Darkchip Raid! (EVENT!)

In an inconspicuous area of the Electown Net, the Netpolice task force stood ready to go: unfortunately, the competent squad that could be expected didn't seem to be present, as a mere pair of Navis stood squabbling outside of what would on the outside appear to be an abandoned building... Even from the outside, and despite the silence radiating from inside, a dark presence is thick for those who know its sinister purpose.

The two Navis were not dressed as officers, and if it were not for the fact that they, were standing right where the input code was teleporting those who entered it, they could never be recognized as officers. The two seemed to have donned appearances to appear casual, and what any passerby would see was simply two ordinary non-custom Navis, one green and one purple, arguing as the world went on by.
American cocked his head to the side, and stared at the navi's bickering between each other. This isn't how two members of this operation should act. They should be more high and mighty. American then straightened his head, and marched towards the navi's. He seemed to be the first custom navi here, that was a wonder. "So, how many supposed to pop up and help you?"
((White Guard.GMO Active))

Broadside entered the designated area by-foot, using a standard link to Jack-in to Elec-Town's Net. He had assumed the form of an off-duty Official Navi, which wasn't out-of-place in the bustling city's network. However, he was the only "Official Navi" with a "broken arm" resting in a sling across his torso, generally lending the impression that he'd been injured in the line of duty fairly recently. However, his prescence didn't seem out of place, even with the injury. On the contrary, Broadside's prescence was largely taken for granted, or greeted with a wave, which he returned with his good arm. He's good... I almost believe that smile is genuine. Hard to believe he actually listened to me for a change. Huh...

-- Later --

After his long walk through Electown Net, he finally came upon what his Nav System said was the output zone for the link he'd been given. Add in the odd custom Navi's prescence and... "This is the location. The stars-and-stripes Navi must be American.EXE." As Jared spoke via a secure channel, Broadside held his good hand up to the side of his helmet, as if listening to a local dispatch call... "That pegs those two standing next to him as a pair of the NetPolice operatives assigned to this mission." Jared paused, checking out the scene through Broadside's "visual" protocols "And, judging by their chosen cover... You're going to stand out unless you play your cards right. They're arguing rather loudly... Go with that." He responded to his operator as if he was responding to the dispatcher "Roger. I'll handle it."

Broadside approached the bickering Navis, with the strange comic-book esque custom Navi (American) standing off to one side. As he drew near, his expression turned to that of a very-put-out off-duty officer who didn't want to get into the middle of their squabbling...

Of course, looking the part helps. reflected Jared as he watched through Broadside's eyes. "OK, here's what you say: 'Alright you two...'"

"...knock it off." Broadside said in a fairly loud voice so as to cut into their argument. Once he was certain he had their attention, his voice dropped to a normal conversational tone so as to not carry as far... "I'm Broadside.EXE. I beleive you requested my assistance? Act like you're explaining your sides of the argument to me, and tell me what the mission paramaters are while we wait." ...but he kept making hand gestures as if continuing his previous line of speech.

"Nice improvisation." Jared commented quietly...

He raised his voice once again... "Okay. Okay! You each tell me what this is all about so we can sort it out with less shouting." He paused and gestured at the purple Navi... "You first."

He, as an Official Navi, now had a "legitimate" reason for being there...

Yet, something nagged at him... Why do I feel... uneasy?
A flash of green light, followed by some mysterious beebing sounds, indicated the arrival of the troup's final member. Bugman's arrival could have been slightly more graceful yet instead, he exited the input code teleporter via bouncing which led to some erratic stops and starts, eventually ending with his face on the ground. After regaining the dignity he never had, he waddled over to the tall, blue/red navi in the corner, tapped him on the leg then sat down to a see what the three talking navis would do.
The two Navis continued to argue, oblivious to the first Navi's question or simply refusing to acknowledge it. Upon the second's appearance, however, the female Navi quickly broke from the conversation to give an upright salute to the apparent Guard Navi. THe other quickly shot her a sideways glance, elbowing her softly in the ribs to remind her to drop it. The two looked at eachother as Broadside broke the real news to them, and seemed to be awaiting instructions: if they were indeed the officers the trio had assumed them to be, the operators of the two Navis were probably concocting a strategy in the real world where they wouldn't be heard. The two Navis eventually nodded, and the female one began responding loudly as the male talked in a low and raspy undertone, barely audible.

"We were actually just discussing the NetPolice. This guy has no patriotism: he thinks the NetPolice are a bunch of jokes! What he doesn't understand is the courage, the pride, and the sense of duty necessary to become an officer of such a prestigious organization. He thinks that they're always relying on civilian aid because they can't do anything themselves, but that's simply not true. In reality, the real problem is the sorry attitude of those who can't see that the understaffed and underpaid force of justice that is the NetPolice simply feels that civilians should play an active role in defending their Net community, and understand that there are those more willing to do this as a momentary mercanary job than there are those willing to join the force and make it a profession. The ends the NetPolice work for are just, so it doesn't matter that the means they use to achieve these ends are most often superior numbers and a select group of elite, rather than an abstractly powerful squad that nobody could expect to exist!"

