Plan? What Plan?

"Alright. We're in Electown Net Space. Seems a little... Empty." The blue clothed soldier known as Kanti took slow, deliberate steps through Electown's Net, scrutinizing every odd glitch or fragmented piece of data. Part of him was a search engine, details were something he could pick out easily if he wanted. "I guess they're not done with the restoration."

"They should have just done what I do with a virus-riddled machine. Reformat." Daekin spoke through his PET's microphone, finding the visual glitches easily enough.

"Well, that would work, but they'd need to install their back-up data. You're the only person I know who backs up all his data on a weekly basis. And even if they could restore back to a fairly recent point, which I don't doubt... They'd lose all the virii data that could lead them to the forces responsible for the outbreak."

"Okay, how about they back-up all of the corrupted data, then investigate under their own circumstances? In a place where the virii can't spread to new locations through the cracks of virus detection systems?"

"Cost. You know your home's central server was pretty expensive right? All that does is keep track of up to 250 gigabytes of back-up data per back-up. And most of the time, you don't even have 50 gigabytes of data on your machine. With about 16 Terrabytes of storage space, your home's server can back your machine several times. But to back up an entire Net Sector? Add in your BBS', link data, and high-traffic data regulators... You're talking a potential Terrabyte in one go. To buy a dedicated server for one investigation... It's a bit pricey."

"Not to mention the criminals won't return to the scene of the crime." Daekin's voice was contemplative. Things were different depending on scale, he knew that. But he hadn't imagined one Net Area taking up an entire Terrabyte in one go. He didn't even know if anybody had made a hard drive exceeding 256 Terrabytes yet. "Maybe we'll get to see these virii that have caused an entire quarantine. Kinda curious, aren't you?"

"Yeah, but discretion is the better part of valor. We're not exactly netbattle elites or anything."

Virii Please
As Kanti and Daekin continue chatting their heads off, a small group slowly surrounds the blue Navi...


Kanti: 100 HP

Surrounded on all sides! (Dodges less effective)

"Oh great, now look at what you've gotten us into!" Kanti sighed, his sword materializing pixel by pixel with a burst of blue electricity. The blade made of lodestone, it naturally began to pull towards the Billy virii that had shown up. Electric type virii. They'd have to go down last. With the Cacti nearby, he'd have to make sure he didn't take any elemental hits to conserve HP. Add in an OldStove, and there were three elements in play on the field, and none of them were Aqua. Just his luck.

"What do you mean? You were chatting around even more than I was. Battle routines set... Ready when you are." It wasn't hard to get ready. Just a few buttons and get all of three chips ready. Oh no.

"Whatever, let's just frag these things."

"Yeah. Execute battle program. We'll try to wipe out one side first, so that we can get to a point where we're not surrounded. Lucky for us, we can whip some virii around to make us some room. As you know, those cacti are are main threat at the moment. They take priority. I got a crack plan to get them off our backs, think you can fling a whole stove at them?" Daekin grinned, even though this was supposed to be a much harder battle than a newbie NetOp could handle. He just had confidence in Kanti was all.

"Here's to trying!" Kanti flipped his blade so that he was wielding it upside-down, like one might hold a dagger. Squeezing down the trigger, electricity began to crackle down the blade as Kanti's arm extended itself towards the OldStove. Quickly enough, electricity began to crackle around the stove, flowing from it, towards the cacti. Though the electricity couldn't deal damage, it was magnetizing the stove, and was about to throw it using alternating polarities of charges. An opposing charge would pull it towards the cacti, and a matching polarity would push it towards the same target. The "railgun concept" as Daekin called it.

"And for good measure! Shotgun chip downloading... Coming your way!" Kanti's blade disappeared in the same crackling blue energy that summoned it, and was replaced with a gunmetal gray shotgun. Not the best chip graphic mod he'd ever done, but Daekin was still working out gun mods for a sword weapon. Kanti whipped around to pull the trigger, only taking a split second to target one of the Cacti. With a single pull of the trigger, the gun fired, and it was out of his hands whether or not he'd obliterate the pesky Wood Element virii.

"Alright, now keep defensive! Gotta keep your HP up so make sure you dodge what you can!"

Action Summary
Free Action - Gust (To move OldStove towards the 2 Cacti virii. Vain hope of having it's flame attacks hit the Cacti...)
1. Shotgun towards Cacti, secondary shot towards other Cacti or OldStove based on accuracy. Aiming for 2X Cacti. (50 Damage Attack)
2. Dodge incoming
3. Dodge incoming
And that was only using your ability and a single chip. I'm looking forward to seeing what else you can do.)
(Just a heads up. Even though placing two actions to dodge, one could be plenty enough pending on the RP quality. From what I'm seeing, your quality is pretty damn high XD. Just make sure to do that next time :3)
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Kanti's winds kept the already mobility-limited Cacty viruses from going anywhere, so they were in clean firing range for his shotgun weapon. The Oldstove didn't attack, however, knowing better as the wind sent it spiraling away on its tiny wheels facing in all directions. Meanwhile, the two Billies released their thunder charges, but with the combination of their slow speed and Kanti's nimble dodging he kept well out of the way.


Kanti: 100 HP
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"Alright, Kanti. Things are going our way, we've cleared out a side, so we should be having an easier time dodging. Now we just got to start busting some virii. Got it? Let's go offensive and try to keep the threats to a minimum! Full power! Get in close, okay? They can't out-run you!" Kanti nodded an affirmative to Daekin's orders, electricity rippling around him. Timing his own effect against the attacks of the virii, once he saw an attack coming, Kanti got thrown into the air.

