Sunshine in Electown (EVENT!)

Druidman stepped out of the portal and was in Electown Net.

Kneeling down, he could still make out the trail that the theives had left, but he doubted he'd be able to take them alone in his current state.

"I wonder if anyone will follow me, dude?" he asked himself.
Tornado beamed in, looking around. "Interesting Net," said Tornado. He began to stare at Druidman.

Weird looking guy, thought Tornado.

"Ah, well, time to start," he said as he looked around.

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Druidman watched as the grey Navi walked through the portal. Weird looking dude. he thought to himself, then he walked up to him.

"Hey, man. I'm Druidman, pleased to make your aquaintance." he said friendly. "So what's up, Greydude?"
Moonlight flew out of the portal, landing on his heels in a braking fashion. As he gathered himself, he noticed the two navis. "Hello. I'm Moonlight, and this is, to an extent, my home net. My Operator and I live in the town corresponding to this net, so you can imagine that I feel somewhat obligated in keeping it safe." He walked up to the two, holding a hand out for a shake. "So...Where do we start, team?"
Druidman shook Moonlight's hand. "Hey dude, I'm Druidman. I'm here because I pretty much just randomly picked a direction." he admited. "But I say we wait around a little longer, to see if anyone else shows up." Plopping down on the ground to meditate for a few moments, he added, "Not to worry about losing them, though. With my tracking skills, their trail might as well be marked in bright oranage cones."
American comes out head first, he began to roll as he hit the ground also. He stood up pretty fast as he recovered. He then unholstered his rifle and began to salute the people around him.

"American awaiting orders." ((from squad kick ass))
((Weren't you going to Netopia Wooga?))

Tornado turned and walked over to the Navis. "To you, it's Tornado," said Tornado to Druidman. Turning to the others, he began to flush. "Um, what are we doing? I wasn't listening, I was just doing what others did. From what already hapenned, I'll assume it's dangerous."

He quickly jerked his hand in a sort of wave at the other Navis, then waited for an explanation.

((My Navi is an idiot when he doesn't need to be smart.))
"Well, I'm glad to have such an asset, and we seem to have a decent team set up. I can wait." He replied, noticing American. He then began to stretch various parts of himself...
A blue lighting bolt streaked across the sky and crashed down in front of the portal leading from the square. A singed looking navi stepped out of the crater and walked toward the group in front of him. He began to dust off the ash from his robes then stared at the small group.

"Damnit, i really have to stop doing such flashy entrances! Jeeze!"

"Whats so bad about simply logging in like a normal navi?"

"It's less fun that way, now be quiet. So whats up guys?"
A bell from a ship rang and a cannon could be heard. A small explosion occured and a navi was unveiled from the smoke. It was the dashing pirate, Marshanks. "Hello!" He said cheerfully. "Ain't like you to be so cheerful. Tryin to be more social?" Soda said. "Yeah. Kinda. I'm not very good at this". His op gave a little chuckle. Marshanks drew his blade, stuck it in the ground and leaned on it, while taking sips of rum, and sighing with boredom.
Kenji glanced at the newcoming navi and walked towards him. With a smirk, he sat down beside him.

"Sup? Mind if I give it a swig?"
Marshank glanced at the navi. "Aye! Finally someone who likes rum!" He passes Kenji a bottle of rum, and takes a drink from his own. Soda popped his own can of cola and took a few impatient sips. Marshank was eager to fight too. The next one to come would be their first in a while. They hadn't fought since back in his home town ((Which I am not mentioning.))
Druidman stood up. "Well, I guess that's plenty of people." cracking his knuckles, he stooped down and examined the ground. Picking up a small sample of dust on the ground, he gave it a ginger sniff. "Hmmm... Definitely soot... pretty sure it's from the 'Square..." brushing the soot away, he began to follow the trail. "Come on dudes! Follow me!" he said as he followed the trail of the theives.
Tornado shrugged and followed. He had no right to doubt the Navi's skills, but he didn't look much like a tracker.

"Ah well," said Tornado as he walked.

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((Snow day!))

American began to lower his hand down to his side. He then looked around at the navis that were with him. Had he picked a good team to go with or what? But that question was going to have to wait until they were in the midst of battle. Cause in battle, you can tell the fighters from the runners. But what was he going to do to show his power. Besides, things could only go to bad now that he had his good.

"Yes captain."
"Roger." Moonlight uttered, keeping a slow pace until roughly syncing with Druid's pace, walking at his left side...
Kenji stood up and took a swig of rum, then stumbled slightly towards the group. He tripped and fell on his face. He finished what was left in the jug then set it down and stood up with a drunken grin on his face.

"Huh, i didn't know virtual programs could get drunk..."

Yeah, I'm a real light weight... anyways, lets get ready to go." relpied kenji with a slight hiccup.
A slow chain of electric orbs roll across the ground at the Navis, crackling all the while...
American watched the chain of orbs, he watched them as well as he would watch his own hand. But he had no way of knowing what they held instore for the group of navis. So he decided to speak out and begin to think up something that would help the whole group out later in life.

"Don't attack them yet. Wait until they do something conspicuous."

American then rested his hand on his rifle, and began to get into a drawing position. Just incase he had to do some quick-draw for his rifle. But that practically never happens anymore.

1-4_ Prep Dodge
Moonlight was silent as he strafed to the left, trying to keep some distance from the orbs, all the while looking out for anything else that might be 'odd'. Hmm..Obvious ploy...Are we being lured into a double trap? He thought to himself. "Guys, keep a sharp eye out for anything suspicious. There's probably more than immediately meets the eye." He said.