"My name's Nuller, and hers is Skully... we alone are the force the Netpolice dispatched to take care of this mission. Furthermore, you three will be the only civilians participating in the sting. The good news is that we have confirmed the area is not heavily guarded: on an earlier surveillance, we detected no traps, jack-out barriers, anything of that sort. The bad news is that there are a number of baddies in that base, and this is a very real combat situation. We have confirmed with 95% certainity that the compound is being used to produce the powerful force known as Darkchips: despite this, the base isn't crawling with goons. This means we can expect those that are inside to know a thing or two about fighting. Once we get inside, we'll have to act fast. If we get held up, the best-case scenario is that the boss finds out and moves his little party somewhere else and we lose our one lead; the worst is that he sends the whole place sky-high with us inside it. If you all understand the severity of your mission, we're going to begin maneuvering toward the building. Jack-out now if you're not prepared." The green male Navi suddenly picked up his tone of voice on this note. "Say, you and I both know that that argument's cardboard thick. The NetPolice are not adapting to new trends in technology: the fact of the matter is that they know the civilians are better equipped to handle that type of situation, have more experience. That's all. You and I both know that the only thing they have behind them is funding from the governments of the Nations. They've got all the equipment and none of the manpower: all bark and no bite. You, you're so intent on singing their praises, eh?" he said, motioning to the female Navi. "If you can honestly follow that NetPolice bull about 'bravely venturing into the unknown,' I bet you'll have no problems following me into that collapsing old wreck over there," he finished, gesturing toward the building.

"No problem! Be my guest!" she retorted. "I don't think anything will happen to me there," she continued, her voice waving as she tried to keep up the less-than convincing excuse to enter the compound, "... but if it did, the NetPolice would be there to save me!"

With that, the two began toward the building. "You guys come too," the purple Navi adressed the trio with a waving arm gesture. "Ask me or this goofball here anything you want on the way," she said, talking a bit more quietly.
"So, we stick together, that sounds good." American said weakly, he wasn't so sure about the plan. The factory was bound to be have automated defenses. Even if they made it past the defenses, how would five navi's take on a whole factory, full of dark chip using heel navis. Maybe even a custom navi or three, with that type of power, compared to what the forces of the Net Police has. Who knows what the outcome would be. "So, wheres the entrance that we'll be using."

Bo began to play the outcomes through his mind. Everyone of them, but two or three that he had thought of would work. American would probably be killed in each of these. Mainly because of his bright colors, so he had to do something about it. "American, I'm activating the Commando GMO. With that we should be better suited for stealth." Bo began to type in the button combination, then began to watch the transformation of American.

American's helmet became a head band wrapped around his temple. A star on the front of it, and his hair now falling over his face. Reaching down to the back of his neck bone. His jumpsuit, now a sleeveless shirt, with one large star. His arms tattooed with stars and cuts. His pants with large pockets, and slashes all around. American moved his arms, trying to get the feel of his outfit. The looseness and sleeveless feel. "I'm ready for the infiltration."
Darkchips! Broadside gritted his teeth with this thought the moment he heard it from the undercover NetPolice agent, barely managing to stifle his reaction to the news. As he followed them toeards the entrance to the factory his thoughts raced... It's been over a decade since the Darkchip syndicate was disrupted, and the Darkchips themselves were thought to have been destroyed. I remember it... His thoughts paused for a moment as he quietly scanned the other four Navis... "That explains my unease. This is a Darkchip Data Factory."

Jared's head canted to one side at Broadside's last statement, his expression was one of obvious confusion... A Darkchip Data Factory?

This changes things. Broadside's thoughts paused as American spoke. The other Navi's evident worry resonated with Broadside's own and prompted him to address the two NetPolice agents once again, in a hushed, yet dead-serious, tone... "I have a couple of questions before we breach the compound. First: What are our primary objectives? Second: Do you have any intelligence on the layout of this compound? Third: Is there a contingency plan?"
Bugman thought, brow creased. Invasion was something he'd done before, though that ended with deletion on his part. Two campanions, just as before, attacking a group dabbling in darkness. Repetition of the past seemed at hand.

He'd heard of Darkchips before. Everyone had. They were like purple/black cigars that tasted horrible. Or something.

At any rate they're bad news, guessed Bugman, trying not to miss what the others said.
Because the female officer was quite obviously ogling American's newly revealed form as they walked, the officer who had identified himself as Nuller turned to Broadside in order to answer his questions. "That's right, my friend. A Darkchip factory. Honestly, I didn't even know the things existed anymore before we got wind of this operation. The readouts we've detected and the evidence we've compiled could be circumstantial, but it all seems to be pointing to that old NetPolice headache from so many years ago. Now... you asked our objectives. All right, let's review. The place is probably tripped, and this disguise is only going to let us get so far. Actually, I'd be surprised if we made it through the door before we're found out. The important thing is that we take out anyone who DOES see us. We need to find that lab before he can destroy it, taking us as well as all the evidence with it. Stay alert at all times. We have signature cloaking on ourselves that'll extend to you if you stay close, so don't wander too far off and any signature that wasn't there one hour ago they won't be able to detect. They also won't notice the absence of any of their own members we take out. The Netpolice sent us understaffed, but as usual they pump all of their money into it..." the Navi digressed with a sigh, his yellow down-slanted eyes closing momentarily. "Anyway, our intelligence of the compound is limited. We suspect that they have the place rigged with security, so that's why we brought the signature cloaking... we don't know where the lab is inside, and we honestly haven't confirmed with certainty that it's even in there. We just know guys walk in and walk out with a foreign signature that's only detectable in trace amounts in the Navi himself, but is off the charts from the PET signature. We have no idea where there goons will- speak of the devil," Nuller's speech was cut short as two NormalNavis, pitch-black in color and with sunken in eyes shining from within their dark helmets, swaggered forward from the building.

"Well, you're a fine looking bunch of fellas," the first addressed them in a deep and slurring voice. "Mind tellin' us what yous is here fo'? I'm Haydee and this is Bludo. This is our little clubhouse ,and, big guy," he said, pointing to Broadside with a long finger, "You don't look like yo' here lookin' fo' membership," he finished, the sides of his eyes crinkling in punctuation to his claim.

