The battling Trio

Voltman hopped out of the portal, wondering where the leader of this little expedition could have gotten to. He looked around, but didn't stray too far from the portal, in case he had somehow gotten there first.
"So, Volt-kun, Capuchin-san right behind you?" a voice to the left asked.

"Wonder if there are any good ways to track this person down or whether we'll have to rely on blind luck." Wes mused, "There was one guy who was supposed to be meeting me here but..... what the hell's a fedora?"

"Just do a quick search or something on the PET's dictionary function. That's what its there for, baka." Junior sighed.
Voltman nearly jumped a foot into the air as someone started speaking to his left. He pulled a spear out of midair and twirled around to face him, before noticing that it was just Soulman. He dismissed the spear, allowing the data to turn back into electricity before answering his question.
Capuchin? Is that her name? Well, she said she was ready, but I didn't actually see her go through the portal. She should be here soon though, I think...
He turned back to the warp, and looked around. No sign of her yet.
"YAAAAH!" Came a voice as a monkey pounced out of the portal and on top of Voltman. "Ehehehe....sorry about that! I didn't mean to land on a friend!"
Voltman stood there for a few moments, looking at the portal, before he sighed and began to turn away, just as Capuchin came rocketing out of the warp.
Voltman barely had time to turn and for his eyes to widen before he was bowled over by Capuchin, ending up flat on his back with a growing lump on his head. He barely noticed the lump though, due to the fact that he was trying his very harderst not to blush, and failing.
"Ehehehe....sorry about that! I didn't mean to land on a friend!"
I, er, it's, uh...
Shigeru stepped in before Voltman made a complete fool of himself.
What my navi means to say is that it's no problem. He's just a bit stunned, after all, it's not every day you get flying tackled by a monkey navi!
Voltman nodded quickly and stood up, extending his hand towards Capuchin to offer his assistance.
Yeah. No problem. After all, I was standing a bit close to the warp...
He looked around for Soulman quickly and, spotting him, yelled out,
The gang's all here! Let the fun begin!

(Virii pls! Thre navee batle! Voltman at 160 HP!)
"Hello again, Capuchin-san. You and Aida-san all set to go?" he smiled at the female navi. He then glanced at his other ally and sighed, "Let's go, Volt-kun. We need to scour this place for any traces of.... that person" He began to wander off, trusting the others to follow.

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((Note to the Mod: Ready for Battle 1. Junior's down 10 HP from his fight in ACDC, so he should be at 110 unless you feel like letting him magically heal from running through the square.))
Voltman cocked his head, confused.
"That person?" What person could he be talking about, I wonder?
He shrugged, and simply followed, calling out as he started running to catch up.
C'mon, Capuchin! We've gotta find some viruses, or we'll never get stronger!
He stopped, seeing that his other ally was not coming as of yet, debating internally whether or not to wait for her. His gaze went from Soulman, to Capuchin, to Soulman, back and forth. Finally, he called out to Soulman.
Hey, wait up, or we'll lose Capuchin! She's still back by the portal!
He positioned himself roughly halfway between Soulman and Capuchin, close enough to communicate, but far enough away to not look like he was abandoning either navi.
"So this person...who exactly is it?" Capuchin asked, "Aida is off to the store so I have time."
Voltman shrugged.
Search me if I know. My guess is it's someone pretty close to him, for this person to be the main thing on his mind.
He processed the second bit of data that Capuchin had been speaking about.
Aida? That's your op's name, right?

(Still asking for a battle. Kthx!)
No time for conversation! The group soon found themselves surrounded by viruses, popping in like fireworks on the 4th of July.

BillyA: 50
BillyB: 50
BillyC: 50
BillyD: 50
BillyE: 50
BillyF: 50
VolgearA: 80
VolgearB: 80
VolgearC: 80
VolgearD: 80
CactyA: 70
CactyB: 70
CactyC: 70
CactyD: 70
HoneybomberA: 110
HoneybomberB: 110
HoneybomberC: 110
LarkA: 100
LarkB: 100
LarkC: 100

Voltman: 160
SoulMan: 120
Capuchin: 100

"H-huh? Twenty viruses!? Right off the bat? Since when is this area so messy?" Junior exclaimed.

"Oh hush. 20 to 3 means that's less than 7 for each of you. You just took out 9 in ACDC, so while these may be a bit tougher, the odds are about the same. Now let's go!" Wes shouted, "Sending Heatshot, Shotgun, Guard1. Blast them to bits!"

