The Heat of the Night

MeleeMan appeared on the net, smiling and crossing his arms confidently. He remained silent, looking from left to right slowly. As his eyes met only empty net-space, however, his smile slowly transformed into a tight frown. "Rania, where are all the other navis?"

Rania raised one eyebrow, not understanding his question for a moment. "Oh, we're busting alone this time, MeleeMan," she answered, removing her hair clip as she talked. "Don't worry, I think you'll do fine even without the aid of allies. Let's aim to get stronger before I have to hit the hay," she yawned. Her appearance had changed a lot; MeleeMan was having a hard time picturing the tomboy look she had given herself now that her hair was down and she wore only the feminine pink shirt.

"Brr, I can feel the manliness fleeing from me when I look at you," MeleeMan shivered, shrugging slightly and moving on into the net. "I'll do my best, so just try to keep up," he smirked, his feet thudding loudly underneath him as he walked forward.

Rania, suddenly realizing she'd left her chips in her jacket pocket, made a stern face, trying to decide what to do with her eyebrows twitching covertly. Running out with lightning speed, she jumped down the stairs with a thud, grabbed the garment, then whooshed back up the stairs, hoping she'd been unseen. Her grandfather stood at the foot of the stairs with a dumb look on his face, staring at the spot where she'd fallen. "You almost hit me Rania! Assassination is not he way of a warrior!" he shouted, shaking his fist. Rania, barely hearing him, went quickly back to her PET and prepared for a wave of enemies.

((Battle 1 please?))

Meleeman comes across some viruses of flaming calibur.

VolgearA: 70 HP
VolgearB: 70 HP
VolgearC: 70 HP
VolgearD: 70 HP
VolgearE: 70 HP

Terrain: Normal

Meleeman.exe: 190 HP

"Heh, these punks don't know who they're messing with," MeleeMan sneered, thumbing his nose at the viruses that had just popped up to battle him. With a feeling of exhalation, he flexed the fingers on his right hand joyfully, savoring every motion of the muscles. "It feels great to be back into action! You guys are really going to wish you'd found someone else to fight in a minute here."

Rania sighed, now recalling the boastful attitude that MeleeMan adopted towards ordinary battles when the odds were in his favor. Still, realizing the need to keep vitality up, Rania prepared to send chips for her navi. "Alright, the bubstar battle chip is fairly effective against fire-based opponents, as I'm sure you know. I'd like you to try using the bubbles to trap three of them while taking out the other two with this long-range markcannon chip," she instructed him, slotting the chips in one after another from the small pile she'd made on her pillow.

"Bah. Sissy bubbles. I'll never forgive myself for getting this chip," the navi grumbled, accepting the orders grudgingly and readying the bubble weapon one his right arm. "Still, I don't mind having some stationary targets to wail on," he grinned, launching bubbles towards the fiery opponents with a quick whir of the device. "Now for you other guys," he smiled, readying the markcannon to lock on to his opponents.

"Good job, MeleeMan. Looks like your arm's working fine now," Rania sighed, assured that the appendage must have healed fully.

MeleeMan smiled confidently, releasing two shots towards the Volgears with a slight recoil. "What, you weren't convinced of that when I used it to hold onto a ship during a hurricane?" he asked sarcastically, preparing himself for evasive maneuvers. Rania simply shrugged idly, lying back on the bed and sinking into the cushy pink comforter.

1) Bubstar to VolgearA, B, and C [20 x2 elemental bonus / bubble trap]
2) Markcannon to VolgearC [70]
3) Markcannon to VolgearD [70]
4) Dodge
Well, good news is that your attacks all hit, three of the Volgears are now trapped in bubbles, and the last two hit dead on by the cannon fire. The BAD new... is nothing bad happened to you...

VolgearA: 30 HP(Trap in bubble)
VolgearB: 30 HP(Trap in bubble)
VolgearC: 30 HP(Trap in bubble)
VolgearD: dead
VolgearE: dead

Terrain: Normal

Meleeman.exe: 190 HP
MeleeMan laughed heartily, seeing the ridiculous situation that his last few opponents had been left in. "Poor, miserable creatures! What a terrible way to go. I don't envy the three of you a bit," he smirked, readying a new weapon onto his arm.