Almost immediately, Skully and Nuller had flipped through the sky to land on the other side. Though their landing was less than graceful, they seemed to have accomplished barring the Navis from running back in the door. The Navis didn't bother with words: they hoped the volunteers would be able to tell that quick operation was necessary. Both of the NetPolice Navis and the two dark Navis seemed to be preparing for battle.

"Haydee": 100
"Bludo": 100

Skully: 120
Nuller: 120

(in front)
Broadside: 140
American: 120
Bugman: 100

((Split Turn))

As the two Dark Navis revealed themselves and began talking, Broadside opened a silent link to Jared's console... "The two Navis standing before me are giving off Dark signatures. I will need maximum defensive capabilities." Jared started to slot in chips as he spoke in reply... "Dark Navis? They look like thugs to me." Broadside replied quickly, hoping to dispel Jared's impessions of their foes... "Negative. Their threat index is high." Jared didn't seem impressed until Broadside sent his scan-data to Jared's second terminal screen. What Jared saw there didn't make any sense to him.... "What are these readings? Right... Defense is on the way. Sending a Guard, Wind, DBLBeam, Twin-Fang, and MagBolt1 chips."

As the two Dark Navis finished speaking, Broadside closed his eyes, reached up, and tapped the Navi Symbol on his chest... Emergency Override: Engaging Combat Form Protocols[b][/b]

As the text finished displaying on Jared's screen, Broadside's form began to fade into the same sort of glow one expects from a Jack-in or Jack-out beam. As his features faded into the mass of light, the entire mass began to grow in size... When it stopped expanding, it started to resolve into the form of a large humanoid... Then the features solidified into the form of a huge, heavily armed, and well armored Mech. This was Broadside's true form: that of a 15 foot tall Navi deleting machine.

Broadside's form resolved itself just as the two NP's landed behind the Dark Navis. And his first action was to swing the massive tower shield around and in front of him, while deploying the armored plate extensions. When the plates locked into place, a force barrier generator spun-up and started to project a protective field over the surface of the massive tower shield... With the shield blocking the enemy's view of Broadside's hand, he made a series of gestures to Bugman, indicating that he should take advantage of the situation in some way...

This accomplished, he sent the Guard chip data to one of the Hunter/Killers along with its deployment orders. It silently replied with confirmation of those orders, and launched itself from the rear-mounted hangar-bay... Once away, it flew towards American, swinging between him and the Dark Navis. It then rotated 45*, and split the front section into 4 parts, then extended them outwards... A hex-paneled blue-hued transparent defensive shield formed before it, and American, protecting him from attack from that direction. The H/K Bit then executed its programming: To guard against attack while staying with, but not hampering, the target (American).

((Split Turn: Waiting for allies to react.))
"Well, if this isn't a beginning of a bad conumdrum. I say, we eliminate this threat fast and quiet like." American said as quiet as possible. He was trying to reassure himself that this was the right thing to do, that this won't put him on the wrong side of the fight. American was trying to run a quick two step plan through his head, but the only thing that really stuck out was his shotguns. "Bo, double shotgun action. Were going to shoot a nice big hole in one of those wimps."

Bo quickly picked up two of the shotgun chips in his pile. Lifting them up, he fondled them in his fingers. Feeling up the simple design, but thinking about the complicated programming and such in it's wiring. "Ever wonder how they make these? Seems hard, but they mass produce these things everyday." Bo wondered about why he was talking to American about these things in the middle of a battle. Dropping the question, Bo slotted in the two chips, and began the download sequence for sending the data.

American braced himself, and then barrel rolled off to his right. As he retook his aiming stance, he willed his rifle to form right in front of him. His rifle, appeared from a stream of data that was aimed right infront of him. It hovered for a few moments before American grasped the handle, and took his aim. The targetting device was pinned on one of the navis, and he took a cartridge from his pouch. American finally loaded the cartridge into his rifle, slamming it in so he wasn't off beat.

American ducked down, and squeezed the trigger. The shotgun blast sent enough force through the rifle to send American to the ground. He hit it hard, drawing blood from a scar on his arm. It wasn't that much, but he wasn't holding his rifle anymore. It was about arms length away from him, somewhere out in the open. The blast spread out as American watched it head towards one of the dark navi's that he was aiming for. American made a mad crawl towards his rifle that he had let drop to the ground, away from him. He pulled out his next cartridge that he was going to use against the dark navi he had just shot at. Not knowing if anything was coming at him, he decided to crawl a bit faster. Finally American reached his rifle, and he grasped the handle, he quickly stood back up.

After he had stood up, he began to load his rifle. His hair now in his eyes, he was partially blinded from his constant sweating. This battle was stressing him out, he seemed to feel that he had to impress Skully, but that made no difference to him in this battle. That girl, she seemed to be checking me out before these navi's came. Either she likes me, or she likes my patriotism. American moved his head, and then squeezed his trigger. The recoil this time wasn't as bad as before for some odd reason. Must have been because the first one was the new shotgun they had bought.

"American, get your mind on the game. You seem to be thinking about something else at this moment." Bo said as he pounded his shoulder against a wall that was next to him. It seemed that he wasn't making much of an impression on American. And that his words weren't getting to him, American was just to into it to care for the moment.

1_ Shotgun (50dmg) Bludo
2_ Dodge
3_ Dodge
4_ Shotgun (50dmg) Bludo
Typical. Spotted before we'd even got to the factory. There's a limit to how much suckiness can happen. At least he had friends with him, and with friends come some incredibly cheesy powers.