"Those wood types are the biggest threat, since Volt-kun is Elec type. Better take care of them first. Sexy Wink!" Staring down a number of the enemies, he prepared his assault... on their hormones. Pulling off his his glasses, he gave them a bit of light fan service in the form of a wink. That should hold them at bay long enough to clear out the rest of the enemies. However, at least two wood types would still be able to move around. Volt's only chance would be if they took them out now. As the first chip downloaded, the air around Junior's hand began to waver from the heat pouring out of it. Turning to the two biggest threats, he channeled the energy into a ball and whipped it at the two stationary Cacties, hoping it would incinerate one and destroy the other with the small explosion that would follow. He had one more attack left but it was only strong enough to take out the Billies. He looked at their blank, drone-like expression as they marched into sight and decided it would be an attack well spent. Gathering the energy of the chip, he picked out a target a fired, letting off a small bang with the release as normal. Now that he finished his offense, he needed some defense. He held his arms forward and caught the large yellow shield as it dropped out of the sky in front of him. Holding it in front of him, he prepared to counter the onslaught. He looked back towards Capuchin and said, "Um... Aida-san went to get chips, right? So you only really have your special attacks and buster? If you want.... you can share my shield."

"He's right. Better use whatever special technique you have then spend the next few minutes evaded and hiding." Wes said, "If I knew you were gonna get this many enemies, maybe I would've had you wait for her to get back. Anyway, Volt, Junior should have the majority of the wood viruses taken care of, for the time being. That'll probably make our biggest problem the Larks. Can you take care of them?"

((1.) Sexy Wink, stun/lowers accuracy, CactyC/D, HoneybomberA/B/C
2.) Heatshot, 40 Heat+splash, CactyA, splash towards B
3.) Shotgun, 50+splash, BillyB
4.) Guard1, reflects attacks up to 60))
Twenty Viruses...
Bad memories... mettool spamming... only the starter chips... *shudder*)

Voltman stopped chatting with Capuchin and his face paled as a veritable army of viruses advanced on them.
Mother of...
Voltman! Focus! We've faced twenty viruses on our own before! So pull yourself together, man!
Voltman just stood there, his fear gone, but uncertainty taking its place.
What is it NOW?
I don't know what to go after!
*sigh* My guess would be the wood viruses, since you're an elec type...
Voltman was about to use the flameline and widesword to torch and dismember the viruses, but not a foot in front of his face a fireball sped towards the Cacti viruses, followed by a shotgun blast at the Billies.
What in the world?
Voltman turned and saw Soulman, hand extended, catching a falling guard. A small exchange seemed to take place between Capuchin and him, before a holoscreen popped up near Voltman, Wes giving advice.
"Volt, Junior should have the majority of the wood viruses taken care of, for the time being. That'll probably make our biggest problem the Larks. Can you take care of them?"
Voltman grinned.
Can I? You bet I can. Shigeru!
On it! Zapring, double slot-in!
Shigeru quickly pointed and dragged the icon of the zapring onto Voltman's holoscreen image, downloading the chip into Voltman's systems.
Alright! Let's see how well Larks conduct electricity!
Voltman dashed at the Larks, gripping two glowing rings in his hands. He brought his right arm back, and spun. Using the centrifugal force from his spin, he launched the first Zapring at the closest Lark at speeds that would have shamed most conventional weapons.
One down...
Next was another Lark. Chances are, this one would be more knowledgeable about his attack strategy, considering he had just used it on the first one, so he switched it up. Spinning around once more, he stopped and feinted throwing the ring before dashing up and thrusting it directly at the enemy.
Voltman, I'll send you the sword!
I can take care of this myself.
With no chips? Yeah right.
Voltman held up a hand, already sparking from the electricity building up in it.
Oh, ye of little faith. Trust my abilities.
Voltman put his hands to the side of his torso, palms together, while bending over slightly. A spinning orb of electricity soon gathered in his hand, and grew in size. The larger it got, the faster it spun, and the brighter it glowed. Finally, when Voltman's arms were straining to hold the energy in, he threw the ball at the final Lark. En route, it exploded into a shower of electric tendrils, each one heading toward the Lark independently.
Voltman turned towards Soulman, giving him a thumbs up.
Three toasted Larks. What's next?
Voltman was shook back to his senses by Shigeru's outburst, and it took him a moment to realize just how many viruses there still were. The Volgears... the Cactis...the Billies... the Honeybombers...
The honeybombers!
Voltman whipped his head around, yelling to Capuchin.
Whatever you do, don't hit the beehive viruses!
He couldn't afford any more time to talk though, so he turned and prepared to dodge, assisted by his Areagrab.

1,2. Zapring1's to LarkA/B ((40+10 because of like element)x2 due to weakness. Or, in simpler terms, 100 each)
3. Lightning Spear to LarkC (10x9x2=9 hits of 20. 4 can miss and it still dies!)
4. Areagrab assisted dodge.
"Wow!" Capuchin cheeped, "That's alot of enemies." She then opened her left hand and summoned her pole which she flipped around a few times, "Bets to try and get rid of as many as possible...though I don't have Aida here, I'll still do my best!"

