Name: Dylan Spector
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: Dark brown hair in short-ish spikes, very slightly tan skin, wears glasses over brown eyes, nothing too remarkable. Usually seen wearing a black hoodie with a red spiral insignia on the front, and the text "You are looking at the wrong side of this hoodie." on the back, along with dark camoflauge cargos reaching down past his
Personality: Dylan, on the whole, is slightly unpredictable. He is usually laid back, and a bit introverted, but when something excites him (or he has anything caffiene-like) he becomes energetic, hot-headed, and very, very stubborn. When this energy goes away, though, he becomes a bit mousey, quiet, and tends to shy away from loud, flashy things.
PET Modifications: Small flashlight attatched to top of PET, camera ability akin to cell phones, can play various video games.


Name: Kaos.exe
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
Type: Sword
Appearance: A fairly basic humanoid navi, has black "skin-suit" (what they usually picture under the armor of most navis), and emblem is a red spiral over a black background, found on chest and sides of helmet. Shoulder armor is a dark blue, and has a custom sword-holder attatched to his back.
Personality: A very impatient navi, Kaos tends to act, then think. Unless he's posed with a challenge (or at least something massively bigger than him), in which he tends to step back and think of something to do. He doesn't make very many true friends, but he's extremely loyal and would do anything for the ones he has. Otherwise, Kaos is very much like his owner, Dylan.
Custom Weapon: Kaos Sword (A two handed, purple sword akin to a scimitar, has a red spiral logo on both sides near the top)
Signature Attack: Rage Combo: Kaos glows red, and charges forward at his enemy, with an intent to stab. If sucessful, Kaos retains his rage, and slices upwards. If not, nothing else happens.
Signature Attack Stats:
Damage: Stab: 20, Slice: 20
Aftereffect: Rage: Accuracy goes up, defense goes down (+10 to all enemy damage), 1 extra action
Cooldown: 5 turns


Turn it down dood.... or face the consequences of never being registered thank you this has been a local presentation by Braden!

Anyway, the 50 damage and 10 to any other attack is like saying... assuming you have 3 actions and shotgun chips everywhere

50+180+180...... yea that's no that's 50+30+30=110 and don't get me started when you have four actions.
Ok... consider it TONED DOWN!

I changed it from extra damage to increased accuracy, decreased damage, and 1 extra action, along with less actual damage from the attack (from 50 to 40)

How's that?

Eheh... sorry... I tryed to do something other than the "hack'n'slash" SigAttacks I've been used to using.
ummmm...i know i'm not supose to post here but.....signature attacks anre NOT allowed to give extra actions.....
Darkstar, you know the rules. You simply can PM people as an alternative to that.

Yes, you cannot have attacks giving extra actions. ;-;
Fine... I'll take away the extra action... but what should I replace it with? No extra attack power, I already have high accuracy, lowered defense... What's next?

I'm confused.
Try just making a simple first sig to start with. You know, like 70 damage, 3(4?)-turn cooldown, etc. Nobody's stopping you from being more creative (Yet), but you're reeeeeaaally limited at the moment, so go for something simple.