So Broadband or whatever turns out to be a giant, freekin' titan. Shiny, too. You have to notice the shiny. That lets you know how valuable something is.

Broadside had motioned for him to step onto his hand. He obliged, as he prefered not to make his own decisions too much. It got him killed last time. Bugman flicked his face where a nose should be. The green shoulder pads lengthened and six pale wings spread down, prepped for flight. A quick launch had him settled neatly on Broadside's platform-like palm.

<<Be aware>>, warned his operator, <<That shield may defend from most attacks, but it also prohibits your chips. Stay alert.>>

"Wakateru, poyo. Now's not the time for messing up."

Bugman's stubby arms transformed into to heavy barreled shotguns as he recieved the first cache of chips. He peeked out from the left side of Broadside's shield, letting off a slug at Haydee. Ducking back down, he hopped over to the other side for a shot at Bludo. The weapons spent, his arms returned to normal.

A small light blinked on in Bugman's glass headpiece. It spread down and through the shoulderpads, lighting the tips of his wings. The glass light winked out and six green beams burst out, curving around the giant's shield and ensnaring it's prey.

As the light dimmed, Bugman sunk low to increase the chance that the enemy would miss.

1- Shotgun (50dmg) to Haydee
2- Shotgun (50dmg) to Bludo
3- Sig Attack "Zephyr Compression" (60dmg) to Haydee
4- Prepped Evasion
((Continued from previous post.))

Broadside picked up the tiny green Navi, waited until he'd steadied himself, and then went evasive. He activated the jets in his lower legs, along with the rollers in his feet, braced himself and his ally for balance, and took off along the ground at an impressive rate of speed considering his size.

Once he was mobile and the acceleration rate lessened enough, he relaxed his bracing on Bugman. The little Navi immediately sprang into action, attacking from around the shield. Broadside automatically compensated for his movements, managing to keep his hand as a stable platform under the other Navi even as he shifted his vector yet again, attempting to throw off the enemies' aim.

Meanwhile, on Jared's end of things, the station monitoring Broadside's data began to add new monitoring windows as Broadside began to multi-task... Lots of new windows... This piqued Jared's curiosity, What's this? As his thought ended, he noted the names of the new processes being carried out... H/K-Bit1Con, H/KBit1SenDat, H/KBit1StatDat... Jared skips a few and begins reading another set... TgtTrkDark2, TADDark2, ScnDatDark2... What is all of this? He skips down the list another dozen or more processes before a new group of them catches his eye... TgtTrkAmcn, ScnDatAmcn, TgtTrkBgmn, ScnDatBgmn... Bgmn? Bugman? Further curious, he opens the window for the "ScnDatAmcn" process, and the data contained within hammers the meaning of the rest of the running processes home... This looks like a data feed from a C.I.C. in war-time. When did he become able to do this? I didn't program this into his code. As his thoughts on the matter ended, he mashed the "record" key and shunted the data feed to the server sitting 4 feet away... I'll have to learn more about this discovery later.

1: Towering Guard (Sig, 4 Hit Shield)
2: Deploy H/K Bit to Guard for American (Guard 1, Remote defend American.)
3: Dodge while carrying Bugman. (Guarded by Shield)
4: Dodge while carrying Bugman. (Guarded by Shield)

Towering Guard: 4/4 (2 CD, Delayed)
"Hehe, yous a big fella, huh boy?" Haydee addressed Broadside as he revealed his true form. "Ya know what they say: the bigga' they are, the harda' they fall. Go, Haydee Nightmare Rushclaw!" the dark Navi shouted. By this point, the two thugs had already revealed their true forms, shedding their skins for the more traditional HeelNavi look. As Haydee announced his attack, two huge purple claws began to ripple from his arms, forming scales up and down as his eyes took on a maddening tone. "Like that?" the Navi taunted at his opponent, whom he presumed hiding immobile behind his gigantic shield. "We have some of yous's tricks too, man," he said, his tongue flitting out from his helmet sporadically. "We ain't no two-bit suckas. Bludo! Take care of the Normies ovah there..."

"Right on, man," the Navi's partner replied, clenching his fist. "Bludo Cataclysmatic Spreadshock!" the Navi called as steam began to ventilate from the joints of his armor. Within moments, his head had detached from his body, and soon his other four limbs as well! Electricity coursed between the Navi's disembodied parts, creating a lethal floating web. "We'll show yous that you can't walk all ovah the Net whenevah yaz please, man. It ain't right, ya dig?"

Their long transformation time and speech had already given Broadside the time he needed to deploy his weaponry. Within moments, both he and his partners were well-guarded. Haydee continued his charge, however, as though the defenses weren't even there. He attacked the shield relentlessly, his claws gashing up and down the shield without any strain as his arms seemed to move as though the joints inside weren't human. Luckily, Bugman quickly got a shot in from around the guard, causing Haydee to momentarily take the defensive. He watched anxiously as one shot flew for his ally, then gazed upward as the aerial assault rained down. A mad cackling escaping the echoing confines of his helmet, he quickly rolled back to dodge the attack and leapt forward, landing another slash to the already weakened shield. Falling back, he licked the nails of his claws anxiously with the serpentine tongue and continued to move antsily.

Meanwhile, the static-charged moving parts of Bludo seperated, each flying to attack a seperate target. The head, torso, and arms had flown to Skully and Nuller, keeping them on their toes as the two did what they could do dodge the assault while somehow keeping the floating componnets from entering the building: if the Navi's talking head made it inside, it would be over. They tried to get shots off with their standard issue pistols, but had little time for it between dodges. One eventually hit the right arm, destroying it on contact.
The legs, however, had taken to the other group. One clacked violently against American's guard almost immediately, exploding as soon as it connected. The other went in for a kick, but the adept American was at his finest. His first shot had missed, but the next hit dead on, destroying the free appendage.

