Darkchip Raid (Event OOC)

Use this thread for all OOC for the Darkchip Raid event. Go nuts ^^
Have fun with the hideous X-files reference, all...

... 3 of you participating in this event. :'D
Boo! X-files!

And an... exploding building? Is this a timed mission?
Means we can't fuck up on our mission. Or else the whole place splodes higher then the sky.
Um... isn't that a good thing? Wouldn't that destroy all the Darkchips?
No, the post says that if they find out, then they will move their operations. And blow up the factory with us in it. And how is putting the hospital event in this area going to help?
That can't be good, good luck to your NAVI, and search and recover!
Camo'd up, eh? Kudos.

I'm still trying to finish my next post, sorry for the delay.
Bright colors aren't good for sneaking missions. So I went with darker shades, and lighter clothes.
So much for Sam "American" Fisher... <_<

I just got inspiration to sprite a pic of this.

Your call, Paladin! What's the plan!
Paladin, I'm going to give you a layout to work with. I'll be your muscle Pally, because we need you alive incase we need you there. So, I'm going to try and protect you from everything.

So, we have the two Police behind the Heels. And us infront, it's five against two, but the mod probably has powered up those Heels. If not, then we could take them down with no strategy. Though, keeping our health up as high as possible would be very helpul if we continue on with the mission.

I have some good chips, I know that much, but nothing powerful. My three shotguns are my strongest point about my chips. So If we need to take down a hundred hit point enemy quickly, I have that.

That is my basic layout, mostly I'm saying this so that Paladin can incorporate our best points. (Our as in me and Lego.) So that we are prepared.

Also we should try and do some good teamwork in here. Incase you two ever want a cross with American. Not seeing why though.
Teamwork's the idea. (b")b

Okay, lessee...

We have American, Camo'd up. And Bugman's not gonna stick out much either.

Broadside on the other hand, is going to attract attention. He's as stealthed up as he's going to get...


Hey, we have a perfect assault team... Seriously, check this insanity out (go team!):

Ok, like you said, we need to keep our health up... So I'll switch to Broadside's normal form, and go defensive.

Assuming Broadside is in his Mecha form:

Bugman is tiny and light, so he should be able to ride on Broadside's shoulder or stand in his hand, providing him with free dodges and a nice wall of defense, courtesy of the tower shield. Without a need to dodge for yourself, you will be free to fire at will. Additionally, I will deploy a Hunter/Killer equipped with a Guard chip to block one attack for American. Yes, I really can do that.

I figure that will up our survivability a bit...

So yeah, I'll support if you'll dish out the ownage.

And... These are Dark Navi's we're facing... They're going to be pumped somehow. Prepare for the worst...

Oh, and American isn't a bad Navi, Wooga. C'mon! A stars and stripes paint-job? That would look awesome. And I wonder what adding American-Cross's firepower to what I've already got would do?


And I need to apologize in advance... I will not be able to post again until tomorrow night, at close to midnight. Work and class.
Don't worry, it's cool. Most people aren't going to be posting in certain things either.
I found one X-file reference. Isn't that right Skully.
I've been had!

*hands American the keys to a swingin' new ride and two tickets to the drive-in*

Congratulations, and don't you two have too much fun now. ; D
I'll have a roll in the hay for you my friend. Alright back to seriousness, I shall protect Skully.
Where's Lego?

My plan assumed he'd post before I finished my actions.

If he is relegated to all dodges, that's gonna hurt.
S**T! My post is gone! WTF?!?

God damnit! I spent ages on that!


Gimme a minute...
As of now, Lego is officially late posting. Since you apparently lost a post, I'm giving you 24 past the deadline.

If both of your partners agree, than can be either extended or repealed as they see fit before the due date comes.
Give 'em 24 hours? Sure, but that's all.

Oh, and I still have to finish my post. I've been waiting on Lego. But if he's not posted before midnight eastern time (which is when I get back from College), I'm resuming my turn without him.