powies.

I see, Ceres laughed, and slotted in the Heatshot obediently.

Oh, damn, Enigma gasped in sudden realization. I just gave it away!

Nice job, genius, Ceres retorted, grinning evilly. Having realized this before, he'd just been waiting for that reaction.

Yeah... shaddup... Enigma grumbled, and accepted the incoming Heatshot with no "thank-you" to Ceres. Hefting the Heatshot with a sadistic gleam in his eyes, like usual, he approached the Eleball duo whilst carefully avoiding the Metal terrain to his right. If they decided to go for him while he was on the steel paneling, it wouldn't be pretty, or so he thought. As he neared, he raised the Heatshot to about shoulder height, smirking slightly. This never gets old, he remarked, and then pressed the button he needed to press.

We need some variety, Ceres chuckled, wiping a tear of mirth from his eye.

Yeah, Enigma agreed, watching with a sort of morbid curiosity as the flames roared from the Heatshot, enveloping the small area of terrain that the Eleballs occupied. If we can get a Wood or Elec-type chip, we'll be more balanced... he noted, and dismissed the Heatshot, as it had finished spewing flames all over his enemies. Well, that's that; I'll be taking care of the other Momogra, but get the Wideshot ready in the meantime, Enigma ordered, and then darted to the left, appearing and re-appearing constantly along the lines of virii. Arriving where Big had left several Big-fist-size holes in the ground near the Momogras, he looked at the non-targeted Momogra with a smile. Hmm... well, of course... yeah, let's do that... he thought to himself, grinning widely.

He's got something stupid planned, you can tell from his face, Ceres remarked to Jay across the table, a sour expression crossing his face. It's either really tacky or really obnoxious.

So help me if I have a sense of humor, Enigma shrugged, and then turned to the Momogra intimidatingly. YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE ANGERED US! he roared, eyes suddenly flashing angrily. WE WILL EXACT OUR VENGEANCE UPON YOU, MOLE-FREAK! he continued, and then began to change. He immediately disassembled his humanoid form, moving them back and forth into a longish, unbalanced-looking object that hovered in midair.

Oh... Oh God... he didn't... Ceres groaned, not allowing himself to watch. He just did this the other day.

Enigma didn't respond, but continued to form himself into something usable as a... weapon? It seemed that a gargantuan "Whack-A-Mole" mallet had formed in midair, complete with logo and fake-looking hammer head. Oh, come on, you can't not laugh at this, Enigma complained, obviously pleased with himself.

You'd be surprised... Ceres grumbled, moaning sadly in embarrassment.

You really shouldn't be so ashamed, Enigma admonished, and then raised himself up and backwards, preparing to strike-- this is surprisingly powerful. Swinging downwards as quickly as he could, Enigma made sure that the hammer made its usual squeak of retort as it slammed into the ground, hopefully bashing the Momogra along with it. Moving backwards as he dis-and-reassembled himself, he quickly plotted out some final strategy for the moment. Wideshot now, Ceres, he requested politely, and waited patiently just in front of the virus group.

Yes, yes... Ceres muttered, and slotted in the Wideshot in a bit of a huff. Don't waste it, mind you; this and the Dash Attack are our best chips, he advised, and sat back to watch the action.

Thank'ee kindly, Enigma replied, and watched curiously as the Wideshot transferred to his right arm, as all gun-based chips had the tendency to do. Moving forward slightly, he approached the trio of Powies cautiously, still investigating every aspect of the Wideshot. It seemed to start off like the usual Shotgun or Cannon did, a cylindrical shape, but then it opened up as it went along, forming an almost 'v' like barrel. Sure, it wasn't exactly aerodynamic, but it was more practical than a typical Cannon-style barrel. I like this thing already, Enigma commented, smiling.

Yeah, yeah, just keep going, Ceres responded rather snappishly.

Mm... Enigma grunted, and then faced the Powies with an air of businesslike determination. Not like you've done anything wrong to me in particular; it'd certainly be interesting to see virii with EJO programs... oh, well. No vendetta, you see, but goodbye nonetheless, he explained, trying to pacify some imaginary watcher, most likely the Metool Hero, although the Powies weren't nearly as defenseless as Mets. He raised the Wideshot cautiously and moved forward so that he was within a distance as to catch all three with the firearm, but not so close as to only get one or two. Sighing slightly, conscience annoying him slightly, he carefully aimed the Wideshot and fired. The shot seemed to be made of a water-like substance, spreading constantly outwards in a wide arc, just wide enough to hit the three Powies. Yup-- new favorite weapon. This one doesn't drag me around.

This caused Ceres to begin laughing uproariously, remembering the last use of the Dash Attack, and Enigma's great loss of dignity. I loved that, he cackled.

I wish I could just forget that... Enigma grumbled, and moved back a sufficient amount to evade any incoming attacks from the supposed-to-be-deleted virii.