"Heh, yous all is toughah then I'da expected," Haydee said between pants, "but you ain't seen the worst of it yet! I'd get ready if I's was yous..."

BHead: 20
BBody: 20
BLArm: 20
"Haydee": 50

Skully: 100
Nuller: 80

(in front)
Broadside: 140 (Shield: 2)
American: 120
Bugman: 100
As the DarkNavi finished speaking, Broadside came to a stop and stared his enemy down... As he did so, several things happened simultaneously:

Broadside activated the Twin-Fang1 Chip and loaded it into the Weapon Pods on his back. This accomplished, he activated the MagBolt1 Chip and loaded it into the same weapon pods... The systems in the pods re-arranged and combined the data of the separate chips into something far more dangerous: Magnetic Fang Missiles. Now the Fangs would be pulled towards their targets, vastly increasing the chance that they would find their mark. The pods swung themselves above Broadside's shoulder-line, and then sought target locks...

Meanwhile, Broadside started strobing missile targeting radar across the various parts of the broken Navi. When he'd acquired a solid lock for all 12 missiles, the plates that covered the missile battery in Broadside's torso split, and swung open to reveal a daunting array of firepower. Row upon row of plasma warhead missiles sat in their launchers, ready to unleash a rain of destruction upon anyone Broadside set as their target. They were smart missiles... They would track the target down, evading obstacles in their path while relentlessly hounding the target... If that failed, they would pop around a corner, explode, and fire their warhead at the target without ever actually turning that corner...

Also, to guarantee maximum coverage, Broadside sent his DBLBeam chip data to the deployed Hunter/Killer Bit. This data received, it re-arranged it's configuration from defensive shield projector to 4-way split-barrel beam-cannon. The change complete, it charged the beam up rapidly, selected its targets carefully, and waited for the command to fire...

It didn't wait long.

With the simultaneous preparations completed, Broadside took half a second to light up his chosen targets like a holiday display with well over a dozen separate tracking locks.

Then all hell broke loose as a mass of firepower suddenly flew right into the enemies' teeth. The missiles erupted from Broadside's torso launchers, seeking their targets like an angry swarm... Mercilessly chasing down their prey, and delivering death upon arrival... Meanwhile the Mag1-Fang1 Missiles launched from the pods on Broadside's back, and immediately started homing in on their target... As the missiles began to impact and explode, the Hunter/Killer fired its DBLBeam into the malestrom...

If he didn't get them... his allies would.

1: Mag1-Fang1 Missile @ Haydee (70 Null + 45 Elec + Enemy Magnet)
2: Mag1-Fang1 Missile @ Haydee (70 Null + 45 Elec + Enemy Magnet)
3: Missile Barrage @ Bludo (20 Elec + Homing Attack @ Each part)
4: DBLBeam @ Field (Heal 30 @ All Allies or 30 Null @ All Enemies)

Towering Guard: 2/4 (2 CD, Delayed)
Missile Barrage: Attacking!

((Guarding Bugman))
American looked around, he had manged to hit something with one of his shotguns, but the other one had to have missed. His instinct told him to save the police navis, but his thoughts told him to fight and finish this quickly. He looked over, the navis seemed to be doing alright by themselves. Yet, Broadside seemed to have the situation under control. So American decided to do the patriotic thing, and save the Police from getting killed.

Bo looked at his PET screen, and began to think about American's actions in this battle. He appeared to be trying to save Skully and Nuller from an antagonizing deletion. When infact he was probably trying to impress Skully, and get something good from this fight in the end. Bo had to decide to either slot in a chip that had the chance of missing, or the chance of not really helping that much, or letting American go at it with his rifle. His rifle had to be powerful by now, so Bo decided against giving American a chip, and just gave him some advice. "Be suave American, don't trip. Or say something stupid that sounds retarded or something."

This gave American a small decrease in his battle morale, he seemed to have been doing fine by himself. Yet once Bo said that, he had to take a look at his feet. He might have done something truly akward that would screw up his chances with Skully. "I'm coming Skully and Nuller, just give me a sec." American slid along the ground once he was in sliding distance to Skully and Nuller. He then paused and stood infront of them, trying to protect them with his body. He raised his rifle, and then began to charge it. His charged rifle shot, had to do some big damage now, or else it would all be a waste of his time.

American took one glance back, and gave one quick wink to Skully. He then looked back once he had heard the ding that meant his charging was at max. He lowered his rifle, and tried to take the most careful aim that he could take so that he would actually hit something this time. He squeezed the trigger gently and a large blast of bullets began to file out of the barrel. The muzzle flashed and as soon as it began, the array of bullets was over. And American was left standing there infront of Skully and Nuller. "Shit, that was faster then I thought." American jumped back ,and tried to place his body infront of both of them. "I'm here to help you guys, you seemed a little outnumbered."

1-3_ Chargeshot (29dmg) BHead
4_ Protect Skully
Haydee's eyes grew wide as his slitted eyes met with Broadside's face, and the Navi's weapon systems began to activate. He could tell it was over when the Mag1-Fang1 missiles began to seek him out. "Damn you, you walking pile of scrap metal!" he hissed. If I'm goin' down, Imma take you with me!" With that, he seemed to fly from the ground, claws extended, and crashed against Broadside's shield. The attack barely scratched it, however, and Broadside could hear the Navi scream on the other side of the barrier as one missile fell in half at the ground, disarmed the other, exploding with a resounding static-charged blast and sending particles of Navi data drifting upward.