She then charged at a volgear and struck at it with Pole strike. She then turned around to see the shield that Soulman Jr had asked if she wanted to share. Making quick haste of her movements, she rushed back over and shielded herself behind it.

"Thanks alot!" She said to the navi, "I appreciate this ALOT!"

1.sig (80) volgearA
3.hide behind Jr's shield
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As Capuchin started off the battle by smashing the first Volgear she saw with a pole strike, deleting it instantly, Jr. created mass chaos within the enemys' ranks. His Sexy Wink caught the attention of the Honeybombers and a pair of Cacty, stunning the former with his audacity, and making the latter close their eyes to dispell the image.

Then the viruses pressed their attack... The trio of Billies closest to the Volgear Capuchin had KO'd sought revenge for their fallen comrade, and tapped their arms together, sending a volley of ball-lightning sizzling Capuchin's way. Thinking better of being zapped, Capuchin made herself scarce, and not a moment too soon as a Cactball went bouncing through where she'd just been standing. The Cacty in question had been "aiming" at Jr., but didn't stop to think about whether or not closing it's eyes was such a terribly brilliant idea before attacking...

With Capuchin retreating from the frontline, Jr. followed up his initial attack with a Heatshot, blasting another pair of Cacty to cinders. Volt chimed in a moment later, frying a Lark with a Zapring before it could attack the team. He let loose with a second Zapring, and duplicated his earlier success as the zapring flew into the lark's mouth as it prepared to fire a wideshot and electrocuted it from the inside.

Meanwhile, Capuchin ducked behind Junior, placing him between her and the stream of electric orbs still homing in on her. Junior managed to blast one of the attacking Billies with his Shotgun, and impose the shield before himself a moment before the first thunderball struck. The first bounced harmlessly off of the shield, which counteretd the attack with a beam that struck the Billy dead-on, but, to Junior's dismay, there was not just one, but two orbs of electricity at his feet. They struck him within a second of one-another, paralyzing him where he stood, and prompting Capuchin to hop backwards quickly in surprise. Her startled reaction saved her from being BBQ'd as a wall of fire erupted where she had just been standing a moment before...

Volt, unaware of his Allies' status, continued his attack with Lightning Spear, summoning a ball of energy that spewed a hail of electric bolts at the final Lark, hitting it repeatedly, and deleting the virus. Acting quickly, Volt used an AreaGrab to teleport away, successfully avoiding a sudden wall of fire and a thunderball that had been sneaking up on him from behind, only to land in a similar situation but a different location. He was struck by a thunderball that was originally targeting Jr., and was immediately stunned on the spot. An opportunistic Volgear added injury upon insult and hit the helpless Navi with a Flamelime a moment later.

BillyA: 50
BillyB: Deleted
BillyC: 35
BillyD: 50
BillyE: 50
BillyF: 50
VolgearA: Deleted
VolgearB: 80
VolgearC: 80
VolgearD: 80
CactyA: Deleted
CactyB: Deleted
CactyC: 70 (Blinded)
CactyD: 70 (Blinded)
HoneybomberA: 110 (Stunned, Agro @ Jr.)
HoneybomberB: 110 (Stunned, Agro @ Jr.)
HoneybomberC: 110 (Stunned, Agro @ Jr.)
LarkA: Deleted
LarkB: Deleted
LarkC: Fried

Voltman: 115 (Stunned, -1 action)
SoulMan: 90 (Stunned, -2 actions)
Capuchin: 100
Voltman smiled as he warped away, seeing the flames and electricity burst where he had been just a moment before.
Nice try, guys, but you need to be a bit faster than that to catch me.
Voltman! Look out!
Voltman turned just in time to get an electric blast in the gut, shocking his systems. He winced, falling to one knee, and was surprised to find the ground blazing hot.
Funny, that usually only happens before the Volgears... Oh f***.
Voltman caught a blast from the flames directly in the chest, charring his armor where the thunderball had not already. He let out a cry, falling to one knee as the flames receded.
Damn. I'll have to be more careful from now on.
Voltman surveyed the remaining enemies, already knowing which he was going to target.
Chips. Now.
Already got them. Areagrab, Aquasword, Flameline, Triple slot-in!
Voltman tried to move, before realizing that his motor skills had been severely impaired by the earlier shock fusing parts of his armor together. He sent opposing magnetic charges down the length of his armor, magnetizing the things he wanted to repel before sending the second pulse to repel them. The ash flew off of his armor in a cloud of black smoke, and as the steel reshaped it whined like a wounded beast. The screeching black haze lasted for several seconds, but when the cloud of debris cleared, there Voltman stood, ready once more for combat.
Seeing his ally, Soulman, in serious trouble with the Honeybombers, Voltman decided to take care of them before they could do his ally any harm. The ground split and buckled underneath the beehive viruses as if clenched in the fist of an invisible giant, before it exploded upward in a torrent of magma and fire. Voltman turned to Soulman, giving him a thumbs up, before pointing to the Billies.
Think you can take care of them? I've got those things. He said, motioning over towards the Volgears, before setting out to attack.
Voltman warped to behind the three remaining Volgears, his sapphire blue blade whistling through the air as it sliced at the virii. Water splashed off of the blade and was immideately evaporated by the heat of the viruses, creating a giant steam cloud in front of Voltman's face. He couldn't see anything through the deep fog, but he felt sure that his attack hat taken care of at least some of them.
But it was too late to worry about that now. Had Soulman and Capuchin gotten the Billies? Was it over? He couldn't tell.