Rania moved her hair out of her eyes idly, uninterested in MeleeMan's bothersome gloating. As she did, MeleeMan looked back to her, frowning a bit at the motion of her hand. "Hey Rania," he muttered, scratching his lip. "That's not your natural hair color, is it? It doesn't look realistic at all, you know," he pointed out, nodding at his astute observation.

Rania looked back at him strangely, blushing at the thought that the color would be so obviously artificial. "You really think so?" she asked, raising one of her dark eyebrows self-consciously.

MeleeMan sighed, chuckling a bit at the same time. "Yeah, really. It's way too vibrant. Any dope could tell it's dyed," he responded, turning back to his opponents. "I don't think I notice it so much unless your hair's let down; then it's really obvious. You should just wear a helmet like I do," the navi suggested as he readied a luminous yellow sword onto his right arm with a confident smile.

Rania lowered her eyebrows back down critically. "A helmet?" she asked, looking dubious.

"Sure, a helmet! Tons of us navis wear them. Rass is a smart guy and he wears one too, you know. Don't you wanna be smart like Rass?" MeleeMan asked with a taunting chuckle. "At any rate, you should live by my rule: make sure people are too busy eating your fists to care about your appearance!" he ended, running for the Volgears. Bracing his legs, he stopped in front of the viruses and made a broad swipe with his blade. Small bolts of electricity danced through the air as he brought it back around for another slash, laughing at the ease of the arm motions. "Damn, this thing's amazing!" he exclaimed, stepping back from his opponents.

Rania didn't answered, still disturbed by MeleeMan's strange observation. Why should he care about something like that? Is he really just desperate for conversation? she wondered, watching her monitor as it lit up bright white with the flashes of her navi's sword.

1) Elecsword to VolgearA, B, and C [80 x 2 for elec vs. bubble]
2) Elecsword to VolgearA, B, and C [80 x 2 for elec vs. bubble]
3) Dodge
4) Dodge
They are now more dead then they should be... Good going.

Reward: 475 Zenny
MeleeMan grimaced, retracting the elecsword and switching back to his ordinary fist. "What the-?" he grumbled, reading the data dropped by the virus. "Chump change! A man couldn't get a decent bowl of beef stew out of that kind of money!" he swore, walking on disappointedly.

Rania raised one eyebrow quizzically, resting her head on her own fist. "Now hold on just a minute," she interjected, causing MeleeMan to turn his head toward her, remaining disinterested but at least wanting to look as though he were paying attention. "Navis eat but they don't sleep?"

"Well sure, navis can eat and they can sleep. We just don't need it like you suckers do," he responded, nodding his head with a knowing smile. "We're built for efficiency! A navi wouldn't make a very effective alarm if he slept at the same time you did, now would he? Not that I'd ever be reduced to some schoolgirl's alarm clock," he added, shrugging to indicate his dismissal of the topic.

((Battle 2 please.))

LarkA: 100 HP
LarkB: 100 HP
LarkC: 100 HP
HoneybomberA: 110 HP
HoneybomberB: 110 HP
HoneybomberC: 110 HP
MagneakerA: 70 HP
MagneakerB: 70 HP

Terrain: Normal

Meleeman.exe: 190 HP

"Hmph. There's a lot more this time," MeleeMan noticed, looking from enemy to enemy. "But there's those annoying loopy fish things again, so I guess they've got top priority again. It's not that water hurts me so badly, it's just that I can't stand the stuff. It's all wet, and it refuses to fill a defined space like ordinary, solid structures!"

Rania shook her head, ignoring his words and sending him the first chip. "Luckily, the elecsword fits this occasion perfectly. Using it, you should be able to take out those three larks with ease. All you've got to do is be careful while closing distance." Finishing her strategy, she sent him additional chips to back him up. "There's also a boomer for the magneakers. We'll handle these two groups first, then deal with the beehives once we're done."

"We're leaving those guys for last? Hmph... I'm not letting em' off that easy," he smirked, cracking his knuckles and looking at the viruses with a malicious grin. "But first things first. I'm gonna fillet those ugly looking sons of a stingray!" he roared, running towards the larks with a confident smile. Bounding forward, he held his sword behind him, then swiped it mightily across himself, as he skid to stop in front of the Larks. "Now I believe an evasive maneuver," MeleeMan grunted, while bobbing from left to right to avoid retaliation, "is in order."