Meanwhile, American had bolted to the defense of the two NetPolice officers. Skully stared up at him as he tried to protect them from the incoming swarm of electrically charged HeelNavi parts, but Nuller had a much different reaction. "Get down, you-" he suddenly exclaimed, tugging American to the ground as a torrent of missiles began colliding with the the parts that lay just before them. As the three Navis lay for cover on the ground, each of Broadside's missiles either was disarmed by the electricity linking between the active parts of Bludo's body or was successful, hitting its target with a flash. The whole area was a cloud of smoke and falling debris, and when it finally cleared...

Bludo's head remained, sniggering wildly at the incomplete assault!
"Har har har! You did pretty good thar, my friend, but you ain't seein' old Bludo go down today! I'm gonna go tell the boss all bout you and yo' pesky friends..." the Navi shouted, as he suddenly bolted with surprising speed toward the building. As he had entered the frame of the door, he began to disappear in the darkness...

*Bang!* A number of shots tore through the air, connecting with the head and sending it floating slowly to the ground. "W-w-what the... how could you? You dirty little-" it began to curse American, before its jaw dropped and it exploded before even reaching the ground.

The fighting finally over, Nuller and Skully rose to their feet, thankful of the healing blue rays from Broadside's weapon wafting over them. Skully extended a hand and helped American from the ground. After this, however, before beginning to talk, the two suddenly began to change form!
Skully's NormalNavi form began to fade, being replaced by a more skintight black Navisuit. The helmet she bore had a bizarre look, fitted to the skull but with crudely cut holes from which her glowing red eyes showed and with crooked teeth extending below the eyes. It was cut away, however, to show the shape of her charming face beneath. Bone-like armor was fitted to her arms and legs, as well as around her rib cage. She also now wore black metal anklets and bracelets protruding with spikes, with orange gloves on either hand. Red-orange hair hung in a ponytail running down her back.
Nuller, meanwhile, had shed his original skin for blue armor in nearly a full suit: beneath it at some joints, however, a bodysuit was visible that was nearly liquid in appearance, as the floor of the Net could be seen through his body. The suit had no helmet, and his more gelatinous head was revealed. Working back into a bubbling tip, it had a human-featured face with dull yellow eyes set in a serious tone. His feet ran into puddles at the floor, and droplets seemed to fall on the ground around him as he stood.
"Don't worry," Nuller's now warbling voice addressed the three volunteer crew, "This isn't us revealing our true forms as enemies or any such nonsense. You see, under our disguises, these are our actual appearances: we'll be of much more use to the operation this way. We had planned to transform prior to the previous battle, but we weren't allowed the chance by that Bludo punk's quick assault. We're trained in the same arts some more exotic viruses use, with special alterations. I guess it could... be considered a lack of creativity on our the part of the NetPolice agents that designed us, though they're normally such wells of brilliance," the agent voiced with a bitter undertone.
"Now Muller," Skully's distressed and now somewhat metalically undertoned voice addressed him, "There's no need to bash the organization on something as trivial as-" she began, when suddenly a huge rumbling explosion knocked the force to their feet.

As each of the five Navis' eyes strayed upward, the first thing they saw was the rubble, lying in piles on the ground at their very feet. The next thing their eyes met was the building: the entire top floor of it had been blown completely to shreds. Something had obviously risen out and taken the whole layer with it. And then, they saw what had caused it:
Hovering in the sky, its massive propeller blade raising wind beneath its position, was an enormous helicopter-like airship. Composed of sleek, dark purple metal, the front cockpit section clearly resembled the helmets of the two HeelNavis the force had fought moments earlier. Beneath it, a massive cannon was already locked onto its position: it was barely above ground level now, as the machine drifted down. Green energy forming at the cannon's tip spoke an ill omen for what the Navis would face. Meanwhile, two Navis manned mechanized weapons at the sides. Peering out on the left side, one HeelNavi was utilizing what appeared to be a type of chain-gun: the man at the right side, on the other hand, was not behind a gun, rather bearing a shoulder-mounted rocket launcher on his left shoulder. A pilot was also barely visible through the black-tinted glass at the machine's cab. Unlike the others, these Navis were clearly not in the mood for small talk, each already beginning to position their weapons. The machine was menacingly close, now almost touching the ground.

"Well, this is just great... another failure of intelligence on the part of our good friends at headquarters. This is just great..." Nuller moaned hoarsely, seeming to search his person compulsively for something. Eventually, he drew out a pack of cigarettes and lit one shakily, the smoke curling up as it quivered at his lips. "So, folks, any bright ideas?"
"W-well..." Skully said, with a slight tremble and fragmented laugh, "At.. at least we know that the top floor's not where we'll f-find the lab... and apparently, this compound isn't as unstable as we first thought, so it's probably not rigged to be demolished immediately. Whoever is in there doesn't want us getting in, though, and has probably know we were out here from the start... I can't believe they're treating this like such a joke." Suddenly, she whirled on her partner, "But, how dare you say this is the NetPolice intelligence's fault! Nobody could have scoped out a building this secure on the top floor to find out they had an inorganic giant helicopter! The guys they have now were probably just brought in and-"
"Well, it doesn't matter now, guys... let's just get ready for a wild ride..." her partner interrupted, averting his gaze and returning it to the problem at hand. "You guys ready for this?"

"Haydee": DELETED!