1. Dispel stun
2. Flameline to HoneybomberA/B/C (70 Fire damage each, x2 due to weakness.)
3. Areagrab behind Volgears/Line up Volgears for attack
4. Aquasword to Volgears (80 Aqua damage each, x2 due to weakness)
"Well... that takes care of that." Wes said, "I did have a plan to take out all the Honeybombers, but this might be better. However, assuming he can get all three in one attack is really hoping for too much. Use the Finger Shot to pick off any remainder, then Ringlog to take out a Billy or two. Sending Ringlog1."

"G-g-g-g-got i--i-i-t- Grrrrr!" Junior struggled with the electricity courses throughout him before finally summoning enough strngth up to break free of its hold. He looked at the billies in a preturbed manner, but tore his irritated gaze away to look at the bigger threat. Those Honeybombers would prove a challenge if he didn't take them down right now. He raised his hands in the air like he just didn't care... but really, it was just preparation for his attack. The energy poured into his arms and concentrated themselves in each of his fingers, including the thumbs. He brought his hands back down, and looked through the smoke the trail of flames had left behind. His eyes narrowed as he thought he saw something move. Concentrating on that spot, he pointed all fingers forward and poured his gathered energy out in one large laser blast, "Soul Finger Shot Full Power!"

As soon as his first attack was done, he held out a hand, which a hunk of wood fell into. He looked back at the group of billies. Which one should he hit...? It didn't really matter to him, he just wanted them gone. He whipped the log forward and let it roll towards the group. If he was lucky, it would bowl a few of them over. If he wasn't lucky, then the following few moments might be kind of painful. Just then, he thought of something, "Hey, Capuchin-san, did Aida-san make it back yet? If you've nothing to defend yourself with, just concentrate on evading. Volt-kun and I can handle these guys."

((1.) Stun
2.) Stun
3.) Soul Finger Shot, 120, any Honeybomber left
4.) Ringlog1, 50 Wood, Billy group))

((Also, Lunar, never mind the plan I mentioned. PA covered that angle, so we've nothing to worry about. Do whatever you feel like.))
"Darn it." Capuchin cursed, "I used up my sig. RRRGH. Charge shots wont do me any good either...If only Aida was here."

"Wh-what do you me-ean if?" Announced a voice.

"!!!....AIDA! You came!!!"

"I w-wont leave you h-hanging! Wh-what kind of ch-chip do you need?"

Capuchin gave a smile, "You decide!" she then went into a fighting stance and prepared.

" we go!"

The sound of a chip being clicked in echoed in the ears of the navi as her right hand began to reform into a gun shape.

"Oaky, now to get this party started." Her eyes fixated on a billy. Her gold eye gleamed a bit as she cautiously aimed. "One heatshot! COMIN AT YA!" The monkey hollered as she sent the blow at the virus in hopes of it hitting.

"Th-that's not all!" Aida called out as anotehr chip was clicked in.

This time, Capuchin's left hand formed into a sword, but no ordinary sword, this sword in aprticular was as if it was on fire. "The flame sword...nice touch...boy everything is starting to HEAT up around here isn't it." She then charged towards the pack of Billys. Her feet gaining speed as she dahsed closer and closer. Her arm went outstretched as she neared them only feet away, then delivering a blow as she charged through them. "IM NOT DONE YET!" She called out as she made her way towards the Cacty, making zigzags in her path to try and dodge attacks. Once in range, she made the final attempting slash at the group before the blade reformed into her hand once more.

1. Heatshot to BillyC (40)
2. Firesword to Billy Group (80, hit up to three)
3. Dodge
4. Firesword to Cactys Group (80, hit up to three)
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