: 120
1: Heatshot > EleballB [40 DMG, [color=red]Fire[/color]], Spread > EleballA [40 DMG, [color=red]Fire[/color]]
2: WHACK-A-MOLE > MomograB [[u]Strike of the Gods[/u]: 60 DMG, 2TCD]
3: Wideshot > PowieA [60 DMG, [color=blue]Aqua[/color]], PowieB [60 DMG, [color=blue]Aqua[/color]], PowieC [60 DMG, [color=blue]Aqua[/color]]
4: Backpedaling and other mad crazy evasion skillz. [Dodge]

Strike of the Gods: USED THIS TURN. 2 turns until usable.
Data Influx: Ready!
Data Vampirism: Ready!
Big and Enigma take down the Eleballs with no problem. They then play some Whack-a-Mole with the Momogro's, finishing them off cleanly. The Wideshot, however, hits only one virus, as the other two bounce out of the way.

PowieA: 60
PowieC: 60
EleballB: BURNT

Terrain: Normal 92% 8% Metal

Enigma.exe: 120 HP
Big.exe: 100 HP
= I just realized. If Electown busting FXP is 4:1, then shouldn't we have gotten 1 FXP last battle? We busted 4... =

Enigma frowned slightly. That was a huge shot!

Yeah, I suppose the Powies got lucky... Ceres agreed.

Oh, well; I'll take out the rest, but good job anyways, Big, Enigma complimented his tanklike partner. Give me two Cannons and a Shotgun, and they'll be done with, Enigma asked Ceres.

Sounds good enough to me. I hope we get a Quake1 or something for this, Ceres said wistfully, and then slotted in the chips. Sending 'em now, he informed Enigma.

Yeah, I do too-- we need more interesting things, and thanks, Enigma replied, and quickly accepted all three pending requests for the Cannons and Shotgun. As the Cannon transferred, he quickly sprinted over to the left of the two Powies, raising aiming it as he ran. Skid... er... blobbing to a halt, he quickly focused his aim one last bit, pulling the trigger and wincing slightly as the bulky Cannon nearly blew his arm off with recoil. Resuming movement and dismissing the used Cannon, he moved around back of the two, arriving somewhere near the other Powie, which was still unscathed. Summoning up the other Cannon, he fired quickly, attempting to delete them before they could retaliate. He fired, let the recoil blast his arm up a bit this time, dismissed this Cannon, and then did a dodge-roll backwards out of paranoia, knowing just how painful those huge steel behemoths the Powies turned into were, especially slammed upon one's head. As he got back up, he received the Shotgun, the cylindrical tube of death for two viruses at once. Moving backwards even more, he took a deep breath, and fired; the energy bursts flew everywhere, dividing themselves evenly among the two Powies. Dismissing this final weapon, Enigma turned to Big: Shotgun 'em again, and we'll be done with this...

That's good. We'll have to do this faster next time, though.

What d'you mean? Enigma snapped, obviously a bit narked by this comment.

What I mean is deleting them all at once, Ceres replied calmly, and gained no response from an irritated Enigma.


: 120
1: Cannon > PowieA [40 DMG]
2: Cannon > PowieC [40 DMG]
3: Shotgun > PowieC [50 DMG], Spread > PowieA [50 DMG]
4: A dodge and stuff like that. Yeah. [Dodge]

Strike of the Gods: 1 turn until ready.
Data Influx: Ready!
Data Vampirism: Ready!

Quote ()

...dismissed this Cannon, and then did a barrel-roll backwards out of paranoia...
:'D ))

Big watched Enigma fire his gigantic wave of water, and was somewhat disappointed that it did not destroy all the viruses.

"Aw, cheer up, Big. Ya can't one-turn 'em all of the time..." Jay comforted.

"Yeah..." Big replied. "But fer such a big shot, you'da though it'd hit all of 'em. Oh well. Let's clean up!"

"Sounds good to me," Jay murmured as he slotted in a Zapring.

Big raised his hands up again, receiving the over sized disk, coursing with electricity. Big looked up at it for a moment, gazing at it's spectacular lighting... that is, until it gave him a killer static shock right on his right hand.

"OW! SONAFABITCH!" Big screamed as his waved his right hand around frantically as he held the disk with his left. "Freakin' thing shocked me!!" Jay was too incapacitated with laughter to say anything. This act enraged Big, who took the disk again and clenched it, pressuring it to the breaking point. With one mighty heave, he threw it high into the air, trying to get rid of it....

It just so happened that the disk's shadow was cast upon the enemy Powie, and was coursing towards it at MAXIMUM VELOCITY. [/intense] The disk came crashing down at it, kicking up a huge cloud, made up completely of dust and lighting. Big wiped his hands together, satisfied that he had gotten rid of the Zapring.

"That thing won't shock me no more!" Big said, beaming.

"...Until I slot it in again!" Jay said, bursting into another fit of laughter.

"You're an ass." Big said, pouting.

"And you're a walking lighting rod!" Jay whimpering in between guffaws.

Big turned around, sniffling, his pride shattered by his own Op's actions.

1. Zapring (40+Stun) > PowieA
2-3. Pout (Dodge)

Whee~ they die.

EleballB: BURNT

Terrain: Normal 92% 8% Metal

Enigma.exe: 120 HP
Big.exe: 100 HP

E GET: 400z
B GET: 300z
FXP: 1 Static (1 more for last battle)
2 for combos
That's good... next! Enigma exclaimed, and journeyed further into the center of the earth Net.

= Battle 3, plz. =
Big gives a quick fist-pump before realizing that Enigma was already leaving. He ran to catch up with him to walk on their trek into the Net.

[Battal tree plzz]