HeelicopterCab: 400
HeelicopterBack: 400
HeelicopterBlade: 200
HeelicopterCannon: 200
HeelicopterLChaingun: 100
ChaingunNavi: 100
LauncherNavi: 100
Pilot: 100

Skully: 120
Nuller: 110

Broadside: 140 (Shield: 1)
American: 120
Bugman: 100

(Sigs and chips not refreshed.)

"Well, it's a copter. Is that truly so bad? All it can truly do is shoot at us with the rocket launcher, or the chaingun. I would worry more if it was a giant Met." American said real cocky like, he probably had a plan to back up his voice. Even if the plan was stupid, he was going to sound just a wee bit cocky. Especially in the face of danger when he was trying to act tough for Skully. "Take out the blade, that will make the helicopter drop." He yelled out, trying to formulate some type of battle strategy that would actually work. "Minibomb, Boomerang, and Double Shotgun. Let's blow the shit out of that hunk of junk Helicopter."

Bo gripped his PET, the coloring faded from all of Bo's sweating. He pushed a button that brought up a screen, it began to show numbers and porbabilities. American seemed to have a full proof plan, but if Bo could find something better, then he better find it. "Let's do it American, sounds good and powerful." Bo said as he tried to fix his hair in the nearby window. He then flipped it out of his eyes, and quickly slotted the four chips in. American was taking a huge gamble trying to use four chips at a time without dodging. Especially against something this huge, but American must have been certain on his saves.

American picked out a small circular bomb from his pouch, and jammed it into his M16's attachment. He aimed his rifle up, and stared at the copter. It's largeness, and gigantic size made this thing probably one of the largest things he had ever fought in his time. The blade, seemed to be one of the main parts to it, for without a blade, the helicopter wouldn't be able to fly. "Say good by to being airborne. Or whatever you might call it." American quickly squeezed the trigger, and the minibomb was launched from the grenade launcher in his rifle. He had to make sure that it had no air resistance, but that was partially impossible. So the bomb was sent straight up, at about a small angle, hopefully high enough to land on the blades.

American rolled to his side, and locked into his rifle one cartridge with the two shotguns. The act of a double shotgun was a fine art with American, he had to make it look good or not do it at all. Moving back from where he fired off the minibomb was a good move. For he needed the angle to fire off his shotguns so he could blast the blades. He squeezed the trigger and one large blast was fired off, the recoil once again bumbed American back a bit. He took fine aim once again so he could fire his final Shotgun left in his arsenal against this giant copter. He squeezed the trigger, and the second spreading blast was sent whizzing towards the copter's blade. "The third shot fired, to end the copter's flying days."

American felt his left arm, the one not holding his rifle, was morphed to accomodate his Boomerang. The large boomerang was placed in the buster on his left arm. He raised it up, and placed his right arm to hold up his left. The boomerang added some weight to his arm, without it he might not have been able to hold up the boomerang for that long. "This ship has no place flying in the sky. Just like you have no place trying to create Dark Chips." American squeezed the imaginary trigger in his mind, which sent the boomerang spinning towards the blades. After the boomerang had passed the blades, it came back around towards the heelnavi with the chaingun.

American stood tall, his back straight, chest out, and shoulders back. He looked on at the giant helicopter. His face proud to be standing infront of it. Fighting alongside such fine navis, Broadside, Bugman, Skully, and Nuller. "Bo I'm going to protect Skully with my life. This copter won't lay a hurt her at all as long as I stand tall."

Bo nodded, he knew American's feelings, he seemed to be falling head over heels. Head over heels for some navi he didn't even know existed until now. "You go ahead soldier, after this she won't see you as some mercenary for hire." Bo couldn't do anything more for American. "Show her how patriotic you are."

1_ Minibomb (60dmg) Heelicopter Blade
2_ Shotgun (50dmg) Heelicopter Blade
3_ Shotgun (50dmg) Heelicopter Blade
4_ Boomerang (60dmg) Heelicopter Blade + Chaingun Navi
Broadside scanned the new target with his active sensors, getting a VERY detailed read of the gunship... "Heel Helicopter. Old model. Crew: 3. Primary weakness.... Rotor damage. Requesting heavy weapons support." Jared was awed that someone had actually gone as far as designing, programming, and implementing a cyber-world gunship... "You've got to be kidding me. Sending 3 Shotguns, 1 Heatshot, and the Magnum. As Jared spoke, he slotted in the chips and sent the data to Broadside...

...Who immediately put it to good use.

Broadside stepped sideways, bringing the Chaingunner into view... He loaded the Heatshot into his left-shoulder cannon, leveled the weapon, and lined up the laser sight... Time to make sighting on me that much more difficult... With that thought, Broadside fired the Heatshot at the ChainGunner's face...

While the Heatshot played it's part, possibly gaining him a few seconds of un-checked movement; Broadside loaded the Magnum data into his weapon arm. He then activated the data, which deployed the F.A.E. Cannon, causing the energy collection pylons to fold out and swivel into position. Once deployed, the pylons began to take in and amass an energy charge which caused the barrel of the cannon to glow red...

As the charge process progressed, Broadside continued to move, bringing the hatch the ChaingunNavi was set-up in into his line of fire. He tracked the movements of the gunship, calculated the angles the shot could be taken at, and finally generated a decent firing solution for his next shot. His target: the inside of the gunship itself. By this time the barrel had shifted to a dangerous-looking orange glow...

His fire-plan locked, Broadside raised the barrel of the cannon, leveling it at the target. He executed the plan, tracking the weapon with the target's motion, keeping his aim steady as the weapon's charge caused the barrel to shift to a nuclear yellow-gold... Then... he fired. The explosive plume of the muzzle-blast and the accompanying sonic thunder-crash announced the release of the Magnum's devastating power. The range was extremely short... The shot reached its target within the blink of an eye...