"Don't keep your back turned," Rania reminded her navi. "There's still the magneakers!"

MeleeMan grinned again, readying the boomerang in one hand. "What Magneakers?" he asked, spinning the boomerang around his body and then hurling it towards the viruses with tremendous speed. "Now, for those honeybombers." He began to run heavily towards the Honeybombers, curling his fist behind himself, winding the arm back like a spring.

"MeleeMan, I thought you were going to save those honeybombers for once your other enemies were destroyed?" Rania asked, flipping her hair out of her eyes again and looking severe.

MeleeMan brought his fist up mightily, rocketing past the honeybombers and landing on the other side of them. "Yeah, I thought about it," he responded, scratching his chin, "but then I decided not to. Besides, what could it hurt?" he asked, shrugging his shoulders dismissively.

1) Elecsword to Lark A, B, and C [80 x 2 for elec vs. aqua]
2) Elecsword to Magneaker A and B[60 x 2 for wood vs. elec]
3) Soul Fist Uppercut to HoneyBomberA [70 x 2 for fire vs. wood and lose accuracy]
4) Dodge
((Err... I'm assuming your second action is a BOOMERANG instead of an ELECSWORD?))

Meleeman swipes at the Larks, failing to hit one of them. He then sends a Boomerang flying at the Magneakers, slicing them up. The warrior then SHORYUKEN's a Honeybomber, deleting it.
The Lark attacks, but Meleeman somersaults over the Wideshot and lands on his feet.

LarkC: 100 HP
HoneybomberA: DELETED
HoneybomberB: 110 HP
HoneybomberC: 110 HP
MagneakerA: DELETED
MagneakerB: DELETED

Terrain: Normal

Meleeman.exe: 190 HP
MeleeMan landed gracefully, crossing both arms across his chest with roaring laughter. "Bwahaha! Three enemies left and not a scratch on me. See, things don't work out so badly for me after all when I take matters my own way. I guess that'll teach you to keep your mouth shut, eh Rania?" MeleeMan guffawed, utterly pleased with himself.

"Hardly," she responded with a sigh, moving her fingers back through the pile to find more chips for her navi. "Alright, two firehits and a magbolt should take care of the rest. That should aptly fill your punching quota for this battle, right?" she smiled jestingly, putting in one chip after another as she talked. MeleeMan, taking the comment seriously, nodded in gratitude and received the data.

"People tell you not to stir up a bee-hive," he muttered, looking at the two remaining honeybombers and trying to come up with the best way to destroy both in one shot. "But then again, what fun is life without risks?" he concluded, running for the two viruses with his arms stretched out beside him. Smoke billowed from each gauntlet, forming long black streams behind him as he attempted to clothesline an enemy on each of his superheated fists, changing direction and continuing his dash towards the lark. "Now, for the final hit!" he roared, turning his right fist into a magbolt and rearing it back behind him after holding it forward long enough to draw the enemy in. With another great bellow, the thrust his arm forward for the soft spot between the fish's eyes. Just in case the enemies still managed to survive, he disarmed the magnet weapon and drew back with his fists up to defend himself.

1) Firehit1 to HoneyBomberB [70 x 2 elemental bonus]
2) Firehit1 to HoneyBomberC [70 x 2 elemental bonus]
3) Magbolt1 to LarkC [90 x 2 elemental bonus]
4) Dodge

HoneybomberA: DELETED
HoneybomberB: DELETED
HoneybomberC: DELETED
MagneakerA: DELETED
MagneakerB: DELETED

Terrain: Normal

Meleeman.exe: 190 HP

Get: Wideshot1, 840z
"Well, I'd say that's enough for now, MeleeMan. I've got to jack you out and head on to bed," Rania yawned, covering her mouth with the palm of her hand.

MeleeMan grumbled, crossed his arms, and looked dissatisfied. "Seriously? Already? I can't have taken out more than two waves yet! My warrior's soul is not yet satiated!" he stated, pounding one fist against his chest.

"Yeah, well, if I don't go to bed soon, I won't wake up for breakfast, and if that happens, my warrior's belly will not be satiated. And if that happens, you aren't netbattling tomorrow," she reminded him, jacking her navi out of Electown Net and laying the PET down beside her nightstand.

((Exiting net.))