I've got a flaming scythe...

A pillar of white light shot out of the otherwise empty sky over the Electown Network. It crashed into the ground, creating a small whirlwind where it connected with the ground. As the turbulence settled around the entry zone, Tyci took a step forward, E.R.G.O. Scythe resting across her shoulders and a hungry look in her eye. Though she hadn't actually been in combat yet, Ergo's taste for battle resided in her programming and she was beginning to feel as though she couldn't contain herself anymore. "So, where do I go from here?" she asked, noticing a footpath not too far away from her current location.

"Following the path seems like a good idea," Nik responded, checking the connection status between the PET and his connection. After assuring himself that it was in perfect working order, he switched back to the Navi-view. It's better to not get too distracted on his Navi's first run through the 'Net.

Tyci rolled her eye before setting down the trail. Kicking a stone along ahead of her, she kept a lookout for any stray viruses as she wandered down the meandering trail.
Billies arrive, sparking their giant needle pointers together menacingly. PUM PUM PUM.

BillyA: 50 HP
BillyB: 50 HP
BillyC: 50 HP

Tyci: 140 HP
"Alright Tyci, looks like our first virus encounter," Nik said, readying some chips for use. "Just let me handle...this..." he began, but trailed off as Tyci, already swinging her scythe into a comfortable battle stance, rushed off toward the nearest virus. "Or you can figure it out yourself..." he muttered, watching as Navi bring her weapon over her head.

In a fluid movement better suited to a seasoned fighter rather than a first timer, Tyci brought the razor edge of her scythe crashing down on the virus in a graceful arc. She let the momentum of the attack send her into a spin and followed through with a jab from the butt of the scythe, attempting to push the virus away in the process. She readied the weapon for another attack, but was stopped short by the appearance of an odd yellow disc appearing in front of her.

"Hold on a sec," Nik said as he slotted the Guard into the PET. "Using battle chips can help you out a great deal. Watch." Tyci lowered her weapon as the Guard suddenly tripled in size, forming an effective barrier between her and the viruses.

((Turn order:
2 Normal attacks to Billy A(9 damage each)
((What's this? Your NUDGE evolved into a BUMP! *happy muzak*))
((Erm... bump?))
((Quite silly. Take 100 z.))

Tyci unleashes a flurry of slashes before taking cover. Her shield is soon dispelled, as a Billy zaps itself.

Another zips by her--but the last Billy, strewn with cuts, lands a hit!

BillyA: 32 HP
BillyB: 50 HP
BillyC: 35 HP (STUNNED! LOL)

Tyci: 125 HP (STUNNED! -1 action!)
Tyci let out a yelp as pure electricity racked her slight frame. "It hurts..." She moaned, attempting to take a step back only to be sent reeling by a sudden electric shock. "Nik... uhn.... grass..." she managed to call out. Nik, understanding what she wanted, uploaded a chip into the PET.

As soon as the data was uploaded, Tyci forced herself to move, gritting her way through the pain. She brought her arms in front of her, forming a diamond with her fingers. Momentarily, the image adorning the Cactball chip appeared in the gap of her fingers, before it morphed into a simple leaf. Light exploded from the leaf, engulfing Tyci in a whirlwind of emerald light. A boot made of a light brown bark emerged from the tornado, causing it to disperse in a shower of faintly glowing leaves.

Tyci looked almost completely different than before. Her normal armor gave way to a set that looked more plant than plate. Leather of boots and gloves were replaced with a smooth but strong bark. Her shoulders were now adorned a trio of woody spikes, and her jumpsuit had shifted to the color of sunlight from behind a canopy of leaves. A skirt of interwoven palm leaves loosely circled her waist. Her helmet retained the same shape, though its texture was of the same bark her boots were made of. As though to match the change in armor, her skin had darkened from cream to an earthy brown.

The change was much more than aesthetic. Verdant energy coursed through her being, acting as a balm for her current state. The pain caused by movement had softened to a mere numbness of the limbs. "Alright, let's do this..." Tyci said, slamming the butt of what appeared to be a simple wooden stave. A sound of cracking wood retorted across the battlefield as the staff splintered and warped, blooming into a peculiar scythe. ((For the sake of space, an image of the scythe is provided))

Tyci dashed to the side, not trusting herself to any actual fighting until she could feel her arms. I just hope I don't end up tripping over myself until then... she thought, keeping an eye on the viruses.

((Turn Order:
Typecast (Wood): 3 turns remaining. Restricted chips: Cactball.
The stunned Billy bleeps loud, trying to break free from the stun and eventually succeeds but is too weak to fight after it. The other two Billies try to attack and their homing attacks slowly follow Typecast. One of them hit, while the other dissolved into the netscape. Her element being of Wood now, she is able to withstand the stun for a little bit but just enough.

BillyA: 32 HP
BillyB: 50 HP
BillyC: 35 HP

Tyci: 110 HP
((Yep.. I'm doing it again. For the umpteenth time, I'm calling this little campaign to a close and starting fresh. Now, as I begin an epic journey to the Registration thread, I leave you with this little nugget of advice: Never ignite a bottle rocket while sitting in a 2-man tent. It's just not a good idea :P.))