1: Heatshot @ ChaingunNavi (40 Fire + Spread 1)
2: Charging Magnum while moving.
3: Charging Magnum while moving.
4: Gut the Heel-Copter by firing the Magnum into the open hatch and let the blast kill the crew. (140 Fire + Hits 2 Additional targets...?)

Towering Guard: 1/4 (2 CD, Delayed)
Missile Barrage: Cooldown 2

((Guarding Bugman))
"All right, boyas," the pilot said, glancing back momentarily at his two comrades and far out of earshot of the Navis the helicopter now faced. "I'm gonna take this puppy over their posishin. Ya'll give em a fiarshow that they won't soon fo'get, k' fellas?"

"A-O-Yes, sir!" the chaingun-manning Navi replied in a gruff tone.

"Don't sweat it... these kiddos are already in the bag. We'll be collecting our little guard fee in no time. It's a shame about Haydee and Bludo, but ya know what they say..." the rocket launcher-bearing Navi considered in his cool, raspy voice, "Fate has its ways and we are no men to question them."

With that, the bizarre helicopter began to move in a diagonally upward slant, slowly hovering to place itself above the enemy Navis' position, its loud propeller whirring as the machine's occupants aimed their weapons.

Meanwhile, the Navis had begun their preparations as well. With the opponent's craft already beginning to raise wind around their feet and the shadow beginning to loom ever closer, the five knew that their window of opportunity was quickly closing. American could tell that if he didn't act fast, the Heelnavis would have him right where they wanted him. With this in mind, he launched the first Minibomb experimentally: the signs spoke an ill omen as the Heelicopter moved more quickly than expected, veering slightly to the side in its course, and the propeller's wind sent the projectile thudding harmlessly to the ground a distance away. The Navi turned to his specialty next, hoping for more success in his field of specialty. Though he knew he had to prepare, time was also of the essence: he loaded his shotguns and fired. The first hit the propeller dead on, but as the chopper closed distance its cab obscured the shot. Luckily, stray shot from the blast still managed to damage the rotor. With the last of his frenzy of energy, American prepared a boomerang and sent it straight for the chaingun-wielder who had set his sights on American and Scully. "You guys don't mince meat, eh?" he growled, sending shots at the boomerang that riddled the boomerang. Eventually, it fell of course and to the ground, and the gun would have set to work on the patriotic Navi and his ally were it not for Broadside's flaming blast. Hitting him square between the eyes, the fireball caused his gun to veer wildly off course, though American still bore two hits in the chest.

Meanwhile, Broadside had begun to charge for a much more powerful attack. "You're a beast, aint'cha, pal?" the rocket-wielding Navi whispered as he obtained his lock on Broadside, quickly obtaining a lock and firing his shot, destroying the Navi's shield on contact. Though his guard has flown to pieces, the towering Navi didn't appear phased: now done with his preparations, he had begun to take aim. The Navi's eyes slitted as he realized what was about to happen. "Tch, I ain't gonna be in this flyin' deathtrap when that thing goes off," he declared, immediately bailing out of the side of the helicopter as he sensed the danger. "Now, what're you raisin' Moses over-" his temporarily blinded ally began, before an earth-shaking explosion sent the helicopter wobbling, blasting the Navi and his weapon off of the face of the Net.

"Looks like that guy was counting on making it out of this one easy..." Nuller noted with a chuckle, beginning to form a swirling bomb of murky water in his hand. "Let's see how he deals with this!" he warbled, throwing the bomb just below where the Navi was to land. With a sudden shout, the HeelNavi fell into a whirlpool that had formed and quickly closed beneath him.

Skully, meanwhile, had overcome herself to rise to her feet. "You're doing a lot of showing off there, soldier," she commented playfully. "I'll show you what I can do, too! With that, two spinning bones formed between her fingers and palms. Expanding and now resting on the tips of her fingers, the bones had become about the size of an adult forearm. She suddenly threw them whirling off, heading in what seemed to be a perfect horizontal path into the air. Suddenly, part-way into their travel, they took a 90 degree arc and headed for the rotor, smashing into it and causing it to creak loudly. "I'd say that's about done fo-" she began. "American, look out!"

She was too late: the cannon had fully charged now, and was aiming straight for the group of Navis. Pulsating with green energy, it suddenly released an enormous sphere that began hurtling toward the team. Bugman watched on in stunned silence, unable to do anything to escape the mass of energy. With no space for a pause, the energy ball slammed into him, sending radiation blasting the small Navi as well as Broadside and Nuller, who had just that minute pushed American out of the way! "There's no sense in a civilian Navi taking a hit a Netpolice one can, and besides," he commented sarcastically with a grunt, "I didn't wanna owe you one later. That aside, though, this thing's really screwing with my processing speed... I'd like to avoid that again if possible."

The Heelicopter was now above their position, the propeller now longer visible in their line of sight but very audibly damaged. The cannon was pointing straight down on them, gathering more energy. Did the machine have any other tricks up its sleeve...?

HeelicopterCab: 350
HeelicopterBack: 260
HeelicopterBlade: 40
HeelicopterCannon: 200
HeelicopterLChaingun: DESTROYED!
ChaingunNavi: DELETED!
LauncherNavi: 100 (REMOVED!)
Pilot: 100

Skully: 120
Nuller: 90 (Dodging effectiveness and Accuracy lowered!)

Broadside: 120 (Dodging effectiveness and Accuracy lowered!)
American: 120
Bugman: 20 (Dodging effectiveness and Accuracy lowered!)