"Cannon chip, coming up. Aim it for the stove. We'll weaken the whole group so we can cut them all down with the rageclaw chip we have."

"Right!" Kanti's cannon downloaded as he reached the apex of his jump. It's form replaced the Raikei, looking similar to a portable anti-tank weapon. Again, Daekin hadn't found a proper mod to utilize for that chip. His acquisition of chips was fairly recent, so he had only been able to complete one chip GMO. "Locking on." He said as he began his descent, aiming for the OldStove, slightly off-center. If his aim was right-on, the cannon might have the force to make it spin around and stun it before it's attack. Theoretically anyway. A steam of smoke launched forth from the rocket-launching device, ripping right for the OldStove.

Kanti fell down, the cannon disappearing as it was replaced by the next battlechip. "Rageclaw downloading! Knock them out, Kanti!" Daekin sent in the Rageclaw, his only melee chip. Though Kanti did wield a blade normally, it was a ranged weapon. The rageclaw came in as three copies of his weapon, all strapped onto Kanti's arm in the claw formation. As he landed, the claw lashed out at a Cacti virus. It impaled into the ground from the force of the downward strike, breaking a small amount of the ground around it.

"And one more!" Kanti's claw unleashed itself from the ground, electricity crackling around it as it aimed itself for the other Cacti. With a single lunging step, Kanti closed in on the Cacti. Blue streaks of electrity flowed from the blade as it made it's horizontal sweep for the Cacti's data. "Daekin, we're out of chips already. The Raikei is too weak to be reliable. If the Rageclaw breaks... We'll be in a very tough place..."

"Yeah... But we always have that attack. And we may not need chips, or even the Raikei, to fight the survivors."
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The stove is sent for a loop, imploding a bit on the inside as the cannon hits it, but still managing to maintain functionality. Both cactis were gotten rid of effectively. The two billies get adventurous and decide to attack the navi with balls of electricity, which roll through the ground until they connect with Kemix's feet, shocking him painfully. Luckily, the oldstove does look a bit worse for the wear, and has a hard time getting any kind of return attack off.

OldStoveA: 10

Kanti: 70 HP

"I'm fine. I can take Electric attacks all day. There's no way those Elec virii can take me down. You know that."

"Yeah... We should be able to take one or two down again. If we can get the OldStove to crash, we'll win. From the looks of things, we've almost got it obliterated. The rageclaw is still loaded on you, so use it!"

"Right!" Kanti's claw crackled with electricity as the soldier navi whipped around in a full one-eighty. The claw left it's bright blue streaks as it attempted to red through what remained of the OldStove.

He immediately turned his focus onto one of the two Billies that were firing electric attacks at him. Slow moving they were, but their homing capability was nothing to scoff at. The only weakness of the attack was that it could only go a set distance before the orb of electricity would dissipate. They'd just fired, so they were going to take a bit of time to recharge their attacks. In that time, he had his opportunity to attack. "Alright! I'm going in to take out one of those Billies... Daekin? Daekin?" Kanti tried to get a hold of his op, who'd suddenly vanished. Regardless, he executed the command he had, a double attack on the virus.

"Sorry Kanti. I'm back. I was getting my Hot Pocket."

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Action 1: Rageclaw to OldStove, 40 Damage (FTK)
Action 2: Rageclaw to BillyA, 40 Damage
Action 3: Rageclaw to BillyA, 40 Damage (FTK)
Free Act: Gust for an emergency dodge.
Kanti rushes through the enemies, cutting two down as he goes. The last Billy attacks, but Kanti uses the wind to yank himself out of harm's way, last minute.


Kanti: 70 HP
Kanti was pulled so hard that his body hit the floor rolling. During the roll, he got to his knees, skidding to a halt. The rageclaw was working all too well for Kanti, so it was likely going to become a favored chip in his arsenal. Only problem was that it was a melee attack, and much harder to use in netbattles against navis or more mobile virii. However, a Billy... It stood no chance.

"Kanti... It's almost over. We can finish this right now. They no longer have the advantage of numbers. We can't even say 'them' anymore. So let's take 'em out with the rageclaw and get back to investigating the server status, okay?" Daekin watched, a hot Pocket on the plate in front of him. He hadn't taken a bite out of it yet.

"Right. We'll finish this now!" Electricity began to flow around Kanti as he poised the Rageclaw for another attack. The grinding sound of metal on metal was almost too much for most to bear as Kanti slid about the ground, sparks flying from his heels. His electromagnetic gust propelled him straight at the Billy at speeds past that of normal navis. When in range, Kanti plowed his claw intowards the Billy. The blow would continue as Kanti made a second attack with the blades, turning a full three-sixty turn as he'd thrust the blades into the Billy. It would be far more than enough to obliterate that one, as witnessed by the first Billy.

Free: Gust to assist attack on Billy B
1. Rageclaw / BillyB / 40 Damage
1. Rageclaw / BillyB / 40 Damage (For the kill and win)
1. A Dodge for any "surprises", like an attack form a surviving Billy, or an outside force.
In a final battle grip for its life, the Billy readied its pronged arms to attack, beginning to charge electricity as Kanti moved in. Kanti got one clean plunge in before the Billy made a last ditch effort, connecting the static-charged tips at the end of the claw even as it spun through its body. Kanti could feel the attack coming, however, and wisely disarmed the claw before the electricity could reach him.


Kanti: 70 HP


Get: Thunder, 200z